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Arctic Summit told to leave it in the ground

Arctic Summit told to leave it in the ground
By IEN, Council of Canadians and REDOIL

Ottawa / March 26, 2010 – The Indigenous Environmental Network, the Council of Canadians, and the Alaska based REDOIL Network have issued an open letter calling for an international moratorium on all new exploration for fossil fuel resources in the Arctic region. The letter is directed at the Foreign Ministers of Canada, Norway, Denmark, Russia and the United States who will be present at the Arctic Summit in Chelsea, Qu├ębec, March 29, 2010.

The discovery of 90 billion barrels of oil and 1,670 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in the Arctic region has triggered a rush to secure access that includes petroleum companies such as Shell and Exxon.

“New oil and gas development is anything but responsible in the face of a very serious climate crisis which requires governments like those meeting in Chelsea to rapidly reduce emissions,” says Andrea Harden-Donahue, Energy Campaigner with the Council of Canadians. “It is no small irony that increased access to exploit reserves in the fragile Arctic Ocean ecosystem is largely the result of melting sea ice.”

“We believe that a moratorium on fossil fuel development would be a first step to addressing the climate crisis we are in. Strong actions need to be taken now by Governments of the world to effectively address climate change. Indigenous peoples worldwide bear the consequences of Global Warming daily and we want concrete action now," states Faith Gemmill, Executive Director of the Alaska based Resisting Environmental Destruction on Indigenous Lands (REDOIL).

“Climate change is responsible for increased levels of contaminants like mercury, DDTs and PCBs in staple edible fish species near my home community,” says Daniel T'seleie, a K'asho Got'ine Dene from Fort Good Hope, Northwest Territories. “Increased development of Arctic oil and gas would not only contribute to the climate crisis that is devastating Arctic communities, it would also add more direct pressure to fragile ecosystems that are already stressed by the combined impacts of climate change and existing development. This would be an unconscionable infringement on the rights of Arctic Indigenous Peoples.”

Excellent photo opportunities: The IEN and the Council of Canadians will bring a message to Foreign Ministers to "leave it in the ground" Monday afternoon at the parking lot off of Meech Lake road near the road leading to the Arctic Summit meeting location.


For more information:

Clayton Thomas Muller, Indigenous Tar Sands Campaigner, Indigenous Environmental Network, monsterredlight@gmail.com, 1-218-760-6632

Andrea Harden-Donahue, Energy Campaigner, Council of Canadians, aharden@canadians.org, 613-218-5800


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Lenny Foster: Indian Religious Freedom in US Prisons

(Thanks to Tony Gonzales, AIM West, for sending this.)


March 16, 2010
Albuquerque, New Mexico
(Photo: Lenny Foster on Earthcycles radio at AIM West San Francisco/Photo by Brenda Norrell)
American Indian Religious and Spiritual Practices in the United States Prison System

Lenny Foster (Dine’)
Navajo Nation Corrections Project
Board of Directors
International Indian Treaty Council

My name is Lenny Foster and I am the Program Supervisor for the Navajo Nation Corrections Project in Window Rock, Arizona and I have been a volunteer traditional spiritual advisor for American Indian adults and juveniles in the respective state and federal prisons for the past thirty years.

I am also a Board Member for the International Indian Treaty Council since 1992. The International Indian Treaty Council is an organization of Indigenous Peoples from North, Central, and South Americas, the Caribbean and the Pacific Islands working for the Sovereignty and Self Determination of Indigenous Peoples and recognition and protection of Indigenous Rights, Treaties, Traditional Culture and Sacred Lands.

My submission of this paper will serve to illustrate the racism, discrimination, and non-compliance with human rights obligations and ongoing human rights violations. I have come to a profound conclusion that American Indian peoples are confronted with a major crisis in family home environments and in their respective communities with the issue of traditional religious, spiritual and cultural practices and beliefs not being fully recognized and not being taught their spirituality. This lack of spiritual development, teaching and growth carries over into the prison setting.

Through my personal experience, I have observed the denial of American Indians to engage in the practice of their traditional religious, cultural and spiritual ceremonies and beliefs throughout the United States Prison System. The extreme racism and discrimination toward religious and spiritual beliefs and practices has made it very difficult for the Native inmates to practice and participate in traditional ceremonial practices in a consistent manner. I base my knowledge and experience on the visits to ninety-six (96) state and federal correctional facilities where I have provided spiritual counseling to approximately two thousand Native American male and female inmates. These facilities are classified at minimum, medium, and maximum security facilities including Death Row.

This long standing criminal justice problem which implicates federal protected rights has been documented through oversight hearings including Congressional Hearings as early as 1978 during the passage of the American Indian Religious Freedom Act and also in 1992 and 1994 before the Senate Indian Affairs Committee and House Native American Affairs Committee. Oversight hearings were held in the 103rd Congress concerning the Free Exercise of Religion problems of Native prisoners. Presently, Indian country is experiencing a lack of compliance and enforcement of legal protection for the free exercise of religion as important human and civil rights issues for Native prisoners. The free exercise of religion is essential to the cultural and spiritual well being of native inmates and of the Indian Reservations to which the Native offenders will eventually return upon release from the correctional institutions.

The U.S. Department of Justice has a trust responsibility with Indian Nations/Tribes across the country that encompasses criminal justice, corrections and human rights issues, including a legal obligation to protect traditional Native religions, spiritual and cultural practices and beliefs. The protection of religious freedom and practice is a mandate to protect religious liberty and the preservation of customs and traditions. Because of its Trust Responsibility the Department of Justice was requested by the Navajo Nation, Oglala Sioux Tribe, International Indian Treaty Council, and Native American Rights Fund, Native American Church of North America, the American Indian Movement, National Congress of American Indians and others to investigate civil and human rights violations and rectify the policies to provide legal protection for the free exercise of religion and spiritual practices and beliefs of incarcerated American Indians. This has not been done and/or any efforts to bring about any resolutions.

It is a serious issue in the Indian community because our Native peoples are being incarcerated in very disproportionate numbers due to alcoholism, poverty, high unemployment rates, domestic violence and substance abuse. Ninety-nine percent of felony arrests are alcohol related and this problem is best addressed through traditional spiritual and cultural practices and beliefs. It is a known fact the Native prisoners who are allowed to participate in traditional religious and spiritual practices become model and exemplary inmates.

Recent studies show approximately 26,000 Native Americans incarcerated in twenty three states with significant Native American populations. In the thirty years I have counseled approximately two thousand American Indian prisoners by visits to various state departments of corrections; I have both witnessed and experienced the harassment, interference, indifference, intimidation and discrimination toward our Native traditional beliefs and the right to worship in a traditional manner as practiced by our ancestors. If Native prisoners are denied access to their traditional practices and beliefs, incarceration will be merely “warehousing” the Native prisoners and the emotional, psychological, and spiritual well- being will never be fully realized.

I have observed anger, rage, resentment and emotional pain exhibited by Native inmates that are the result of being reared in dysfunctional environments and exposed to and engaging in addictive behavior. The psychological and emotional pain has decimated the Indian Nations across the United States. The intergenerational trauma has had a very drastic impact on Indian communities which has resulted in many individuals lacking a strong sense of self identity and self-esteem. Many Indian communities have been completely invaded by alcohol and our spiritual values have been undermined by alcohol and substance abuse. The spiritual identity and foundation of Native peoples are deteriorating and it is imperative to make a concerted effort to reclaim our spirituality and spiritual values. The freedom to practice spiritual and religious ceremonies is the basis for restoring dignity and pride. It has been our experience that dignity can be restored and revived if we are allowed to teach our own people through traditional counseling and ancient ceremonial practices. The experience of incarceration also affects the immediate family, clan, communities, and Indian Nations/Tribes and for this reason, in particular, freedom of worship for American Indian inmates is very important because our incarcerated relatives will return home to loved ones. Those individuals who have participated in native religious and spiritual services while incarcerated are more culturally viable, respectful and responsible contributing citizens upon returning to their communities.

Denial of access to traditional religious and spiritual ceremonies and services is tantamount to a denial of opportunity for recovery and spiritual healing. American Indians deserve the same opportunities to practice their traditional religions particularly the Sweat Lodge Ceremony, Pipe Ceremony, Talking Circle and Drumming and Singing as any other inmates have to practice their respective religious beliefs.

To facilitate healing and recovery, cleansing and purification of the emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual welling-being, inmates require: (1) access to the Sweat Lodge Ceremony and all necessary herbs, items and materials; 2) access to traditional spiritual leaders who shall be afforded the same stature, respect and inmate contact as is afforded the clergy of Judeo-Christian and/or Islamic faith and who lead or instruct in ancient traditional counsel; (3) the right to wear a traditional hairstyle as dictated by religious beliefs, and cessation of the indiscriminate cutting of long hair, which produces depression and emotional imbalance, and which many regard as a form of spiritual castration; (4) access to traditional foods such as buffalo, mutton, salmon, corn, squash, melons, beans, fry bread and other traditional foods which should be allowed once or twice a year in line with solstice and equinox times; 5) and access and right to possession of sacred items as used in ceremonies such as the Pipe, mountain tobacco, drum, gourd, sage, cedar, sweet grass, medicine bundles, bags, eagle feather, corn pollen, and other items and materials such as firewood, lava rocks, willow saplings, etc.; and (6) American Indians on Death Row should be allowed regular visits with their Spiritual Leaders and those requesting that “Last Rites” be performed through the Sweat Lodge Ceremony and Pipe Ceremony should be permitted to do so.

These traditional practices and ceremonies must be respected without interference, harassment or irreverence and discrimination toward Native American religious practices and beliefs must be stopped. Ignorance and/or lack of awareness should not be an excuse for systematic or arbitrary denial of religious rights and then justification of these denials on the basis of “security concerns”. Singing with a hand drum, water drum, or big powwow drum should be allowed without prohibiting singing songs that are sometimes viewed with contempt. Corrections officials have made racist remarks, “if we allow the Indian boys to sing, they get all riled up”. Other remarks that have made toward the American Indian prisoners is “they need to speak English and we have no idea what they do in the sweat lodge, for all we know they might be plotting an escape”.

Traditional spiritual services should be held weekly for positive changes to occur and these practices should be accorded respect and included in the overall programming of the correctional institution as other religious practices. The volunteer spiritual leader or Traditional Practitioner provides and acts as a mentor for the young at risk native offenders. Many of these offenders do not speak their language, live their culture, and much less know the songs, prayers and/or ceremonial practices. It is in the correctional institutions that they have the opportunity to learn traditions, customs, and culture and begin recovery from shame, alcoholism, anger, etc. I believe from my experience that the key to spiritual healing, wellness and recovery is full participation and equal access to spiritual and religious practices and beliefs for all inmates.

