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Canada's covert police state: Killing the Indian again


Mohawk Nation News
Aug. 28, 2008. The CBSA is a congenital violator of Haudenosaunee, Canadian and international law. They have no right to be at Akwesasne. Even the Supreme Court of Canada recognizes that it has a fiduciary obligation to protect the Indigenous guardians of the territory its people are squatting on. Yet the CBSA routinely attacks the Kanionkehaka/Mohawk people of Akwesasne. On June 14th, 2008 they attacked Katenies and Kahentinetha. Why did this happen?

We are facing an updated version of colonial oppression – totalitarianism in new clothes. Every misdeed and pratfall of the CBSA was the product of several decades of careful psychological research and strategic planning. Human beings do not naturally kill each other. They have to be trained to do this. The CBSA agents have been manipulated to commit human rights abuses. They have little concern for Mohawk culture. The very placement of the border in the middle of the community proves that.

Their tactics are not new. The CBSA applies Nazi science. Prior to WW II the German state systematically dehumanized the Jewish people. This set up the conditions needed to create the holocaust. Pictures of them as vermin and rats were posted all over Germany . They were herded into concentration camps and murdered in gas chambers and put into ovens. Indigenous have been subjected to the same kind of dehumanization since the beginning of colonization. Media routinely portray us as smugglers, drug dealers and criminals. In 2006 the process was escalated with a New York Times article that sent the message worldwide. Why?

Military strategists have long been troubled by the reluctance of soldiers to kill the “enemy”. The instinct to recognize the humanity of another person is stronger than any of the political, social or “racial” constructs that a psychotic minority has imposed on human beings. Even in the most famous battles, only 15 to 20 % of soldiers fired their weapons at the “enemy”.

Only 2 or 3% are natural psychopaths who are willing to kill their fellow human beings. Contrary to Hollywood portrayals killing is not easy. It normally provokes extreme reactions like nausea, vomiting and long lasting post traumatic stress disorders.

This natural human desire for peace troubles military strategists. Extensive research has found that almost anyone can be trained to violate human rights or commit murder when certain conditions are met. [See Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society, New York : Little, Brown & Co. 1995]

How cops, soldiers and state or criminal agents can kill:

1) Authoritarian Command: An order from someone in a position of authority. Colonial society has been conditioned to think that hierarchy is necessary. This creates an “obedience reflex”. When someone in a lab coat or uniform says “shoot” or “torture”, they obey.

2) Pack Mentality: People will commit crimes in a group which they would never do alone. There are two aspects. One is peer pressure. This explains why an ordinary young girl like Lindy England committed sexual atrocities at Abu Graib prison in Iraq . The other lets the individual avoid personal responsibility for a crime. As part of a firing squad, the killer can imagine that fatal bullet was fired by someone else.

3) Distancing the victims: It is easier to murder someone when their humanity is not obvious. Weapons that distance them so they can’t see the eyes or smell the fear are more effective. A spear is better than a dagger. Arrows and guns are better yet, especially if there is a scope that reduces the “enemy” to a “target”. Special bombs, unmanned aerial vehicles and other modern weaponry all shield potential killers from the agony of human carnage, making it easier to pull the trigger or press the lethal button. Americans can now direct battles from another continent like a video game. The lives taken are of no consequence.

4) Not looking at the victim’s eyes: More soldiers are shot in the back when they are fleeing than when they are attacking. Kidnappers are more likely to murder if the victim is hooded. This is why the target of a firing squad is blindfolded. It’s to facilitate murder.

5) Avoid thinking about common humanity: Seeing the potential victims doing ordinary things like eating, sharing a cigarette or even peeing deters a soldier from killing. Murder is easier when the “enemy’s” culture is not known or understood. This explains why Canadian schools do not teach anything about our cultures. This is what racial profiling is about. We are made to look like targets that do not or should not exist.

6) Bias media propaganda: Distancing is enhanced by reporting only negatively about the “other’s” culture, to create a twisted, unsympathetic and one-sided imagery.

