Monday, December 6, 2010

Schedule: International Peoples Dialogue Cancun

Preliminary Program
International Forum for Climate Justice – The People’s Dialogue

Preliminary Program
International Forum for Climate Justice – The People’s Dialogue
Cancún, December 5-10, 2010
Saturday, December 4, 2010
Self-organized Activities
International Conference: “Family Agriculture, Rural Financial Systems and Climate Change”
Consejo Nacional de Organizaciones Campesinas de México y Foro Latinoamericano y del Caribe en Finanzas Rurales
December 4-6, 2010. Cancún Center, Conventions & Exhibitions, Boulevard Kukulcan KM. 9
Workshop: “Conflict, Global Order and Climate Change”
Colombian Network for the Defense of Human Rights, the Environment and Peace
10:00-11:00 hrs. Tent 1
Workshop: “Enough Fraud and Environmental Damage”
Unified Movement of Social Organizations of Mexico
10:00-12:00 hrs. Tent 2
Workshop: The obstruction of Grijalva River, the growth of sustainable rural cities and their economic, ecological and social effects.”
Coordinator – National Plan of Ayala – National Movement (CNPA-MN)
11:00-12:30 hrs. Tent 1
Sunday, December 5, 2010
Welcome and Inauguration
9:00-10:00 hrs. Gymnasium 1
Panels: Structural Causes of Climate Change
Panel I. Climate Change: Evidence of a Global Crisis
10:00-11:30 hrs. Gymnasium 1
Celsa Valdovinos, Organization of Women Ecologists of Sierra de Petatlán, México. Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace International. Ricardo Navarro, Friends of the Earth, El Salvador. Lidy Nacpil, Jubilee South Asia/Pacific. Tom Goldtooth, Indigenous Environmental Network, United States. Elizabeth Peredo, Solón Foundation, Bolivia. Moderator: Claudia Campero, Climate Dialogue - Mexico
Workgroup I.a. The development model as a structural cause of climate change.
13:00-14:00 hrs. Gymnasium 1
Workgroup I.b. False and true solutions
13:00-14:00 hrs. Gymnasium 2
Panel II. Aggravation of the climate crisis: the role of free Trade agreements, transnationals and international finance institutions.
11:30-13:00 hrs. Gymnasium 1
John Dillon, Kairos, Canadá. Alejandro Villamar, RMALC, México. Jubilee South - África. Nicola Bullard, Focus on the Global South-OWINFS. Sebastián Valdomir, Friends of the Earth, Uruguay. Siziwe Khanyile, GroundWork, South Africa. Moderator: Lyda Forero, ASC, Colombia.
Workgroup II.a. TLCs and climate change (aspects that reinforce the current system)
13:00-14:00 hrs. Tent 1
Workgroup II.b. Initiatives of ETNs to excuse the continued profiting off climate change.
13:00-14:00 hrs. Tent 2
Workgroup II.c. The role of the World Bank, private banks and development banks in financing false solutions
13:00-14:00 hrs. Tent 3
Panels on Natural Resources, Forests, Food Sovereignty and Indigenous Communities (1)
Panel III. Climate change, agriculture and food sovereignty
15:00-17:00 hrs. Gymnasium 1
James Harkness, IATP, United States. Henry Saragih, Vía Campesina. Víctor Suárez, Consejo Nacional de Organizaciones Campesinas (CONOC), México. Ma. Estrella Penunia Banzuela,Association of Asian Farmenrs for Sustainable Rural Development, Philippines. Tetet Nera-Lauron, Peoples Movement on Climate Change/IBON, Philippines. Sinforiano Cáceres, FENACOOP, Nicaragua. Sharmila Karki, Organization of Women for Peace, Nepal. Elisangela Dos Santos Araujo, FETRAF/GT Agriculture REBRIP, Brazil. Moderator: Iván Polanco, ANEC, México.