My recommendations are (1) convene a Congressional Hearing to investigate these human rights violations; (2) conduct an investigation into the conditions and treatment of Native prisoners in the U.S. Prisons System; (3) implement and fund a Commission Study to identify the complete demographics of the American Indian inmates.(4) request an Executive Order to implement a uniform statute allowing American Indian Religious Practices and Beliefs in the U.S. Prison System similar to the Federal Bureau of Prisons Policy on Religious Practices; (5) implement funding for the development of culturally based pre-release programs and after-care programs that are culturally appropriate for mental, spiritual and behavioral health services; and (6) invite the leaders of those Indian Nations/Tribes that have a large number of their citizens in the U.S. Prison System such as the Navajo (Dine’) Nation, Lakota Nations, Pima, Tohono Oodham, Apaches, Cheyenne, Ute, Ojibwa and any other Indian Nations that have over representation in the prisons to schedule a meeting with the U.S. Justice Department for the purpose of identifying funding for comprehensive programs and negotiate for the provision of traditional and culturally relevant spiritual services for the American Indian prisoners.

These concerns and unresolved issues will be shared with appropriate fora in the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and seek compliance with the Declaration of Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Invitations will be made to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of Indigenous Peoples to visit the United States Prison Systems. Thank you

Lenny Foster to UN and Obama: Release Peltier

March 26, 2010
San Francisco, California

Lenny Foster (Dine’)
Navajo Nation Corrections Project
Board of Directors
International Indian Treaty Council

My name is Lenny Foster (Dine’) and I am the Program Supervisor for the Navajo Nation Corrections Project in Window Rock, Arizona and I have been a volunteer traditional Spiritual Advisor for American Indian adults and juveniles in the respective state and federal prisons for the past thirty years. The Navajo Nation Corrections Project is a counseling and advocacy program for Navajo and other Native American inmates incarcerated in state and federal prisons. I also work with families of incarcerated American Indian prisoners and our major activities include spiritual services such as the Sweat Lodge Ceremonies, Pipe Ceremonies, Talking Circles, Spiritual Gatherings, ecclesiastical visits to Death Row and probation and parole advocacy.

I have been a Board Member for the International Indian Treaty Council since spring 1992. The International Indian Treaty Council is an organization of Indigenous Peoples from North, Central and South Americas, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Islands working for the Sovereignty and Self Determination of Indigenous Peoples and recognition and protection of Indigenous Rights, Treaties, Traditional Culture and Sacred Lands.

My submission of this paper will serve to illustrate my support and respect for Leonard Peltier #89637-132, Ojibwa-Lakota from Turtle Mountain, North Dakota who is presently detained at the United States Penitentiary in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. He has been incarcerated for the last thirty four years. His case illustrates the discrimination and racist attitudes and human rights violations within the United States criminal justice system. His recent denial of his petition to be released on parole shows the biased and skewed decisions based on lack of compliance for the due process of his release on parole by the U.S. Parole Commission. He satisfactorily met the criteria for release on parole after thirty years of incarceration and assured by the Parole Act of 2005.

I have known Leonard Peltier since November of 1970 when we first met in Denver, Colorado when he was 26 years old and I was 22 years old. We were young and idealistic about making changes throughout Indian Country. I participated in the American Indian Movement with him and we both participated in the ancient ceremonial practices of the Lakota Sun Dance; Sweat Lodge Ceremonies and Pipe Ceremonies. He was a role model and mentor to the younger Indians and he was older brother to many of the younger men and women in the movement.

Leonard along with others was implicated in a shootout with the Federal Bureau of Investigation on June 26, 1975 in Oglala, South Dakota. These turn of events began an illegal and unjust incarceration against Leonard Peltier by the U.S. Government. He fled to Canada and was arrested in Canada on February 6, 1976 and he was extradited from Canada in December based on an affidavit signed by a Myrtle Poor Bear, Native American woman who was known to have serious mental health problems and a woman Leonard did not know.

Ms. Poor Bear claimed to have been Leonard Peltier’s girlfriend was not true or factual and yet she claimed to have been present at the time of the shooting and was witnessed to the shootings. She later confessed she had given false statements after being pressured, threaten and terrorized by the FBI agents.

Ms. Poor Bear wanted to testify about her treatment by the FBI agents and provide a full detailed report of threats by the FBI agents; however, the Federal Judge barred her testimony on the grounds of mental incompetence. She provided false testimony to convict Mr. Peltier and that fact is now considered moot. This conviction on disputed evidence led to a decision that convicted Leonard Peltier to two consecutive life terms in federal prison. This conviction was based on fabricated evidence and it ruined the confidence for a free and unbiased trial.

Leonard has been in the United State Penitentiary in Marion, Illinois; Leavenworth, Kansas; and Lewisburg, Pennsylvania and he has been an exemplary and model inmate with no incident reports. He has been a regular participant in the weekly Sweat Lodge ceremonies and Pipe Ceremonies which is a very positive spiritual experience for all those young Native prisoners who partake in the ancient cleansing and purification ceremony. I have been visiting him as his Spiritual Advisor since March 1985 at the United States Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas and I have been witness to his changes in his demeanor, spirituality and is a serene and a kind and very respectful person. He has become a very respected and revered elder. He is now sixty-six years old.

It is my opinion that Leonard Peltier is not a threat to the community nor would his release jeopardize the community much less “depreciate the seriousness of the law” or “promote disrespect for the law”. I have prayed and conducted the sweat lodge ceremony with him and he is a very genuine and exudes humanity. He has expressed remorse about the incident and prays for all who were there on that day on June 26, 1975 and I believed he has made amends and has made his prayers of forgiveness to the Creator. He has helped many and encouraged Indian prisoners to rehabilitate themselves by advocating a drug and alcohol free lifestyle while encouraging pride and learning about their culture and traditions. He is a father, grandfather, and a great grandfather. He is considered a wise elder among the younger Indian prisoners and I can attest to that fact because I have been visiting him for twenty five years and I have observed his maturity flourished. He has been experiencing severe health problems including high blood pressure, diabetes, losing his eyesight due to diabetes and a jaw that needs immediate medical attention and I hope and pray this serious condition warrants immediate release from prison to serve out his remaining days with his great grandchildren and grandchildren on his home reservation in North Dakota.

While in prison, Leonard has advocated for peace and respect for the rights of others; he has numerous project he has initiated and spearheaded a pilot program with Dr. Steward Selkin on the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation on health care deliver including health care delivery and hopefully implement similar programs on Indian Reservations throughout the United States; also he has worked with Professor Jeffery Timmons on a program to stimulate reservation based economics and investments in Native American business enterprises including component to teach business ownership and operation to the Native youth. Also, he helped established a scholarship at New York University for Native American students seeking a law degree. He has raised two of his grandchildren from prison and he has sponsored young children through various boards and programs. He has sponsored and organized emergency food drives and Toys for Tots on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

He has become a very accomplished and self taught painter and has donated many of his paintings to worthy causes, human rights and social welfare organizations and has worked to develop prisoner art programs whereby increasing prisoner’s self-confidence. Many of his paintings are in demand from many Art Galleries and from art collectors throughout the world. Some of the recipients have been American Civil Liberties Union, Trail of Hope, World Peace and Prayer Day, the First Nation Student Association; and the Buffalo Trust Fund along with many others including human rights activists and movie actors. His humanitarian and charitable works reaches far into the community and programs. Leonard has been widely recognized for his humanitarian works and has won several human rights award including the North Star Frederick Douglas Award; Federation of Labour in Ontario, Canada; Humanist of the Year Award; Human Rights Commission of Spain International Human Rights Prize and the 2004 Silver Arrow Award for Lifetime Achievement. In 2009 Leonard Peltier was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for the sixth consecutive year. He maintains his dignity and pride in spite of being incarcerated for thirty-four years.

I recommend the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples seek compliance through the Declaration of Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples and demand a congressional investigation into the human rights violations of Leonard Peltier. Invitations will be made to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of Indigenous Peoples to visit Leonard Peltier at the United State Penitentiary in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. I request his petition for Executive Clemency is approved by the United States Justice Department and President Barack Obama. Thank you.

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Barack Obama refuses to protect the bald eagle

Barack Obama refuses to protect the bald eagle

A symbol of America, the bald eagle, is under threat, but Barack Obama is refusing to protect it.

By Geoffrey Lean

Published: 6:17PM GMT 26 Mar 2010

The bald eagle: under threat, but without support in the White House
Here's some ammunition for those hardline Obama opponents who question his patriotism. His administration is refusing to protect an endangered population of the nation's symbol, the bald eagle.
Only 39 breeding pairs of the desert nesting bald eagle, which lives in Arizona, still survive. Smaller than other bald eagles – and long recognised as biologically different – it is threatened with extinction.
It is a casualty of its cousins' recovery. Despite its symbolic adoption in 1782, the bald eagle had a rough time. Settlers tried to exterminate it, and it was even fed to pigs. Its fortunes began to revive after Rachel Carson's Silent Spring revealed its poisoning by DDT and it was one of the first species protected by endangered species legislation.
Populations recovered so strongly nationwide that the bird was taken off the protected list in 2007, but the desert nesting bald eagle – whose habitat is rapidly disappearing – remained vulnerable. Conservationists pressed for it to remain listed, but the Bush administration refused and now the Obama one has done the same.
"Just as if Bush were in office, political hacks in Washington DC are trying once again to throw our eagles into the garbage for their developer patrons," exclaims Dr Robin Silver, of the Arizona-based Center for Biological Diversity.
To make their case, Obama's bitterest enemies would have to forget the inconvenient truth that it was his Republican predecessor that first refused the eagle protection. But I don't suppose that would trouble them unduly.

UN rights panel condemns `Islamophobic' behaviour

UN rights panel condemns `Islamophobic' behaviour


GENEVA: The UN Human Rights Council on Thursday narrowly passed a

resolution condemning Islamophobic behaviour, including Switzerland's

minaret building ban, despite some states' major reservations.

The resolution, which was criticised by the United States as "an instrument of division", "strongly condemns... the ban on the construction of minarets of mosques and other recent discriminatory measures". In a November referendum Swiss citizens voted to ban the construction of new minarets, a move that drew criticisms worldwide.

These measures "are manifestations of Islamophobia that stand in sharp contradiction to international human rights obligations concerning freedoms of religions", said the resolution.

