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The Transformation of Scott Mandrell

When the requiem of the American Indian Holocaust transformed 'Lewis' of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

By Brenda Norrell
Human rights editor
U.N. OBSERVER & International Report

WOOD RIVER, Illinois – When Scott Mandrell walked onto the Earthcycles radio bus on the Longest Walk, there was a surreal moment. Could this be the same person that was dressed in those “funny clothes,” as Carter Camp called them, and postured as Meriwether Lewis on the Lewis and Clark Discovery Expedition in South Dakota.
Was this the same Mandrell that sat in a circle of Lewis and Clark re-enactors as Lakota, Ponca and Kiowa delivered a requiem, recalling the holocaust and genocide of American Indians.Yes, it was the same Mandrell and memory served up the legacy. Carter Camp, Ponca, and his son, Vic Camp had revealed that Mandrell had left the Lewis and Clark Discovery Expedition after that fateful encounter on the banks on the Missouri River in Chamberlain, South Dakota, in September of 2004, when an American Indian delegation delivered an ultimatum to the expedition.
What had happened? Here, four years later in the relentless rain of Illinois in May of 2008, Mandrell dipped into memory and poetry.
“The hoop has come full circle," Mandrell said.Mandrell described his transformation, from Lewis re-enactor to the host of the Longest Walk Northern Route at Camp Dubois, near the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi River in Illinois. In a beautiful land now saturated with toxic spills and asbestos, with most its Native people long gone, Mandrell welcomed the Longest Walkers who spent three months walking here on their way to Washington.
As Mandrell, a science teacher, sat in the Longest Walk radio bus, I read the words delivered to the Lewis and Clark Expedition by Lakota, Ponca and Kiowa in 2004.
Surrounded by a heavy buildup of federal agents and police, Carter Camp told the Expedition in 2004 that Lewis and Clark were harbingers of the Holocaust.
“What they wrote down was a blueprint for the genocide of my people. You are re-enacting something ugly, evil and hateful. You are re-enacting the coming of death to our people. You are re-enacting genocide.”
Deb White Plume, Lakota from Pine Ridge gave the expedition a symbolic blanket of small pox.
Another Lakota woman from Pine Ridge said she carries the DNA of the Lakota women who survived the slaughters that Lewis and Clark opened the door to. She said she is prepared to die for this cause.“I believe in armed struggle,” Wicopy Wakia Wi of Pine Ridge said. “The act of genocide stops here. We are tired of living poor. We are not afraid to die. I am willing to die.”
She told them they would not proceed up the river.
“You are not going on. I will organize every sister from here to Oregon to stop you.”
After that day in 2004, Mandrell did stop. He left the Lewis and Clark Expedition and formed his own journey, his own adventure that included American Indian friends that he made along the way.
Seated on the radio bus, Mandrell remembered meeting with Carter Camp’s son Vic Camp from Pine Ridge, on that day in 2004.
“I still have his number on my speed dial.”
Earlier, Vic Camp had remembered the victory of hearing Mandrell had left the Expedition. During an interview in April, 2005, Vic Camp said, “That was a great victory for us.”
But on the banks of the Missouri River in South Dakota on that day in 2004, Lakota elder Floyd Hand, among four bands of Lakota spoke from the well of Holocaust that was chilling.“We are the descendants of Red Cloud and Crazy Horse.”
“I did not come here in peace.”
Hand said they would not smoke the pipe and if the expedition continues up the Missouri River, the families of the expedition members would suffer the spiritual consequences of small pox.
Referring to the tribal governments who welcomed the expedition, Hand said those tribal governments reflect the same type thinking as the re-enactors and are not the voice of the grassroots people.
“The tribal governments are not a voice for us. They are imitating us, like you are imitating Lewis and Clark.”
“We want you to turn around and go home,” Alex White Plume, Lakota from Pine Ridge, told the expedition.White Plume said Lakota are here on this land for a reason.“We were put here by the spirits.” He said the Lakota never lost their language or ceremonies and now they are making these requests: Lakota want their territory back, their treaties to be honored and to be able to continue their healing ways.
White Plume said many Indian people have become assimilated and colonized. “We pray for our own colonized people. We say they are in a prison in the white man’s world.” White Plume said there was no point in the expedition coming here.
“All you did was open up these old wounds.”
Carter Camp warned the expedition to halt or they would be stopped. He said the expedition has been told lies and are spreading lies.Camp said Lewis and Clark are a part of the American lie.“They had no honor. They came with the American lie. They murdered 60 million people.”
Read more from that day on the Missouri River of the Stop Lewis and Clark movement in 2004, including the words of Russell Means and Alfred Boneshirt:
Listen to Scott Mandrell's transformation (Earthcycles, Longest Walk Radio May, 2008)
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Photos: Scott Mandrell welcomes the Longest Walk to Camp Dubois at Wood River, Illinois in May, 2008. Photo 2: Deb White Plume delivers symbolic blanket of smallpox to Discovery Expedition in Chamberlain, S.D., in 2004. Photos by Brenda Norrell.
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Monday, May 26, 2008

