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Mohawk Nation News: Six Nations 'Confederacy Council' being municipalized


Mohawk Nation News
Feb. 2, 2008. There are some very confused minds
at Six Nations. The latest update from Hazel Hill lays out the
complete violation of the Great Law. A whole slew of interest
groups have sprung up purporting to have a say in nation
business. For one, the traitorous band council can never
have a voice. Neither can these kitchen table, arena groups
and social clubs. Anyone outside the clans, the Two Row
and Great Law has no voice.

After we physically reclaimed our land in 2006, talks began
about reclaiming the rest of it. The negotiators called “sell-
outs” and the “Confederacy Chiefs” have fallen into the
colonial trap of meeting behind closed doors and working out
a “self-government” deal under Canada , without the knowledge
or consent of the people. In other words, they’re selling out
despite 200 years of resistance by our ancestors.

The sell-outs are letting colonial law override the Great Law.
This is turning into a “joint venture” business deal. The
actions of the sell-outs is collusion, fraud and betrayal. We
cannot negotiate with anyone that doesn’t own anything.
We own everything. The intruders are making offers to these
sell-outs. Then they take it to the people for sanctioning.

They are working towards “municipalizing” the “Confederacy”.
They are falling right into the colonial “divide and rule” trap.
We’ve told the sell-outs over and over again that we will not
give up anything. The colonists present the terms and tell the
sell-outs, “Take it or leave it! Get it past the people and then
get back to us”. And, “If you succeed, it’ll be worth your while”.
Nudge, nudge, wink, wink!

The sell-outs deliberately restrict themselves to the
“community” of Six Nations so that a municipality can be
set up by Canada . The update constantly refers to the “Crown!
Crown! Crown!” “Nothing but servants of the Crown, my
liege!” Today this means the sell-outs are serving the
“gangsters” who have taken over.

Everyone knows the Mohawks will never give up anything.
The Halidmand Tract is part of the greater Haudenosaunee
territory. The sell-outs and the limited “community” they are
appealing to live on our territory. They have no authority to
make any deal on our behalf.

All Mohawks must be brought in from all our communities
and those scattered throughout Onowaregeh, as the Great
Law provides. We are a nation, not a community. The
Haldimand Tract is Mohawk land. The other nations who
live on our tract may be finding it easy to give away our
rights as it’s not theirs. The British have always gone to
other nations like the Mississauga to trade and barter
Haudenosaunee land.

The sell-outs have been in there too long, had too many
dinners and late nights with the colonists. This leaves them
open to fraud, softening up and seeing too much of the
colonial side.

A colonial white lawyer, Aaron Detlor, is running the
“Confederacy” show! He set up the Haudenosaunee
Development Institute HDI without the Mohawks to
bypass the people and our decision making process
through the clans and all the other Haudenosaunee
communities. No business can be conducted without

HDI mimics the colonial system and puts an HDI stamp
on it. HDI plans to use our land as collateral to go to
the colonial banks, developers and investors. We don’t
use land as collateral for anybody or anything ever! We
don’t issue permits to foreigners.

We never gave up our sovereignty, our land and our
independence. The only right the “Crown” has is to come
to us with their hat in their hand to ask us to exist here.
Nothing below or above the ground can ever be sold. It
turns out all the so-called “leases” are frauds. It is up to
the Canadian government to prove to us they are not, which
they can’t. This ain’t do-able! We will do what the Lakota
Nation just did, terminate all leases and agreements and
continue our independent sovereignty and the reclamation
of all our lands and resources. This would respect
international law, Haudenosaunee rights and Canadian law.

Just because the intruders have big guns, are ruthless,
vicious and can control our people, our land and our
resources by threats, force and deceit doesn’t make their
shenanigans any less criminal. Might is not right.

Where are the sell-outs and colonists meeting? In some
conference room somewhere? Shouldn’t it be in public
just like the Great Law states where we can keep an eye
on everybody and so we are all well informed? This is
not such a radical idea. Even the colonists have their
Parliament which they mostly use as a rubber stamp. Are
the colonists scared? Nothing is going to happen to them
if they meet with us in public and are truthful, forthright and
law abiding. They have to respect the fact that we are the
true possessors of this continent.