Such acts would "fuel discrimination, extremism and misperception leading to polarisation and fragmentation with dangerous unintended and unforeseen consequences", it charged.Some 20 countries voted in favour of the resolution entitled "combating defamation of religions", 17 voted against and eight abstained.

The resolution also "expresses deep concern ... that Islam is frequently and wrongly associated with human rights violations

and terrorism". It "regrets the laws or administrative measures

specifically designed to control and monitor Muslim minorities, thereby stigmatising them and legitimising the discrimination they experience".

Putting forward the resolution on behalf of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, Pakistan's ambassador Zamir Akram said the specific references to Islam, the only religion mentioned in the text, "reflect he existing regrettable situation in some parts of the world where Muslims are being targeted".

Babacar Ba, who represents the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, also told reporters that the resolution was a "way to reaffirm once again our condemnation of the decision to ban construction of minarets in Switzerland". "This initiative… breaches religious freedom and rights of Muslims to build their places of worship as they wish to," he added.

However, the European Union pointed out that the concept of defamation should not fall under the remit of human rights because it conflicted with the right to freedom of expression, while the United States said free speech could be hindered by the resolution.

"The European Union believes that reconciling the notion of defamation with discrimination is a problematic endeavour," French ambassador Jean-Baptiste Matte said on behalf of the bloc.

Eleven Danaher, US ambassador to the UN, also slammed the resolution as an "ineffective way to address" concerns about discrimination. "We cannot agree that prohibiting speech is the way to promote tolerance, and because we continue to see the `defamation of religions' concept used to justify censorship, criminalisation, and in some cases violent assaults and deaths of political, racial, and religious minorities around the world," she said.

"Contrary to the intentions of most member states, governments are likely to abuse the rights of individuals in the name of this resolution, and in the name of the Human Rights Council," added the US envoy. — AFP



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Obama Puts Pesticide Pusher in Charge of Agricultural Trade Relations

For Immediate Release, March 28, 2010

Contact: Tierra Curry, Center for Biological Diversity, (928) 522-3681

Obama Puts Pesticide Pusher in Charge of Agricultural Trade Relations

WASHINGTON— Sidestepping a stalled Senate confirmation vote, yesterday President Obama recess-appointed Islam Siddiqui to be chief agricultural negotiator in the office of the U.S. trade representative. Dr. Siddiqui’s nomination was held up in the Senate and was opposed by the Center for Biological Diversity and more than 80 other environmental, small-farm, and consumer groups. More than 90,000 concerned citizens contacted the White House and Senate to oppose the nomination. Siddiqui is a former pesticide lobbyist and is currently vice president of science and regulatory affairs at CropLife America, a biotech and pesticide trade group that lobbies to weaken environmental laws.

“Dr. Siddiqui’s confirmation is a step backward,” said Tierra Curry, a scientist at the Center for Biological Diversity. “His appointment ensures the perpetuation of pesticide- and fossil-fuel-intensive policies, which undermine global food security and imperil public health and wildlife.”

As undersecretary for marketing and regulatory programs at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Siddiqui oversaw the development of the first national organic labeling standards, which allowed sewage sludge-fertilized, genetically modified, and irradiated food to be labeled as organic before public outcry forced more stringent standards. Siddiqui has derided the European Union’s ban on hormone-treated beef and has vowed to pressure the European Union to accept more genetically modified crops.

CropLife America, formerly known as the National Agricultural Chemicals Association, lobbies to weaken the Endangered Species Act and the Clean Water Act, claiming that pesticides are not pollutants because of their intended beneficial effect and that pesticides positively impact endangered species. The group has lobbied to allow pesticides to be tested on children and to allow the continued use of persistent organic pollutants and ozone-depleting chemicals. It also launched a petition asking Michelle Obama to use pesticides in the organic White House garden and fought county initiatives in California banning genetically modified foods.

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Rodriguez: Dreaming Bigger Dreams: End of Column of the Americas

Dreaming Bigger Dreams: End of Column of the Americas
By Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez
(Photo: Roberto Rodriguez walking for migrants who died in the Sonoran
Desert/Photo by Brenda Norrell/Tucson)

How do you end a column after 16 years? With regrets and unfulfilled dreams? Perhaps, but truthfully, Column of the Americas as a deadline-based column ends with even bigger dreams.

There indeed is disappointment with the ease in which the U.S. populace has accepted and normalized 1) the notion of permanent war as a God-given U.S. birthright; 2) the further militarization of the nation & world; 3) the politics of fear, hate and blame; and 4) Big Brother Government. All with nary a whimper.

Under George W. Bush, this was not surprising. The disappointment has come in seeing the Obama administration generally embrace the reactionary policies of Bush’s 9-11 Nation. Despite the 2006 & 2008 electoral sweeps – in which the electorate thoroughly repudiated the Republican program of war, xenophobia and corporate welfare – [angry] conservatives act as though they won. The irony is that president Obama actually has governed as though he agrees, and owes them. For example, his health care reform is actually a centrist compromise; universal health care it is not.

There are regrets; while many of us drove CNN’s Lou Dobbs into political exile, we didn’t consistently go after the entertainment industry – an industry that enables dehumanization and what amounts to racial apartheid. During this era, Jay Leno made Americans comfortable laughing nightly at “illegal aliens.” After 35 years, Saturday Night Live has still not taken its “No Red-Brown comedians need apply” signs down, and Spanish-language TV continues to generally be an assortment of “all-blonde” networks.

Another regret is that the journalism profession has now become the lapdog of government. Even now, there’s plenty of money for invading, occupying and bombing nations, but little for health and education. While pols are seemingly unaware of this jarring equation, media lapdogs are nowadays handsomely rewarded for being consistently wrong and/or silent.

Enough on these failings.

The bigger dreams involve ceasing writing reactively and writing from a point of creation. Column writing is necessarily reactive; I’ve been writing about human/Indigenous rights, anti-immigrant hysteria and U.S.-support of brutal military dictatorships since 1972. And now, with a president lying us into Iraq, the instinct is to counter. The same holds true when society unabashedly scapegoats brown peoples, and treats migrants as disposable populations; witness the March 21 rally in Washington D.C. More than demanding reform, it was a demand by more than 100,000 marchers to treat migrants as full human beings. While the president’s centrist approach to immigration reform places a heavy emphasis on draconian enforcement, conservatives will interpret human rights for migrants and “the path to legalization” as nothing short of “freeing the slaves” and a cause for insurrection.

Simply creating, without countering is akin to burying one’s head in the sand. But there comes a time when always responding means always reacting – rarely creating. But because of permanent war, my focus as a writer lately, has become heavily tiled towards resistance. The creation element of who I am has suffered (this is true of most people). It’s time for balance, thus a time to create.

Through the years, I’ve been exposed to great maestros/maestras and great Tlamintini – great teachers – who have shared their knowledge and Huehuetlahtolli (ancient guidances) about what it means to be human. Hereafter, I want to continue with those traditions and contribute to the definition of what it means to be human.

In discontinuing the column, I take no pleasure in hereafter writing strictly for an academic audience. It goes against who I am. I’ve always written for mass audiences, including writing Column of the Americas since 1994 for more than 100 newspapers nationwide. For the first 12 years, it was co-written as a weekly, syndicated column with my wife, Patrisia Gonzales, for Chronicle Features, then Universal Press Syndicate (Her Patzin column is slated to return). In writing for the academy, the audience is much smaller and narrower, while jargon is the preferred means of communication. It’s not naturally conducive for storytelling. Even beyond that, the acceptable experts continue to be “the usual suspects.”

I will continue to assert that if our own aunts and uncles, parents, grandparents, neighbors and other elders – whom we used to quote frequently – can’t understand our own writing, then what good did all our years of schooling accomplish?

As such, I plan to continue to make public the knowledge that has been passed on to me via elder knowledge – in forthcoming essays and columns and academic and non-academic books. I look forward to the day when I will not have to write for two separate audiences.

I also look forward to the day when we as a society have finally eliminated war as a “solution” to anything, and when society ceases to divide human beings into legal and illegal categories. I am convinced that even the most conservative of conservatives don’t either want such a society. I look forward to the day when we can all truly say: San Ce Tojuan – Nosotros Somos Uno – We Are One.

It’s not something that comes about solely through dreaming. One has to imagine it, fight for it, and then live it.

Column of the Americas is currently archived at: http://web.mac.com/columnoftheamericas/
Rodriguez, an assistant professor at the University of Arizona, can be reached at: XColumn@gmail.com

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Bush's Last Minute Nuclear Disaster: Nuclear Reactors

March 24, 2010 News Advisory …

Beyond Nuclear

One Day Before 1st Meeting of Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future, Community-Supported “Principles for Safeguarding Nuclear Waste at Reactors” Also to Be Unveiled.

Eleventh-hour agreements signed “below the radar” with 21 proposed nuclear reactor projects during the final days of the Bush Presidency added to the existing spent fuel problem for which there is currently no solution, putting U.S. taxpayers on the hook for what could be billions of dollars in additional penalties if the federal government fails to take the waste from utilities, according to a warning that will be sounded at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday (March 24, 2010) by leading experts. The new warning is based on data collected through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

With no fanfare and even less public awareness, the U.S. will reach the point this spring at which spent fuel from existing reactors is sufficient to reach the legal limit of the now-cancelled Yucca Mountain repository. President Obama has tasked the Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future with making recommendations on a new plan for radioactive waste management. This national phone-based news event (with full Q&A) will take place on the eve of the first meeting of the Commission.

At the same news event, the “Principles for Safeguarding Nuclear Waste at Reactors” signed by more than 170 national and local organizations from all 50 states, will be unveiled. The Principles call for protecting the public from the immediate threats posed by the currently vulnerable storage of commercial spent fuel.

The experts are holding the news event because of their concerns about: (1) the lack of public and policymaker awareness that the US government has committed to managing the spent fuel from proposed new reactors; (2) the fact that these commitments could add to the already sizable US taxpayer liabilities from the US government’s failure to dispose of the existing inventory of spent fuel; and (3) the ongoing security threat posed by the storage of spent fuel in pools at reactor sites, where they are more densely packed than was envisioned when the storage sites were designed, as well as in vulnerable dry casks.