'Spaghetti Legs' walks in on Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs


Mohawk Nation News

May 24, 2008. On Friday, May 23nd, there were two simultaneous events going on at Six Nations. The city of Brantford, that squats on Six Nations Confederacy land, filed a suit against HDI. It was a civil suit and an injunction against anyone and everyone. The drafter of these documents must be blind. Brantford doesn’t want to see the Indigenous title that lies under every square inch of land around there. Their position is the law is worth nothing, “It’s all stolen! And we want to keep it!” About 100 Six Nations people and supporters gathered in front of the Ontario Superior Court in Brantford. A half-dozen uniformed police officers monitored the area. We don’t know how many plain clothes cops were around. Hate crimes are alive and well in Canada. Non-native instigators were placed sporadically throughout the block around the court house. The harassment targeted women and children, but they left the men alone. Some of their inciting comments were: "The OPP should shoot and kill all you fucking Indians!", " OPPs should taser you all!" "Stop yer cryin’. You ain’t gonna get a damn thing anyway!” “Give up, or else." Despite the OPP presence, none of the offenders were charged with disturbing the peace or committing hate crimes. This happened at Kahnawake when no one was charged for stoning us at the foot of the Mercier Bridge in 1990 while the cops looked on. Brantford exceeded its jurisdiction by passing a bylaw banning protests on Haudenosaunee land. What were they thinking? They would not accept Vermont passing laws over them. They now want an injunction to enforce their flaky concoction. We hope some of the Ontario judges will be awake enough to see the delusion. But don’t count on it. They are lost in their own colonial fantasy world. If Canada doesn’t reign in their citizens, this could end up at the United Nations. More than 25 members of Six Nations rose inside the court to support Ruby Montour. The 66-year-old woman has become a leader among native protesters at illegal city development sites. She and her husband, Floyd, promised, "We'll be back on the front lines Monday morning." Someone even unfurled a Confederacy flag inside the court house. "As a Haudenosaunee, I have every right to demonstrate in a peaceful manner," Montour told Justice G.E. Taylor. "This very courthouse sits on our land and it hasn't been paid for" and we aren’t giving it up. Brantford forgot to read the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, so it has made a request for an injunction to stop Indigenous people from protesting at illegal city development sites. No freedom of expression here! No Way! They want to go ahead even if they don’t have a legal leg to stand on. One of the defendants, Aaron Detlor, a non-native lawyer, wants to protect his “Charter” rights of freedom of speech, calling the city's position "illegal" and "contrary to human rights." Shouldn’t he have said that they have no jurisdiction on Haudenosaunee land? Neal Smitheman, the ambulance chaser for Brantford, said tensions by developers and non-native businesses are escalating, probably due to Six Nations demanding that the law be respected. He declared, “It's threatening the financial life of the city." Another defendant reminded Judge Taylor that Brantford does not own the lands. So they cannot issue an injunction against us, the owners? Brantford has forgotten that the 19th Century ended over 100 years ago. They made a request to call in the Canadian army to stop “potential” civil demonstrations. There have never been any threats of imminent riots or physical confrontations, except when we are attacked by the colonial army or police forces or their vigilantes. These guys have no imagination. It looks like they are trying to create another “Mohawk-Oka Crisis” of 1990. We suggest a more civilized way to sate their blood lust would be to buy season tickets to WWF or some other extreme sporting event. When will Canadian municipalities stop giving illegal permits to developers on land they don’t own? A Confederacy Seneca sub-chief said Brantford politicians are taking their direction from developers and showing "complete disregard" for our rights. "We want our land!!” and we want to be left alone to use it the way we chose. This sub-chief, who sits at the negotiating table with federal and provincial government representatives, said Six Nations protests will stop when unauthorized development on our land stops. "Bylaws and injunctions only stoke the flames. Posting signs telling us to keep off our own land where illegal development is going on will have ramifications”. Brantford wants an injunction to stop us from: going on, watching and looking at our lands in Brantford; demanding the return of our land, compensation for development or construction or related activities on our land; reminding the non-native business people, private developers and ratepayers that their activities are unlawful; and demonstrating against illegal development on our land. Brantford wants to call in the Canadian Armed Forces because they think there might be “a