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Arizona: Native American Children's Christmas Benefit Concert

Keith Secola, ClanDestine and more: Saturday, Dec. 5, ASU.

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Protect Bear Butte: Hearing Dec 2, 2009

Hello everyone,

There will be a hearing at Meade County Commissioners on Wednesday, December 2nd at 3:00 p.m. This hearing will be for the retail on-sale liquor/package liquor licenses renewals, which will include all the locations near Bear Butte. This includes the large venues we have been battling against including Glencoe, Broken Spoke Campground, Buffalo Chip, Monkey Rock and Full Throttle.

There are some major new developments with the Bear Butte issue. Full Throttle Saloon, which is currently located on hwy 34 & 79, is proposing to move locations further to the east. They have purchased a property just east of Bear Butte off 9 mile road. This location is directly east approximately one mile from the mountain. See attached map for details.

This hearing will include Full Throttle’s request to transfer their liquor license to the new location. The reason they are attempting this is, the City of Sturgis has proposed an annexation of city limits, which will include up to hwy 79, the venues affected are Full Throttle, Glencoe and Monkey Rock. If the City is successful in this annexation, they will begin to regulate liquor sales and property taxes will sky rocket. It appears that this is an attempt to avoid the regulation, moving just outside the proposed annexation boundaries.

Each year things are progressively getting worse, with more attempts at expanding further east towards the sacred mountain, Bear Butte. The 2010 Sturgis Rally will potentially be the largest rally in years, since it is the 70th anniversary. The City has already expanded the Rally beginning in 2010 from 7 to 10 days.

It’s time to take a stand a show a mass presence at this upcoming hearing, to let the Meade County Commissioners know this needs to stop NOW!

If you are able to attend the hearing, please come and show your support and oppose these licenses and the transfer request from Full Throttle Saloon.

If you can not make it and would like to send the Commissioners a letter of opposition, please see the contact info listed below.

December 2nd @ 3 pm

Meade County Commissioners Courthouse
1425 Sherman St
Sturgis, SD 57785
605-347-5925 fax

For more information, please visit our website at or contact me directly at

Tamra Brennan
Protect Sacred Sites Indigenous People, One Nation

Our Sacred Ground is NOT Your Playground!

"Our sacred lands are all that remain keeping us connected to our place on Mother Earth, to our spirituality, our heritage and our lands.. If they take it all away, what will remain except a vague memory of a past so forgotten?" ......excerpt from One Nation, One Land, One People by Tamra Brennan, 2006

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Censorship: Editors the blood is on your hands

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

By Brenda Norrell

TUCSON -- During the past few weeks, there's been a wave of censorship and news distortion surrounding events in Tucson. In the first case, the O'odham Solidarity Project hosted the event, "Apartheid in America: Surviving Occupation in O'odham Lands."

There is a series of ways that this event was censored by editors and publishers. First of all, most didn't even send reporters. Then, there are reporters who wrote articles that were not published. Here is the primary way that editors censor a reporter's article. They say, "Get the other side of the story." In the case of the O'odham event, speakers spoke and there was no opposition. Their words deserve to be quoted.

Of course the bottom line was that most newspapers did not want to risk quoting the controversial Ward Churchill, the guest speaker. They were afraid to print his words and engaged in a form of censorship. In the borderzone, the media is reluctant to point out the similarities between the militarization of the US/Mexico border and the border of Palestine. Along with the militarization and oppression, the two borders have in common the same spy industry contractor, the Israeli defense contractor Elbit Systems, subcontracted in the US by Boeing. The city of Tucson is nursed by the poison milk of war manufacturers and military operations.

The O'odham Solidarity Event offered a special potency because of the presentations by Ofelia Rivas and her brother Julian Rivas, O'odham living on the border, a region militarized by US border agents, where the elected tribal government and tribal police oppress their own people. Here, O'odham have no civil rights. O'odham and migrants are murdered by US border agents who are never held accountable.

The second case of news distortion was in the coverage of the Southwest Weekend of Witness to End Torture. In one newspaper's coverage, both the peaceful protesters and the counter protesters were covered as if they stood on the same moral ground. However, to report this accurately as a journalist, the newspaper should have pointed out that the counter protesters screamed insults and slurs constantly.

Sierra Vista, home to Fort Huachuca's US Army Intelligence Center, made the news in recent years when the Ku Klux Klan joined with Minutemen. The Southern Poverty Law Center lists Sierra Vista as the home of a hate organization, the anti-immigrant American Border Patrol. This climate of hate, with its rancid hate speech, was obvious during the peaceful vigil, protest and walk.

Of course neither AP nor the major newspapers in the US sent reporters to cover the US torture vigil. Those present at the vigil called for an end to US torture, the closure of Guantanamo and an end to drones. Drones, unmanned aerial vehicles are now carrying out "rogue assassinations," and killing civilians.

At Fort Huachuca, five people peacefully crossed over onto the army base and were voluntarily arrested to bring attention to Fort Huachuca's longstanding role in publishing torture manuals and training soldiers who carry out torture. The production of the School of Americas torture manual was here, a fact made public by the US in 1996. Major Gen. Barbara Fast, who previously served at Fort Huachuca, was the chief of interrogations at Abu Ghraib.

During the 1970s and 1980s, tens of thousands of people in the Americas were tortured, raped and assassinated as a result of US torture training by the School of the Americas. The US kidnappings and torture continues around the world, masked with the words "secret renditions." Mercenaries, such as Blackwater, now XE, murdered with impunity. Bush and Cheney have not been held accountable for violating the Geneva Conventions.

So, for those editors and publishers who censor and distort the facts of the oppression at the border, and the United States role in ongoing torture and assassinations, the blood is also on your hands.

Video coverage of the O'odhan event and torture vigil and arrests at:
Photos and articles at Censored News
Southern Poverty Law Center's Hate Map:

KPFK: Cloaking morality with genocide Thanks/Giving

American Indian Airwaves regularly broadcast every Monday from 8pm to 9pm

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11/23/09, Monday, on American Indian Airwaves

"Cloaking Morality within Genocide: Reciprocity by Confounding Thanks/Giving"
George E. (Tink) Tinker (Osage Nation), Professor of American Indian Cultures and Religious Traditions at Iliff School of Theology ( ) joins us today to discuss the settler society's collective amnesia, reinforcing the master, colonial narrative inclusive of the Thanksgiving Holiday, how governments, institutions, and agencies across America are using the month of "November", established as "Native American Heritage Month" ("Indian in the Cupboard Syndrome"), as a means to coopt, placate and pacify indigenous peoples from engaging in critical forms of decolonization, self-determination and sovereignty; and why "Native American Heritage Month" is based off the Thanksgiving Holiday and not any important Indigenous persons contribution to Indigenous peoples and their respective First Nations.
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Mohawk Splitting the Sky to Hugo Chavez: 'Why I tried to arrest George Bush'

Why I Tried to Arrest George W. Bush

By Splitting the Sky

“We need a real criminal investigation into the most horrific crime ever to take place on American soil, and we need it now.” Thomas Keane head of the 911 Commission hearings Sept 6th, 2009 Bush's “perpetual war” is taking aim at Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, and Iran—all rich in petroleum. The U.S. backed brutal Israeli war against the Palestinians seeks to maintain U.S. hegemony over the oil-rich Middle East. U.S. military support to Colombia is now openly admitted by the Bush administration to be aimed at protecting pipelines and putting down popular insurgency. Similarly, the recent U.S.-backed coup attempt against the Chavez government of Venezuela had much to do with controlling that country's petroleum riches. Increasingly, U.S. and world public opinion is awakening to the hidden agenda of the “war on terrorism”—the corporate frenzy to plunder oil and other resources in the petroleum-rich arc stretching from the Middle East to Southeast Asia. The war in Afghanistan is central to reaping super profits from all that “black gold.” Karen Talbot

“Control oil and you control nations. Control food and you control people", Henry Kissinger

“There is no longer any doubt as to whether the Bush administration has committed war crimes.” US Major General Antonio Taguba, the retired major general who investigated abuses in Iraq. “The only question that remains to be answered is whether those who ordered the use of torture will be held to account.”

“Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy" Henry Kissinger.

“I am not aware of any evidence showing that President Bush or members of his administration have personally profited from the attacks of 9-11. A complete investigation might reveal that to be the case. For example, it is known that President Bush's father, through the Carlyle Group had - at the time of the attacks - joint business interests with the bin Laden construction company and many defense industry holdings, the stocks of which, have soared since September 11. On the other hand, what is undeniable is that corporations close to the Administration have directly benefited from the increased defense spending arising from the aftermath of September 11. The Carlyle Group, DynCorp, and Halliburton certainly stand out as companies close to this Administration. Secretary Rumsfeld maintained in a hearing before Congress that we can afford the new spending, even though the request for more defense spending is the highest increase in twenty years and the Pentagon has lost $2.3 trillion” Cynthia McKinney

Who could have placed explosives in the World Trade Center (WTC) towers? This is the second essay in a series that attempts to answer that question. The first installment began by considering the tenants that occupied the impact zones and the other floors that might have played a useful role in the demolition of the WTC towers. [1] The result was a picture of connections to organizations that had access to explosive materials and to the expertise required to use explosives. Additionally it was seen that, in the years preceding 9/11, the impact zone tenants had all made structural modifications to the areas where the airliners struck the buildings.

The management representatives of these tenant companies were seen to be secretive and powerful. Through these powerful people, the tenants were connected to organizations that benefited greatly from the 9/11 attacks, including the defense contractors Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Halliburton, and Science Applications International Corp (SAIC). The tenants also had strong connections to the Bush family and their corporate network, including Dresser Industries (now Halliburton) and UBS, and to Deutsche Bank and its subsidiaries, reported to have brokered the insider trading deals. There were also links between these tenant companies and the terrorist-financing Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI). Kevin Ryan
“The hypothesis which is gaining strength which was said on television last night and which could soon blow up is that it was the same US imperial power that planned and carried out this terrible terrorist attack or act against its own people and against citizens from all over the world. Why, to justify the aggression that was immediately released on Afghanistan, on Iraq and the threats against all of us and against Venezuela too. In the Bush administration, the US lost its traditional respect for the rule of law”. Hugo Chavez, CNN August 19th, 2008
“It has been eight years of 11 September 2001, Unforgettable. How to forget the day when the most brutal imperial scaling. No one can question the official version presented by Bush about the events that occurred in New York. But the most terrible thing was that this attack was used as an excuse to provoke a war against terrorism which has allowed the empire to run over peoples and sovereignties with impunity. This happened with Afghanistan and Iraq. There is also the apartheid the Palestinian people lives in the hands of the Israeli state as a demonstration of those who are really the world terrorists”…President Chavez
“Actor Charlie Sheen has joined a growing army of other highly credible public figures in questioning the official story of 9/11 and calling for a new independent investigation of the attack and the circumstances surrounding it. Over the past two years, scores of highly regarded individuals have gone public to express their serious doubts about 9/11. These include former presidential advisor and CIA analyst Ray McGovern, the father of Reaganomics and former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury Paul Craig Roberts, BYU physics Professor Steven Jones, former German defense minister Andreas von Buelow, former MI5 officer David Shayler, former Blair cabinet member Michael Meacher, former Chief Economist for the Department of Labor during President George W. Bush’s first term Morgan Reynolds and many more.”