News event speakers will be:

· Dr. Arjun Makhijani, president, Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IEER);
· Beyond Nuclear Radioactive Waste Specialist Kevin Kamps;
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Australian Aboriginals: 'NO' to radioactive dump at Muckaty

WGAR: Working Group for Aboriginal Rights (Australia)


WGAR website: http://wgar.info/


- Background

- Audio from Public meeting

- Senate Submissions

- Media Releases

- Senate Debates

- Analysis and/or Opinion

- News

- Background

Beyond Nuclear Initiative's weblog:


"This site is a snapshot of current nuclear free campaigns

in Australia, particularly focusing on the proposal for a

federal radioactive waste dump in the Northern Territory."

WGAR News: Nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory (2 Mar 10)


- Audio from Public meeting

Beyond Nuclear Initiative's weblog: New audio uploaded


6 Mar 10: "Audio from the public meeting in Tennant Creek

(held Wednesday March 3) about the Muckaty radioactive

waste dump is now uploaded on the audio page- click here"

[Includes audio of:

* Bunny Napurula-Muckaty Traditional Owner,

* Doris Nakamarra Kelly-Muckaty Traditional Owner,

* Minister Gerry McCarthy-MLA Barkly (NT Government),

* Senator Scott Ludlam,

* Richard Downs-Alyawarr Walk Off Spokesperson,

* Barbara Shaw-Intervention Rollback Action Group,

* Dianne Nampin Stokes-Muckaty Traditional Owner]

- Senate Submissions

Parliament of Australia: Senate:

Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee:

National Radioactive Waste Management Bill 2010

Submissions received by the Committee


- Media Releases

Greens MPs:

Government rediscovers secret report on Muckaty waste dump


15 Mar 10: "The Federal Government has admitted it has

possession of a secret anthropological report which

provides the foundation and sole basis for the nomination

of Muckaty Station, near Tennant Creek, as the most likely

site for a radioactive waste dump."

Greens MPs:

D-Day for Ferguson to produce Muckaty waste dump documents


11 Mar 10: "The Senate has ordered the Federal Government

to finally release documents relating to the secret

contract which paved the way for a radioactive waste dump

to be built at Muckaty Station near Tennant Creek."

Statement from the Alyawarr walk-off camp

re NLC support for a Nuclear Waste Dump at Muckaty


4 Mar 10: "To Kim Hill, Chairman of the NLC: In your recent

press statements, you say consultation has been carried out

with traditional leaders of Muckaty station who approve of

a nuclear waste dump site to go ahead. Yet there are other

Aboriginal leaders, elders and family’s voices who are

against the proposal not being heard. They have been

completely shut out of any consultation."

Northern Land Council:

Ngapa traditional owner Amy Lauder welcomes new legislation


3 Mar 10: "Muckaty Station traditional owner Amy Lauder has

welcomed last week’s tabling of the National Radioactive

Waste Management Bill in Federal Parliament. ... Ngapa

Elder Ms Lauder today met with Federal Resources Minister

Martin Ferguson in Darwin, re-iterating her wish that Ngapa

land at Muckaty Station be considered as a potential site

for a nuclear waste repository."

Northern Land Council:

NLC welcome Radioactive Waste Management law


23 Feb 10: "The Northern Land Council (NLC) welcomes

Minister Ferguson's announcement today that the National

Radioactive Waste Management Bill 2010 will be tabled in

Federal Parliament later this week. The NLC also welcomes

the Minister's announcement that the Ngapa nomination of

land at Muckaty Station will be preserved and the existing

site nomination deed honoured."

- Senate Debates

OpenAustralia.org: Muckaty Station: 15 Mar 2010: Senate debates


15 Mar 10: "This is not some obscure document; this is the

foundation upon which the entire case of the Muckaty

nomination rests. It is an anthropological study conducted

on behalf of the Northern Land Council that identifies a

number of people as the only ones who are able to comment

in regard to the Muckaty lands, where the Commonwealth

still proposes to dump radioactive waste. We are not able

to review those ideas or any of the material that is

contained there because it has never been made public."

Scott Ludlam (WA, Australian Greens)

- Analysis and/or Opinion

NT News: Political cowardice


17 Mar 10: "THE decision by the Senate to hold hearings

into the nuclear waste dump in Canberra and Darwin but not

Tennant Creek is an act of political cowardice. Muckaty

Station, 120km north of the Outback town, may - or may not

be - as good a place as any to build the depository. But

the people who live in Tennant and nearby surely have a

right to have their say."

Tennant & District Times: Time to make a stand


12 Mar 10: "Last week Richard Downs, spokesperson for the

Alyawarr Walk Off Camp, wrote to the Northern Land Council

Chairman, Kim Hill, regarding the consultation process

which eventuated in the nomination of Muckaty Station as

the site for a nuclear dump. This is what he wrote: ... "

ABC Darwin: What will be stored at Muckaty?


10 Mar 10: "We've heard that medical waste will be stored

at an Australian radioactive waste dump, either at Muckaty

station or wherever else a site is chosen. But spent

nuclear fuel rods, which are of a higher level of

radioactivity, will also be stored in any waste dump that's


Chris White Online: Oppose nuclear dump


8 Mar 10: "Minister Ferguson is going ahead despite the

nomination of the Muckaty site is highly contested. The

Senate is now receiving submissions. It is essential that

the Senate Committee pay due respects to the Traditional

Owners by travelling to Tennant Creek to take evidence from

them directly. The nomination of the Muckaty site by the

Northern Land Council was highly controversial and is

strongly contested by many Traditional Owners."

anthropologyworks: A heresy is occurring in Australia


6 Mar 10: "Muckaty station sits above an ancient aquifer

which is used by both the aborigines for drinking water and

white station owners to water their cattle. ... Long-lived

carcinogenic isotopes will inevitably leak into underground

water systems, bio-concentrate in food chains and over

generations induce cancer, genetic disease and congenital

deformities in humans, animals and plants. A dismal prospect

indeed for Australia’s future." Helen Caldicott

NT News Editorial: Shafted over nuke dump


5 Mar 10: "TRADITIONAL owners have finally woken up to the

fact that they are being shafted by the Federal Government

over the nuclear waste dump."

- News

ABC: Waste dump debate a 'health issue'


18 Mar 10: "The Senate committee in charge of the inquiry

into the Federal Government's proposed nuclear waste dump

legislation is expected to decide today whether to visit

Tennant Creek. The inquiry has received more than 200


Trading Room:

NT Labor MP opposes Muckaty station for nuclear dump


18 Mar 10: "A Northern Territory Labor MP has broken ranks

to oppose the use of the NT's Muckaty Station to store

nuclear waste. Damian Hale, the Labor member for Solomon,

says he does not want the nuclear waste dump to be located

at Muckaty Station, 120km north of Tennant Creek."

ABC Rural: Senate inquiry should go to Tennant Creek: pastoralist


16 Mar 10: "The inquiry will host hearings in Darwin and

Canberra, but not Tennant Creek which is only 120

kilometres south of Muckaty Station, currently the only

site on the table for a waste dump."

ABC: Release study on Muckaty: Greens


16 Mar 10: "The Greens say they are puzzled as to why the

Federal Government tried to claim it had not seen an

anthropological study for a region that is the likely site

for a proposed national nuclear waste dump."

ABC: Senators urged to visit planned waste dump site


15 Mar 10: "The Greens say a Senate inquiry into the

Federal Government's proposed radioactive waste management

legislation will not visit the site of the proposed dump."

NT News: Long trek for locals to be at dump talks


15 Mar 10: "TENNANT Creek locals and traditional owners

will have to travel to Darwin or Canberra if they want to

appear at the Senate Inquiry into new laws for a

radioactive waste dump."

new media: tony serve blogs: Australian Greens blast Labor

over no waste dump hearing in Central Australia


14 Mar 10: "Greens blast Labor over no waste dump hearing

in Central Australia. The Federal Government is trying to

silence the Tennant Creek community with its decision not

to bring a radioactive waste dump inquiry to Central

Australia, the Australian Greens say."

ABC: Earthquake fears over nuclear dump site


12 Mar 10: "Reports into the suitability of the site chosen

by the Federal Government for a nuclear waste dump say more

scientific investigation is needed into the threat of

earthquakes around the Tennant Creek region. A Greens

Senate motion has forced the Federal Government to release

eight reports and two reviews into the possible sites for a

nuclear waste dump."

Weekly Times Now: Nuclear waste dump likely


9 Mar 10: "THE Northern Territory is set to house a

national radioactive waste dump, after the federal

coalition resolved to support government legislation."

ABC: Coalition to support nuclear waste dump


9 Mar 10: "The Federal Opposition has confirmed it will

support the Government's plan for a nuclear waste dump in

the Northern Territory. Muckaty Station, about 100

kilometres north of Tennant Creek, is the only site under

consideration for the proposed national radioactive waste


SBS World News Australia: Nuclear waste dump plan for NT


9 Mar 10: "The Northern Territory is set to house a

national radioactive waste dump, after the federal

coalition resolved to support government legislation.

Opposition energy spokesman Nick Minchin said the coalition

had long recognised the need for a central repository, but

when in government, had its efforts frustrated by state

Labor governments."

Solidarity: Radioactive racism: Labor’s NT waste dump


Mar 10: "On Wednesday March 3, 150 people packed a

community hall in Tennant Creek for a protest meeting

against the imposition of a nuclear waste dump on the

Muckaty Aboriginal Land Trust, 100 kilometres north of the

town. There was a strong mood of defiance. Local people

feel deeply betrayed by the Rudd government." Paddy Gibson

Tennant & District Times:

Federal minister snubs nuke dump resistance


5 Mar 10: "“YOU know I’m not going to Tennant Creek,”

Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson snorted through

the airwaves. ... "

NT News: Tennant Creek locals gather to talk nuclear waste


5 Mar 10: "SPEAKERS travelled thousands of kilometres to

address residents of the Territory town at the centre of

the national nuclear waste dump debate this week. The

Tennant Creek public meeting at the CWA Hall was attended

by more than 150 people on Wednesday night."

ABC: Snowdon confirms pro-nuclear dump vote


5 Mar 10: "The federal Labor Member for Lingiari, Warren

Snowdon, says he will vote for new legislation which will

override the Northern Territory's power to block a nuclear

waste dump."

ABC Alice Springs: 'Dismayed': nuclear dump concerns raised


4 Mar 10: "More than 100 people have attended a public

meeting in Tennant Creek about a proposed nuclear waste

dump near the Northern Territory town."

- - -

Subscription to 'WGAR News' is free.

'WGAR News' monitors the media, including alternative media,

focusing on the Australian Federal government intervention

into Northern Territory (NT) Aboriginal communities along

with other Aboriginal rights issues.

The e-newsletters include media releases, opinion pieces

and news items. Subscribers can expect to receive about 2

e-newsletters each week.