Why is Alan McNaughton calling himself a chief of the
Mohawks? According to the Great Law, the chief has to be
condoled and take the name of one of the original 50 chiefs.
Alan represents Alan, something like Joseph Brant did. He
was a British subject and mason who sat as a ceremonial
“Pine Tree Chief” with no power. His only purpose was to
translate for the Confederacy. Yet the British got him to sign
all kinds of fraudulent documents. Joseph Brant and Alan
McNaughton can’t sign s—t! If one chief is missing out of the
circle, the meetings cannot be conducted. It goes to the clans
and the war chiefs. Only a warrior designated by the clans can
sign on our behalf. This has to be done in front of all the people.

We have to question these guys who call themselves chiefs like
“Chief Pete Sky”, “Chief Alan McNaughton”, “Chief Leroy Hill”
and “Chief Summerfall Winterspring“. These chiefs are
advocates of a foreign ideology known as the Handsome Lake
Christian based code. The Great Law does not allow us to serve
somebody like a bunch of dummies.

We finally figured out what’s wrong with the people at Six.
They seem to be suffering from “Brantosis” – a newly
diagnosed psychological disorder. It is believed to be
caused by the “bread and cheese” they eat every May 24th
on the Queen’s birthday. Sometimes it is affected by a
peculiar fungus that acts on some people to induce the
delusion that they have become Joseph Brant.

It’s sort of like the ergot on bread that LSD comes from.
The cheese also makes them constipated and full of s--t.
This makes them think they are higher than the people.
In a sense it’s true because they’re so stoned and Oh!

The trouble is they’re being used and they develop a
compulsion to sign everything away to anyone waving a
foreign flag, just like Joey Brant did. If anyone knows of
a good antidote, please send it quick to the sell-outs, and
chiefs Peter, Alan, Leroy and Summerfall.

The other antidote is for them to read Seth Newhouse’s
version of the Great Law. There is only one Confederacy
Grand Council fire in Onondaga in so-called New York
State . We still have 9 Mohawk Chiefs, 9 clan mothers and
three clans. The Grand Council is not at the Onondaga
longhouse in Grand River . The Mohawk council pulled
out of the Grand Council in the 1700s thereby rendering
all treaty making void. Without the Mohawks no Grand
Council can be conducted. Every international alliance
or trade agreement [Treaty of Canadaigua, Oneida ’s land
grant to the Thirteen Colonies before 1776, etc. ] made
since then is fraudulent. We are the Elder Brother and we
have to be there. It’s time for the Confederacy Chiefs and
clan mothers at Grandeur River to lose their delusions of
grandeur and to stop this on-going charade.

When Hazel says, the “creator, creator, creator”, we are
being put down as subservient. No one can tell us or give
us permission to do what is right. This “creator” stuff is
Christian gobbledegook. It’s meant to establish a hierarchical
system with someone sitting on top of everybody’s head.
This unknown made-up wizard that represents the European
oligarchy can give and take away. It’s a trap to misinterpret
our relationship to the natural world and to each other. The
“kasastenera kowa sa oiera”, the great natural power,
describes us as being part of the natural world, not above
or beneath anything.

It’s all part of the sales pitch to lie to us and make us think
that we can sell our land and resources, which we can’t.

Whether they realize it or not, these sell-outs are working
to bring us marching back into the 19th Century to
complete the colonial vision. They could never bring
our ancestors into submission.

The whole effort at smoke and mirrors is to help the
colonists extract our assets from us. They want us to
forget about the coming generations in our society and
theirs. It’s a short term deal or “fix” for the benefit of a
few colonists and their controlled puppets.

These sell-outs must be replaced immediately by the
real representatives who will conduct talks under the
guidance of the Great Law. We are being lied to.

Kahentinetha Horn
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