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Assimilation: Canadian US Puppet Masters 'Indigenous' Energy Summit

Photo copyright Ben Powless, Mohawk
From the Eagle Watch #157
Reprinted with permission at Censored News

The Indigenous Energy and Mining Summit in Niagara Falls, Ontario, July 27-29, 2011
Eagle Watch takes a look at the assimilation agenda and the puppet masters from Canada and the US

Assimilation Agenda 2011:

AFN Hosts the IISEM International Indigenous Summit on Energy and Mining


Bryan Hendry is Senior Policy Advisor, Economic Partnerships at the

AFN Assembly of First Nations.

The AFN is Canada's #1 NPO Native Puppet Organization. The AFN which

claims to be the voice of Status Indians or Indigenous in "Canada", is

actually one big dancing puppet for the colonial entities. Few

Indigenous people recognize the AFN as their spokesperson.

Hendry sent us a brochure for the International Indigenous Summit on

Energy & Mining IISEM to be held June 27-29, 2011 at the Sheraton on

the Falls Hotel in Niagara Falls, Ontario. We wondered why.

We at the Eagle Watch are acutely aware that the mineral wealth and

energy potential in northern Ontario and all across Turtle Island are

phenomenal. We hope that most of it will be left where it is unless

absolutely necessary. The freeforall of pillage and plunder to

acquire and hoard all of the Earth's riches must be identified and


Did Hendry want us to critique the event? We don't have to attend to

do that. The brochure gives plenty of hints as to what it's all


The AFN will host the IISEM spectacle with AFN National Chief Shawn

Atleo as Special Guest and Speaker. Shawn's US counterpart, President

Jefferson Keel, National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) will be

right beside him.

We asked one of our friends on the other side of the invisible line,

ie the border about Jefferson. Here's what he said, "Succinctly put,

Jefferson Keel is what Malcolm X often called a “House Negro”. That

infers a “slave that is conditioned to jump at every bark of the

“master” and whose sole reason for existence is to serve”".


Keel is Lt. Governor of the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma. He was in

the US military for over 20 years.

In what we term blatant deception, arrogant mendacity and slick double

speak, the IISEM promoters say, "Indigenous peoples and government

representatives from around the world will gather for a major summit

on resource development in the spirit of a shared commitment to

produce and provide long-term sustainable energy for future


Representatives will be coming from China, Brazil and Germany as well

as all the biggest of the big :-$globalist corporations:-$.

Master of BS and Fantasy Shawn Atleo is on a roll, “In Canada alone,

it is estimated that there will be $400 billion worth of mineral

resource development projects in the coming years that affect First

Nations territories. It will be critical to these projects, and to

the Canadian economy, that First Nation people and concerns be

addressed. There is also the potential for our Peoples to be the long

term providers of energy and environmental security – ensuring that

North Americans can rely upon domestic energy production that has

little or no impact upon our air and water qualities."

Shawn, are you really serious about this? You're just joking, right?

Looks more like you've been well briefed in what to say. Are you

paying any attention to what dams have and are doing to our beautiful

rivers? Are you noticing the problems caused by the oil sands

development, which by the way is totally for export??

Oblivious to our questions, Shawn continues,

“Our peoples can be full partners in development from pipelines to

power lines, from potash to precious metals. With partnership comes

full participation from revenue sharing to ownership, from employment

to environmental stewardship. We must engage early and engage often on

these projects, and this Summit is an example of this principle in


Now we know for sure he's dreaming. Does he not pay any attention to

history? It's mainly about how we've been robbed and cheated for


Never one to run out of words, Atleo says, "We look forward to

continuing our work with President Keel and the Tribal Chiefs of NCAI

on energy and the environment, justice and border issues and I look

forward to new discussions among the global Indigenous community on

how our work together can transcend borders."

Is he referring to the "Indigenous" of China, the Chinese who want to

buy up Turtle Island's resources?? Does Atleo see himself as a

transnational corporate elitist??

