Monday, September 15, 2008

DQ University students receive threats

September 12, 2008
Breaking News

By Steven Payan

The Illegal board of trustees Susan Reese and Shirley Lincoln as well some other individuals came in to D-Q University today demanding that everyone at D-Q U has to get off of D-Q U!

Racist threats were made today towards one of our members; they threatened that they were going to call immigration for them to check his immigration status, and he was only there helping out with fixing up DQ’s landscaping and volunteering to help fix up the campus.

As it was in last update, they were saying that we need to get off the campus because it is unsafe. There is West Nile Virus and contaminated water and that it is dangerous to be on D-Q U.

So why then are they saying that there will be classes this Saturday the 13th, if it is so dangerous?

Now they want every student and occupier out of the dorms, immediately, so they can put in their new students. And no one can be on campus without a badge.

Just yesterday, 9/11/08, Dwaine Chamberlin had the water turned off with no advance notice. Every board member; -recognized or imposter, -poser or infiltrator, knows people are living there, especially Dwaine Chamberlin. Now we have to wonder is he working now with their side of the board.

We are getting tired of hearing such accusations from Susan Reese, Margaret Hoaglan, Shirley Lincoln as well as other ignorant people that the students and community supporters at D-Q U are homeless, trespassers, squatters, druggies etc.

We all have our own homes, have jobs and or go to college. We are there because there needs to be accountability for the ones who really stole money from D-Q U! The ones responsible for the collapse of D-Q! The ones who are there out of self interest and greed. This college was founded to be more than just a college. This was and still is a movement to unite all indigenous/ Chican@ people from across the continent.

We know the Community will not stand for the “Q” to be removed or this beautiful campus to be sold for it to be a jail or police training facility, like many rumors have been spreading around.

Those are the so called people who had us arrested on Cesar Chavez Day March 31st A Sunday morning, which was a personal slap in the face to every Chicano or person who is down with La Causa! That was very devastating to us as students, community members who were there only to support D-Q U. it still hurts to see how we were treated to this day and to have those bastards laugh at us like it was funny seeing us arrested and treated like animals!

Where is the Justice!

The Original Vision of what D-Q stands for is ALIVE through us! We will not let this place be run by racist, greedy scrooges!

We are asking that anyone who wishes to help, contact the D-Q Unity Coalition. Contact your local community leaders and unite with us all to bring back this place to its original purpose of uniting the Eagle and the Condor!

Don’t just sit there watching our people’s only native university fall apart…

In solidarity,
Steven Payan
D-Q Unity Coalition
Financial officer/ Activities coordinator

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