Friday, January 25, 2008

Mohawk Nation News: Bulletin! 'Chief Doreen' negotiating Haudenosaunee Territory


Mohawk Nation News
Jan. 25, 2008. At 11.15 am. on Friday January 25,
2008, a Kahtihon’tia:kwenio [Woman Title Holder of the
Kanion’ke:haka], called “Algonquin” negotiator, Doreen
Davis, at 613-484-8868. She’s is purportedly representing
Shaabot Algonquins. When Doreen heard her voice, she
said, “I am in the middle of land claims settlement talks”
with Canada and Ontario of Mohawk land. Then she hung
up. The land in question is Haudenosaunee territory,
south of the Ottawa River .

As Mohawks we cannot speak for the Algonquins. Her
action is in obvious violation of international law because
it involves the disposition of her people’s sovereignty. It is
being conducted in secret, without their informed knowledge
or consent, contrary to standards that were established in
international law. Moreover, as members of the
Haudenosaunee people, we cannot understand why
Canada and Ontario are negotiating with the Algonquins
concerning our land.

Doreen Davis was left the following message on her cell

“We Kahtihon’tia;kwenio insist on the right of
Haudenosaunee and Algonquins to discuss our land
issues under international law. This means that there
has to be a fully informed discussion of the people with
all the information. There can be no “secret meetings”
with you, Canada and Ontario .

“What you, Doreen Davis, Canada and Ontario are
doing is totally illegitimate. You cannot have “closed”
meetings determining the future of our nations. Everyone
has a right to know that this is not Canadian or Algonquin
land. It is Haudenosaunee territory. Everybody is being
misled. The rights of Indigenous people are being
jeopardized. The secrecy of these negotiations is
perpetuating Canada ’s continued mis-education of its
citizens. Most Canadians don’t know that the colony of
Canada doesn’t own most of the land and resources it

“Doreen Davis, you are not in a position to negotiate
something that is non-negotiable. Canada , Ontario and
the Algonquins have to deal with us. If everything was
out in the open, Canadians would probably support us
as we are concerned for the environment and the coming
generations. Their colonial government has ignored this
since it first came here to wreak havoc. ”

Doreen Davis is putting out reports that “everything is
going just peachy”. She still hasn’t said when Frontenac
Ventures is planning to start drilling for uranium on
Haudenosaunee territory. These negotiations and drilling
cannot go on. They are illegal! They are all dangerous!
We are waiting to hear from our Algonquin allies through
formal channels as to why our long time alliance is being
ignored. Meanwhile, we are being contacted by many
Algonquin individuals who are alarmed by what is
happening. This suggests that whoever claims to
represent the Algonquin people does not really speak
for them.

In the meantime, Robert Lovelace, who is reportedly
negotiating on behalf of the Ardoch Algonquins, recently
tried to approach the mining site at Sharbot Lake , where
there is now heavy security. He said he was refused entry
by security. He was later told by Frontenac Ventures’
lawyer the reason is that, “We were accompanied by four
warriors who were possibly Mohawks and that we
demanded to be let in”.

We seem to be faced with a whole kettle full of rotten and
soon-to-be radioactive fish. What’s being created here?
It might have to do with defense, nuclear bomb making,
research and testing of equipment and scenarios. Such
companies as Allen Vanguard, Mining Resources
Engineering Limited MREL and their customers like the
Departments of National Defense of Canada and the U.S.
seem to have a lot at stake. One thing is certain, none of
the people concerned are being kept informed, not the
Haudenosaunee, not the Algonquins and not regular
Canadian citizens.

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