Guest speakers at the IISEM include: Anthony Hodge, President of the

International Council on Mining and Metals; Ernesto Sirolli, advocate

for Indigenous sustainable communities; Nunavut Deputy Premier Peter

Taptuna; Ian Anderson, CEO of Kinder Morgan Pipelines; [as yet

unnamed] Indigenous Leaders from across North America presenting best

practices from successful community energy and mining sector projects;

Margo Gray-Proctor, Chairwoman, National Centre for American Indian

Enterprise Development (NCAIED), Anthony Hodge, President,

International Mining Council on Mining and Metals; Dave Porter,

British Columbia First Nations Energy and Mining Council; Tracey

LeBeau, United States Department of Energy, Robert Reid,

McKenzie-Valley Aboriginal Pipeline Group and 80 other speakers from

around the world.

What a cozy bunch!

According to the brochure, the focus of the event will be "Sustainable

and responsible resource development". Give me a break!

This is an oxymoron with the scent of Maurice Strong and NWO all over

it. There is nothing sustainable about mining. Similarly, all

current sources of energy including the so-called green or alternative

energy suppliers are harmful to Life in some way. Somebody is making

a lot of money and it sure ain't us Indigenous.

The smirking Shawn Atleo says, "Now more than ever, with the push for

green energy, and the growing global need for natural and mineral

resources, First Nations have the opportunity to build our economies

and empower our citizens for the benefit of our communities and future


This is complete hooey. Since when have Indigenous communities ever

benefited from the destructive pillage of our land?? Nothing

substantive has changed. Only the style and fashion of the piracy.

Everyone's wearing green this year.

First of all, there is no need to continue digging up all the minerals

in Mother Earth. Most minerals such as uranium, titanium, iron, tin,

copper etc. go to the military for the purpose of killing and

controlling people. For consumer uses, we could be recycling more and

using less. You don't need gold or diamond jewellery. You don't need

those cellphones, etc. that require rare earth metals for their

manufacture. We don't really even need these damned computers.

"First Nations" people will not benefit anymore than the average

person who struggles to make a living in a world where the wealth

becomes more and more concentrated into the hands of a tiny elite.

Pollution from mining, nuclear reactors, deforestation, etc. are

killing people and destroying Life everywhere on the planet.

This summit is being held at a posh hotel in Niagara Falls Ontario.

Most of us could not afford to go. A room at the hotel costs $159 per

night. Here are the fees for the conference:

$300 First Nation/Indigenous Delegate Registration Fee ($400 AFTER MAY 16, 2011)

$500 Corporate/Government Official Delegate Registration Fee ($600

AFTER MAY 16, 2011)

$30 Students with valid student identification ($30 AFTER MAY 16, 2011)

Complimentary - Elders . Complimentary - Veterans . Complimentary – Media

A lot of booze will likely be flying around to disarm and discredit

Indigenous participants. A trade fair will sell all kinds of mining

and energy products. The rental fee for a booth is $1,000.

Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune

There's a lot of money behind this intensive psychological warfare.

If they speak loud enough and say it often enough, somebody is going

to believe them. Why do we keep falling for their con jobs on us??

Take a careful look at this list of Event Sponsors: INAC Indian and

Northern Affairs Canada, 3M, UnionGas, PDAC Prospectors and Developers

Association of Canada, GRE, Hydro One, the Mining Association of

Canada, Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation and First Air.

3M is in there like a dirty designer $shirt$ with their tapes and

films holding it all together. In 2009, 3M set up 3M Renewable Energy

Division to sell "solar energy, wind energy, geothermal and biofuel

product solutions such as films, tapes, coatings, encapsulants,

sealants and adhesives..." 3M has special "polyurethane wind tapes"

for wind turbine blades and films for solar panels, "with added

properties for ultraviolet stability, low flammability and self


3M is a member of CADSI the Canadian Association of Defense and

Security Industries who sponsor an annual warshow in Ottawa called

CANSEC. 3M is currently being sued by the UK government. (See more in

the endnotes.)

Something about this "heritage fund" Northern Ontario Heritage Fund

Corporation set our red flags fluttering. There are heritage funds

all over the world including one called, the Global Heritage Fund.

They're apparently about heritage sites. So why is the NOHFC actually

about pillage and plunder aka "resource development" and destruction

of heritage??? It appears to be a conduit for funding to bedazzle us

with trinkets and cheap rhetoric.

We googled the name of the IISEM event and got over 5,000 hits, some

300 with Maurice Strong's name. This includes the Canadian Energy

Council, part of the World Energy Council which hosts events like the

World Energy Congress held in Montreal in September 2010.