To subscribe, email wgar.news@gmail.com and include the

words "subscribe WGAR News" in the message header.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Israel Junkets Compromise Congress

Congressional Junket Front-Page News Unless It's a Trip to Israel

March 9, 2010

Contact: news_editor@wrmea.com

The ongoing controversy regarding Representative Charles Rangel (D, NY-15) and trips to the Caribbean in 2007 and 2008 has refreshed the discourse on privately funded congressional travel. Following the Jack Abramoff scandal of 2006 stricter limits were adopted by the House in order to expose and prevent corporate-sponsored junkets. The new ethics rules stipulated that members could not accept trip funding from non-profits that had received corporate donations, which would constitute lobbying.

Rep. Rangel was investigated for having violated these rules by attending conferences in St. Maarten sponsored by the Carib News Foundation. Major corporations, including Citigroup and Pfizer, however, appear to have earmarked donations to Carib News specifically for the trips. Rep. Rangel's staff was apparently aware of the connection between the corporations and Carib News, whereas Rep. Rangel maintains that he was never informed of such a link. Therein lies the debate: Is Rep. Rangel to be held accountable for the improper conduct of his staff?

The case, moreover, exposes the inconsistencies of the ethics rules constraining congressional behavior. The rules intend to restrict the influence of lobbyists; however, they do nothing to constrain so-called "educational" organizations. Under the current rules, a non-profit like the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF) is considered an independent entity from its parent group the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which self-identifies as "America's Pro-Israel Lobby."

Under this arrangement we are to assume that AIPAC's hard-line, rightist views of the Arab-Israeli conflict have not once influenced the "education" imparted on the 480 trips (at a cost of $4,024,845) sponsored by AIEF since Jan. 2000. Unfortunately, the link between AIEF's "educational" efforts and AIPAC's lobbying are as obvious as they appear. Members and staffers participating in the trips are bombarded by a one-sided distortion of reality. The perspectives generated by these "educational" sojourns rarely include moderate or left-leaning voices in Israel. When, if ever, was B'Tselem or Peace Now involved in the "education" process? Furthermore, the trips neglect the Palestinian perspective altogether.

A spade will always be a spade and a lobby will always be a lobby, whether or not it markets itself as an "educational" organization. Clearly, the ethics rules in place do not do enough to prevent the undue influence of lobbies on the legislative process.

For further information regarding trips sponsored by AIEF and similar groups please consult the following table:

Rank Top Ten Members in Terms of Approved Trips Sponsored by Pro-Israel Groups Pro-Israel Groups Funded Travel* # of Trips Sponsored by Pro-Israel Groups*

1 Hoyer, Steny H (D, Maryland District 5 ) $142,426.02 17

2 Berkley, Shelley (D, Nevada District 1 ) $102,910.67 14

3 Blunt, Roy (R, Missouri District 7 ) $69,356.98 10

4 Kirk, Mark (R, Illinois District 10 ) $64,503.09 9

5 Green, Gene (D, Texas District 29 ) $50,527.94 4

6 Wexler, Robert (D, Florida District 19 ) $46,171.94 5

7 Pence, Mike (R, Indiana District 6 ) $45,288.05 5

8 Gohmert, Louis B Jr (R, Texas District 1 ) $44,753.60 3

9 Bachmann, Michele (R, Minnesota District 6 ) $44,381.14 3

10 Langevin, Jim (D, Rhode Island District 2 ) $43,302.15 7
Member Pro-Israel Groups Funded Travel* # of Trips Sponsored by Pro-Israel Groups*
* - Trips are those approved, which includes all trips from office both by members and by staffers

Abercrombie, Neil (D, Hawaii District 1 ) $0.00 0

Ackerman, Gary (D, New York District 5 ) $13,504.03 7

Aderholt, Robert B (R, Alabama District 4 ) $0.00 0

Adler, John H (D, New Jersey District 3 ) $18,235.00 1

Akaka, Daniel K (D, Hawaii Senate) $4,610.00 1

Akin, Todd (R, Missouri District 2 ) $0.00 0

Alexander, Lamar (R, Tennessee Senate) $3,650.85 1

Alexander, Rodney (R, Louisiana District 5 ) $15,763.13 2

Altmire, Jason (D, Pennsylvania District 4 ) $13,656.90 1

Andrews, Robert E (D, New Jersey District 1 ) $0.00 0

Arcuri, Michael (D, New York District 24 ) $16,811.00 1

Austria, Steve C (R, Ohio District 7 ) $7,325.84 1

Baca, Joe (D, California District 43 ) $0.00 0

Bachmann, Michele (R, Minnesota District 6 ) $44,381.14 3

Bachus, Spencer (R, Alabama District 6 ) $2,588.40 1

Baird, Brian (D, Washington District 3 ) $2,694.94 1

Baldwin, Tammy (D, Wisconsin District 2 ) $23,918.83 2

Barrasso, John A (R, Wyoming Senate) $36,555.99 2

Barrett, Gresham (R, South Carolina District 3 ) $4,850.00 1

Barrow, John (D, Georgia District 12 ) $12,484.35 2

Bartlett, Roscoe G (R, Maryland District 6 ) $0.00 0

Barton, Joe (R, Texas District 6 ) $0.00 0

Baucus, Max (D, Montana Senate) $0.00 0

Bayh, Evan (D, Indiana Senate) $5,435.23 2

Bean, Melissa (D, Illinois District 8 ) $25,755.16 3

Becerra, Xavier (D, California District 31 ) $13,234.49 2

Begich, Mark (D, Alaska Senate) $0.00 0

Bennet, Michael F (D, Colorado Senate) $0.00 0

Bennett, Robert F (R, Utah Senate) $5,201.99 3

Berkley, Shelley (D, Nevada District 1 ) $102,910.67 14

Berman, Howard L (D, California District 28 ) $7,595.58 7

Berry, Marion (D, Arkansas District 1 ) $0.00 0

Biden, Joseph R Jr (D, Delaware Senate) $2,500.00 3

Biggert, Judy (R, Illinois District 13 ) $18,853.62 2

Bilbray, Brian P (R, California District 50 ) $0.00 0

Bilirakis, Gus (R, Florida District 9 ) $10,391.01 1

Bingaman, Jeff (D, New Mexico Senate) $0.00 0

Bishop, Rob (R, Utah District 1 ) $14,376.98 1

Bishop, Sanford D Jr (D, Georgia District 2 ) $7,639.28 2

Bishop, Timothy H (D, New York District 1 ) $5,669.82 1

Blackburn, Marsha (R, Tennessee District 7 ) $0.00 0

Blumenauer, Earl (D, Oregon District 3 ) $0.00 0

Blunt, Roy (R, Missouri District 7 ) $69,356.98 10

Boccieri, John A (D, Ohio District 16 ) $0.00 0

Boehner, John (R, Ohio District 8 ) $17,096.91 2

Bond, Christopher "Kit" (R, Missouri Senate) $13,043.19 2

Bonner, Jo (R, Alabama District 1 ) $17,297.85 2

Bono Mack, Mary (R, California District 45 ) $0.00 0

Boozman, John (R, Arkansas District 3 ) $13,746.69 2

Bordallo, Madeleine Z (D, Guam At Large) $6,599.15 1

Boren, Dan (D, Oklahoma District 2 ) $0.00 0

Boswell, Leonard L (D, Iowa District 3 ) $8,690.55 1

Boucher, Rick (D, Virginia District 9 ) $0.00 0

Boustany, Charles W Jr (R, Louisiana District 7 ) $5,258.27 1

Boxer, Barbara (D, California Senate) $5,422.96 2

Boyd, Allen (D, Florida District 2 ) $14,682.09 3

Brady, Kevin (R, Texas District 8 ) $0.00 0

Brady, Robert A (D, Pennsylvania District 1 ) $0.00 0

Braley, Bruce (D, Iowa District 1 ) $0.00 0

Bright, Bobby (D, Alabama District 2 ) $16,249.04 1

Broun, Paul Jr (R, Georgia District 10 ) $0.00 0

Brown, Corrine (D, Florida District 3 ) $2,823.98 1

Brown, Henry (R, South Carolina District 1 ) $0.00 0

Brown, Scott (R, Massachusetts Senate) $0.00 0

Brown, Sherrod (D, Ohio Senate) $0.00 0

Brown-Waite, Ginny (R, Florida District 5 ) $28,533.14 2

Brownback, Sam (R, Kansas Senate) $15,275.43 4

Buchanan, Vernon (R, Florida District 13 ) $21,329.00 1

Bunning, Jim (R, Kentucky Senate) $4,973.51 1

Burgess, Michael (R, Texas District 26 ) $0.00 0

Burr, Richard (R, North Carolina Senate) $0.00 0

Burris, Roland (D, Illinois Senate) $0.00 0

Burton, Dan (R, Indiana District 5 ) $3,161.50 1

Butterfield, G K (D, North Carolina District 1 ) $0.00 0

Buyer, Steve (R, Indiana District 4 ) $0.00 0

Byrd, Robert C (D, West Virginia Senate) $0.00 0

Calvert, Ken (R, California District 44 ) $0.00 0

Camp, Dave (R, Michigan District 4 ) $5,537.60 1

Campbell, John (R, California District 48 ) $0.00 0

Cantor, Eric (R, Virginia District 7 ) $129,054.90 17

Cantwell, Maria (D, Washington Senate) $7,493.74 2

Cao, Joseph (R, Louisiana District 2 ) $0.00 0

Capito, Shelley Moore (R, West Virginia District 2 ) $13,791.22 1

Capps, Lois (D, California District 23 ) $0.00 0

Capuano, Michael E (D, Massachusetts District 8 ) $9,271.80 2

Cardin, Ben (D, Maryland Senate) $0.00 0

Cardoza, Dennis (D, California District 18 ) $13,849.45 3

Carnahan, Russ (D, Missouri District 3 ) $21,278.41 2

Carney, Chris (D, Pennsylvania District 10 ) $5,258.27 1

Carper, Tom (D, Delaware Senate) $11,046.74 2

Carson, Andre (D, Indiana District 7 ) $0.00 0

Carter, John (R, Texas District 31 ) $20,859.13 2

Casey, Bob (D, Pennsylvania Senate) $5,816.00 1

Cassidy, Bill (R, Louisiana District 6 ) $0.00 0

Castle, Michael N (R, Delaware District 1 ) $0.00 0

Castor, Kathy (D, Florida District 11 ) $0.00 0

Chaffetz, Jason (R, Utah District 3 ) $15,813.47 1

Chambliss, Saxby (R, Georgia Senate) $6,999.91 2

Chandler, Ben (D, Kentucky District 6 ) $0.00 0

Childers, Travis W (D, Mississippi District 1 ) $15,449.04 1

Christian-Christensen, Donna (D, Virgin Islands At Large) $0.00 0

Chu, Judy (D, California District 32 ) $0.00 0

Clarke, Yvette D (D, New York District 11 ) $0.00 0

Clay, William L Jr (D, Missouri District 1 ) $2,694.94 1

Cleaver, Emanuel (D, Missouri District 5 ) $0.00 0

Clyburn, James E (D, South Carolina District 6 ) $25,065.52 4

Coble, Howard (R, North Carolina District 6 ) $0.00 0

Coburn, Tom (R, Oklahoma Senate) $0.00 0

Cochran, Thad (R, Mississippi Senate) $8,364.76 2

Coffman, Mike (R, Colorado District 6 ) $14,624.33

Cohen, Stephen Ira (D, Tennessee District 9 ) $10,444.86 1

Cole, Tom (R, Oklahoma District 4 ) $7,705.02 2

Collins, Susan M (R, Maine Senate) $8,387.92 3

Conaway, Mike (R, Texas District 11 ) $21,495.70 1

Connolly, Gerry (D, Virginia District 11 )

