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Mohawk Nation News: 'Hoof Ladies'


Mohawk Nation News
Published with permission

Jan. 10, 2008. There is an old Haudenosaunee story about the “Hoof Lady." She appears to our youth in various guises to stop them from doing wrong. She also appears in order to test them. For example, when our young people are hiding in the bush drinking alcohol, an ugly apparition appears. When they notice her hoofs and her scary gestures, they are terrified and run away. She could also entice them to do bad things by appearing in other human forms, both male and female. They could be blond, redhead or brunette to lure our youth! This “shape shifter” is usually an outside unfamiliar person who could show up at times when our minds are weak and vulnerable and we don’t notice her hoofs. The “come-on” might be visual beauty or “other attractions." The decoy could lead them to do something unnatural because they think no one is watching. In the end the Hoof Lady can grab control of them. Eventually some of them have been induced to go against their people.
There is no mystery about where some of these Hoof Ladies come from.
Sex is one of the most potent ways of infiltrating a person. It is a seriously damaging colonial strategy to weaken community and resistance through demoralization of the youth through sex. Sexual enticements and perversion are meant to compromise and take our young people to an unnatural form of sex they have a hard time getting out of. It is confusing. They know it’s not love. It’s self degradation meant to mess with people’s emotions. They feel ashamed of being used.
This has nothing to do with valid loving relationships that exist between our peoples. We appreciate and continue to need the support of our friends and allies. A few members of some of these support organizations have been caught doing some dicey things in our communities. Our youth have reported some un-enticing persons have attempted to use kinky sex and drugs to infiltrate us.
Our people and our culture were never intended to go to these ugly places. Sex is supposed to create ‘sacred’ bonds that ensure the care of children and help the whole community to survive. Sexual exploitation hurts us all. The strategy is to pervert a beautiful human experience. In fact their form of exploitive sexual relationship is abusive, degrading and confusing. These non-Ongwehonwe persons manage to compromise some of our young people by encouraging them to violate cultural norms and take part in unnatural shameful sexual acts. The goal is to break down protective social barriers. They have shared a guilt ridden experience with someone. It’s another way of breaking down our defences by trying to drag us down to another level. We are made to feel uncomfortable with each other. Our powers are siphoned away. This strategy was used in the government run residential schools where our kids were sexually abused and emotionally violated, leading to their deaths and lifelong self-hatred of many of them.
These shape shifters plant stories to breed distrust among our people. They try to interfere with our most private and intimate relationships and trying to break up families. They want our minds by going after the bodies of our young people. Our elders who protect them are avoided.
This behavior straps the strength of our youth, leads them into doing things beyond what they would normally consider. In the end they have a hard time getting out of it without help from our community.
These shape shifters divide our people. Key members are targeted. One respected person was tempted to go into the city to have “three way sex” with them. When confronted, one said, “Who wouldn’t refuse this kind of invitation?” No one has a right to disrespect our women. Respect for our women is all-important, especially among our youth, who are most sexually active. Some even younger than twenty are being targeted for seduction. At another one of our communities during a protest volunteers arrived to work in the kitchen. The next thing we knew they were having sex with various people causing chaotic situations.
Some have said, “I am no longer worthy because I fell for it”. They are made to feel unworthy, rejected by the community and vulnerable to being used as pseudo representatives by the colonizing culture. These shape shifters advertise their exploits to discredit our people. The state now thinks they don’t have to worry about these targets anymore. They induce this kind of behavior using mind altering drugs and alcohol.
Our stories remind us that we are still Ongwehone. These shape shifters work on our emotions and psyche. We are alerting our young people to be observant, to stay conscious and vigilant. Don’t take anything for granted. Watch for those shape shifters who offer quick pleasure.
Concentrating on our youth is meant to break down the traditional values and relationships between our people. They create guilt, humiliation and depoliticization. Our youth feel lost to the traditional movement because they went against their own righteous standards. They are being ripened to be used by the state. The late Kevin White wrote about this in his book, “Where Eagles Dare to Soar – Indians, politics and AIDS”. [] This kind of behavior is rewarded by the state. Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently appointed Patrick Brazeau of the Congress of Aboriginal People to the Senate of Canada. It follows this established strategy of tarring the reputation of all indigenous people by creating the impression that they can’t find any “aboriginal” representatives who are not degenerates.
These tactics are used internationally to break down native values. To protect ourselves from the enemy’s schemes, our young people have to be traditional in their outlook and in their relationships. These colonial parasites will bring their smut and vulgarity into our homes to try to tarnish us. They steal our money, our land and our resources. Then they lure our youth into this ugly emotional void. It is meant to alienate and destroy us.
Our young people are precious to us. They have been misled. We can’t let them go. They are victims of sexual depravity promoted by the colonial parasite class. How do we bring those who have fallen victims back home? How do we maintain a healthy outlook in our relations with each other? We need open and thorough discussions about it. We have to respect ourselves. We have to promote resistance, wisdom and high standards of behavior of our people. We need strong families raised in a spirit of love, affection, strength and integrity. We need them to defend us and build our future.
Let us face up to these terrible attacks against the core of our culture. Our lives should be an open book. Not a dark corner where we can do anything we please. We all have choices. We have to refuse to let these shape shifters disgrace us through our youth. We know our youth don’t want to betray us or fall into the swamp of corruption made by the colonial forces. We have to help our youth climb out of that swamp and come back to us without the outlook of the exploiters. We have preserved ourselves for a reason. We need clean consciences and good health to fight colonial decadence and imperial ugliness.
Karakwine & MNN Staff Mohawk Nation News
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