7) Dehumanizing the targets: In Vietnam Americans called the villagers “gooks”, “geeks” and “targets”. Today people in the Middle East are called “extremists”, “fundamentalists”, “insurgents” or “Taliban”. In Canada “Indians” were excluded from the definition of a “person” who was identified as “an individual other than an Indian” in the Indian Acts between 1876 and 1952.

8) Conditioning: People can be taught to kill. Soldiers are now trained in conditions that imitate the real battle. We have heard several unconfirmed reports that a replica of Kahnawake was built on an army base in new Brunswick to condition soldiers to kill Mohawks. The historical 10-15% firing rate was increased to about 95% in Vietnam by teaching the soldiers to shoot human looking targets. In parts of Canada police have been trained to shoot at targets that resemble Indigenous women!

9) The “double bind”: To commit murder, the killer has to be put in a position where they themselves are at risk if they do not kill. There is little risk involved in committing the crime.

Many of these factors came into play when Katenies and Kahentinetha where attacked by CBSA. Before the incident arose, Canadians had already been conditions to believe that the border was legitimate and that Kanionkehaka are drug dealers, criminals and smugglers, even when we are moving within our own community. It was easy to set up the double bind.

The first officer put the two women in a vulnerable position. They pulled them over, took away their identity documents and car keys and set them up as targets by making them sit in the car for an hour surrounded by border agents. If any of these guys would have questioned what was happening, they would have risked losing their careers and their means of supporting their families as well as public dishonor and destitution. This made it easy for them “to go with the flow”.

Racial profiling was actively engaged. Most of the other cars pulled over were native women with children. Practicing aggression against Indigenous women made it easier for the guards to attack the two grandmothers.

Group dynamics were deployed when the direct assault began. The guards approached in a phalanx. Mob mentality ensured that none succumbed to feelings of common humanity or individual responsibility.

Mob mentality was confirmed by the use of authoritarian orders and distancing. An unseen voice gave directions on the cell phone to the commander on the spot. This ensured that none of the guards who committed the direct assaults would act on human feelings or accepted individual responsibility for their crimes. The controlling mind at the other end of the phone was removed from the murderous reality of his or her acts.

Katenies was grabbed from the side and thrown to the ground. Then they kneed on top of her and pushed her face into the ground until it was scraped, bloodied and dirtied. The pressure was calculated to make her feel like her bones were going to snap. The brunt of the assault was committed from behind where they did not see her face.

When they approached Kahentinetha she asked them what she was accused of and why was she being arrested. Her humanity was denied and the legal question was ignored. Once again the most damaging aggression came from behind. She was in a cell with her hands cuffed behind her back. The guards who compromised her life stood behind her where they couldn’t see her face as they tightened the handcuffs which cut off the blood supply. They ignored her cries of pain as the shock of the heart attack hit her. One man grabbed her pants and told her to bend over. 6 or 7 other officers were entering and leaving the room ensuring that peer pressure remained in effect.

This fed the murderous frenzy. The spell was broke when her brother, Frank Taiotekane Horn, appeared as an outside observer of professional stature. They knew he was a lawyer. Suddenly they were accountable. Before they let him in, they removed the handcuffs, gave her a place to sit and offered her a glass of water. Frank Horn saw her state and immediately called an ambulance.

Two Mohawk police officers from Akwesasne were posted at this border check point at the time to protect against degenerate conduct. Why did they stand by silently and watch. They were caught between group identities. Their identity with their people or as highly paid members of the violent colonial police force.

At the beginning one of them made a move to ensure that the rights of the women were respected. A call from someone in authority stopped the process. They succumbed to peer pressure asserted by the officers they have to associate with every day.

Much of the research on killing was done for peaceful purposes. It looks like it has been hijacked by a psychopathic minority. It is being used to promote war and kill Indigenous people.

Ieriwa’on:ni & MNN Staff
Mohawk Nation News www.mohawknationnews.com

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