Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cobell Settlement: Letter of Objections

United States District Court

Class action Settlement Agreement

Cobell vs Salazar, Secretary of Interior

Re: Civil Action No. 1:96cv01285 – OBJECTIONS

Objection I

On behalf of all Peoples (Indians/Tribal Members) of all the Nations (the Tribes now of the United States) I object to and oppose the entire document as being unconstitutional in its format, and do vehemently object to the centuries of breeched trusts and non compliance of the rules, regulations and promises included within each of the treaties made between each Nation (Tribe) and the United States, that either have not been dealt with or have been ignored even when presented and filed with the federal court of the United States, therefore, believe this action, Cobell vs Salazar, cannot legally be accepted without first addressing these international issues.

In the event this objection is ignored (as is recounted historically) I then wish that the following objections be heard and taken into account.

Objection II Attorney’s Fees

All fees, costs and expenses for Class Counsel and Class Representatives including but not limited to any and all other fees and costs arising from the continued findings and filings in relation to this case should be paid from a fund supplied and paid into by an entity of the Federal Government of the United States and separated from funds allocated to IIM Accounts in this “3.4 Billion Dollar Trust Settlement”. The funds break down into a drop in the bucket, a one-time payment of $1,000. per Historical Class account, in comparison to a century of gross breeches of trust by the United States against the Peoples (Indians) of the Nations (Tribes) with whom treaties were made, and that the 3.4 billion dollars be paid in its entirety to each IIM Account, as it is a national insult that the already below poverty level Peoples (Indians) should bear the costs for the recovery of the aforementioned breeched trusts while, again, the lawyers, council and representatives are paid two hundred twenty-three million dollars, knowing that $1000.00-2500.00 cannot possibly help any family/person who has endured a lifetime of poverty.


This one time settlement agreement (3.4 billion dollars resulting in an actual payment of only $1000.00 to each IIM (Historical Class) account, and up to 223 million dollars to the attorneys and others) SHOULD NOT “release, waive, and forever discharge the United States, any department, agency or establishment, and any officers, employees or successors of the United States (defendants), as well as any contractor, including any Tribal contractor (collectively the “releasees”) from obligation to perform a historical accounting and forever be barred and precluded from prosecuting any and all claims and/or causes of action for any and all historical accounting claims, however characterized whether under common law, at equity or by statute”. The above mentioned monies in no way constitute a settlement of this magnitude while the constitutionality of the settlement is questionable and should not be accepted without the United States first acknowledging and enforcing each and every one of the treaties previously made between each of the Nations (Tribes) and itself.

OBJECTION IV Land Consolidation

“Fractionated Lands” is a Tribal issue and should does not have any context or relevance to this settlement, Cobell vs Salazar. Tribal lands have been greatly diminished through the aforementioned breeched trusts and the failure of the United States to uphold the current treaties.

Signed this_________day of______________,2011




IIM Account No_____________________________

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