The Energy Council chooses a Canadian Energy Person of the Year. For

2010, it was Stephen G. Snyder, President and CEO of TransAlta

Corporation. TransAlta is grabbing funding for big "green" projects

like the wind turbines at Melancthon, Ontario north of 6Nations Grand

River Territory and Wolfe Island where the biggest industrial wind

installation in Canada is killing untold numbers of Bald Eagles and

other endangered species of birds.

The IISEM next week will host tours of the region to places like the

Seneca Casino where you can blow a few more bucks and get drunk all

over again. Rumour has it that everyone will think they're at the G20

Summit where they'll be inducted into the Global Elite for World


This "summit" is yet another expeditionary campaign in psychological

warfare. The elitists know we are onto them. They think they can

beguile and seduce us into their ways by making shining poster

children out of a handful of our people. They know many of our

communities in dire straits are desperately impoverished and willing

to try the colonial way one more time. Flogging a dead horse will

never produce any horse power.

Some people say we have to work with the big players. There's a big

difference between working "with" someone and working "for" them. It

is an Indigenous custom to turn our backs on things we know are wrong.

If for some reason, you plan to attend the IISEM, please let us know

how it went. We can be quite sure now that they won't be letting us

in on a complimentary media pass!


We welcome your feedback! Forward, post and consider printing for

your cyberphobic friends and relatives.

The Eagle Watch Newsletter is sent to interested individuals, both

Indigenous and nonNative, politicians especially the Canadian ones and

an assortment of English language medi

Notes, Sources and Contact Info

Mark Twain said, “How easy it is to make people believe a

lie, and how hard it is to undo that work again!”

See Eagle Watch #142, May 29, 2011 Letter to AFN from NAN Chief Stan Beardy

As long as [an] Indian Tribe/Nation-is subservient to a alien

government and operates its governing body along alien standards then

[that] governing body and Indian Tribe/nation remains, a servant to

said alien government incapable of either caring about nor functioning

in behalf of [their] people. David M. Wolfe

Jefferson Keel elected President of the National Congress of American




NEWS RELEASE: International Indigenous Energy and Mining Summit will

chart new course for relationships, partnerships with industry and


Canada NewsWire

OTTAWA, June 20, 2011 /CNW/ – Next week, Indigenous peoples and

government representatives from around the world will gather for a

major summit on resource development in the spirit of a shared

commitment to produce and provide long-term sustainable energy for

future generations.

“Consistent with First Nations rights and our responsibilities as

stewards of the land, we will begin to chart a new Indigenous economic

relationship where First Nations can and will take the lead to build

our own economies and contribute to Canada’s economy in ways that

respect the environment and provide a sustainable future for all

Canadians,” said Assembly of First Nations (AFN) National Chief Shawn

A-in-chut Atleo, who will co-chair the Summit with Jefferson Keel,

President of the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI).

“We look forward to continuing our work with President Keel and the

Tribal Chiefs of NCAI on energy and the environment, justice and

border issues and I look forward to new discussions among the global

Indigenous community on how our work together can transcend borders.”

The International Indigenous Energy and Mining Summit taking place in

Niagara Falls June 27-29 will bring together key representatives from

the global Indigenous community and governments. Representatives from

the United States, China, Brazil, Germany and the private and public

sectors will come together to discuss best practices, partnership

opportunities, and ultimately establish a Virtual Institute of First

Nation Energy and Mining. Indigenous delegates and representatives

from Brazil to Nunavut will re-affirm their rights to participate in

natural resource development.

“In Canada alone, it is estimated that there will $400 billion worth

of mineral resource development projects in the coming years that

affect First Nations territories. It will be critical to these

projects, and to the Canadian economy, that First Nation people and

concerns be addressed,” said National Chief Atleo. “There is also the

potential for our Peoples to be the long term providers of energy and

environmental security – ensuring that North Americans can rely upon

domestic energy production that has little or no impact upon our air

and water qualities.”

Guest speakers include: Anthony Hodge, President of the International

Council on Mining and Metals; Ernesto Sirolli, advocate for Indigenous

sustainable communities; Nunavut Deputy Premier Peter Taptuna; Ian

Anderson, CEO of Kinder Morgan Pipelines; and 80 other speakers from

around the world.