Wake up! Know that it's not just the "Conspiracy Therorists" that are questioning 9-11! Hundreds of politicians, reporters, university professors, entertainers, etc. have questions. We don't know what happened, but the evidence points to government involvement! Max Cleland, former member of the 9-11 Commission, shares some of his views about the war and the 9-11 Commission's findings.

Former military analyst and famed whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg recently said that the case of a certain 9/11 whistleblower is "far more explosive than the Pentagon Papers". He also said that the government is ordering the media to cover up her allegations about 9/11. And he said that some of the claims concerning government involvement in 9/11 are credible, that "very serious questions have been raised about what they [U.S. government officials] knew before hand and how much involvement there might have been", that engineering 9/11 would not be humanly or psychologically beyond the scope of the current administration, and that there's enough evidence to justify a new, "hard-hitting" investigation into 9/11 with subpoenas and testimony taken under oath.

''it wouldn't shock me if, 30 years from now, we discover in the (CIA) declassified record that the 9/11 (truth movement) industry is being fed by the administration.' Noam Chomsky

"If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”Adolph Hitler

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather a vigilant and tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." – Samuel Adams

Dear President Chavez,

Allow me to say from the onset that it is indeed with great honor that I write this very long but most urgent letter to you and the peoples of Venezuela.

Like you Mr. President, I am no friend of George Bush either as well as the rest of the neo-conservative cabal within his cabinet that took us down the long road to hell in its bogus war on terror which according to Dick Cheney “will not end in our lifetime”.

In fact brother Hugo, I despised G.W. Bush so bad that on March 17th, 2009, I attempted to perform a citizens arrest of him as a credibly accused war criminal at the Telus Convention Center in Calgary Alberta also know as Texas north. There were close to 500 policemen and women in full riot gear and mode as well as numerous suspected Black water type mercenaries which act as Bushes private security whom are shown in camouflage outfits including balaclavas with their sniper rifles pointed directly at me as I broke the police line to arrest Bush. Quite simply put I risked taking a bullet or more to arrest this despicable war criminal.

Prior to the demonstration which was held that day which over 700 people shouted in unisons that Bush be arrested, I had asked my personal lawyer Ramsey Clark the former US Attorney general of the U.S.A. under Lyndon B. Johnson if I was within my rights to attempt this dangerous arrest. Mr. Clark informed me that I was and as well he sent a solidarity statement to us demonstrators at my coaxing wherein he adamantly stated,

“We dare not blink at the magnitude, diversity and pervasive impact of the known crimes committed by the Bush administration. Wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq , the Supreme International Crime, have killed hundreds of thousands outright, wounded, sickened and malnourished many more than they have killed and sent millions as refugees to neighboring nations while rendering homeless millions more. Indiscriminate killing of civilians, summary execution, arbitrary seizures of people and property, secret unlimited detention and torture have been authorized, widely practiced and both defended and denied publicly. President Bush, the self-proclaimed “decider,” reached for unlimited dictatorial power whenever he proclaimed the national security was threatened. And he considered himself above the law where domestic affairs were concerned even a he signed Acts of Congress into law.

Ramsey Clark was one of my attorneys in a celebrated case in 1975 were I was accused of killing a prison guard during the infamous insurrection turned massacre by New York State police at Attica state prison near Buffalo New York on September 9-13th, 1971.

Another lawyer named Michael Ratner former head of the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York City along with his ex- wife Margaret Ratner and her husband the famous civil rights attorney William Kunstler( subject of a recent film release called Disturbing the Universe) all assisted in my Attica related murder trial to which I would be the only man convicted for any charge, including the fact that the New York State troopers shot over 50 thousand rounds of bullets from fully automatic weapons and killed 43 people which included 11 hostages in the retaking of the prison. They were granted along with prison guards a blanket amnesty from criminal prosecution by Hugh Carey who succeeded Nelson Rockefeller as governor.

An Attica prosecutor investigating charges of torture and murder by state troopers to be presented to a second grand jury named Malcolm Bell, charged Nelson Rockefeller with attempting to tamper with a second grand jury while he was facing confirmation hearings in the Senate for his seat as Vice president of the US under Gerald Ford.

Michael Ratner and the Center for Constitutional Rights (USA) have worked tirelessly to expose the war crimes committed by the Bush regime. He and the Center for Constitutional Rights has issued this statement in part to that relative to torture at the hands of the Bush regime,

"Evidence of the criminal activities of the Bush administration is exceedingly well documented. It is apparent in Bush administration memos, FOIA documents, congressional hearings, court documents, the testimony of victims, innumerable investigative news articles and books and direct admissions by intelligence, military and administration officials. The evidence shows that officials at the very highest level including Bush himself, Vice President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and CIA Director George Tenet were directly involved in illegal activities, including torture and war crimes.

In the face of this blatant lawbreaking and institutionalized torture and war crimes committed by the Bush administration, now is the time for accountability. The mechanism exists to hold these officials accountable for their criminal behavior and dissuade future government officials from engaging in torture, war crimes, warrant less surveillance of Americans, and other lawbreaking activities – criminal prosecution of those responsible.
A full investigation and prosecution of these actions by the Bush administration is necessary for the Obama administration to meaningfully reassert the rule of law in the United States. Government officials are not above the law and their actions impact the lives of millions of people around the world. Prosecuting these officials for their activities is, in fact, a meaningful mechanism for securing justice for the victims and the survivors of torture and war crimes, as well as for deterring future government officials from repeating this conduct.

While the Bush administration hardly represented the first foray of the U.S. government into torture, its brazen conduct has set an example that must be repudiated -- as strongly as it was asserted -- through full investigation and criminal prosecution."

Noted author and lawyer Vincent Bugliosi weighs in with this comment, "If we prosecute those in America who only commit one murder, under what theory don't we prosecute a president who is criminally responsible for over four thousand murders?"
Gail Davidson who Chairs for the Lawyers Against War (LAW) in Vancouver B.C. Canada wrote weeks before the demonstration in Calgary this letter to the head of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police which we incorporated into to our press packets and determination to keep Bush out of Canada and to arrest him should he enter. She had this to say in her letter.
Attention Officer in Charge of RCMP War Crimes Section; George W. Bush is reported to be planning to visit Calgary Alberta on or before March 17, 2009 as a guest of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce We are writing to report that:
• George W. Bush, former President of the United States and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, is inadmissible to Canada under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), section 35(1)(a)because of overwhelming evidence that he has ‘committed, outside Canada, torture and other offences referred to in sections 4 to 7 of the Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes Act (CAHWC); and,

• The George W. Bush Administration has engaged in “systematic or

gross human rights violations, or a war crime or a crime against humanity within the meaning of subsections 6(3) to (5) of the CAHWC.

We request that the RCMP War Crimes Section immediately take the following steps:

• begin an investigation of George W. Bush for aiding, abetting and Counseling torture between November 13, 2001 and November 2008 at Guantánamo Bay prison in Cuba, Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, Bagram prison in Afghanistan and other places; and,

• advise the Prime Minister, Attorney General of Canada and Ministers of Immigration and Public Safety that the George W. Bush Administration is a “government that has engaged in torture and other war crimes and crimes against humanity and therefore G.W. Bush, as former President, is also inadmissible under section 35(1)(b) of the IRPA.

Overwhelming evidence of these allegations against both G.W. Bush and the Bush Administration is widely available. These allegations have triggered Canada’s duty to act to use all legal means to ensure the appropriate investigations, remedies and responses. Canada’s international legal duties specifically prohibit treating these acts as legal, as ignoring the IRPA and allowing Bush into Canada would do.

Under sections 4 to 7 of the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act, "crimes against humanity" include murder, enforced disappearance, deportation, imprisonment, torture and imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty in violation of fundamental rules of international law, committed against any civilian population or any identifiable group. War crimes include willful killing, torture and inhuman treatment, unlawful confinement and willfully depriving a prisoner of war or other protected person of fair trial rights.

If there are reasonable grounds to believe a person has been complicit in any of these crimes, entry to Canada must be denied. Reasonable grounds, according to the Supreme Court of Canada are “something more than suspicion but less than…proof on the balance of probabilities.”

Many have concluded that the available evidence establishes conclusively that Bush and the Bush Administration committed torture and other war crimes and crimes against humanity and that Canada and other states now have a duty to condemn, investigate, prosecute and punish those crimes.

U.N. General Assembly President Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann, on March 4, 2009 concluded,

"The [Bush Administration] aggressions against Iraq and Afghanistan and their occupations constitute atrocities that must be condemned and repudiated by all who believe in the rule of law in international relations,"

U. N. Special Rapporteur Martin Scheinin, in February 2009 concluded,

“…the United States has created a comprehensive system of extraordinary renditions, prolonged and secret detention, and practices that violate the prohibition against torture and other forms of ill-treatment….States must not aid or assist in the commission of acts of torture, or recognize such practices as lawful, …Under international human rights law, States are under a positive obligation to conduct independent investigations into alleged violations of the right to life, freedom from torture or other inhuman treatment, enforced disappearances or arbitrary detention, to bring to justice those responsible for such acts, and to provide reparations where they have participated in such violations.” (Underlining added)

The RCMP has a duty to investigate and prevent such crimes at common law and also under the War Crimes Program. This program, as you know, was established specifically to meet the challenge of investigating crimes committed outside Canadian territory. The mandate of the War Crimes Program to, “…ensure that the Government of Canada has properly addressed all allegations of war crimes…” is achieved by, “…the RCMP, with the support of DOJ [Department of Justice], investigating allegations involving reprehensible acts that could lead to a possible criminal prosecution.”

Lawyers Against the War is ready, on request, to provide references to evidence of torture. We are confident that other organizations such as the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights, National Lawyers Guild, American Civil Liberties Association and the Center for Constitutional Rights would also be ready to assist by providing references to evidence.

We request a reply before March 17, 2009


Gail Davidson, Lawyers Against the War

The RCMP replied to Gail Davidson by saying basically that they would not stop Bush from entering Canada let alone stop him from speaking at the Telus Convention Center with a two hundred thousand dollar purse from organizers of the event. The majority of the 1,500 people in attendance were oil executives involved in the devastation of the lands of the Lubicon Indian people in their extrapolation of massive amounts oil shale in the Tar Sands of Alberta.

