Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Youth Power: Red is Green Environmental Film Festival

You are cordially invited to attend ….Help the Earth
An Environmental Youth Empowerment non-prophet Organization
Specializing in Environment Youth Empowerment
Please join Montano Rain (Founder of Help the Earth)
Faced with global warming, nuclear meltdowns, and soaring gas prices, the public needs environmental- and energy-related information more than ever. In response, the Red is Green Movement presents the 1st Help the Earth Environmental Film Festival. Montano Rain promises an informative and entertaining day for everyone.
The festival will screen a series of award-winning documentaries for Earth Day week-end on April 23, 2011.
Montano Rain is 17 years old and has made a true and dedicated commitment to restoring the earth, educating youth and adults on the environment, and empowering the hearts and minds of the human spirit. He is studying to become an environmental engineer and an environmental lawyer.
Our guests are Casey Coates Danson of “Who’s Got the Power?” Also, Joanelle Romero “Founder of Red Nation Celebration/Red is Green Movement" producers from “Carbon Nation," Montano Rain of “Matrix Reloaded” and youth activist. Also, Sage Galesi of Steven Spielberg’s “Into the West” and “Dreamkeeper," including other  filmmakers and celebrity guests.
The films to be screened include ‘Who's Got The Power?’, ‘Flow’ ‘Carbon
Nation’ and ‘Fuel’. They present a powerful indictment of our energy and
environmental policies and suggest the need for a radical shift in our
thinking. If we don't heed the warnings from Mother Earth, these films
tell us, we're doomed to more disasters and hardships.
“I feel that right now is a very important time for people to be educated
on what is going on around the world," said Montano Rain. “I’ve chosen
these films because they bring forward, and accurately address some huge
problems that humanity faces as of right now."
“The upcoming generation has a lot to do. The generation before them has
introduced problems that earth has not been faced with before. I feel that
by screening films that both adults and youth can understand, it allows a
more educated group to become active members in preserving and helping the earth,” says Montano Rain.
If you haven’t seen these films yet, NOW is the time ….
Montano Rain is a photographer (artist) – he will have his first photo
exhibit from his travels to Africa with Jane Goodall.  Proceeds will
benefit Help the Earth mission.
A classically trained musician, Rain plays 4 instruments: Rock & Roll
drums, Traditional American Indian drum/singer, classical piano, guitar,
and studied viola, flute and sax.
Montano Rain produced the First Annual Environmental Youth Empowerment Summit E.Y.E.S for Earth in the City of Los Angeles during American Indian Heritage Month in November 2007.  Never before in the City of Los Angeles had there been a youth summit on the environment.  Rain organized 275 youth from five different schools and was recognized by Councilmember Tom Labonge in Los Angeles city council chambers for his vision and efforts.
Montano Rain was complemented by Mayor Villaraigosa in which Mayor
Villaraigosa launched a city-wide youth environment conference in December 2007.
A few of many acknowledgements to Montano Rain for his efforts on
environmental issues. Los Angeles Community College District Board of
Trustees  honored Montano Rain for his vision to speak up to protect,
empower, and educate youth about environmental issues affecting our mother earth.
United Nations, Pasadena Chapter, honored Montano Rain with the United
Nations “Yea” Award for outstanding contributions to Millennium
Development Goal #Seven: Environmental Sustainability. Montano Rain was the first receipted to receive this honor.
Red Nation Vision Award, for his commitment to restoring the earth and
educating the youth.
The festival will open with a traditional American Indian blessing to
respect the water of life:10:00am to 4:30pm. 1416 Electric Avenue,
Venice, CA 90291. The event to host a live auction. Donations will be
accepted at the door, with the proceeds to benefit the Help the Earth
mission.  There is both street parking and parking behind the building.
Car pool or ride a bike!
R.S.V.P. to Nadine Aragon at, if you are able to come.
For more information please visit:,
Help Us Help the Earth …… Our concerns are we are digging a hole that we
can’t get out of, unless we take action now.  If we do not take serious
action now, this generation and the next will be deeply affected.   We
need to help and empower the youth now to educate them to take action.  -
Montano Rain.

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