Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Navajo and Hopi could halt Peaks desecration with sewage water

Halt the urine soaking of sacred mountain
Plan to soak sacred San Francisco Peaks with sewage water can be halted by Navajo and Hopi Nations

To Censored News:

The Snowbowl can still be stopped from using Flagstaff ’s wastewater in spite of the recent refusal of the US Supreme Court to hear the Snowbowl case.

In the not too distant future, Flagstaff will be out of water. In order to solve this problem, Flagstaff has purchased the Red Gap Ranch. The Red Gap Ranch is 40 miles east of Flagstaff and south of the Navajo Nation.

Water pumped from the underground aquifer under the Red Gap Ranch belongs to the Navajo Nation. Any pipeline built to transport water from the Red Gap Ranch to Flagstaff must cross lands owned by the Hopi Nation.

Without granting access to Flagstaff for the pipeline by the Hopi Nation and without ceding water to Flagstaff by the Navajo Nation, Flagstaff cannot utilize water from its Red Gap Ranch and cannot secure its water future.

In order to stop Flagstaff ’s supplying its wastewater to the Snowbowl, the Hopi Nation and the Navajo Nation have two options:

1. The Hopi Nation and the Navajo Nation can simply refuse to participate in any further negotiations with Flagstaff regarding potential pipeline access across lands owned by the Hopi Nation and regarding ceding of water belonging to the Navajo Nation until Flagstaff agrees to no longer supply wastewater to the Snowbowl.

2. The Hopi Nation and the Navajo Nation can continue to participate in the negotiations with Flagstaff but only with the clear understanding that no access will be granted for the pipeline by the Hopi Nation and no water will be ceded to Flagstaff by the Navajo Nation without Flagstaff ’s agreement to end its supplying of wastewater to the Snowbowl.

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