Workgroup III.a. Productive experiences of regional alternatives
17:00-19:00 hrs. Gymnasium 1
Workgroup III.b. Indigenous economy as an alternative to climate change
17:00-19:00 hrs. Gymnasium 2
Workgroup III.c. Food reserves
17:00-19:00 hrs. Tent 1
Workgroup III.d. Renewable energy from the communities
17:00-19:00 hrs. Tent 2
Workgroup III.e. Displacement and social effects of climate change
17:00-19:00 hrs. Tent 3
Strategy Meeting
19:00-21:00 hrs. Gymnasium 1
Self-organized Activities
Workshop: Ecological, economic and social problems for the affected communities of the Endho dam and the state of Hidalgo
Coordinator – National Plan of Ayala – National Movement (CNPA-MN)
11:00-12:00 hrs. Tent 1
Workshop: New financial architecture and climate financing: The role of a Bank of the South in the climate crisis
Latindadd, RMALC, National Liaison Committee and Moccic.
12:00-14:00 hrs. Tent 4
Workshop: Sharing Climate Change Communication Strategies in BASIC Countries and Mexico.
Oxfam Hong Kong and the Research Center for Journalism and Social Development at the University of Renim, China.
13:30-18:30 hrs. Tent 5
Workshop: Glaciers and Climate Change: Challenges and perspectives.
CAOI, Sustainable Chile, Sustainable Water, Fundación Solon.
14:30-17:00 hrs. Gymnasium 2
Seminar: Climate Migrants Rights.
EquityBD, Bangladesh.
15:00-17:00 hrs. Tent 1
Workshop: justice in waste management: towards zero trash.
Global Alliance Against Incineration and GAIA Chile.
15:00-17:00 hrs. Tent 2
Workshop: The whole truth about Italy: Powerful social movements in the era of Berlusconi
RIGAS Italian Network for Environmental and Social Justice
15:00-17:00 hrs. Tent 3
Seminar: Climate Governance in Africa Studies: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania country studies.
HBF's Regional Office for East & Horn of Africa.
17:00-19:00 hrs. Tent 4
Videos and Cultural Activities
Conference and Documentary: Campesinos Ecologistas.
Center for Human Rights, Miguel Agustín Pro Juárez, A.C.
12:00-13:00 hrs. Video Room.
Video: An experiment of environmental governance in rural Italy: the project ETRUSCAN.
Associazione Culturale Punti di Vista / Casa Internazionale delle Donne / Network RIGAS.
13:00-13:30 hrs. Video Room.
Video: Big Oil's Final Frontier: Call-out to Climate Justice activists in Arctic Coastal States.
Council of Canadians, Indigenous Environmental Network.
15:00-17:00 hrs. Video Room.
Monday, December 6, 2010
Panels on Natural Resources, Forests, Food Sovereignty and Indigenous Communities (2).
Panel IV. The forests: carbon sinks or generators of life for the environment and communities?
9:00-11:00 hrs. Gymnasium 1
Camila Moreno, Friends of the Earth, Brazil. Casey Camp-Horinek, Ponca Pa-tha-ta, IEN, Ponca Nation of Oklahoma, United States. Victoria Santos Jiménez, Organization of Forest Ejidos of the Maya Region, México. Victor Menotti, International Forum on Globalization, United States. Héctor Magallón Larsen, Forests Campaign, Greenpeace México. Sergio Madrid Zubirán, Mexican Civil Counsel for Sustainable Forestry, México. Virginia Suarez-Pinlac, Unity of Women for Freedom, Philippines. Blessing Karumbidzwa, Timberwatch Coalition, South Africa. Union Movement CES, Ecuador. Moderator: Gustavo Sánchez, Consejo Nacional de Organizaciones Campesinas (CONOC), México.
Workgroup IV.a. Reduction of emissions through deforestation and avoided degration – REDD and its versions (plus, and plus, plus). Positions and debates.
11:00-13:00 hrs. Gymnasium 1
Workgroup IV.b. Community forest management, an alternative against climate change.
11:00-13:00 hrs. Gymnasium 2
Workgroup IV.c. Forests: Gender equity and the struggle against climate change.
11:00-13:00 hrs. Tent 1
Workgroup IV.d. Markets and mechanisms for the financing of forests.
