Sunday, October 14, 2007

Texas migrant prisons, free the children!

Hutto child prison and Raymondville tent internment camp in Texas

Freedom Ambassadors: A Texas Super Weekend…
Raymondville Walk II and Hutto Walk III...New dates
Message from Jay:
Hola y’all… If you are an ambassador for human liberty and dignity, you’ll appreciate the following update…and hopefully you'll want to share in it.Willacy County is spending and additional $40,000,000 to add 1000 beds to the already existing 2000 beds of the largest immigrant internment camp in the world.Williamson County has no intent whatsoever to free the children from the Hutto prison camp in Taylor, Texas. They are only concerned about making money off of the imprisonment of the children with impunity and with no legal liability.Willacy County and Williamson County are becoming the scourge of America in the eyes of the international community. With these facilities comes human rights violation. These prisons are models and manifestations of the elitist supremacy…with callous greed as the driving force that permeates our country and exploits the worlds’ inhabitants. Georgetown in particular, the Williamson County seat, has produced the worst of indignities to the human family by being complicit in the imprisonment of innocent children for obscene profits.The Hutto child prison in Taylor and the Raymondville tent internment camps are the most visible yet sinister violation of international human rights on American soil…and they both happen to be here in Texas. Hutto has children and their mothers imprisoned at the tune of about $10,000 per child/per mother/per month. Raymondville is the most flagrant of adult immigrant internment camps in the world, let alone on American soil.Therefore, Raymondville Walk II and Hutto Walk III have been rescheduled for a Texas Super Weekend the last weekend of October. Here are the dates: (Maps and details will be in a follow up notice).Raymondville Walk II. October 26-27. Friday and Saturday. From the Harlingen Travel Center to Raymondville, the seat of the corruption ridden Willacy County Commissioners Court.Hutto Walk III. October 28-30. Sunday through Tuesday. From the Hutto children’s’ prison camp in Taylor, Texas to the seat of the Williamson County Commissioners Court in Georgetown, Texas.Raymondville Walk II and Hutto Walk III will comprise a Texas Super Weekend of prison protest of the two most repugnant “for profit” immigration internment camps here in Texas. This will be the second event backed by a statewide coalition of Texan and American alliances of organizations and coalitions seeking liberty and justice for children, mothers, asylum seekers, refugees and desperate immigrants. (The first such statewide event Hutto Vigil X, sponsored by Amnesty International, on June 23 of this year.)The Raymondville Walk II will begin in Harlingen, Texas on Friday, October 26, right after a 9:00am press conference. Raymond Walk II will join a Raymondville Vigil on Saturday noon, October 27, in front of the 10-tent immigrant internment camp where some 2000 immigrants from some 50 countries are denied their “inalienable rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” in the politically corrupted MTC private “for-profit” facility.The Hutto Walk III will begin in Taylor, Texas on Sunday, October 28, right after a noon press conference. Hutto Walk III will continue on Monday and arrive Tuesday at the Williamson County Commissioners Court at 9:30am. At that meeting, we the people who value the tenets of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will present the Williamson County Commissioners with our demands and ultimatums to free the children of the world who are imprisoned for greedy profit by the elitist supremacists of our country.To those from Houston, the Valley, Austin and San Antonio, Williamson County and the Metro-plex…"Start your engines!!!" Plan your travel arrangements. Make your posters and banners. Plan your speeches. Develop your public and legal strategies. May we continue to expose and to shame those who would callously and corruptly violate the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and Liberty’s invitation to the “huddled masses yearning to breath free”!Please feel free to share this with you media contacts and all others who value and are willing to defend the most basic of human rights.In solidarity…Jay Johnson-CastroFreedom Ambassadors(830)768-0768“Connecting the dots…Making a difference”

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