Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tucson: End Right Wing Radio

Coalición de Derechos Humanos
Call to Action! End Right-Wing Radio!
Dear Derechos Humanos ally,
As we told you in yesterday's post, we have begun a campaign to end right-wing radio here in Tucson. In less than 24 hours since we sent out this alert, many of you have stepped up and joined us in this struggle.So far, the following previously listed sponsors have informed us of their intention to immediately withdraw their support of 104.1 FM:
Main Gate Square
Patio Pools & Spa
The Auto Body Shop
Advanced Recon
Aung Foot Health Clinics
Sol CarsInterestingly, many of them were not even aware that their "package" deal with Journal Broadcasting Group meant advertising on 104.1 FM, and most were not aware of what they were supporting, and would not choose to support intolerance. In addition, the following companies have expressed concern about this issue, and have assured us that they will be looking into the matter immediately:
El Parador
Allstate Insurance
State Farm Insurance
The Wildcat House
Maloney's Tavern
Progressive Plumbing
Axiom Drafting and Design
Integrity AutomotiveThus far, 104.1 FM has removed the listing of their sponsors from their website, and the YouTube Webisodes of the Jon Justice show were removed, particularly the offensive one that some of the sample letters below. One of them has been reposted at the following YouTube link: http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Zy9J3h4QGbwSXR0jC-PLV_hOtYE03buW2bV25Kqfd54VdM2aZp-cwC4-UC64cCEX34yvnod9Fk_vfxm6vqrRaFy9WxzLLHiUJXIHcefhX_D7bPQLvZS7W8HdRDwYlmVhr2v5IxPK5cM=. We invite you to judge the content for yourselves.Join us in this effort to rid the Tucson community of the intolerance and xenophobia that is promoted on the local radio station, 104.1 FM. We ask that you contact any of the businesses listed below to encourage that they withdraw their support of right-wing media. We have also provided a few sample letters that we invite you to use as samples in drafting your letters to sponsors.
In Solidarity,Coalición de Derechos Humanos