“Our peoples can be full partners in development from pipelines to

power lines, from potash to precious metals,” added National Chief

Atleo. “With partnership comes full participation from revenue sharing

to ownership, from employment to environmental stewardship. We must

engage early and engage often on these projects, and this Summit is an

example of this principle in action.”

For more information on the International Indigenous Energy and Mining

Summit please visit

The Assembly of First Nations is the national organization

representing First Nations citizens in Canada. AFN and National Chief

Atleo are on Twitter. Follow @AFN_Updates, @AFN_Comms and @NCAtleo.

Don Kelly AFN A/Communications Director 613-241-6789 ext. 334;

613-2922787 or

Jenna Young AFN Communications Officer 613-241-6789, ext 401;

613-314-8157 or

Alain Garon AFN Bilingual Communications Officer 613-241-6789, ext

382; 613-292-0857 or

Bryan Hendry Senior Policy Advisor Economic Partnerships, AFN

613-241-6789, ext. 229 Cell 613-293-6106

Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) Chief’s gather in Timmins to discuss

resources – by Kate McLaren (The Daily Press, the city of Timmins

newspaper. Contact the writer at

“The government has a responsibility to protect First Nations people,

and it’s their duty to consult. That duty should not be given to the

industries themselves, unless it’s agreed upon through talks between

First Nations people and government officials.” (Raymond Ferris –

Ring of Fire co-ordinator for Matawa First Nation)

As First Nation chiefs from 49 Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) communities

gather this week for the 2011 Winter Chiefs Assembly, the theme of the

conference — Our Land, Our Resources — reflects current frustrations

in First Nations communities.

“The discussions are centred around resource development, as it

applies to both the written and spirited intent of Treaty 9,” said NAN

Grand Chief Stan Beardy. “A hundred years ago, we signed a treaty that

gave us peaceful and shared land, and said we would share in any

wealth generated from that land... We’d like the government to be more

respectful of those rights...The government in some cases likes to

take shortcuts, but this leads to potential infringement on our Treaty

rights...There has to be accommodation. At the end of the day, we have

to make certain that the government is aware of their legal


He said the government’s implementation of the Indian Act has

infringed on their Aboriginal rights.

“The Indian Act is a document that defines who we are, what we can do,

and what we can’t do. An important thing to remember is we never gave

up the right to govern ourselves.”

He said because Treaty 9 was developed so long ago, today, it’s based

in large part on oral history.

“That oral history is still relevant today,” said Beardy.

At the centre of much of the resource debate is the development of the

Ring of Fire deposit in the Far North.

Raymond Ferris is the Ring of Fire co-ordinator for Matawa First

Nation, and said the responsibility for initial consultation lies with

the federal and provincial governments, and not with the industries

themselves. He said with project descriptions being developed for

various Ring of Fire plans, these discussions need to take place

sooner than later.

“Before permits are issued, it’s the government’s responsibility to

consult. We have too much to lose not to be able to actively

participate. We’ve learned lessons from other areas who have lost

their culture, their language and their environments.”

Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN)

NAN just hosted a Gospel Concert in Thunder Bay to celebrate National

Aboriginal Day

If you can't get em with booze and infectious diseases, try a little religion.

Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) is a political territorial organization

representing 49 First Nation communities throughout the province of

Ontario. These communities are grouped by Tribal Council according to

region. Five NAN communities are unaffiliated with a specific Tribal


NAN encompasses James Bay Treaty 9 territory and Ontario's portion of

Treaty 5. NAN has a total land mass covering two-thirds of Ontario

spanning an area of 210,000 square miles.

The total approximate populaton of NAN First Nation members (on and

off reserve) is 45,000.

The people of Nishnawbe Aski traditionally speak Ojibway, Cree, and Ojicree.

3M Canada

3M’s Industrial and Transportation Sector includes 3M Renewable Energy Division

3M Forms Renewable Energy Division; Names Executive to Lead the Business

Company Technologies Poised to Meet the Demands of Growing Marketplace

ST. PAUL, MN – February 2, 2009 – 3M has announced the formation of

its new Renewable Energy Division. This organization will enable 3M to

maximize the company’s technologies, products and responsiveness to

the fast-changing renewable energy industry. The products within the

new division will include products currently sold to the industry,

new-to-the-world products invented for the renewable energy market,

and products adapted from existing technologies. The division falls

within 3M’s Industrial and Transportation Business and will focus on

Energy Generation and Energy Management.