Many of us know that there is national threat to Venezuelans by the current Obama administration who acting on behalf of there masters on Wall street and their lawyers are prepared to launch an invasion into Venezuela under the guise of fighting terror in the same way they orchestrated the coup against you in 2002 which you successfully thwarted with the assistance of the Venezuelan peoples. This planned coup from US interests is reflected in an article from Associated Press and your response on November 8th, 2009 on your weekly radio show.

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez says he fears a United States-led invasion launched from neighboring Colombia. Associated Press.
CARACAS, Venezuela — President Hugo Chavez on Sunday ordered Venezuela's military to prepare for a possible armed conflict with Colombia, saying his country's soldiers should be ready if the United States attempts to provoke a war between the South American neighbors. Chavez said Venezuela could end up going to war with Colombia as tensions between them rise and he warned that if a conflict broke out "it could extend throughout the whole continent.""The best way to avoid war is preparing for it," Chavez told military officers during his weekly television and radio program. Venezuela's socialist leader has also cited a recent deal between Bogota and Washington giving U.S. troops greater access to military bases as a threat to regional stability.

Mr Chávez warned US President Barack Obama not to get it into his head to use Colombia to launch an attack on Venezuela. He went on to say the US-Colombian accord was a danger to stability in the region. Chavez — former army paratrooper who during more than a decade in power has repeatedly accused Washington of seeking to topple him to seize Venezuela's oil reserves ."The empire is more threatening than ever," Chavez said, referring to the U.S. government. "Don't make a mistake, Mr. Obama by ordering an attack against Venezuela by way of Colombia."

Yes Mr. President and it is also important that we remember the late Ted Kennedy when he stated to Democratic Underground a few years back, “Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Sunday attributed tensions between his government and Washington to a U.S. thirst for control of his country's oil.
Chavez praised his government's cooperative oil projects Petrosur and Petrocaribe, which sell Venezuelan fuel to neighboring countries under preferential terms.
"We want to share our oil and gas reserves with the nations of the Caribbean, the nations of Central America, the nations of South America," Chavez said, speaking by phone to an inaugural ceremony for the regional TV channel Telesur.
"What is it the United States wants?" Chavez said. He said through conflict with his government, U.S. leaders want "to assure themselves those resources to support their irrational model of development, which at the same time means underdevelopment and misery for the majority of the world's people."
Faced with that U.S. policy, Chavez said, "We say no." He reiterated, however, that Venezuela intends to keep selling fuel to the United States. Despite political tensions, Venezuela remains a major oil supplier to the United States. The South American country is the world's No. 5 oil exporter. Chavez has repeatedly accused U.S. President George W. Bush's government of being behind efforts to topple him, including a short-lived 2002 coup. U.S. officials have repeatedly denied it. "We want to keep supporting the American people to the point that we can, supplying them energy, but not only to large U.S. companies, or the established power in Washington," Chavez said.
Chavez said Venezuela has oil reserves of more than 300,000 million barrels, which can partly be used to support development in Latin America. "This is very important because there are many citizens across our Latin America who does not have electricity," Chavez said. "There are entire cities that suffer blackouts. There is an energy crisis in the world."
Chavez's opponents have accused him of selling oil under preferential terms to build political alliances. He has defended his government's oil deals, saying they benefit Venezuela as well as the region.

Chavez has repeatedly accused the U.S. of plotting to overthrow him or to invade Venezuela. The U.S. State Department has denied such accused More than ever, these imperial policies are being carried out by top U.S. government leaders, from the President and Vice President to CIA officials, who have direct ties to the corporations and banks which stand to derive super profits from these policies, particularly the oil, energy, banking and military-aerospace sectors.

Brother Hugo coupled with your with reasons to prepare for an orchestrated attack against the government and peoples of Venezuela from the willing robber baron coalition headed by the US for oil is this critique of the real reasons were are in a corporation lead black operation called a war on terror described in Karen Talbot article in part the big Mid East oil game

Unocal and Afghanistan
A consortium headed by Unocal had for years sought to build gas and oil pipelines from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan and Pakistan to the Arabian Sea.

A major reason for Washington's support of the Taliban between 1994 and 1997 was the expectation that they would swiftly conquer the whole country, enabling Unocal to build a pipeline there.

Central Asian expert Ahmed Rashid said: “Impressed by the ruthlessness and willingness of the then-emerging Taliban to cut a pipeline deal, the State Department and Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency agreed to funnel arms and funding to the Taliban in their war against the ethnically Tajik Northern Alliance. As recently as 1999, U.S. taxpayers paid the entire annual salary of every single Taliban government official ...”

“When the Taliban took Kabul in 1996, Washington said nothing,” John Pilger wrote in The British Daily Mirror. “Why? Because Taliban leaders were soon on their way to Houston, Texas, to be entertained by executives of the oil company, Unocal.”

“With secret U.S. government approval, the company offered them a generous cut of the profits of the oil and gas pumped through a pipeline that the Americans wanted to build from the Soviet central Asia through Afghanistan ...”

“Although the deal fell through, it remains an urgent priority of the administration of George W. Bush, which is steeped in the oil industry. Bush's concealed agenda is to exploit the oil and gas reserves in the Caspian basin ... Only if the pipeline runs through Afghanistan can the Americans hope to control it.”

According to Ishtiaq Ahmad, of Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus, the Bush administration held negotiations with the Taliban early in 2001, despite a developing rift over terms of the pipeline scheme. Laila Helms, public relations agent for the Taliban (and niece of Richard Helms, former CIA chief), brought an advisor of Mullah Omar to Washington as recently as March 2001. One of the negotiating meetings was held just one month before Sept. 11.

“At one moment during one of the negotiations, U.S. representatives told the Taliban, 'either you accept our offer of a carpet of gold, or we bury you under a carpet of bombs',” said Charles Brisard, co-author of the popular French book, “Bin Laden, the Forbidden Truth.”

After Sept. 11, it became much easier to win international support for bombing the Taliban.

Karen later states the head of the newly established “interim” Afghan government conjured up by the Bush administration, Hamid Karzai, has been a CIA covert operator since the 1980s, according to the Saudi newspaper Al-Watan. Karzai supported the Taliban and was a consultant for Unocal.

Bush's envoy to the new government, Zalmay Khalizad, also worked for Unocal. He drew up the risk analysis for the pipeline in 1997, lobbied for the Taliban and took part in negotiations with them. Khalizad was a special advisor to the State Department under Reagan and a key liaison with the mujahideen. He is now on the National Security Council, reporting to National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice.

Enron and other Bush connections

The direct connections between Bush administration personnel and the oil, energy, and military-industrial corporations are very intimate. Here are only a few:

The proposed Baku-Ceyhan pipeline is represented by the Baker & Botts law firm. The principal attorney is James Baker, former secretary of state and chief Bush campaign spokesman in the Florida vote struggle.

In 1994, Cheney, as CEO of Halliburton, was a member of Kazakhstan's Oil Advisory Board and helped broker a deal between Chevron and Kazakhstan. Rice is a member of the board of Chevron.

Brown & Root - a unit of Halliburton - will be upgrading the U.S. air base in Uzbekistan. According to an article in Stars and Stripes, “Brown & Root ... is expected to take charge of base camp maintenance, airfield services and fuel supplies ... run the dining halls and laundry service and oversee the Morale, Welfare and Recreation program.”

Brown & Root performs similar lucrative services at other bases, including those in Bosnia and Kosovo, notably the giant permanent Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo conveniently near the soon-to-be constructed trans-Balkan AMBO pipeline.

Enron Corp., closely linked with Bush and Cheney, conducted the feasibility study for the $2.5 billion trans-Caspian pipeline, a joint venture with Turkmenistan, Bechtel Corp. and General Electric.

Enron had a $3 billion investment in the Dabhol power plant near Bombay, India, the single biggest direct foreign investment in India's history. There was massive opposition to the project in India, due to the huge costs to consumers (700 percent more than from other sources). Enron's survival depended on getting a cheaper source of gas and oil to save the project. This could be solved by the building of a branch of the proposed natural gas pipeline from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan, to terminate in Multan, Pakistan, near the India border. Also, in 1997 Enron announced it was going to spend over $1 billion building and improving lines within India, so the gas would be piped from Multan to the Bombay Enron plant.

Enron was expecting also to cash in on the main spur of the pipeline ending on the Pakistan coast, from which hydrocarbon supplies would be exported to the vast Asian markets.

Clearly, developments in Afghanistan were critical to Enron. George W. became president just when the India project was in serious trouble. One month later, Vice President Dick Cheney held his first secret meeting with Enron CEO Kenneth Lay. The Bush administration is refusing to reveal the details of this and subsequent consultations with Lay, even in the face of a GAO suit for release of the papers. Nevertheless, it has been documented that the Vice President's energy task force changed a draft energy proposal to include a provision to boost oil and natural gas production in India, clearly targeted to help Enron's Dabhol plant. These are but some of the machinations by Bush and his cohorts to help Enron regarding the India deal. Some of the negotiations with the Taliban to promote the trans-Afghan pipeline and thus also help save Enron transpired just prior to the Sept. 11 attacks.

Long before Karens article appeared hearing on Capital Hill in Washington DC were conducted where Unocal executive stated to Congress “From the outset, we have made it clear that construction of the pipeline we have proposed across Afghanistan could not begin until a recognized government is in place that has the confidence of governments, lenders, and our company”. John J. Maresca, vice president of international relations, Unocal Corporation.
So here brother Chavez we see you clearly equating US invasions with oil resources as well as clearly stating numerous times in the past that you believe and I suspect have intelligence data to back up your assertions, that 911 was an inside job, as has a sea of people around the world, come to that conclusion, most recently like Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam who tied Dick Cheney to Unocal Oil and called the deaths of 5,000 US servicemen and women “bullshit”. Can you imagine the seething fury that is resonating throughout the Muslim world by this one statement?
The fact is brother Chavez is that we the people of the world have got to arrest these ruthless war criminals and it is imperative that we figure out the methods and means by which we can run intervention on this unbridled “War on terrorism”, which according to Dick Cheney will not end in our lifetime. This statement came as a result of the horrible massacre which occurred on 9-11-2001. A massacre I believe as well as millions was a false flag operation conducted by the Bush/Cheney regime.

Enter Col. Robert Bowman , Director of the U.S. "Star Wars" space defense program in both Republican and Democratic administrations, who was a senior air force colonel who flew 101 combat missions (Col. Robert Bowman) stated that 9/11 was an inside job. He also said:
"If our government had merely [done] nothing, and I say that as an old interceptor pilot—I know the drill, I know what it takes, I know how long it takes, I know what the procedures are, I know what they were, and I know what they’ve changed them to—if our government had merely done nothing, and allowed normal procedures to happen on that morning of 9/11, the Twin Towers would still be standing and thousands of dead Americans would still be alive. [T]hat is treason!"