Sample letter 1To Whom It May Concern,I am writing to express concern over the fact that I have just been informed that your company is a supporter of 104.1 FM, and is listed on their website as a contributor. As a consumer, I would like to let you know that I am very alarmed about this, and I am opposed to the hate and xenophobia that I have heard expressed on these programs. It concerns me that your business would be in support of such displays of intolerance.One example is a recent YouTube post of one of their programs, The Jon Justice Show. In it, he has created a piñata of a local female community leader. In it, he caresses and holds the piñata, and murmurs about wanting to take it home with him, that it "feels so good" and such. I was highly offended by this, and do not believe that he would have done such a thing were this community leader not a woman. In addition, he makes a comment in this video that I believe to be racist-he comments about the piñata being light because "chorizo isn't that fattening," places a sombrero on her head, and speaks in a high pitched attempt at a Mexican accent.I invite you to take a look at it at the following link to judge for yourself:
http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Zy9J3h4QGbwSXR0jC-PLV_hOtYE03buW2bV25Kqfd54VdM2aZp-cwC4-UC64cCEX34yvnod9Fk_vfxm6vqrRaFy9WxzLLHiUJXIHcefhX_D7bPQLvZS7W8HdRDwYlmVhr2v5IxPK5cM=I believe that you and your company believe that tolerance and acceptance is of the utmost importance in the Tucson community. I hope that your company was unaware of the kinds of messages and rhetoric that has been put forward by 104.1 The Truth, but I trust that you will withdraw your support of them when you see what they have been promoting. If you do not, I would like to let you know that you can count on losing my support as a consumer.Sincerely,
Sample Letter 2To Whom It May Concern,I am writing to inform you that as I have recently been informed that you are a supporter of 104.1 FM, a radio station I regard to be an offensive, xenophobic media outlet that has created division in our community, I intend to discontinue my support of your business.I was saddened and shocked to learn of the history that a particular radio host, "Jon Justice," has in creating scandal, division and intolerance. This includes a recent YouTube post where the host makes both sexist and racist comments. I invite you to view this for yourself at:
http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Zy9J3h4QGbwSXR0jC-PLV_hOtYE03buW2bV25Kqfd54VdM2aZp-cwC4-UC64cCEX34yvnod9Fk_vfxm6vqrRaFy9WxzLLHiUJXIHcefhX_D7bPQLvZS7W8HdRDwYlmVhr2v5IxPK5cM=. Perhaps you do not know that Mr. "Justice" created a community outcry in Grand Rapids, Michigan (his previous home) when he pretended to drown a dog on the air. I invite you to look at the links at: http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Zy9J3h4QGbxv1uGleox84LHqbwe_lsc3TM2tnqlQxrj32QpjxxDz7g9UFx00x1mYcZeAL8jFfkTgkvemBV5Q3yuWuZUvp6UOmbpFZq1eExtmoh1m7TQBzqUtZflf7UutRZ2MlHRqpeDUH8GimnVChQ== or http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Zy9J3h4QGbwX2j73tLZqbe2fgGVFlNxeF_aLw4LaDrff9rPhDqLydYq-cCsrucmdRb2OfQzcTsf-O2jWyTHd-VznpZLhEtdMSs7eICVC4YNljkYrdceB7bkdOV_ChWMdwrfSxjp_3uqzzpmRrHf16zbURvMY0JiXR82Pb5iErbEB2kxwdln_C5_0Cbneu-kdEbRs8-fR6kc=. I believe that you and your company believe that tolerance and acceptance is of the utmost importance in the Tucson community. I hope that your company was unaware of the kinds of messages and rhetoric that has been put forward by 104.1 The Truth, but I trust that you will withdraw your support of them when you see what they have been promoting. If you do not, I would like to let you know that you can count on losing my support as a consumer.Sincerely,
Sample Letter 3To Whom It May Concern:As I am sure you are already aware, sponsorship comes with both benefit and responsibility. I am bringing to your attention the fact that your sponsorship is allowing Jon Justice to incite and churn hate in our communities. I am appalled that Jon Justice feels it is acceptable to personally attack Isabel Garcia and members of Coalicion de Derechos Humanos, as a means of increasing his ratings. Jon Justice has gone so far as to make his own piñata in the image of Ms. Garcia and proceed to make sexual innuendos and racist remarks. Does your company support hate speech? Is your company willing to accept the actions of Jon Justice, as a paid employee on business time, as representative of your company's values? I am sickened and horrified that the airwaves of Tucson are being used to promulgate the agenda of a select population. Furthermore, your company's sponsorship of 104.1 The Truth, and Jon Justice, helps ensure that those who can effectively "Ruffle Feathers" for ratings using biased, twisted and factually devoid information will continue in Tucson. If your company chooses to continue sponsorship, you are making the decision to sponsor the division of our community, its members and condone the presentation of opinion based content as fact and credible news. Your sponsorship of 104.1 The Truth must end if we are to come together as a community. Sincerely,
Sample Letter 4Dear Sir or Madam:I would like to express concern for your company's sponsorship of 104.1 The Truth. Less than a week ago, The Truth's morning talkshow host, Jon Justice, began a campaign in opposition to Pima County legal defender Isabel Garcia. While I recognize Justice's first amendment right to free speech, I find his decision to engage in hateful, divisive speech reprehensible. As a person of color, I can neither accept nor condone Justice's campaign which has been marked by both sexism and racism. For example, in a video link on the The Truth's website, Justice gropes a piñata of Garcia while expressing a desire to "take it home with me". Justice subsequently goes on to mock Garcia by adopting a "mexican" female's accent. These outrageous actions unquestionably contradict principles of acceptance and tolerance for diversity. It is my hope that your company will stand in opposition to the appalling hate speech which Jon Justice has exemplified. I ask that you will remove your sponsorship from 104.1 The Truth and in doing so stand in support of principles of multiculturalism and diversity. I look forward to your reply and seeing my concerns addressed. I can be reached at the above address or at my (home or office number with area code). Sincerely, Your Name


Patrick ONeill said...

El Parador isn't going to do anything - they are the place that the right wing Center for Arizona Policy has their get-togethers.

Im happpy to support your boycott not only because of Justice, but because of Savage.

We need to collect more advertisers

Anonymous said...

Right wing dominates radio, left wing dominates tv media ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, BBC. Freedom of speech working, leave it alone. People will listen to what they want. Left wing can't come up with a successful radio show. wonder why?

I listen to ALL the news, left and right, and come to my own conclusions. Try it sometime. Jerry

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