Industry Canada > Information by Industrial Sector >

Canadian Aerospace and Defence Industry >


19 Clyde Ave

MOUNT PEARL, Newfoundland and Labrador

A1N 4R8

Telephone: (709) 745-5195

Fax: (709) 745-5022


Website URL:

Contact Information

Catherine Ivany

Title: Representative

Area of Responsibility: Management Executive

Telephone: (709) 745-5195


Company Description

3M is a diverse company, which produces more than 45 major

product lines with thousands of individual items.

3M's Canadian business units are grouped along three major

sectors; Information and Imaging Technologies Sector, Industrial

and Consumer Sector, Life Sciences Sector,

Electro-Telecommunications and Industrial Minerals.

Major technical capabilities span the breadth of science, from

precision coatings to optics, electronics, information

processing, hardgoods design, health and environmental sciences,

personal safety security, imaging, materials and surface


Country of Ownership: Canada

Exporting: Yes

Primary Industry (NAICS): 327910 - Abrasive Product Manufacturing

Primary Business Activity: Manufacturer / Processor / Producer

Product Name: Fire Protection/Services/Equipment/Sales

Product Name: Air Drilling Equipment

Product Name: Oil Spill Control Protection Equipment/Service

Product Name: Safety Equipment/Services

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Product Name: Abrasives



3M{TM} family of filter canisters (Canada), Protection (individual) - Filters


3M Canada manufactures a wide range of both standard and

custom-designed filter canisters for defence, emergency services and

homeland-security roles. The product range includes the following



C2A1 The C2A1 canister is a standard NBC canister used by the US armed

forces. Since 2000, almost 9 million have been manufactured at 3M

Canada's Brockville facility. The design incorporates a

high-efficiency particulate filter and a single bed of ASZM-TEDA

carbon. Other variants have used ASC or ASC-TEDA (ASC treated with

triethylenediamine) impregnated carbons. The C2A1 canister is

delivered in a plastic vacuum-sealed pack, which replaces the earlier

metal pack.

The complete article appears in the following publication:

Publication Title Jane's Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence

Publication date Feb 11, 2011

Replacement of Halon with 3M(tm) Novec(tm) 1230 for Crew Compartment

Protection System


To evaluate the effectiveness of Novec(tm) 1230 as a "drop-in"

replacement for halon in an existing crew compartment fire protection



The Canadian Department of National Defence is seeking a more

environmentally friendly replacement for halon to use with its crew

compartment fire protection systems in armoured vehicles. The most

cost-effective solution would use an agent that could be dropped into

an existing system. Novec(tm) 1230 has been considered as such a

replacement, but because its boiling point is much higher than that of

other halocarbons, conventional nozzles may not fully vaporize it,

reducing its effectiveness. Further work is therefore needed to find

means to deliver Novec(tm) 1230 as a vapour and to test the

effectiveness of this solution in a crew compartment fire.

Statement of Work

•Conducted experiments that simulated an explosion in a Coyote light

armoured vehicle crew compartment caused by fuel spray, in order to

evaluate the effectiveness of various commercially available nozzles

using Novec(tm) 1230.

•Tested a new explosion suppression system that used a gas generator

to discharge Novec 1230 by setting off a deflagration/explosion in a

mock-up vehicle crew compartment.

•Measured discharge and explosion extinguishment times, compartment

temperatures, thermal radiation levels and acid gas concentrations.


A report was delivered in March 2006, which summarized these

experiments and showed that available nozzles did not cause Novec1230

to fully vaporize when discharged during an explosion. A final report

was delivered to the client, which showed that a system using a gas

generator to discharge Novec 1230 would be effective as part of a crew

compartment fire protection system.


Department of National Defence Canada, Aerojet and 3M Canada.

This project began in March 2005, and was completed in March 2008.