And U.S. Army Air Defense Officer and NORAD Tac Director, decorated with the Purple Heart, the Bronze Star and the Soldiers Medal (Capt. Daniel Davis) stated:

"there is no way that an aircraft . . . would not be intercepted when they deviate from their flight plan, turn off their transponders, or stop communication with Air Traffic Control ... Attempts to obscure facts by calling them a 'conspiracy Theory' does not change the truth. It seems, 'Something is rotten in the State.' "
Mr. President, statements such as the one Robert Bowman as well as the numerous statements prior to his calling for a new investigation into 911 are imperative both from a pre 9-11 perspective to the post 9-11 perspective. If the Bush/Cheney administration thinks it can get away with mass murder they are sadly mistaken.
We need you Mr. President to help us to uncover the truth so we can run intervention and assist the Venezuelan peoples in an attempt to thwart the eminent war festering on your borders with a US back military build up that waits to topple your administration.

You and the people of Venezuela have already sponsored a commission in 2005 wherein we read this report by Wayne Madsen,

“The failure of the Bush administration to heed these warnings coupled with subsequent intelligence picked up by the Cuban and Venezuelan security services have led them to conclude that 9-11 was carried out as a result of an "inside job" within the Bush administration. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has announced plans to hold an international 9-11 commission of inquiry in Caracas that will bring together a host of international government, security, and political leaders. Already, preliminary meetings in Caracas for the conference have attracted the attention of the FBI. Recently, an FBI agent asked for the guest list of a hotel on Margarita Island to check on names of guests, including Americans, associated with the preliminary planning meetings for the conference. - Wayne Madsen

More than ever Mr. President we need to conduct a series of hearings from all the brilliant researchers in the 911 movement that have gathered proof beyond a reasonable doubt that 911 was staged by wall street bankers, their lawyers, and the military, industrial, intelligence community. It is far from enough to stage demonstrations in the street to protest the threat the peoples of Venezuela face at this time as the ruling plutocracy in the US and its standing armies and its amoral drone driven weapons of genocide and mass destruction will not stop at in its quest for oil and others resources.

As you very well know the Bush and most prominent Cheney orchestrated 911 as a pretext to invade all resource rich countries of the world as they heed the beckoning of their corporate overlords.

If we are to put a halt to this scorched earth, naked aggression we must expose 9-11 as an inside job as the imperial plunderers continue to use 9-11 as their excuse to bomb populations of Iraqis, Pakistanis, Afghanis and we fear Venezuelans into oblivion. According to Dick Cheney this war on terror will never end in our life time. In others words the executive branch of the US government was able to affect full control of the right to wage war free from congressional oversight and more important free from the restraints of the protocols of war which the US constitution guarantees congress the exclusive power to declare and regulate war matters except in times of a national emergency. This state orchestrated emergency or holocaust to be more precise gave the Bush administration and in particular the Wolfowitz PNAC crew the justification they needed to start a war to usurp trillions of dollars from the US treasury with the blessings of Congress. This denigrated the checks and balance of the American peoples constitutional rights and the rise of tyranny with the passing of the Patriot Act that this Bush Nazi regime wrote long before 9-11 happened and Congress readily passed without reading the act and the fascist suppression of peoples civil liberties contained therein.

It is my belief Mr. President that is we can find the critical smoking guns relative to the perpe-traitors

of this mass murder and treason and present them to war crimes tribunals around the world we can the move to prosecute these nefarious serial psychopathic killers in a contemporary Nuremberg type trial.

I am highly impressed with just such war crimes tribunal that was conducted in Malaysia which I am sure you are aware brother Hugo but would like to present this report from that event that heard from many delegates about their experiences with the purveyors of torture, death and destruction.

They spent many hours collecting evidence on the crimes these Zionist-Nazis think they are getting away with. The evidence will then proceed to a court for charges to be laid.

War Crimes Conference - Malaysia
Dr Mahathir Closes Conference to Criminalize War - Malaysia
The former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, 84, spoke at 4.20pm local time addressing the closing session of the conference to criminalize war, which took place in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, at the initiative of the Perdana Global Peace Organization.

The initiative has received no international media publicity, but drew the attendance of some of the victims of torture and war who will testify at a War Crimes Tribunal which is to start tomorrow, as well as delegates and speakers from around the world, notably former US Congresswoman and Presidential Candidate, Cynthia McKinney as well as two former United Nations Secretary Generals.

Dr Mahathir pointed out at the start of his speech that the leader of this world, who preaches democracy, is willing to kill people and the member countries of this world have no right to remove him when he becomes a monster. Therefore, we should strive for a more democratic world, so that the President of the country that leads the world, should be voted in for a period of time.

He said that he followed the opinion of George Galloway, Member of Parliament of Britain, that we should distinguish between good Jews and bad Jews, and I agree entirely, I have many Jewish friends. But it should also not be allowed to call all Muslims terrorists, there are good Muslims and good Muslim terrorists, he joked to laughter of the audience.

Dr Mahathir recounted the story of a friend who has a name with "A/L" in his passport, and was asked what the meaning of this is. He explained that this means "son of" in Malaysian but as a result he was pulled out of the crowd and examined, because in Arabic "son of" is "Bin" which is unfair, and so not all Muslims should be cast as terrorists, he explained.

He also spoke about the military, as a Malaysian retired General yesterday had addressed the possible good uses of the military, and he explained that the military is like a sharp knife that can make beautiful carvings, but can also kill.

He did not want to spend more time speaking, he said, because he would like to allow other delegates to have their "last say", he joked, and said that the delegates had given much useful insight and that many of these issues needed following up. He thus invited Mr. Hans von Sponeck to speak.

Hans von Sponeck, former United Nations (UN) Secretary General, said that as a German he knows what war is, but that attending this conference has helped him sharpen his arguments against war.

Dennis Halliday, another former UN Secretary General, also gave his final comments, and said that he is honored to speak to Malaysian school children on Monday morning, and that young people need to fix the mess that "we old fools have created."

Tan Sri Sanusi Junid, former President of the International Islamic University, summed up saying that although he had not been to war, he is very much against war. He said that the army arrested his uncle and nephew and raped his auntie, then chopped off his uncle’s head, then tied his nephew and chopped of his auntie's head. His uncle’s head was then sent to a grandmother. He said he does not blame the "soldier" who did this but he blames those who give the orders to go to war.

He revealed that he asked a former CIA director "you hate Dr Mahathir so much, why don't you kill him" to which he received the reply "we don't want to make him a martyr" and that they felt he would be an "over" case within a few years, but he has kept on living and living, he said to the cheers of the almost 1,000 strong audience at the Merdeka Hall in the PWTC Conference Centre.

Cynthia McKinney, then summed up, by thanking Dr Mahathir and his wife Dr Siti, as well as the Perdana Peace Foundation and the Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalize War as well the Tribunal which is next to come. She said that she is embarrassed by what her country has done, and that she had the chance to first meet torture victim Sami Hajj during "Operation Dignity" where they tried to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. During this attempt the Israeli military rammed their boat, and left them to die, drifting in the sea, along with many other human rights activists. She said she protested in front of a U.S. embassy in 2007 in an orange jump suit, attempting to have the prisoners released. She said that these actions of the U.S. do not come to her as a surprise, as the descendant of Africans enslaved by the Europeans in America, she knows what they are capable of.

She pointed out that democracy in the United States of America is very limited, even by electronic counting that has votes goes missing, but also via the presence of special interest lobbies that finance the campaigns and political parties, and that this has to come to an end. She revealed that she sometimes thinks of giving up, but that she may run again for Congress. She said that she is happy to be included in the Perdana Peace "family" and is always happy to meet the wonderful people of Malaysia.

Michel Chussodovsky, of gave his closing comments, saying that we are dealing with a "war against truth", a big lie enforced by the media. This lie includes the causes and consequences of the September 11 attacks on the USA. He said that there are piles of evidence which confirm unequivocally that the official narrative of the 9/11 reports are false and invalid and that there are indications that this was a carefully thought out intelligence operation. Osama Bin Laden on 10th of September was in a hospital bed in Rawalpindi surrounded by U.S. military and intelligence, and this was clearly an intelligence operation to create a pretext and operation to launch a "war on terror" and to accuse Muslims of the crime.

He said that whatever one's position, there is absolutely no evidence that these crimes were committed by Muslims. He also confirmed that the official version relies on cell phone conversations that took place 30,000 feet in the air, when it was not possible to use cell phones in aircraft at that height, as just one other simple example of the falsehood of the official version.

Al Qaidah and its relevant organizations are a construct of the CIA and he confirmed that the CIA knows this, we know it, and that the CIA does not deny it. The process of demonization of Muslims and Arabs is continuing, and there must be a process to find and prosecute those behind the crimes of September 11th.

Dr Mahathir said that the odd thing about 9/11 was that all 3 buildings collapsed rapidly straight down, as if they had explosives already inserted in certain places, and not from the effect of the aircraft hitting them, but due to a demolition method. He wondered why the 3rd building collapsed in the same way (WTC7) although it was not hit by any aircraft. The collapse of this building had been admitted by its Jewish owner, as a controlled demolition when he said "we pulled it."

Michel Chossudovsky confirmed this and that in a bitter irony both the CNN and the BBC had announced the collapse of WTC7 20 minutes before they actually collapsed. While the BBC reporter was saying this being filmed in front of WTC7, showed the building still up, and he wondered how any one could have known this without foreknowledge.

Dr Mahathir said that obviously there have been a lot of lies behind these wars, and he called upon Mr Sami Al Hajj of Sudan, the Al Jazeera reporter who was abducted and falsely imprisoned and tortured in Afghanistan and Guantanemo. Mr Sami gave his thanks for the conference and its organizers and those who have attended it.

General Seri Azumi (Rtd) urged people to "soldier on" against war. Widgets

Moazzam Begg, another torture and "extraordinary rendition" victim, said that after more than 300 sessions of questions and interrogation by British Intelligence officers, he has to thank them for enabling him to become more eloquent. The last time in history that people were brought over to America in chains was that of the West Africans who were mostly Muslims and that this is now the first time since then that this has occurred again. A Black American soldier came to this realization with him. He said it is not easy to stop an institution like the CIA, but that if they close Guantanamo, they will not be doing us any favors as it should not have been there to begin with. He wondered how somebody (Barack Obama) could be receiving a nobel peace prize while ordering drone attacks, and that the one to receive that prize should be Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

In closing, Moazzam Begg, of Cage Prisoners, said there is something special about this place, Malaysia, and that he feels comfortable and at home.

Dr Mahathir, said that there are four other panel members who are not on the stage, and that he was told they do not mind, but that if any of them want to speak they would be welcome.

Dr Souad, Vice Chancellor of the University of Syria, said that those who ordered war need to be criminalized, also for their use of illegal weapons, destroying a country, and creating diseases that are killing a nation, as well as for stealing the resources of nations. She said that "we have to act together to make this happen, each one in his or her own simple way". She called upon everyone to help us in Iraq to stand and resist and liberate our country, choking back tears. "We need all the hope we can get." She pointed out that it is an invasion and not liberation and that we have to stand up to these people. She also said that we do not need a "Nobel Peace Prize" for Dr Mahathir, because he has already received it from the hearts of good people.

