Monday, February 4, 2008

Longest Walk 2 Media Alert

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Julie Hernandez

30th Anniversary of Historic Native American Rights March Inspires “The Longest Walk 2”

Hundreds To Embark On 5 Month Walk from Alcatraz to Washington D.C. for Environmental Protection and Native American Rights, Commencement Events Planned

On Monday, February 11th and Tuesday February 12th, Tribal Dignitaries, Religious Leaders, Environmental, and Union Groups will hold events to commence the Longest Walk 2—a trans-continental walk for environmental protection and Native American rights.

More than three hundred participants of the Longest Walk 2 will embark on a five-month journey on foot from San Francisco, arriving in Washington, D.C. on July 11, 2008.

American Indian Movement Co-founder Dennis J. Banks states, “From Alcatraz Island to Washington, D.C., through the elements of the seasons, we shall walk; nothing shall deter us from completing our mission: All Life is Sacred, Protect Mother Earth.”

The Longest Walk 2 follows two routes, a Northern and a Southern one that will cover more than 8,000 miles in total, stopping each evening in communities along the way. People from all over the world are joining the walk with its peaceful and spiritual call to action to protect Mother Earth and defend Human Rights.

The Longest Walk 2 also marks the 30th anniversary of the original Longest Walk of 1978 that resulted in historic changes for Native Americans.

2008 Longest Walk 2 Commencement Events Schedule:
Monday, February 11th
4:30 a.m. Spiritual Gathering & Celebration of Indigenous Resistance at Alcatraz Island
This is a public event and members of the media are invited to respectfully attend and cover the ceremonies to initiate the Longest Walk 2. A limited number of tickets to Alcatraz Island will be provided for news reporters. Please RSVP by February 10th with Morning Star Gali at or call (510) 827-6719.
12 Noon News Conference at University of California, Berkeley at Sproul Plaza
Upholding the Longest Walk 2’s mission, Native Tribes and Social Justice allies will rally together to demand Religious Freedom and Social Justice. Tribal officials, spiritual leaders, environmentalists, and concerned citizens will address religious freedom and federal law violations committed by the University of California.
Tuesday, February 12th
8:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. News Conference at Rumsey Indian Rancheria
Commencement ceremony with statements announcing we are coming to communities along route to listen and include local issues along with desired action into The Longest Walk 2 Position Paper to be delivered in Washington D.C. The Rumsey Indian Rancheria is located at 14455 Highway 16
Brooks, California.
12 Noon News Conference in Sacramento at the State Capitol
Official send-off for both routes of the walk. Speakers will address specific legislation issues impacting Native Americans and the Environment. The press conference will be held on the North-end of the Capitol Building.
For a complete itinerary, specific directions and additional information, please visit:
*Visuals for all media events: Excellent Visuals with Native American Tribal Leaders, Traditional Singers, Colorful banners at Alcatraz Island and UC Berkeley, Sproul Plaza.
*Media: High Resolution Photos of all events available upon request.
*Speakers are Available for interviews in advance.

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