Conrad, Kent (D, North Dakota Senate) $0.00 0

Conyers, John Jr (D, Michigan District 14 ) $0.00 0

Cooper, Jim (D, Tennessee District 5 ) $0.00 0

Corker, Bob (R, Tennessee Senate) $0.00 0

Cornyn, John (R, Texas Senate) $11,922.83 4

Costa, Jim (D, California District 20 ) $14,623.94 2

Costello, Jerry F (D, Illinois District 12 ) $3,877.00 2

Courtney, Joe (D, Connecticut District 2 ) $0.00 0

Crapo, Mike (R, Idaho Senate) $8,690.62 1

Crenshaw, Ander (R, Florida District 4 ) $0.00 0

Crowley, Joseph (D, New York District 7 ) $37,670.20 10

Cuellar, Henry (D, Texas District 28 ) $0.00 0

Culberson, John (R, Texas District 7 ) $0.00 0

Cummings, Elijah E (D, Maryland District 7 ) $3,151.25 1

Dahlkemper, Kathleen (D, Pennsylvania District 3 ) $0.00 0

Davis, Artur (D, Alabama District 7 ) $12,499.46 10

Davis, Danny K (D, Illinois District 7 ) $14,838.20 3

Davis, Geoff (R, Kentucky District 4 ) $24,626.40 1

Davis, Lincoln (D, Tennessee District 4 ) $15,446.04 1

Davis, Susan A (D, California District 53 ) $14,039.70 2

Deal, Nathan (R, Georgia District 9 ) $0.00 0

DeFazio, Peter (D, Oregon District 4 ) $0.00 0

DeGette, Diana (D, Colorado District 1 ) $8,646.81 1

Delahunt, Bill (D, Massachusetts District 10 ) $2,587.90 1

DeLauro, Rosa L (D, Connecticut District 3 ) $3,292.00 1

DeMint, James W (R, South Carolina Senate) $18,324.36 2

Dent, Charlie (R, Pennsylvania District 15 ) $17,112.40 1

Diaz-Balart, Lincoln (R, Florida District 21 ) $0.00 0

Diaz-Balart, Mario (R, Florida District 25 ) $3,761.56 1

Dicks, Norm (D, Washington District 6 ) $2,131.06 1

Dingell, John D (D, Michigan District 15 ) $0.00 0

Dodd, Chris (D, Connecticut Senate) $2,323.04 2

Doggett, Lloyd (D, Texas District 25 ) $0.00 0

Donnelly, Joe (D, Indiana District 2 ) $0.00 0

Dorgan, Byron L (D, North Dakota Senate) $0.00 0

Doyle, Mike (D, Pennsylvania District 14 ) $2,131.00 1

Dreier, David (R, California District 26 ) $7,680.99 1

Driehaus, Steve (D, Ohio District 1 ) $9,401.02 1

Duncan, John J (Jimmy) Jr (R, Tennessee District 2 ) $0.00 0

Durbin, Dick (D, Illinois Senate) $5,459.45 3

Edwards, Chet (D, Texas District 17 ) $0.00 0

Edwards, Donna (D, Maryland District 4 ) $0.00 0

Ehlers, Vernon J (R, Michigan District 3 ) $0.00 0

Ellison, Keith (D, Minnesota District 5 ) $22,023.89 2

Ellsworth, Brad (D, Indiana District 8 ) $15,437.04 1

Emerson, Jo Ann (R, Missouri District 8 ) $0.00 0

Engel, Eliot L (D, New York District 17 ) $28,854.98 9

Ensign, John (R, Nevada Senate) $2,828.98 1

Enzi, Mike (R, Wyoming Senate) $0.00 0

Eshoo, Anna (D, California District 14 ) $0.00 0

Etheridge, Bob (D, North Carolina District 2 ) $0.00 0

Faleomavaega, Eni F H (D, American Samoa At Large) $32,598.15 2

Fallin, Mary (R, Oklahoma District 5 ) $23,937.93 2

Farr, Sam (D, California District 17 ) $6,340.72 1

Fattah, Chaka (D, Pennsylvania District 2 ) $4,973.84 1

Feingold, Russ (D, Wisconsin Senate) $0.00 0

Feinstein, Dianne (D, California Senate) $2,694.95 1

Filner, Bob (D, California District 51 ) $0.00 0

Flake, Jeff (R, Arizona District 6 ) $11,584.20 1

Fleming, John Calvin Jr (R, Louisiana District 4 ) $21,134.56 2

Forbes, J Randy (R, Virginia District 4 ) $11,780.00 1

Fortenberry, Jeffrey Lane (R, Nebraska District 1 ) $0.00 0

Foster, Bill (D, Illinois District 14 ) $18,955.50 1

Foxx, Virginia (R, North Carolina District 5 ) $18,291.52 2

Frank, Barney (D, Massachusetts District 4 ) $7,146.82 5

Franken, Al (D, Minnesota Senate)

Franks, Trent (R, Arizona District 2 ) $21,359.70 1

Frelinghuysen, Rodney (R, New Jersey District 11 ) $0.00 0

Fudge, Marcia L (D, Ohio District 11 ) $0.00 0

Gallegly, Elton (R, California District 24 ) $0.00 0

Garamendi, John (D, California District 10 )

Garrett, Scott (R, New Jersey District 5 ) $9,559.62 1

Gerlach, Jim (R, Pennsylvania District 6 ) $7,942.00 1

Giffords, Gabrielle (D, Arizona District 8 ) $15,049.12 2

Gillibrand, Kirsten (D, New York Senate)

Gingrey, Phil (R, Georgia District 11 ) $9,716.84 1

Gohmert, Louis B Jr (R, Texas District 1 ) $44,753.60 3

Gonzalez, Charlie A (D, Texas District 20 ) $3,570.29 1

Goodlatte, Bob (R, Virginia District 6 ) $14,589.49 1

Gordon, Bart (D, Tennessee District 6 ) $0.00 0

Graham, Lindsey (R, South Carolina Senate) $14,360.74 2

Granger, Kay (R, Texas District 12 ) $0.00 0

Grassley, Chuck (R, Iowa Senate) $4,352.28 1

Graves, Sam (R, Missouri District 6 ) $0.00 0

Grayson, Alan (D, Florida District 8 ) $0.00 0

Green, Al (D, Texas District 9 ) $5,452.47 1

Green, Gene (D, Texas District 29 ) $50,527.94 4

Gregg, Judd (R, New Hampshire Senate) $0.00 0

Griffith, Parker (D, Alabama District 5 ) $15,449.04 1

Grijalva, Raul M (D, Arizona District 7 ) $0.00 0

Guthrie, Steven Brett (R, Kentucky District 2 ) $0.00 0

Gutierrez, Luis V (D, Illinois District 4 ) $10,906.00 1

Hagan, Kay R (D, North Carolina Senate) $0.00 0

Hall, John (D, New York District 19 ) $3,200.00 1

Hall, Ralph M (R, Texas District 4 ) $0.00 0

Halvorson, Deborah (D, Illinois District 11 ) $24,850.27 2

Hare, Phil (D, Illinois District 17 ) $15,586.41 2

Harkin, Tom (D, Iowa Senate) $0.00 0

Harman, Jane (D, California District 36 ) $5,293.60 1

Harper, Gregg (R, Mississippi District 3 ) $22,230.53 2

Hastings, Alcee L (D, Florida District 23 ) $4,490.28 1

Hastings, Doc (R, Washington District 4 ) $24,753.40 2

Hatch, Orrin G (R, Utah Senate) $0.00 0

Heinrich, Martin (D, New Mexico District 1 ) $0.00 0

Heller, Dean (R, Nevada District 2 ) $0.00 0

Hensarling, Jeb (R, Texas District 5 ) $7,358.99 1

Herger, Wally (R, California District 2 ) $0.00 0

Herseth Sandlin, Stephanie (D, South Dakota District 1 ) $0.00 0

Higgins, Brian M (D, New York District 27 ) $7,607.37 2

Hill, Baron (D, Indiana District 9 ) $12,077.03 3

Himes, Jim (D, Connecticut District 4 ) $18,131.04 1

Hinchey, Maurice (D, New York District 22 ) $9,219.00 3

Hinojosa, Ruben (D, Texas District 15 ) $0.00 0

Hirono, Mazie K (D, Hawaii District 2 ) $12,258.26 1

Hodes, Paul W (D, New Hampshire District 2 ) $19,159.40 1

Hoekstra, Peter (R, Michigan District 2 ) $10,214.00 1

Holden, Tim (D, Pennsylvania District 17 ) $0.00 0

Holt, Rush (D, New Jersey District 12 ) $0.00 0

Honda, Mike (D, California District 15 ) $9,185.43 2

Hoyer, Steny H (D, Maryland District 5 ) $142,426.02 17

Hunter, Duncan D (R, California District 52 )

Hutchison, Kay Bailey (R, Texas Senate) $0.00 0

Inglis, Bob (R, South Carolina District 4 ) $0.00 0

Inhofe, James M (R, Oklahoma Senate) $0.00 0

Inouye, Daniel K (D, Hawaii Senate) $0.00 0

Inslee, Jay R (D, Washington District 1 ) $0.00 0

Isakson, Johnny (R, Georgia Senate) $20,156.06 2

Israel, Steve (D, New York District 2 ) $40,263.08 10

Issa, Darrell (R, California District 49 ) $4,217.20 1

Jackson Lee, Sheila (D, Texas District 18 )