Dr Mahathir thanked Dr Souad and said that he believes the world as well as those in this hall, have heard her appeal and would extend whatever help that they can.

Dirk Adriaensens, an anti-war activist from Europe, thanked the organizers of the Conference for being able to be here and make his contribution and network with other peace activists.

Khudhair Waheed Hussain, a medical doctor from Iraq, said that Iraqis will liberate their country and thanked the Conference.

Leuren Moret, an Uranium expert and whistleblower at the U.S. weapons research facility, gave her final contribution to the conference, recounting history where Americans had a huge treasure of gold from Japan and that they decided to keep it a secret. This became a secret fund to defeat all democratic movements around the world after "World War 2" and President Mossadeq was the first legitimate President overthrown with that fund. $200 million dollars has recently been sent to Iran to defeat (democratically elected) President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. She said that it is our "spiritual power" that will defeat the war mongers, as Dr Matrin Luther King had said "spiritual power will defeat military power."

Hana Bayati, freelance film maker from Europe, gave her closing remarks to the Conference saying that the Genocide Convention says we have an obligation to prevent such events. She said she is convinced the Iraqis will liberate their country, but that if there is no accountability, such crimes will happen again. She hopes that the criminalization can be extended not only to the perpetrators but to the beneficiaries, the companies that have made huge profits on the misery of the Iraqi people.

She said that the Iraqi youth are extremely progressive, and that they need to be recognized, given a voice, and given back their sovereignty.

Muhammad Umar of the Ramadan Foundation gave his thanks to the speakers and those who have worked tirelessly to make this effort to criminalize war possible. He said that we need to continue this work and that one of the ways is for Muslims to work for unity, and that on December 15th and 16th there will be a conference for Muslim Unity, and that an invitation has been extended to Dr Mahathir Muhammad who has agreed to speak at that conference.

Dr Mahathir then wrapped up the Conference by saying that many proposals have come from the Conference which should not be ignored. Among the proposals, is the setting up of a fund for those people held in Guantanamo who cannot find asylum, where already 2 members of the panel had contributed a total sum at $3,000. He said that Perdana would contribute and assist with collection for the fund. Malaysia's former Prime Minister and Chairman of the Perdana Global Peace Foundation and the Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalize War said that although there will be some disappointment because not all the criminals would be brought to justice, but the trial that will begin tomorrow will try to focus on a few individuals who were mainly responsible for the crime of invading Iraq.

He revealed there had been a request to make a resolution, and that if those present found it proper, we may support the resolution and that later we may find a way of making it proper. That would be that all prisoners of Guantanamo and other prisons be either released or tried for whatever crimes they may have committed. If we do pass that resolution, and other organizations in the world join us in the same resolution, this could then be forwarded to those responsible. A unanimous show of hands of around 1,000 attendees at the conference, showed support for the resolution.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, called upon all those present as well as those who have left, that the call of several of the speakers to take some steps to pursue this idea to criminalize war, be heeded. The very least is that each person can talk to others about this, and those with contacts abroad should be contacted and told that war is a crime and that "there is a need for us to make it a crime" and that those responsible for it "should be designated criminals, and tried and punished for their crimes."

He also addressed the request that Malaysia provide asylum, and that as he is no longer the Prime Minister, all he can do and will do, is to appeal to the government to allow them to stay here. He is told that there are around 12,000 Iraqis in Malaysia, and he believes that a few more coming to Malaysia will not hurt us, and said that they would be welcome to make Malaysia their second home.

Dr Mahathir thanked those attending and urged attendance at tomorrow's hearing at the Commission which would hear the complaints of many who have suffered. On the 4th day, if the Commission finds merit in the cases, the Tribunal will sit and judge, but will be unable to complete as the accused will need to receive 2 months notice in order to defend themselves. It is then for the Tribunal to decide and the Council to suggest who the guilty people who should appear in not less than 2 months in front of the Tribunal to decide on their guilt or innocence.

He confirmed that the procedures need to be followed carefully in order that the results are fair and just.

The two day International Conference to Criminalize War:

Failure of International Law", drew to a close at 6pm local time (10:00 UTC). Other news items from Mathaba covering the Conference and the Tribunal can be found at Mathaba.Net.

Source: Mathaba.Net

Mr. President before thousands of international delegates to this War Crimes Tribunal held in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia the Honorable Cynthia McKinney had this to say in part about my upcoming trial.

“The Brussels Tribunal, about which we will hear more later, has filed a brief in Spanish courts against U.S. Presidents and other Heads of Government responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Iraq. Unfortunately, under tremendous pressure from the rich and the guilty, Spain is in the process of changing its universal jurisdiction laws and that removes that venue that was available for the people to get even a hearing.

So, rather than survey the juridical landscape with despair, some have gone one step further and attempted to serve warrants on the obviously guilty in their capacity as citizens. One such individual is John Boncore, also known as Splitting-the-Sky.

Splitting-the-Sky is a Mohawk, member of the American Indian Movement that was targeted by the United States government in its infamous and illegal Counter-Intelligence Program, known as COINTELPRO. On March 17th of this year, Splitting-the-Sky was arrested in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where he tried to serve a citizen’s warrant for the arrest of President George W. Bush who had been invited to Canada to give a speech. Splitting-the-Sky has asked me to testify at his March 2010 trial and I intend to be there.

In the advent of this War on Terror, it is clear that governments are straying far away from the wishes of the very people who elect them. I served twelve years in the United States Congress and while I was

here,I +++ Note I could have full statement read by CM on screen.+++++ take out

1. Filed articles of impeachment against George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Condoleeza Rice;

2. Voted against every Pentagon appropriation, considering it immoral to spend so much money on war when millions of our children go to bed hungry every night;

3. Wrote legislation to ban the use of depleted uranium munitions;

4. Was the first Member of Congress to ask the Bush Administration of the September 11, 2001 attack on the United States, what did it know and when did it know it.

That is a very important question that needs answering now Mr. President and with that I will submit the rest of my reasons for attempting to arrest Bush and this is what I believe to be critical proof of an inside job with Dick Cheney at the helm.

First I believe the evidence shows that Cheney had Ibn al Shaykh al libi tortured the most horrendous extremes to get him to finger KSM as the mastermind behind 911 attacks for which he and four others were tortured to confess these attacks and are currently being paraded into New York to face charges and the death penalty by the Obama Justice Department at the advise of attorney general Eric Holder.