Related Projects:

•Performance of NovecTM1230 in the Fire Proteciton of Electronic

Facilities on Board Ships

•Fire and Explosion Protection for Vehicle Crew CompartmentRelated Information


•NRC Institute for Research in Construction


3M Canada : Company Information : HistoryIn the early 1940s, 3M was

diverted into defence materials for World War II, which was followed

by new ventures, such as Scotchlite™ Reflective Sheeting for ... › ... › Our Company › Company Information - Cached

Exhibitor Profile 3M United Kingdom plc

For more than 30 years, 3M Security Systems has been a trusted

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Contact Details:

Graham Cutting, 3M United Kingdom PLC, 3M Centre, Cain Road,

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Safety, Security, and Protection

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20 June 2011 [MRSA
USA] UK government takes 3M to court in

£41M claim over MRSA diagnostic

Business reporting

The multinational company is accused of failing to market a device

developed by the UK Ministry of Defence for diagnosing infections of

the superbug, going against the terms agreed when 3M acquired the


The UK government and the private investment group Porton Capital are

accusing the US multinational 3M of breaching its obligation to bring

a potentially life-saving medical device invented by the Ministry of

Defence to market, in a case that opened at the High Court in London

last Friday (17 June).

The case centres around BacLite, a technology for detecting the

hospital-acquired infection MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus

aureus) which was acquired by 3M from investors including Porton and

the UK government in February 2007. The terms of the sale required 3M

to actively market and diligently seek regulatory approval for BacLite

and to pay the investors one hundred per cent of BacLite’s 2009 sales,

up to a limit of £41million.

The opening statement set out the decision by 3M to effectively

terminate development of BacLite December 2008. The UK government is

now asking the High Court to award the full £41 million that would

have been accrued had 3M met its obligations.

The court heard that BacLite obtained EU regulatory approval by 2005,

demonstrating 95 per cent reliability, and quickly penetrated the

diagnostics market in the UK. The device offered MRSA detection that

was faster than traditional culture methods but cheaper than molecular


Upon acquiring BacLite in February 2007, 3M axed the UK sales team

that had been in place since May 2005, but did not reassign a new team

until September 2007. By May 2008, 3M had functionally ceased its

marketing efforts in Europe, the court heard.

The case continues at the High Court in London.

Northern Ontario Heritage Fund corporation

Northern Ontario Heritage FundNorthern Ontario Heritage Fund

Corporation (NOHFC) Holds Board Meeting In Thunder Bay

by Scott A. Sumner

Thunder Bay was the site of a full board meeting of the Northern

Ontario Heritage Board recetly where millions of dollars are awarded

to up and coming companies.

“We meet every six weeks all across the North. This is Thunder Bay’s

turn to have the Northern Ontario Heritage meeting here. Our largest

award today is the partnership with LU and a new company called

Warnex, the former Molecular World. They are doing some significant

work in DNA and commercializing a product that has world wide

interest,” said Minister Michael Gravelle.

“We also announced 5 young entrepreneurs in Thunder Bay whom without

the benefit would probably not be able to open their businesses.

When you bundle it all together it is a lot of job creation. The

results are clear, thousands of jobs are being created as a result of

the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund. There is a very. very fair and

straight forward application process. The applicant will come

forward, put an application and then it goes to a sub committee who

look at it before going to the board that has 14 or 15 members who

all vote on the project. I am proud that the fund can move relatively

quickly. That can be a frustration in the private sector. We are

nimble and creative looking at projects. The process has to be

rigorous but fair and nimble.”

“ We have a variety of companies today and it is about job

creation. We are we seeing more of companies related to the

technology movement. Thunder Bay is becoming a world leader in terms

of technology. They must have a good business plan and their own

support as well. What excites me is seeing the different types of

businesses in Northern Ontario as a result of the NOHFC that are

moving forward and providing a transformed and new economy in

Northern Ontario.”

Dr Angelo and Carla Santin from Thunder Bay and Hamilton and went to

the Canadian Chiropractic College. “ We opened our office on Algoma

Street. This program gave us the edge in our start up with furniture

equipment and so on. We started the application process 10 months ago.

It was a really easy process. We started our careers here as a junior

associate for a few years at another office. Most people have $150,000

to $175,000 spent at school so the program really helps. We are doing

very well now. The city has been good to us. Our office is at a great

location. It is really easy access on Memorial which become Algoma. We

are with other professionals. The money has allowed us to start from

scratch and pay for basic expenses. We shopped local and have hired 1

staff and will hire another soon as well as attracting a new


“ The NOHFC is one of our governments key tools in developing the

North. I am proud of the work we have done to support private sector

growth. Since 2003 we have 472 million dollars,” said Bill Mauro,

MPP.“ This is a program we are very proud of creating jobs in the

program with $80 million a year up from $60 million. We have the world

class OPP Centre and now the DNA labs which can collaborate. We are

happy about the diversification of the high technology market in

Thunder Bay.”