Jackson, Jesse Jr (D, Illinois District 2 ) $24,218.37 4

Jenkins, Lynn (R, Kansas District 2 ) $0.00 0

Johanns, Michael O (R, Nebraska Senate) $0.00 0

Johnson, Eddie Bernice (D, Texas District 30 ) $0.00 0

Johnson, Hank (D, Georgia District 4 ) $5,452.47 1

Johnson, Sam (R, Texas District 3 ) $0.00 0

Johnson, Tim (D, South Dakota Senate) $6,840.00 2

Johnson, Timothy V (R, Illinois District 15 ) $8,241.29 2

Jones, Walter B Jr (R, North Carolina District 3 ) $0.00 0

Jordan, James D (R, Ohio District 4 ) $14,757.74 1

Kagen, Steve (D, Wisconsin District 8 ) $0.00 0

Kanjorski, Paul E (D, Pennsylvania District 11 ) $0.00 0

Kaptur, Marcy (D, Ohio District 9 ) $0.00 0

Kennedy, Patrick J (D, Rhode Island District 1 ) $5,452.47 1

Kerry, John (D, Massachusetts Senate) $0.00 0

Kildee, Dale E (D, Michigan District 5 ) $0.00 0

Kilpatrick, Carolyn Cheeks (D, Michigan District 13 ) $0.00 0

Kilroy, Mary Jo (D, Ohio District 15 )

Kind, Ron (D, Wisconsin District 3 ) $0.00 0

King, Pete (R, New York District 3 ) $11,156.84 2

King, Steven A (R, Iowa District 5 ) $14,140.69 2

Kingston, Jack (R, Georgia District 1 ) $20,347.00 1

Kirk, Mark (R, Illinois District 10 ) $64,503.09 9

Kirk, Paul (D, Massachusetts Senate) $0.00 0

Kirkpatrick, Ann (D, Arizona District 1 ) $18,919.44 1

Kissell, Larry (D, North Carolina District 8 ) $0.00 0

Klein, Ron (D, Florida District 22 ) $0.00 0

Kline, John (R, Minnesota District 2 ) $8,378.65 2

Klobuchar, Amy (D, Minnesota Senate)

Kohl, Herb (D, Wisconsin Senate) $0.00 0

Kosmas, Suzanne (D, Florida District 24 ) $10,075.72 1

Kratovil, Frank M Jr (D, Maryland District 1 ) $16,019.44 1

Kucinich, Dennis J (D, Ohio District 10 ) $0.00 0

Kyl, Jon (R, Arizona Senate) $15,866.15 7

Lamborn, Douglas L (R, Colorado District 5 ) $22,394.72 1

Lance, Leonard (R, New Jersey District 7 ) $18,375.74 1

Landrieu, Mary L (D, Louisiana Senate) $0.00 0

Langevin, Jim (D, Rhode Island District 2 ) $43,302.15 7

Larsen, Rick (D, Washington District 2 ) $6,598.55 1

Larson, John B (D, Connecticut District 1 ) $8,690.92 1

Latham, Tom (R, Iowa District 4 ) $0.00 0

LaTourette, Steven C (R, Ohio District 14 ) $0.00 0

Latta, Robert E (R, Ohio District 5 ) $19,003.74 1

Lautenberg, Frank R (D, New Jersey Senate) $11,919.83 3

Leahy, Patrick (D, Vermont Senate) $0.00 0

Lee, Barbara (D, California District 9 ) $5,968.63 2

Lee, Christopher J (R, New York District 26 ) $15,024.74 1

LeMieux, George S (R, Florida Senate)

Levin, Carl (D, Michigan Senate) $0.00 0

Levin, Sander (D, Michigan District 12 ) $0.00 0

Lewis, Jerry (R, California District 41 ) $0.00 0

Lewis, John (D, Georgia District 5 ) $3,287.00 1

Lieberman, Joe (I, Connecticut Senate) $32,443.97 9

Lincoln, Blanche (D, Arkansas Senate) $3,657.00 1

Linder, John (R, Georgia District 7 ) $0.00 0

Lipinski, Daniel (D, Illinois District 3 ) $0.00 0

LoBiondo, Frank A (R, New Jersey District 2 ) $0.00 0

Loebsack, David (D, Iowa District 2 ) $0.00 0

Lofgren, Zoe (D, California District 16 ) $0.00 0

Lowey, Nita M (D, New York District 18 ) $21,821.70 5

Lucas, Frank D (R, Oklahoma District 3 ) $0.00 0

Luetkemeyer, Blaine (R, Missouri District 9 ) $14,464.36 1

Lugar, Richard G (R, Indiana Senate) $0.00 0

Lujan, Ben R (D, New Mexico District 3 )

Lummis, Cynthia Marie (R, Wyoming District 1 ) $0.00 0

Lungren, Dan (R, California District 3 ) $14,665.04 2

Lynch, Stephen F (D, Massachusetts District 9 ) $4,170.70 1

Mack, Connie (R, Florida District 14 ) $0.00 1

Maffei, Dan (D, New York District 25 )

Maloney, Carolyn B (D, New York District 14 ) $14,131.30 2

Manzullo, Don (R, Illinois District 16 ) $0.00 0

Marchant, Kenny (R, Texas District 24 ) $8,578.52 1

Markey, Betsy (D, Colorado District 4 ) $19,069.94 1

Markey, Edward J (D, Massachusetts District 7 ) $0.00 0

Marshall, Jim (D, Georgia District 8 ) $11,629.00 1

Massa, Eric (D, New York District 29 )

Matheson, Jim (D, Utah District 2 ) $0.00 0

Matsui, Doris O (D, California District 5 ) $0.00 0

McCain, John (R, Arizona Senate) $0.00 0

McCarthy, Carolyn (D, New York District 4 ) $2,493.00 1

McCarthy, Kevin (R, California District 22 ) $0.00 0

McCaskill, Claire (D, Missouri Senate) $0.00 0

McCaul, Michael (R, Texas District 10 ) $0.00 0

McClintock, Tom (R, California District 4 ) $24,355.56 2

McCollum, Betty (D, Minnesota District 4 ) $0.00 0

McConnell, Mitch (R, Kentucky Senate) $7,358.19 2

McCotter, Thad (R, Michigan District 11 ) $0.00 0

McDermott, Jim (D, Washington District 7 ) $10,522.00 1

McGovern, James P (D, Massachusetts District 3 ) $0.00 0

McHenry, Patrick (R, North Carolina District 10 ) $10,280.60 1

McIntyre, Mike (D, North Carolina District 7 ) $0.00 0

McKeon, Howard P (Buck) (R, California District 25 ) $0.00 0

McMahon, Michael E (D, New York District 13 ) $0.00 0

McMorris Rodgers, Cathy (R, Washington District 5 ) $0.00 0

McNerney, Jerry (D, California District 11 ) $17,387.90 1

Meek, Kendrick B (D, Florida District 17 ) $10,876.00 1

Meeks, Gregory W (D, New York District 6 ) $12,925.23 5

Melancon, Charles (D, Louisiana District 3 ) $9,453.07 2

Menendez, Robert (D, New Jersey Senate) $0.00 0

Merkley, Jeff (D, Oregon Senate) $0.00 0

Mica, John L (R, Florida District 7 ) $0.00 0

Michaud, Mike (D, Maine District 2 ) $10,103.33 2

Mikulski, Barbara A (D, Maryland Senate) $4,508.24 2

Miller, Brad (D, North Carolina District 13 ) $12,073.02 2

Miller, Candice S (R, Michigan District 10 ) $0.00 0

Miller, Gary (R, California District 42 ) $12,132.00 1

Miller, George (D, California District 7 ) $0.00 0

Miller, Jeff (R, Florida District 1 ) $10,517.51 2

Minnick, Walter Clifford (D, Idaho District 1 )

Mitchell, Harry E (D, Arizona District 5 ) $16,275.44 1

Mollohan, Alan B (D, West Virginia District 1 ) $0.00 0

Moore, Dennis (D, Kansas District 3 ) $3,936.29 2

Moore, Gwen (D, Wisconsin District 4 ) $4,168.67 1

Moran, Jerry (R, Kansas District 1 ) $28,121.50 1

Moran, Jim (D, Virginia District 8 ) $0.00 0

Murkowski, Lisa (R, Alaska Senate) $2,598.35 1

Murphy, Chris (D, Connecticut District 5 ) $0.00 0

Murphy, Patrick J (D, Pennsylvania District 8 ) $21,335.82 2

Murphy, Scott (D, New York District 20 )

Murphy, Tim (R, Pennsylvania District 18 ) $0.00 0

Murray, Patty (D, Washington Senate) $0.00 0

Murtha, John P (D, Pennsylvania District 12 ) $0.00 0

Myrick, Sue (R, North Carolina District 9 ) $0.00 0

Nadler, Jerrold (D, New York District 8 ) $30,418.22 5

Napolitano, Grace (D, California District 38 ) $0.00 0

Neal, Richard E (D, Massachusetts District 2 ) $0.00 0

Nelson, Ben (D, Nebraska Senate) $2,647.63 1

Nelson, Bill (D, Florida Senate) $0.00 0

Neugebauer, Randy (R, Texas District 19 ) $9,213.84 1

Norton, Eleanor Holmes (D, District of Columbia At Large) $0.00 0

Nunes, Devin Gerald (R, California District 21 ) $23,852.02 3

Nye, Glenn (D, Virginia District 2 ) $9,401.02 1

Oberstar, James L (D, Minnesota District 8 ) $0.00 0

Obey, David R (D, Wisconsin District 7 ) $0.00 0

Olson, Pete (R, Texas District 22 ) $23,295.91 2

Olver, John W (D, Massachusetts District 1 ) $0.00 0

Ortiz, Solomon P (D, Texas District 27 ) $0.00 0

Owens, Bill (D, New York District 23 )

Pallone, Frank Jr (D, New Jersey District 6 ) $15,587.50 3

Pascrell, Bill Jr (D, New Jersey District 8 ) $5,258.27 2

Pastor, Ed (D, Arizona District 4 ) $7,358.99 1

Paul, Ron (R, Texas District 14 ) $0.00 0

Paulsen, Erik (R, Minnesota District 3 ) $4,700.00 1

Payne, Donald M (D, New Jersey District 10 ) $0.00 0

Pelosi, Nancy (D, California District 8 ) $4,793.47 2

Pence, Mike (R, Indiana District 6 ) $45,288.05 5

Perlmutter, Edwin G (D, Colorado District 7 )