Lawrence Wilkerson Drops an Iraq-Torture Bombshell Submitted by Bob Fertik on May 14, 2009
What I have learned is that as the administration authorized harsh interrogation in April and May of 2002 -- well before the Justice Department had rendered any legal opinion -- its principal priority for intelligence was not aimed at pre-empting another terrorist attack on the U.S. but discovering a smoking gun linking Iraq and al-Qa'ida.
So furious was this effort that on one particular detainee, even when the interrogation team had reported to Cheney's office that their detainee "was compliant" (meaning the team recommended no more torture), the VP's office ordered them to continue the enhanced methods. The detainee had not revealed any al-Qa'ida-Baghdad contacts yet. This ceased only after Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi, under waterboarding in Egypt , "revealed" such contacts. Of course later we learned that al-Libi revealed these contacts only to get the torture to stop.
There in fact were no such contacts. (Incidentally, al-Libi just "committed suicide" in Libya. Interestingly, several U.S. lawyers working with tortured detainees were attempting to get the Libyan government to allow them to interview al-Libi....)
Col. Lawrence B. Wilkerson, who is former chief of staff of the Department of State during the term of Secretary of State Colin Powell. Lawrence Wilkerson is also Pamela Harriman Visiting Professor at the College of William & Mary.
Not to make light of this terrible state sponsored terrorism I would add this from an internet friend who said that after being water boarded 183 times KSM subsequently confessed to 911, the assassinations of both Kennedy’s, the Jack the Ripper murders, blowing up the Hindenburg, blowing up the Challenger, disguising himself as an iceberg to destroy the Titanic, the crucifixion of Christ and the extinction of the dinosaurs.
Michael Moore’s website reported this scathing rebuttal by little Dicks daughter Liz Cheney.
Stung by Wilkerson’s criticism of her father, Liz Cheney, who worked in the State Department during the last administration, lashed out at Wilkerson, charging he has made “a cottage industry out of fantasies” about the former Vice President.
Yet years down the road we now read what amounts to a prima facie confession by Cheney himself.
Reporting from Washington -- Vice President Dick Cheney said Monday that he was directly involved in approving severe interrogation methods used by the CIA, and that the prison at Guantanamo Bay , Cuba , should remain open indefinitely.
Cheney's remarks on Guantanamo appear to put him at odds with President Bush, who has expressed a desire to close the prison, although the decision is expected to be left to the incoming administration of President-elect Barack Obama.
Cheney's comments also mark the first time that he has acknowledged playing a central role in clearing the CIA's use of an array of controversial interrogation tactics, including a simulated drowning method known as waterboarding.
"I was aware of the program, certainly, and involved in helping get the process cleared," Cheney said in an interview with ABC News.
Asked whether he still believes it was appropriate to use the water boarding method on terrorism suspects, Cheney said: "I do."
His comments come on the heels of disclosures by a Senate committee showing that high-level officials in the Bush administration were intimately involved in reviewing and approving interrogation methods that have since been explicitly outlawed and that have been condemned internationally as torture.
Soon after the Sept. 11 attacks, Cheney said, the CIA "in effect came in and wanted to know what they could and couldn't do. And they talked to me, as well as others, to explain what they wanted to do. And I supported it."
Brother Hugo, it is inspiring that we hear the recent news that an Italian court has found 24 CIA agents guilty in absentee for the illegal rendition abduction of Abu Omar who would later tell Human Rights Watch in 2007 that he was "hung up like a slaughtered sheep and given electrical shocks" during his time in Egypt.
It is my contention that Cheney was and is still scrambling to make the 911 al queda connection because when the multitudes of people come to realize it was all a big fat state sponsored fabricated lie, critical mass will flood the streets and mob rule will meet out the appropriate sentence’s. Quite candidly speaking revolutions have been fought for far less than this state sanctioned massacre.
The next Cheney smoking gun Mr. President comes from the distinguished author of numerous books on 9-11 and Professor of Theology at the University of California.
David Ray Griffins Affidavit:
The following is David Ray Griffin’s affidavit;
This affidavit is written in support of the claim by John Boncore that former Vice President Dick Cheney should be required to testify under oath in a court of law about his activities in relation to 9/11.
In my various books on the subject, I have shown that there are many good reasons to conclude that the official story about 9/11 false; that the 9/11 attacks were, at least in part, an inside job; and that Dick Cheney was at the center of this criminal and treasonous operation.
I. In “The New Pearl Harbor : Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11” (2004), I provided a summary of the various forms of evidence that the 9/11 Truth Movement had discovered at that time. I presented this summary as a prima facie argument that the 9/11 attacks had been orchestrated by Cheney, Rumsfeld, and other members of the Bush-Cheney administration.
II. II. In “The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions” (2005), I showed that “The 9/11 Commission Report,” which appeared in the summer of 2004, had either distorted or simply omitted the evidence summarized in my previous book. In a follow-up essay entitled “The 9/11 Commission Report: A 571-Page Lie” (available on the Internet), I summarized 115 lies of omission or commission in the Commission’s report that I had identified.
Some of these omissions and distortions involved Cheney in particular. For example:
The Commission’s report omitted “Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta’s testimony, given to the Commission itself, that Vice-President Cheney and others in the underground shelter were aware by 9:26 that an aircraft was approaching the Pentagon.”
The Commission’s report even claimed “that Cheney did not reach the underground shelter (the PEOC [Presidential Emergency Operations Center]) until 9:58”---which was about 45 minutes later than others, such as Mineta, Richard Clarke, and Cheney’s own photographer, said that he had gone down there.
The Commission’s report claimed that “Cheney did not give the shoot-down authorization until after 10:10 (several minutes after Flight 93 had crashed)” while omitting “Clarke’s own testimony, which suggests that he received the shoot-down authorization by 9:50 .”
III. In “Debunking 9/11 Debunking: An Answer to Popular Mechanics and Other Defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory” (2007)---which was awarded a Bronze Medal in the 2008 Independent Publisher Book Awards---I responded to four publications of 2006 intended to bolster the official theory.
One of those publications was a Vanity Fair article, “9/11 Live: The NORAD Tapes,” which claimed that tapes released by NORAD in 2006 verified the claim of “The 9/11 Commission Report” about why the military was unable to intercept the four hijacked airliners. It claimed, for example, that the military was not even notified about American 77’s troubles until after it had struck the Pentagon---thereby contradicting the military’s earlier report, according to which it had been notified about this flight at 9:24 .
I reported, however, what I was told by Laura Brown, the Deputy in Public Affairs for the FAA. She had sent a memo to the 9/11 Commission explaining that the FAA had the FAA and the military had been in conversation about this flight even long before 9:24 . This memo was read into the 9/11 Commission’s record by Richard Ben-Veniste on May 23, 2003 (where it can still be read). And yet the Commission’s report, in rejecting the 9:24 time in favor of its own claim, simply ignored this memo.
IV. In my 2008 book, “9/11 Contradictions: An Open Letter to Congress and the Press,” I laid out 25 internal contradictions within the official story (in which one supporter of the official story contradicted another).
In some of the chapters, I treated in greater detail than before the above-noted contradictions involving Dick Cheney.
Another chapter deals with a contradiction involving Cheney’s long-time friend, Donald Rumsfeld, who was secretary of defense in 2001. Whereas the 9/11 Commission report supports Donald Rumsfeld’s claim that he was in his office with a CIA briefer until the Pentagon was struck (so that he had no “situational awareness” until almost 10:00), Richard Clarke had reported in his best-selling book, “Against All Enemies,” that Rumsfeld was in the Pentagon’s teleconferencing studio, participating in the teleconference Clarke was running from the White House, from about 9:15 until the Pentagon was struck.
Still another chapter deals with a similar contradiction involving General Richard Myers, who on 9/11 was the acting chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The 9/11 Commission supported his claim that he was up on Capitol Hill that morning, and that he had no idea what was going on until shortly before the Pentagon was struck. But Richard Clarke had reported that Myers, like Rumsfeld, was in the Pentagon’s teleconferencing studio, where he had ongoing conversations with Clarke about what was going on.
V. In my second 2008 book, “The New Pearl Harbor Revisited: 9/11, The Cover-Up, and the Exposé” (which was named “Pick of the Week” by Publisher’s Weekly in the third week of November 2008), I provided an overview of the cumulative case against the official story. Many of the points made in this book are summarized in the following article (available on the Internet):
21 Reasons to Question the Official Story about 9/11
David Ray Griffin
Note: Although the points are stated briefly, I give in each case the pages in my most recent book---“The New Pearl Harbor Revisited”---where the issue is documented and discussed more extensively.)
(1) Although the official account of 9/11 claims that Osama bin Laden ordered the attacks, the FBI does not list 9/11 as one of the terrorist acts for which he is wanted and has admitted that it “has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11” (NPHR 206-11).
(2) Although the official story holds that the four airliners were hijacked by devout Muslims ready to die as martyrs to earn a heavenly reward, Mohamed Atta and the other alleged hijackers regularly drank heavily, went to strip clubs, and paid for sex (NPHR 153-55).
(3) Many people reported having received cell phone calls from loved ones or flight attendants on the airliners, during which they were told that Middle Eastern hijackers had taken over the planes. One recipient, Deena Burnett, was certain that her husband had called her several times on his cell phone because she had recognized his number on her Caller ID. But the calls to Burnett and most of the other reported calls were made when the planes were above 30,000 feet, and evidence presented by the 9/11 truth movement showed that, given the technology of the time, cell phone calls from high-altitude airliners had been impossible. By the time the FBI presented a report on phone calls from the planes at the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui in 2006, it had changed its story, saying that there were only two cell phone calls from the flights, both from United 93 after it had descended to 5,000 feet (NPHR 111-17).
(4) US Solicitor General Ted Olson’s claim that his wife, Barbara Olson, phoned him twice from AA 77, reporting that hijackers had taken it over, was also contradicted by this FBI report, which says that the only call attempted by her was “unconnected” and hence lasted “0 seconds” (NPRH 60-62).
(5) Although decisive evidence that al-Qaeda was responsible for the attacks was reportedly found in Mohamed Atta’s luggage---which allegedly failed to get loaded onto Flight 11 from a commuter flight that Atta took to Boston from Portland, Maine, that morning---this story was made up after the FBI’s previous story had collapsed. According to that story, the evidence had been found in a Mitsubishi that Atta had left in the Logan Airport parking lot and the trip to Portland was taken by Adnan and Ameer Bukhari. After the FBI learned that neither of the Bukharis had died on September 11, it simply declared that the trip to Portland was made by Atta and another al-Qaeda operative (NPHR 155-62).
(6) The other types of reputed evidence for Muslim hijackers---such as videos of al-Qaeda operatives at airports, passports discovered at the crash sites, and a headband discovered at the crash site of United 93---also show clear signs of having been fabricated (NPHR 170-73).
(7) In addition to the absence of evidence for hijackers on the planes, there is also evidence of their absence: If hijackers had broken into the cockpits, the pilots would have “squawked” the universal hijack code, an act that takes only a couple of seconds. But not one of the eight pilots on the four airliners did this (NPHR 175-79).
(8) Given standard operating procedures between the FAA and the military, according to which planes showing signs of an in-flight emergency are normally intercepted within about 10 minutes, the military’s failure to intercept any of the flights implies that something, such as a stand-down order, prevented standard procedures from being carried out (NPHR 1-10, 81-84).
(9) Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta reported an episode in which Vice President Cheney, while in the bunker under the White House, apparently confirmed a stand-down order at about 9:25 AM, which was prior to the strike on the Pentagon. Another man has reported hearing members of LAX Security learn that a stand-down order had come from the “highest level of the White House” (NPHR 94-96).
(10) The 9/11 Commission did not mention Mineta’s report, removed it from the Commission’s video record of its hearings, and claimed that Cheney did not enter the shelter conference room until almost 10:00, which was at least 40 minutes later than he was really there, according to Mineta and several other witnesses, including Cheney’s photographer (NPHR 91-94).
(11) The 9/11 Commission’s timeline for Cheney that morning even contradicted what Cheney himself had told Tim Russert on “Meet the Press” September 16, just five days after 9/11 (NPHR 93).
(12) Hani Hanjour, known as a terrible pilot who could not safely fly even a single-engine airplane, could not possibly have executed the amazing trajectory reportedly taken by American Flight 77 in order to hit Wedge 1 of the Pentagon (NPHR 78-80).
(13) Wedge 1 would have been the least likely part of the Pentagon to be targeted by foreign terrorists, for several reasons: It was as far as possible from the offices of Rumsfeld and the top brass, whom Muslim terrorists presumably would have wanted to kill; it was the only part of the Pentagon that had been reinforced; the reconstruction was not finished, so there were relatively few people there; and it was the only part of the Pentagon that would have presented obstacles to a plane’s flight path (NPHR 76-78).
(14) Contrary to the claim of Pentagon officials that they did not have the Pentagon evacuated because they had no way of knowing that an aircraft was approaching, a military E-4B---the Air Force’s most advanced communications, command, and control airplane---was flying over the White House at the time. Also, although there can be no doubt about the identity of the plane, which was captured on video by CNN and others, the military has denied that it belonged to them (NPHR 96-98).
(15) The Secret Service, after learning that a second World Trade Center building had been attacked---which would have meant that terrorists were going after high-value targets---and that still other planes had apparently been hijacked, allowed President Bush to remain at the school in Sarasota, Florida, for another 30 minutes. It thereby revealed its foreknowledge that Bush would not be a target: If these had really been surprise attacks, the agents, fearing that a hijacked airliner was bearing down on the school, would have hustled Bush away. On the first anniversary of 9/11, the White House started telling a new story, according to which Bush, rather than remaining in the classroom several minutes after Andrew Card whispered in his ear that a second WTC building had been hit, immediately got up and left the room. This lie was told in major newspapers and on MSNBC and ABC television (NPHR 129-31).
(16) Given the fact that the Twin Towers and WTC 7 had steel columns running from their basements to their roofs, they simply could not have come down as they did---straight down at virtually free-fall speed---unless these columns had been sliced by means of explosives. Therefore, the official theory, according to which the buildings came down because of fire plus (in the case of the Twin Towers ) the impact of the planes, is scientifically impossible (NPHR 12-25).
(17) The destruction of the Twin Towers had many other features---such as the horizontal ejections of steel beams, the melting of steel, and the sulfidation and thinning of steel---that can be explained only in terms of powerful explosives. For example, the fires could not have come within 1000 degrees Fahrenheit of the temperature needed to melt steel (30-36).
(18) Members of the FDNY (Fire Department of New York ) provided oral histories shortly after 9/11 in which one fourth of them testified to having witnessed explosions in the Twin Towers . Explosions in the WTC 7 as well as the towers were also reported by city officials, WTC employees, and journalists (NPHR 27-30, 45-48, 51).
(19) Mayor Rudy Giuliani told Peter Jennings of ABC News that day: “we set up headquarters at 75 Barclay Street . . . , and we were operating out of there when we were told that the World Trade Center was going to collapse. And it [the South Tower] did collapse before we could actually get out of the building.” However, there was no objective basis for expecting the towers to collapse; even the 9/11 Commission admitted that none of the fire chiefs expected them to come down. The FDNY oral histories show that the information that they were going to collapse came from the Office of Emergency Management---Giuliani’s own office. How could Giuliani’s people have known that the towers were going to come down, unless they knew that the buildings had been laced with explosives? (NPH 40)
(20) NIST, which produced the official reports on the Twin Towers and (recently) WTC 7, has been “fully hijacked from the scientific to the political realm,” so that its scientists are little more than “hired guns,” a former employee has reported, and the 9/11 Commission was no more independent, being run by Philip Zelikow, who was essentially a member of the Bush White House (NPHR 11, 238-51).
(21) The official story about 9/11 is now rejected by constantly growing numbers of physicists, chemists, architects, engineers, pilots, former military officers, and former intelligence officials (NPHR xi).

