Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kit Carson Returns: Navajo Water Rights Settlement

The Historical Campaign of Genocide Against the Dineh People Continues

By Bill Edwards
Re-incarnation and the Return of Kit Carson

Also see: March and rally today, Wed., Sept. 29, 2010, to the Navajo Nation Council:

Re-incarnation must be true, because I have gotten to see the return of Kit Carson. Only this time he is bigger and badder with a more powerful army and is capable of doing more damage.
His army rides under the banner of “Northeastern Arizona Indian Water Rights Settlement Agreement.”
His army is the state of Arizona, Flagstaff, Winslow, Holbrook, Taylor, Snowflake, Show Low, Eagar, Springerville, Arizona Public Service Co. Bar Tbar Ranch Inc. Crater Ranch LLC Flying M Ranch Inc Aztec Land and Cattle Inc, Arizona State Land Department, Arizona Game and Fish Commission Arizona State Parks Board, Arizona Department of Transportation, Lyman Irrigation Company Pioneer Irrigation Company, Show Low-Pinetop-Woodland Irrigation Company, Silver Creek Irrigation District, Pinetop-Lakeside Sanitary District, Euell Lyle Barnes, and Navapache Hospital District.
When he came through the last time he burned fields, crops and homes. This time he plans to steal water. Not just from us, but from our children, our grandchildren, their grandchildren, their grandchildren’s grandchildren and so on FOREVER! That is what is in this “Water Right Settlement Agreement.”
Out of the 500 million acre feet of water we already have, “Kit Carson” -- AKA the state of Arizona -- is going to be nice and “give” us a water pipeline and the use of 32,000 acre feet of water for now and forever, and not a drop more. Along with that we give up all future claims, forfeit the right to sue.
The proposed Agreement prohibits any future irrigated agriculture beyond some 10,000 acres of farm projects identified along the main-stem of the Little Colorado River between Birdsprings and Cameron. (That’s a lot of land.)
It sure is nice of them to come in and tell us what we can do with our land not just for now, but FOREVER!
Kit Carson AKA the state of Arizona has Indian scouts, they are called "council delegates" and want to vote to pass this. How could anyone vote to give away his or her grandchildren’s water?????? As natives don’t we know better? If this is passed you will never be able to increase the size of existing dikes. The main reason the state wants to rush this through the council is to get around the Winters Doctrine.
First of all we already own the water. WE ALREADY OWN THE WATER. If we did not already own the water why would the state bother to come over here with a proposal for us to sign? Eh?
They come in and ask us to give them ALL of our water and then turn around and tell us, “Well out of the 500 million acre-feet that you already own, we will let you have 32,000 acre-feet per."
In plain English the “Winters Doctrine” recognizes aboriginal rights. We were here first and we have first dibs on the water. Whatever is left is to be given to the settlers and latecomers. According to the Winters Doctrine, the states are the latecomers.”
Let’s remember, waters within the Navajo Nation, regardless of state lines, belong to all the people of the Navajo Nation. Our forefathers fought fearlessly and courageously to protect the land, natural resources, and waters within these sacred mountains because it was their duty and their obligation to the future generation. Many gave their lives or served time as prisoners of war to preserve what rightly belongs to us. They sacrificed much to regain what is rightfully ours,” said Former Navajo Chairman Peter MacDonald.
Native men and women are still sacrificing their blood, sweat, tears and even their lives for these right. Are we just going to give away our water without regard to this sacrifice?
Federal and state governments do not want Indian tribes to take advantage of the Winters Doctrine. The Winters doctrine put the tribes in a position of power.
Tell them NO! Don’t tell, DEMAND, that your council delegates vote NO on this. Go to Window Rock on the 29th. And make sure they vote no. Bring your children. It is their future we are talking about. Even if they have to miss school. It is that important.
Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards
Business Manager North Leupp Family Farms
Vice-President Tolani Lake Enterprises Inc.
Resident of Tolani Lake, Navajo Nation, Western Agency, Arizona
Enrolled Lumbee/African-American
Business Owner-Edwards Consulting
Photo 1: Kit Carson Photo 2: Leupp on the Navajo Nation

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