Perriello, Tom (D, Virginia District 5 ) $0.00 0

Peters, Gary (D, Michigan District 9 ) $18,971.42 1

Peterson, Collin C (D, Minnesota District 7 ) $0.00 0

Petri, Tom (R, Wisconsin District 6 ) $0.00 0

Pierluisi, Pedro (3, Puerto Rico At Large) $0.00 0

Pingree, Chellie (D, Maine District 1 )

Pitts, Joe (R, Pennsylvania District 16 ) $10,584.85 3

Platts, Todd (R, Pennsylvania District 19 ) $0.00 0

Poe, Ted (R, Texas District 2 ) $0.00 0

Polis, Jared (D, Colorado District 2 )

Pomeroy, Earl (D, North Dakota District 1 )

Posey, Bill (R, Florida District 15 ) $5,452.47 1

Price, David (D, North Carolina District 4 ) $3,650.85 1

Price, Tom (R, Georgia District 6 ) $38,366.70 3

Pryor, Mark (D, Arkansas Senate) $860.50 1

Putnam, Adam H (R, Florida District 12 ) $9,426.94 2

Quigley, Mike (D, Illinois District 5 ) $18,755.18 1

Radanovich, George (R, California District 19 ) $0.00 0

Rahall, Nick (D, West Virginia District 3 ) $0.00 0

Rangel, Charles B (D, New York District 15 )

Reed, Jack (D, Rhode Island Senate) $806.70 1

Rehberg, Denny (R, Montana District 1 ) $4,168.67 1

Reichert, Dave (R, Washington District 8 ) $0.00 0

Reid, Harry (D, Nevada Senate) $19,279.56 4

Reyes, Silvestre (D, Texas District 16 ) $0.00 0

Richardson, Laura (D, California District 37 ) $22,211.50 1

Risch, James E (R, Idaho Senate) $0.00 0

Roberts, Pat (R, Kansas Senate) $8,967.82 2

Rockefeller, Jay (D, West Virginia Senate) $610.00 1

Rodriguez, Ciro D (D, Texas District 23 ) $3,570.89 1

Roe, Phil (R, Tennessee District 1 ) $15,917.74 1

Rogers, Hal (R, Kentucky District 5 ) $0.00 0

Rogers, Mike (R, Michigan District 8 ) $10,608.60 1

Rogers, Mike D (R, Alabama District 3 ) $0.00 0

Rohrabacher, Dana (R, California District 46 ) $0.00 0

Rooney, Tom (R, Florida District 16 ) $14,947.74 1

Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana (R, Florida District 18 ) $36,314.16 6

Roskam, Peter (R, Illinois District 6 ) $0.00 0

Ross, Mike (D, Arkansas District 4 ) $20,185.79 2

Rothman, Steven R (D, New Jersey District 9 ) $7,821.15 2

Roybal-Allard, Lucille (D, California District 34 ) $0.00 0

Royce, Ed (R, California District 40 ) $8,739.47 2

Ruppersberger, Dutch (D, Maryland District 2 ) $16,374.78 1

Rush, Bobby L (D, Illinois District 1 ) $0.00 0

Ryan, Paul (R, Wisconsin District 1 ) $14,724.54 1

Ryan, Tim (D, Ohio District 17 ) $13,016.40 3

Salazar, John (D, Colorado District 3 ) $14,119.78 1

Sanchez, Linda (D, California District 39 ) $5,809.05 1

Sanchez, Loretta (D, California District 47 ) $21,004.85 6

Sanders, Bernie (I, Vermont Senate) $0.00 0

Sarbanes, John (D, Maryland District 3 ) $0.00 0

Scalise, Steve (R, Louisiana District 1 ) $9,155.87 1

Schakowsky, Jan (D, Illinois District 9 ) $16,951.76 5

Schauer, Mark (D, Michigan District 7 ) $0.00 0

Schiff, Adam (D, California District 29 ) $5,573.93 2

Schmidt, Jean (R, Ohio District 2 ) $20,278.90 1

Schock, Aaron (R, Illinois District 18 ) $15,301.43 2

Schrader, Kurt (D, Oregon District 5 )

Schultz, Debbie Wasserman (D, Florida District 20 ) $10,881.27 7

Schumer, Charles E (D, New York Senate) $18,035.36 4

Schwartz, Allyson (D, Pennsylvania District 13 ) $15,230.08 2

Scott, David (D, Georgia District 13 ) $20,273.45 2

Scott, Robert C (D, Virginia District 3 ) $0.00 0

Sensenbrenner, F James Jr (R, Wisconsin District 5 ) $0.00 0

Serrano, Jose E (D, New York District 16 ) $0.00 0

Sessions, Jeff (R, Alabama Senate) $0.00 0

Sessions, Pete (R, Texas District 32 ) $0.00 0

Sestak, Joseph A Jr (D, Pennsylvania District 7 ) $0.00 0

Shadegg, John (R, Arizona District 3 ) $0.00 0

Shaheen, Jeanne (D, New Hampshire Senate) $0.00 0

Shea-Porter, Carol (D, New Hampshire District 1 ) $0.00 0

Shelby, Richard C (R, Alabama Senate) $456.59 1

Sherman, Brad (D, California District 27 ) $0.00 0

Shimkus, John M (R, Illinois District 19 ) $13,094.61 2

Shuler, Heath (D, North Carolina District 11 ) $8,472.80 2

Shuster, Bill (R, Pennsylvania District 9 ) $0.00 0

Simpson, Mike (R, Idaho District 2 ) $3,650.85 1

Sires, Albio (D, New Jersey District 13 ) $23,585.07 3

Skelton, Ike (D, Missouri District 4 ) $0.00 0

Slaughter, Louise M (D, New York District 28 ) $0.00 0

Smith, Adam (D, Washington District 9 ) $0.00 0

Smith, Adrian (R, Nebraska District 3 ) $12,842.10 1

Smith, Chris (R, New Jersey District 4 ) $0.00 0

Smith, Lamar (R, Texas District 21 ) $0.00 0

Snowe, Olympia J (R, Maine Senate) $2,588.40 1

Snyder, Vic (D, Arkansas District 2 ) $2,588.40 1

Souder, Mark E (R, Indiana District 3 ) $21,469.70 1

Space, Zachary T (D, Ohio District 18 ) $0.00 0

Specter, Arlen (D, Pennsylvania Senate) $0.00 0

Speier, Jackie (D, California District 12 ) $0.00 0

Spratt, John M Jr (D, South Carolina District 5 ) $0.00 0

Stabenow, Debbie (D, Michigan Senate) $1,865.00 1

Stark, Pete (D, California District 13 )

Stearns, Cliff (R, Florida District 6 ) $1,480.49 2

Stupak, Bart (D, Michigan District 1 ) $4,352.28 1

Sullivan, John (R, Oklahoma District 1 ) $5,422.42 1

Sutton, Betty Sue (D, Ohio District 13 )

Tanner, John (D, Tennessee District 8 ) $25,390.71 2

Taylor, Gene (D, Mississippi District 4 ) $0.00 0

Teague, Harry (D, New Mexico District 2 )

Terry, Lee (R, Nebraska District 2 ) $5,744.00 1

Tester, Jon (D, Montana Senate) $0.00 0

Thompson, Bennie G (D, Mississippi District 2 ) $7,922.99 1

Thompson, Glenn (R, Pennsylvania District 5 ) $16,629.92 1

Thompson, Mike (D, California District 1 ) $0.00 0

Thornberry, Mac (R, Texas District 13 ) $0.00 0

Thune, John (R, South Dakota Senate) $0.00 0

Tiahrt, Todd (R, Kansas District 4 ) $0.00 0

Tiberi, Patrick J (R, Ohio District 12 ) $3,602.60 1

Tierney, John F (D, Massachusetts District 6 ) $0.00 0

Titus, Dina (D, Nevada District 3 ) $15,899.04 1

Tonko, Paul (D, New York District 21 ) $0.00 $0.00

Towns, Edolphus (D, New York District 10 ) $0.00 0

Tsongas, Niki (D, Massachusetts District 5 )

Turner, Michael R (R, Ohio District 3 ) $5,215.42 1

Udall, Mark (D, Colorado Senate) $0.00 0

Udall, Tom (D, New Mexico Senate) $0.00 0

Upton, Fred (R, Michigan District 6 ) $3,476.20 1

Van Hollen, Chris (D, Maryland District 8 ) $10,740.66 1

Velazquez, Nydia M (D, New York District 12 ) $0.00 0

Visclosky, Pete (D, Indiana District 1 ) $0.00 0

Vitter, David (R, Louisiana Senate) $5,669.82 1

Voinovich, George V (R, Ohio Senate) $2,588.40 1

Walden, Greg (R, Oregon District 2 ) $3,287.00 1

Walz, Timothy J (D, Minnesota District 1 )

Wamp, Zach (R, Tennessee District 3 ) $3,650.85 1

Warner, Mark (D, Virginia Senate)

Waters, Maxine (D, California District 35 )

Watson, Diane E (D, California District 33 )

Watt, Melvin L (D, North Carolina District 12 ) $0.00 0

Waxman, Henry A (D, California District 30 ) $33,467.72 4

Webb, James (D, Virginia Senate) $0.00 0

Weiner, Anthony D (D, New York District 9 ) $26,345.79 7

Welch, Peter (D, Vermont District 1 ) $0.00 0

Westmoreland, Lynn A (R, Georgia District 3 ) $22,706.30 1

Wexler, Robert (D, Florida District 19 ) $46,171.94 5

Whitehouse, Sheldon (D, Rhode Island Senate) $0.00 0

Whitfield, Ed (R, Kentucky District 1 ) $0.00 0

Wicker, Roger (R, Mississippi Senate) $0.00 0

Wilson, Charlie (D, Ohio District 6 ) $9,402.52 1

Wilson, Joe (R, South Carolina District 2 ) $29,964.04 3

Wittman, Rob (R, Virginia District 1 ) $6,835.04 1

Wolf, Frank R (R, Virginia District 10 ) $0.00 0

Woolsey, Lynn (D, California District 6 ) $12,515.14 2

Wu, David (D, Oregon District 1 ) $0.00 0

Wyden, Ron (D, Oregon Senate) $11,207.46 7

Yarmuth, John A (D, Kentucky District 3 ) $17,660.60 1

Young, C W Bill (R, Florida District 10 )

Young, Don (R, Alaska District 1 ) $0.00 0




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