11:00-13:00 hrs. Tent 2
Panel V. Indigenous communities, the rights of Mother Earth and climate justice.
13:00-14:00 hrs. Gymnasium 1
CONAMAQ-CAOI, Bolivia. Roly Escobar Ochoa, CONAPAMG, Guatemala. Sandy Gauntlett, New Zealand. Ben Powless, IEN, Six Nations First Nation, Ontario, Canadá. Moderator: Carlos Beas, AMAP-MAIZ, México.
Workgroup V.a. Impacts of the Climate Crisis for Indigenous Communities
11:00-13:00 hrs. Tent 3
Workgroup V.b. The living well and alternatives for the defense of Mother Earth.
11:00-13:00 hrs. Tent 4
Workgroup V.c. Indigenous women in the face of climate change.
11:00-13:00 hrs. Tent 5
Panel: REDD, REDD+, etc., Implications for Indigenous Communities
15:00-17:30 hrs. Gymnasium 1
Indigenous Environmental Network with support of Carbon Trade Watch, Global Forest Coalition, Global Justice Ecology Project, Society for Threatened Peoples International.
Strategy Meeting.
17:30-20:00 hrs. Gymnasium 1
Seminar: Climate crisis, melting Andes glaciers and the effects on indigenous communities.
Andean Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations-CAOI.
9:00-11:00 hrs. Gymnasium 2
Seminar: The Rights of Mother Earth: The Time Has Come for a New Paradigm.
Council of Canadians, Global Exchange, Pachamama Foundation.
9:00-11:00 hrs. Tent 1
Workshop: Impacts of climate change on women and false solutions.
Punto Focal, Latinamerican Network against Monoculture of Trees(RECOMA).
9:00-11:00 hrs. Tent 2
Workshop: Climate, Animal Agriculture, Food Security & Equity: Complexity and Consensus?
Brighter Green.
9:00-11:00 hrs. Tent 3
Workshop: A Matter of Principle(s) and Good Governance: How to Make Climate Finance More EquiWorkgroup, Effective and Efficient.
Heinrich Böll Foundation North America.
13:00-15:00 hrs. Tent 1
Workshop: Energy Future-Fighting the Expansion of tar sands and other dirty fuels.
Heinrich Böll Foundation Berlin.
13:00-15:00 hrs. Tent 2
Workshop: Progress and challenges in the establishment of a Climate Justice Tribunal.
Friends of the Earth International-Continental Social Alliance-OWFINS (Our World is Not For Sale)-Jubilee South- Solón Foundation-REBRIP.
14:30-18:00 hrs. Gymnasium 2
Workshop: Economic Crisis, Climate Crisis: North-South Trade Union Perspectives on Green New Deal, System Change, Climate Finance and Economic Restructuring.
Cornell Global Labor Institute; Institute for Policy Studies; Trade Union Confederation of the Americas; International Transport Workers Federation; Australian Council of Trade Unions; Trades Union Congress-UK; Service Emplyees International Union; CGT-Argentina; Forca Sindical-Brazil; Canadian Labour Congress.
15:00-17:30 hrs. Tent 1
Workshop: Movement Building for System Change.
Little Village Environmental Justice Organization (LVEJO).
15:00-17:00 hrs. Tent 2
Workshop: Debate Net Emission Reductions.
Government of Ecuador.
15:00-16:00 hrs. Tent 3
Workshop: People in resistance to the impacts of climate change: Towards a Global Assembly of Habitants 2011.
International Alliance of Habitants.
18:00-19:30 hrs. Tent 1
Videos and Cultural Activities
Video: An experiment of environmental governance in rural Italy: the project ETRUSCAN.
Associazione Culturale Punti di Vista / Casa Internazionale delle Donne / Network RIGAS.
10:30-11:00 hrs. Video Room.
Video: Tears of Lake Cuyutlán, another history of destruction with impunity and resistance.
Bios Iguana
13:00-14:00 hrs. Video Room.
Video: Climate Chaos in the South.
16:00-17:00 hrs. Video Room.
Tuesday, December 7, 2010
Day of Mobilization and Street Activity

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