McGuinty Government Supports Nine New Business Ventures

A DNA collection project for forensic testing is one of nine new

business initiatives that will create jobs and strengthen the Thunder

Bay economy.

With assistance from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation

(NOHFC), Lakehead University and Warnex PRO-DNA Services are

developing the MitoNorth Database. The database will be used by law

enforcement and legal professionals to prevent individuals from being

falsely accused and help prosecute criminals.

The NOHFC is also helping three other businesses expand their operations:

• Cinevate Inc. is receiving $46,350 to add new products for the

digital photography and video market;

• Digital Coaching Systems is receiving $35,000 to expand its

web-based digital coaching database tool for athletes, coaches and

sports organizations;

• Ride Concepts Inc. is receiving $15,000 to develop a shock

absorption system for motor cross motorcycles.

In addition, the NOHFC is providing $25,000 each to help five young

entrepreneurs launch the following new ventures:

• Radiant Being Wellness Centre is a business that provides yoga

classes, reiki massage, a sauna and chi machine treatments. The

project will create one full time and two part time jobs;

• Santin Chiropractic is a new practice that will create three full

time and one part time jobs;

• Renner-VFX is a business coordinating visual effects for films and

commercials produced in the Thunder Bay area;

• Stellar Music Productions is a disc jockey business that will create

five jobs;

• L.S.L. Construction is a general contracting company serving both

residential and commercial clients. The project is creating one job



“Northern Ontario has a wealth of talented and resourceful people and

our government is committed to supporting them as they take on the

exciting challenges of transforming their knowledge and skills into

viable businesses.”

- Michael Gravelle, Minister of Northern Development, Mines and

Forestry and Chair of the NOHFC

“Our investments are helping budding entrepreneurs build careers and

families close to home while creating significant new job

opportunities in the Thunder Bay area. These jobs also represent the

continuing evolution and diversification of the Thunder Bay economy."

- Bill Mauro, MPP for Thunder Bay-Atikokan.


• The NOHFC is providing a total of $897,450 for these nine

projects, including $676,100 for the MitoNorth Database.

• Since 2003, the NOHFC has invested nearly $472 million in more

than 2,700 northern projects leveraging an additional $1.5 billion

from project partners.

• Since 2005, the NOHFC has invested more than $6.2 million to

help launch the businesses of nearly 280 young entrepreneurs in the



• Read about the Emerging Technology Program, which helps develop

exciting and viable new technologies that will contribute to future

northern prosperity.

• Read about the Young Entrepreneur Program, which provides up to

$25,000 to northern residents aged 18 to 29 to start their own for-

profit business in the North.

Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin Hawkins, 1803.

"In truth, the ultimate point of rest and happiness for [the Indians]

is to let our settlements and theirs meet and blend together, to

intermix and become one people, incorporating themselves with us as

citizens of the U.S. This is what the natural progress of things will

of course bring on, and it will be better to promote than retard it.

Surely it will be better for them to be identified with us and

preserved in the occupation of their lands, than be exposed to the

many casualties which may endanger them while a separate people.

"[To] incorporate with us as citizens of the United States... is

certainly the termination of their history most happy for themselves;

but in the whole course of this it is essential to cultivate their

love. As to their fear, we presume that our strength and their

weakness is now so visible that they must see we have only to shut our

hand to crush them, and that all our liberalities to them proceed from

motives of pure humanity only."

===============NEW DISCUSSION PAPER NOW AVAILABLE in Print Format


"A Calamity Threatens Your Happiness" by J. "Kittoh" Stanley, 2010,

self-published, 260p., perfect bound. Copies are now available.

This work, distributed by donation, promises to be important and

controversial. It came about as a result of the phoney police-led

anti uranium mining protests at Sharbot Lake in 2007 and covers

related incidents in nearby Ongwehonweh and Nishnaabe communities.

There's loads of info on the nuclear industry, Canadian

militarization, water diversion and much more.

If you would like to receive a copy, send an email including your

mailing address.

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