disturbance of the peace” or their feeling might be hurt! Finally, Brantford wants $110 million in damages for squatting on and damaging our land. They don’t see how silly they are. They want to keep us out and let everybody else in. On the same day, about 6 chiefs and longhouse people were meeting at the Onondaga longhouse at 6 Nations. “Foreign Legion”Commissioner of the OPP, Julian “Spagetti-Legs” Fantino, marched in while one of his henchmen waited out in the car. Fantino told the chiefs this is an “explosive situation now”. He was concerned that more problems are coming. [Does he mean if we don’t give in to their threats?] He said his back was against the wall. His discretion has been taken away with the injunction that’s been filed. He had “no more options”, meaning the OPP is going to enforce the injunction. So when Brantford calls for OPP help he has to respond. Then when they can’t “do the job”, the army will come in. What a set up! One of the chiefs talked about the three facets of the Two Row Wampum which are peace, respect and friendship. He informed Fantino that under respect is “trust” and the trust is lacking. He also told him that our people think for themselves and make up their own minds about issues. Fantino assumed he could tell us what to do. But this ain’t Sicily! He does not understand the democratic process where you have to respect people who make their own decisions. He wanted to talk to the chiefs, because he thought the chiefs were the “bosses” of the people as in colonial society. He was reminded that we do not want an unnecessary confrontation. Should it come to that, we have a right to defend our land and people. Fantino said that the OPP do not have the authority to order the army to come in. “The issues are out of my control”, he said. He seemed to be implying that the threat against us is coming from somewhere else, meaning the politicians or whoever runs the government. Is he just “taking orders” like Hitler’s SS? We surmise that the army, OPP, RCMP and Brantford police are working together at the front lines level. Is some puppet master in Canada sacrificing us to “military war games”? These guys seem to think they’re Romans who are caught up in their fantasy. They’re looking for someone to throw to the lions? It won’t be us. If Fantino can’t control his people and the issues are out of his control, why did he go to this meeting? Canada would not put up with having a foreign general busting into Parliament and lecturing the members. Our relations with the colonizers have been damaged for a long time. The only way to repair them is to revive diplomacy and to treat us with respect. When Fantino left the Longhouse, he found a native Warrior sticker on his vehicle. He stopped and removed it himself. The following day, on Saturday, May 24th, Fantino was quoted in the Brantford Expositor, as saying, “If the injunction is handed down, the OPP will enforce it”. Maybe we got his visit to the Longhouse all wrong. He may be out of a job in a year. Perhaps Fantino was really auditioning for a role in the next episode of the “Sopranos” where he can order around and threaten people. His fantasy about being the “godfather” of Ontario is too off-the-wall for serious drama. He’d be a perfect sidekick for “Crusty the Clown” on the “Simpsons” named “Cornutto”. Since his trip to Ohsweken, the city of Brantford is in the process of modifying their injunction about not requesting the Canadian Forces to come in. What does this mean? Since heavily armed mercenaries were used to attack the Mohawks at Kanehsatake in 2004, we know that anything is possible. We’re used to seeing the two kinds of cops being sent in to our communities, the ones that talk to us and the ones that beat us up and arrests us without provocation. The one thing we have never experienced in our lifetime is to be able to live peacefully on our land without being molested by the colonizers. Kahentinetha Horn MNN Mohawk Nation News See Category: “Six Nations” New MNN Books Available Now! The books below, email us: Mohawk Warriors Three - The Trial of Lasagna, Noriega, 20/20 $20.00 usd The On-Going Confusion between The Great Law and The Handsome Lake Code $20.00 usd The Agonizing Death of "Colonialism" and "Federal Indian Law" in Kaianere'ko:wa/Great Law Territory $20.00 usd Who's Sorry Now? The good, the bad and the unapologetic Mohawks of Kanehsatake $20.00 usd Rebuilding the Iroquois Confederacy Karoniaktajeh $10 usd Warriors Hand Book Karoniaktajeh $10 usd Mail checks and money orders to... MNN P.O. Box 991 Kahnawake, QC J0L 1B0 Purchase t-shirts, mugs and more at our CafePress Store Subscribe to MNN for breaking news updates Sign Women Title Holders petition! Link to MNN Get the code and banners to link to Mohawk Nation News. Your Support - Make a contribution to our newsgroup. Secure your online transaction with PayPal®. Nia:wen, Kahentinetha Horn - Speaking & Contemporary Native Issues Workshops Katenies - Manager Stay tuned! 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Sovereign Squamish reclaim land in Vancouver


MAY 23, 2008 – Squamish™ NationTerritory - Greetings sxwlxwltews/People of mlqwt[1]xwéne/Earth/Gaia,