VI. To expand on the final point of that essay: During recent years, the official story has been publicly rejected by various organizations of scientists and professionals.
These organizations include Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (which has over 700 licensed members), Firefighters for 9/11 Truth, Intelligence Officers for 9/11 Truth, Pilots for 9/11 Truth, Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth, Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice (which has hundreds of scientists), Scientific Panel for the Investigation of Nine-Eleven, Veterans for 9/11 Truth (which includes several former military officers), and Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth (which includes past or present members of the parliaments of Australia, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Sweden, the UK, the United States, and Europe).
As these organizations show, among independent scientists and professionals in the relevant fields who have studied the evidence, the weight of scientific and professional opinion is now overwhelmingly on the side of the 9/11 Truth Movement.
VII. The quality and breadth of the 9/11 Truth Movement’s support is also illustrated by the list of people who have endorsed my books, which includes:
Physicists Steven Jones, John Wyndham, and David Griscom (a fellow of the American Physical Society, now retired from the Naval Research Laboratory).
National Medal of Science winner Lynn Margulis.
AIA architect Richard Gage.
Engineer Jack Keller (who had been given special recognition by Scientific American for his contributions to American society).
Attorney Gerry Spence.
Professors of international law Richard Falk and Burns Weston.
Retired US Marine Corps Lt. Col. Shelton F. Lankford.
Theologians John B. Cobb, Jr., Harvey Cox, Joseph C. Hough, Rosemary Ruether, and the late William Sloane Coffin, Jr.
Economists Michel Chossudovsky and Paul Craig Roberts,
Former intelligence officers Robert Baer, William Christison, Ray McGovern, and Robert David Steele.
9/11 widows Lorie Van Auken and Monica Gabrielle.
Authors Peter Dale Scott, Jim Hightower, Mark Crispin Miller, Marcus Raskin, and Howard Zinn.
Several political leaders, including Yukihisa Fujita of the Japanese Senate; Michael Meacher of the British Parliament; former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura; Terrell Arnold (former deputy director of the US State Department Office of Counterterrorism); and Catherine Austin Fitts (former assistant secretary of housing).
VIII. There is, in sum, more than enough evidence to subpoena former Vice President Dick Cheney in order to force him to testify under oath about what really happened on 9/11, beginning with contradictions involving his own activities.
If Mineta's testimony is to be taken into account, and there is no apparent reason why it should not be, questions about the timing of events the morning of 9/11 come into focus. Most obvious is, if the standing order given by the Vice President prior to the aircraft hitting the Pentagon was not a shoot down order, then what was it? Perhaps it was the danger of this question, and the danger that Cheney would have had to commit perjury to uphold the timeline reported in the mainstream press, that caused the Vice President to testify to the Commission along with the President in closed session, with no transcript, no witnesses, and no public accountability.
Today, multiple serious investigations are underway as to the evidence used by the Bush administration to justify the war in Iraq (Plame/Wilson incident), and when the administration actually decided to invade Iraq (Downing Street Memos). In fact, it is widely known that Bush declared his desire to invade Iraq to an official biographer in 1999, even before he was appointed President by the Supreme Court. Given what is known today about the deceiving of the American public in order to justify the invasion of Iraq, and given what is known about the 9/11 Commission Report and the unanswered questions surrounding the attacks of 9/11. Is there not sufficient reason to include 9/11 in the overall inquiry into possible criminal actions of the Bush-Cheney administration? End.
Mr. President, this affidavit of David Ray Griffin establishes beyond a reasonable doubt that Cheney lied about his time in the Presidential Emergency Operation Command (PEOC) or the “bunker” as it has been called on 9-11-2001 and it is probably the most pronounced “smoking gun” to date we have to begin our investigation about what really happened that day.
Quite candidly speaking I am of the belief that Dick Cheney had Tim Russert of Meet the Press killed by his private assassination ring (that Seymour Hersh writes extensively about) through some form of technique devised by the CIA to induce heart attacks to cover up the contested timeline putting Cheney in the bunker.
What I have basically highlighted from David Ray Griffin affidavit is what I believe (along with another author Peter Dale Scott who wrote the book The Road to 9-11) to be the smoking gun that will bring Cheney down and thus the whole house of cards. What is clearly established is that Cheney specifically by Meet the Press’s Tim Russert is that Cheney was in the PEOC or bunker at the time Cheney told Russert he was there on the sixteenth of September, This would prove Cheney allowed the Pentagon to be struck killing over a hundred military personel, grounded all air pilots and planes to allow strikes on twin towers killing almost 3,000 people and had flight 93 shot down killing many more. The untimely death of Tim Russert, al libi and Bashir Bhutto by Cheneys private Blackwater assassination or death squads are way beyond the charges conspiracy fallacies.
By Jon Gold
Source: [1]
May 22, 2009
Peter Dale Scott
Here is an excerpt from the text of what Cheney said at the American Enterprise Institute on May 21, 2009:
"For me, one of the defining experiences was the morning of 9/11 itself. As you might recall, I was in my office in that first hour, when radar caught sight of an airliner heading toward the White House at 500 miles an hour. That was Flight 77, the one that ended up hitting the Pentagon. With the plane still inbound, Secret Service agents came into my office and said we had to leave, now. A few moments later I found myself in a fortified White House command post somewhere down below.
There in the bunker came the reports and images that so many Americans remember from that day - word of the crash in Pennsylvania, the final phone calls from hijacked planes, the final horror for those who jumped to their death to escape burning alive. In the years since, I've heard occasional speculation that I'm a different man after 9/11. I wouldn't say that. But I'll freely admit that watching a coordinated, devastating attack on our country from an underground bunker at the White House can affect how you view your responsibilities."
The first radar sighting of a plane approaching Washington was at 9:21 AM. In other words Cheney has confirmed his first account (and ours) that he was taken from his office earlier than 9:36 AM (as claimed in the 9/11 Report, p. 39), and first arrived in the bunker much earlier than "shortly before 10:00;
perhaps at 9:58" (9/11 Report, p. 40, citing Cheney interview with Newsweek, November 19, 2001). There were of course no images to watch for some time from the crash in Pennsylvania, as opposed to the Pentagon.
What Cheney said yesterday adds nothing to his first account on September 16, 2001, but clearly discredits his second conflicting account for Newsweek two months later. (Cf. Peter Dale Scott, The Road to 9/11 [4], 197-98, 200-01).
Seymour Hersh has reported extensively on Cheney’s private assassination rings like the following blip on the peoples radar screen,
New York, May 18 (ANI): A special death squad assassinated Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto on the orders of former US Vice-President Dick Cheney, an Arab TV channel has reported.
” Cheney was the chief of the Joint Special Operation Command and he cleared the way for the US by exterminating opponents through the unit and the CIA. General Stanley was the in-charge of the unit,” The Nation quoted US columnist Seymour Hersh, as saying.
The US death unit killed Bhutto because she had told Al-Jazeera TV about the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, Hersh said.
The US leadership did not want Osama to be declared dead. It would have raised questions about the US Army’s presence in Afghanistan, he claimed.
According to Hersh, the former Lebanese PM Rafique Al Hariri and the army chief were murdered for not safeguarding US interests and for refusing to set up US military bases in Lebanon.
Ariel Sharon, the then prime minister of Israel, was also a key man in the plot, he said. (ANI)
May 18th, 2009 - 1:22 pm ICT by ANI
Mr. President, I will be going on trial in March of 2010 to face charges of obstruction of a police officer in the performance of his duty. I face 6 months in jail and a 5,000 fine.
In this particular aspect of my trial my lawyers and I will ask the court who gave the police their orders and how was I obstructing those orders.
Personally I am hoping to prove to the courts that it was the police who did not arrest Bush for being a credibly accused war criminal and that I had actually instructed the police twice to arrest Bush for war crimes according to Canadian law to which they chose to protect the interests of this rich and powerful war criminal.
So on the third time I broke the police line and tried to serve Bush with a peoples warrant for his arrest and was knocked to the ground and brutalized by the police force and as I stated before the Bush private security forces aimed their sniper rifles at me but fortunately decided not to pull the trigger.
Mr. President I am the only indigenous Mohawk Cree Indian man of the land of the Eagle or any man for that matter in history that has attempted to physically arrest a sitting or former President from the US for war crimes and I am appealing to you my indigenous brother and the peoples of the land of the Condor to assist me in quest to arrest this runaway genocide of resource rich nations forced to forfeit our self determining futures over to robber barons.
I am appealing to the powerful winds of nature to carry this message by way of the almighty voice of thunder to call on you Mr. President to immediately declare the Bush/Cheney cabal guilty of war crimes and to issue warrants for their arrest should they step of the plane into your tropical sovereign territory.
Italy has done it, Japan has done it. Malaysia is calling for it, Spain is doing it and as well we need Bolivia, Equator, Cuba, Mohawk Nation and the world indigenous populations to demand their arrest, detention and day in Nuremberg type court.
We must create an international war crimes bloc and bring these criminals to justice.
Still my brother in moral arms the burden of proof as to the extent of the crimes these genocidal maniacs have committed lays heavy on our shoulders but we can take great courage and hope from international tribunals that are popping up world wide.
Brother Hugo, I don’t suspect that the courts in Calgary Alberta will allow much expert testimony on 911 but I have asked the very prominent author David Ray Griffin for an affidavit on why Dick Cheney should be brought before a court of law and prosecuted for his role in 911.
I have supplied his affidavit here which I will quote in part when I read in public forums to appeal to the court of public opinion. David zeros in on the inconsistencies of Cheney’s timeline for 9-11-2001 in the Presidential bunker which will prove he lied about his time( with his wife Liz who sits on the board of Lockheed Martin) there as it will put prove he was calling the shots that morning in a contrived national emergency that made him the commander in chief while Bush was sent on a wild goat chase in this “to put it more accurately, coup de tat of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Meyers, Giuliani and many more.
Presenting evidence and arguments mandates that the burden of proof be impeccably presented. This burden, in the face of the endless sea of skeptics, weighs heavy on our shoulders but it is after all an attempt to arrest this naked aggression of the elite corporaterrorists and their bonehead executive branch stooges who have abdicated the rule of law and the checks and balances of the US Constitution (modeled after the Iroquois Great Law I might add) that guards against the rise of tyrannical governments. One of the many consequences of our current political climate, in which war has been declared endless, is that people are often driven to ask the question how will we stop the war on an enemy that is everywhere but no where?
At this juncture of my writing to the conscientious peoples of Venezuela and by way of resonance the peoples of the world I will state with full conviction that according to law the US had to orchestrate an emergency crisis of horrific proportions in an effort to by pass Congresses sole power to regulate and declare war. The Bush/Rove/Cheney syndicate had to put full power in the executive branch to regulate a never ending war on terror which like the Nazis rise to power, was secured by their burning of the Reichstag was brought to fruition with 911.
The only way we can prevent the advent of a world war fought with nuclear weapons thousands of times worse than then the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki which is currently germinating in the Caspian Sea Basin or the eminent blood baths brewing in a second revolution in the America, is to hold the real perpe-traitors of 911 responsible for mass murder and treason.
This next phase of my letter to you Mr. President and the peoples of Venezuela will be evidence that probably will never see the light of day in my trial, Splitting the Sky vs. Bush et al but is being submitted here as a public document that could be used in some legal capacity on international levels and most importantly submitted to the court of public opinion for consensus on the question of guilt or innocence of the duly accused suspects of Nazi like atrocities.
Consider if you will this testimonial statement by a famous film make Aaron Russo who produced America: Freedom to Fascism, Trading Places with Eddy Murphy and many more and hardly a conspiratorial basket case. This testimony is presented as “PRE-9-11 EVIDENCE of (MIH) or MADE IT HAPPEN”.
Eleven months before 9/11 filmmaker Aaron Russo had the following exchange with Nicholas Rockefeller.

