Thursday, October 14, 2010

LOS ANGELES Red Nation Film Festival

LOS ANGELES American Indian Film Festival


7th Annual Red Nation Film Festival – The Authentic Voice of American Indian Indigenous Cinema™
Founded American Indian Heritage Month in the city/county of Los Angeles
October 28 – November 9, 2010
Image: Artist: Monte Yellow Bird Sr.- Black Pinto Horse

LOS ANGELES - Red Nation Celebration and its founder Joanelle Romero began a 5 year long initiative to have the city/county of Los Angeles recognize “American Indian Heritage Month” in which Los Angeles has the largest American Indian Urban population in the country, is the Entertainment capital of the world, and is the second largest city in the United States. In 2006, Red Nation’s dream came true and American Indian Heritage Month was launch in the city/county of Los Angeles.

In 2006, Red Nation was recognized by the State of California “for their tireless efforts to establish the First Annual American Indian Heritage Month in the City/County of Los Angeles.”

Red Nation annual cultural events and ceremonies held throughout Los Angeles annually in November evoke connection to Mother Earth and gives Angelinos a view into the sacred relationship our nation’s first peoples carry for the environment.

In 2008 – Red Nation Celebration partnered with Governor Bill Richardson and Department Indian Affairs in initiating the first American Indian Heritage Month in the State of New Mexico.

National American Indian Heritage Month is celebrated every year in November to honor and recognize the original people of this land.

The Red Nation Celebration (RNC) continues to encourage the world at large to recognize the significance of National American Indian Heritage Month and support organizations and events that foster historical and cultural values inherent to native indigenous peoples.

Since 2005, Red Nation Film Festival The Authentic Voice of American Indian Indigenous Cinema has presented exclusive screenings, Oscars nominated films, spirit award nominated films, Native Women in Film & Television presentations, as well as Red is Green Carpet Galas / Native Fashion with Social Action, Red Nation is the NEW Glam, including La Premieres, Documentaries, Native Youth Films, Art Exhibits, Music Concert Series, Red Nation FilmLab Panels, all under the commitment to keeping American Indian image at the forefront of the entertainment industries and the world at large.

Red Nation Film Festival (RNFF) is at the forefront …. In Vision, Creativity, Leadership, Inspiration and Sustainability for American Indian Indigenous Nations in Media.

The 7th annual Red Nation Film Festival in the heart of Hollywood – the entertainment capital of the world, will present screenings over 7 day run from October 28 to Nov 9th, 2010. Some highlights include: Native Women in Recovery in the Arts a Heather Rae film FIRST CIRCLE; International films: A film by Dennis Hopper “THE LAST MOVIE,” Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty a Catherine Bauknight film, and Opening Night - Red is Green Carpet Gala – and award-winning film “CANGLESKA WAKAN.”

Red Nation Film Festival Closing Night Film & Tribute Award Ceremony, November 9, 2010, will honor Chief Oren Lyons, Jane Goodall, Vic Bulluck NAACP, Elizabeth & Dennis Kucinich, Oliver Stone (invited), plus and the WINNER is …. Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Director, Best Feature Film, Best Documentary Film, Best Producer, Best Screenplay, Lifetime Achievement Award.

This ground-breaking historic event is eagerly anticipated and the suspense of who will receive the first American Indian Red Nation Film Award of Excellence. Red Nation tapped New Mexico sculptor artist Phillip Mangas Haozous son of the late Apache sculptor artist Allan Houser to create and design “The Red Nation Statuette.” For the very first time in the history of American film, Native actors, filmmakers, and producers have a coveted award equivalent to the well known “Oscar”. It symbolizes exceptional achievement and filmmaking excellence. Art Exhibit by Artist Phillip M. Haozous. Phillip M. Haozous in attendance.

Complete Film Festival Schedule to be posted October 18th under the Film Festival Schedule. The Red Nation Celebration (RNC) is a non-profit media arts corporation founded in 1995, Red Nation Celebration is dedicated to bringing Native American content and the arts to the mainstream media and the world by developing partnerships with leaders of the entertainment industry and Tribal Nations.

Red Nation Film Festival (RNFF) is dedicated to breaking the barrier of racism by successfully replacing American Indian stereotype with recognition, new vision, arts, culture and economic prosperity by placing American Indian Filmmakers at the forefront of the entertainment industry and to introduce American Indian Filmmakers to larger, global mainstream audiences.

Each year RNFF Annual Events chooses a Charity (s) in support of American Indian, Education, Social Justice, Environmental Solutions, Human Rights, Animal Protection and HIV/AIDS Prevention.

American Indian Heritage Month in the City/County of Los Angeles™ is the Intellectual Property and Project Rights of Red Nation® Red Nation Celebration®
Red Nation Film Festival™ * Red Nation Television Channel™ * Native Women in Recovery in the Arts© * Native Women in Music© * Native Women in Film & Television™ * Red is Green™ * Red is Green Carpet™ * Native Fashion with Social Action™ * The Authentic Voice of American Indian Indigenous Cinema™

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How do you get tickets to attend the festival? Please let me know. Thank you

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