TAKE NOTICE THAT: Taking place today at 10:30 AM PST, the Sovereign Hereditary Siyám Kiapilano™ has claimed the Traditional Sovereign Squamish™ Lands at the Squamish™ Nation Band Council Office in North Vancouver by traditional ceremony. The Independent Sovereign Government of the Squamish™ Nation (ISGSN™) will administer the traditional common law jurisdiction over the Squamish™ lands as recognized by the UN as an Independent Sovereign State bearing the Country Code SQ and Economic Numeric Code 333 effective immediately. We thank UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur Luis Rodriquez Pinero for his acknowledgement and acceptance on February 13, 2008 of our Registered Notices.
I am known by name as Sovereign Hereditary Siyám Kiapilano™. As the eldest, surviving male of my father, George-Johnston: Capilano™ and Sovereign head of the ©Squamish™ Nation, I declare my right, position and title as a sovereign man of natural inheritance from my grandmother, Josephine: Capilano™ to name my father, George-Johnston: Capilano™ in her Last Will and Testament of September 20, 1923. I am the gatekeeper of the West for the Pacific coast of my Squamish™ Nation Lands and Natural Resources on lands known in Admiralty/Maritime jurisdiction as de facto governments and administered by civil servants in service to the corporations “BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA”. In Order To Conduct Fair Trade and Commerce On Our Planet Earth And With a Conscious Knowing of Who I Am, I Am Able To Act In My Full Capacity To Use This Commercial Venue Of The CAPITALIZED NAME Known As HEREDITARY CHIEF ©CAPILANO™[2]. I Am The True Landlord Of The Squamish™ Nation Lands And Natural Resources Who Brings Peace To The People Living On Squamish™ Lands
The Squamish™ Nation Lands are governed by a Tax Free Supreme Common Law Jurisdiction administered by Traditional Sovereign Hereditary Siyám Kiapilano™. This Tax Free position can be claimed by any one living on his lands. The Taxes will be replaced by “true service” fees to municipalities who provide the ‘home services’ on Squamish™ Nation Land. If you are a Tax Payer and wish to be Sovereign on Squamish™ NationLand, understand the difference of lawful jurisdictions and the power of Laws of the Land.
* The ISGSN™ has a Central Bank called the Universal Sovereign Squamish™ Bank Credit Group (USSBCG™) and is available to all Sovereign Citizens[3] of the Squamish™ Nation. Its new tax-free credit currency called UTPC™ (Universal Trading Private Credit) is available to all who understand the faults of the current money system. Sovereign Hereditary Siyám Kiapilano™ supports the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).
* USSBCG™ is a choice to traditional banking because it issues a tax free, usury free and inflation free currency called Universal Trading Private Credit (UTPC™) supported by the value of its lands and natural resources protected by Independent Sovereign Squamish™ Nation Government (ISGSN™).
* We wish to protect our community and our environment. Mother Earth can not be taxed, nor can liens encumber her for she provides us with nourishment through her natural resources. People living on Squamish™ Lands have the right to Sovereignty, the right to tax free travel anywhere on Turtle Island and the rest of the world. The right to live free in peace without Admiralty/Maritime alien jurisdiction claims to the Family Name. Sovereign Hereditary Siyám Kiapilano™ says, “If we live in peace with one another, under the Traditional Laws of Peace on the Land, we can become the protectors of Earth. If we take care of our land, she will take care of us!”
Come visit us at our place of business located at the former Squamish Band Council office in North Vancouver just past Superstore on Squamish™ Nation Territory
To become a Sovereign Citizen, for tax free employment opportunities, or to simply learn more visit the official ISGSN™ website at
For further information contact Squamish™ Nation Communications:
Telephone: (778) 785-7495E-Mail: info@squamishnation.orgWebsite:
Hiyshka/thank you, Sovereign Hereditary Siyám Kiapilano™
[1] ISGSN = Independent Sovereign Squamish™ Nation Government
[2] This English/European spelling of my Family Name is used to steal my first right of lien claim title over the Squamish™ Nation lands, people and natural resources in a deliberate attempt to remove me from my inherent right to self governance over the Nation, lands and natural resources. I lay first claim to the title of the Squamish™ Nation lands and natural resources as it is my tax free, rightful inheritance to do so in the name of Peace.
[3] Citizens not defined and interpreted pursuant to Common Law jurisdiction.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ofelia Rivas: Photos from the Southern Route Longest Walk

Photos by Ofelia Rivas: The Longest Walk Southern Route in Taos, N.M. and northern New Mexico. (Please double click to enlarge.)

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