“I got a call one day from an attorney woman I knew and she said, ‘would you like to meet one of the Rockefellers?’ I said ‘Sure, I would love to.” And we became friends and he began to divulge a lot of things to me. So he said to me one night, “There’s going to be an event Aaron, and out of that event you’re going to see we’re going to go into Afghanistan, so we can run pipelines out of the Caspian. We’re going to go into Iraq to take the oil and establish a base in the Middle East and we’re going to go into Venezuela and get rid of Chavez.
The first two they’ve accomplished, Chavez they didn’t accomplish. And he said you’re going to see guys going into caves looking for people that they’re never going to find. He was laughing about the fact that you have this war on terror – there’s no real enemy. He’s talking about how by having this war on terror you can never win it because it’s an eternal war and so you can always keep taking people’s liberties away. I said how are you going to convince people this war is real, and he said THE MEDIA.

The media can convince everybody it’s real. You keep talking about things, you keep saying things over and over and over again and eventually people believe it. You know you created the federal reserve in 1913 through lies, you create 9/11 which is another lie, through 9/11 you fight a war on terror and now all of a sudden you go into Iraq which was another lie, and now they’re going to do Iran. And it’s all one thing leading to another leading to another leading to another!
And I said, ‘Why are you doing this for, what’s the point of this thing? You have all the money in the world you ever want, you have all the power, you’re hurting people it’s not a good thing,’ and he would say ‘What do you care about the people for? Take care of yourself and take care of your family.’

And then I said to him, ‘What are the ultimate goals here?’ He said, ‘The ultimate goal is to get everybody in this world chipped with an RFID chip, and have all money be on those chips and everything on those chips. And if anybody wants to protest what we do or violate what we want, we just turn off their chip.
Russo was friends with Nicholas Rockefeller, of the infamous Rockefeller business and banking dynasty. Russo eventually ended his close friendship with Nicholas after becoming appalled by the Rockefeller’s and their ambitions.

Now this testimony which is probably the most critical hands on confession that exposes 911 from following the money trail and is “POST- 9-11 of (MIH) or MADE IT HAPPEN”.

Testimony of Richard Grove Jan. 9, 2009
Richard Grove used to work for Silverstream Software on the 98th floor of World Trade Center 1 and exposed insider trading between a few companies also based in WTC. Marsh McLennan, AIG and Silverstream, he broke down the information into an audio recording back in 2006 that he called 'Project Constellation' after the style of visual works by suicided artist Mark Lombardi... thought this worth sharing for those who may not have heard it yet. Here’s a little of the transcript of the audio recording...

In 2000 I worked for a software development entity called SilverStream Software. I worked in Sales- and in October of that year I won the largest client in company history, which soon thereafter led to the acquisition of SilverStream by Novell. (Footnote, Novell is owned by Hedge Fund billionaire George Soros)

In contextual hindsight, and considering the audience, my Gordon Gekko was a client named Marsh & McLennan. Marsh is the world’s largest Insurance Brokerage. You might also recall that Marsh was located right below Cantor Fitzgerald in the North Tower, and approximately 295 Marsh employees were murdered that morning along with the other innocent victims and employees who either “knew too much”, or “too little” about their chosen work environment.

SilverStream’s technology was on the cutting edge of internet solutions, offering software to web-enable the critical business functions of Fortune 500 companies- basically integrating and making available on the web the disparate legacy applications and mainframes while simultaneously streamlining workflow and traditional paper processes, with an end result being a lower cost of operation and more efficient transactions- because inefficiencies such as people were being taken out of the loop. And here’s where it gets interesting…

SilverStream had built internet transactional and trading platforms for Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Banker’s Trust, Alex Brown, Morgan Stanley; to name a few. I was responsible for these accounts at one time or another. Coincidently, several of these companies purchased space in the World Trade Center and simultaneously completed disaster-recovery and business continuance implementations just prior to 9-11.

And hopefully, you’re already somewhat familiar with the roles that these financial institutions played on 9-11, and if you include Marsh & McLennan, and another client of mine in 2001, AIG, on the list: you pretty much have the major players involved in the financial aspect of the 9-11 fraudulent trading activity. You might also have noticed the hidden information regarding Marsh on the bottom half of the screen approximately 6 ½ minutes into Loose Change.

I didn’t realize the scope of these connections myself, until about a month after 9-11, when I read Mike Ruppert’s article on the Criminal Insider Trading that took place on September 11th. Ruppert’s contentions are accurate to a great degree; but it’s also important that one separate his documented facts from his peak oil theories...

So Mr. President we now have Richard Grove telling us that if we look at Marsh and McLennan and AIG “we will pretty much have the major players involved in the financial aspect of the 9-11 fraudulent trading activity”.

What Grove has basically said here is a confession that he was an unknowing participant in this insider trading which should have been brought before the legal establishment in New York, investigated and prosecuted as the tip of the iceberg but to this day absolutely nothing.

That said brother Hugo it is extremely imperative to take a thorough no stones left unturned look at Marsh, AIG, The Blackstone Group, Kroll, Kissinger, Hauer, Giuliani, Cheney and Unocal and see if we can paint a picture for the skeptics of the world who refuse to look at the mind-blowing reality that 9-11 was an orchestrated corporate black operation and (MIH)or made it happen by G.W. Bush peripherally and specifically by the Dick Cheney regime.

Marsh and McLennan Companies

From Xiando

The Marsh & McLennan Companies (MMC) is a "global professional services firm with annual revenues exceeding $11 billion."
The companies:

•Risk and Insurance Services: Marsh, Inc. and Guy Carpenter and Company.
•MMC Capital. A global private equity firm.
•Investment Management: Putnam Investments.
•Consulting: Mercer, Inc. [1]
•Risk Management: Kroll
•Crisis Management: Marsh Crisis Consultancy
Marsh & McLennan is controlled by Jeffrey Greenberg, the son of Maurice Greenberg.

American International Group is their biggest stockholder. CEO is Michael Cherkasky.

Marsh is the prime suspect in 9/11, because Marsh had full control on WTC1 where they occupied all floors and they had the top floor of the WTC2 "impact" and could have worked their way down, however the main occupant was Fuji bank with whom AIG did a lot of work and also featured in Iran-Contra.

Paul Bremer is a member of their boards and is closely related to the George W. Bush administration as well as Henry Kissinger. On October 11, 2001 Marsh established specialized terrorism team called Marsh Crisis Consultancy. The following teams were added to it:

•Control Risks Group,
•a British ex-SAS team and
•Versar, a bio terrorism and homeland defense team.
The same group could have known each other from 9/11.

Marsh also bought Kroll who is the prime suspect for the operational part of 9/11.

From Xiando

Kroll, Inc., according to the corporation's web site, "is the world's foremost independent risk consulting company. For more than 30 years, Kroll has helped companies, government agencies and individuals reduce their exposure to risk and capitalize on business opportunities. Kroll is traded on The NASDAQ Stock Market® under the symbol "KROL."

"With offices in more than 60 cities in the U.S. and abroad, Kroll can operate and restructure businesses; scrutinize accounting practices and financial documents; gather and filter electronic evidence for attorneys; recover lost or damaged data from computers and servers; conduct in-depth investigations; screen domestic and foreign-born job candidates; protect individuals, and enhance security systems and procedures. [1]

Kroll has been named as the "private" CIA and is one of the prime suspects of 9/11.

Kroll has merged with Marsh and McLennan Companies and always had American International Group as their biggest stockholder. The Blackstone Group was a stockholder from 1993 onwards. Just before 9/11 Kroll merged with Armor Holdings…..

Kroll's insider trading cover up

There are reports of a sharp rise in credit card transactions at the WTC on 9/11. Unusually large sums of money were rushed through the computers.

Convar tried to recover the data. The Convar data salvage found more than $100 million on insider transactions took place in the hours and minutes before the twin towers collapsed. The reconstructed data was given by Convar to the FBI. And in June 2002 Ontrack/Convar was acquired by Kroll Inc. (Kroll O'Gara Eisenhardt). Nothing has ever been heard of the recovered data or the investigation. [5] (

The transaction was made with Silverstream - part of Marsh - software for companies inside the WTC. Those companies were unusually vacant on the morning of September 11. Marsh acquires Silverstream and later Marsh acquires Kroll. [6] (

The Silverstream software was mainly sold to Marsh & McLennan, AIG, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Banker’s Trust, Alex Brown, and Morgan Stanley. It is likely that those companies who are the heart of the banking and insurance industry received a preliminary warning explaining why they were reasonable empty at morning of September 11. The same list of companies is also tied in with pre-9/11 insider trading. Also many of them are tied in with the Intelligence Community. End

On that horrendous morning Richard Grove was summoned to the 98th floor with his massacred co workers and friends and told to bring all evidence he had of inside trading by his boss of Silverstream who was calling from another location in Chicago knowing that Grove and others were going to die as Grove has stated on the Jack Blood radio show.

Fortunate for Grove he was caught in a New York traffic jam and was late for his execution as he watched live the horror in shock while we watched this super sized corporaterrorist snuff movie designed to psychologically traumatize the world into abject fear and submission to the emersion of the fourth Reich. But more than that Mr. President it gave them the catastrophic and catalyzing event they needed to invade the Mid East to set up military bases and rip off the oil and gas reserves of the Caspian Sea Basin.


Maurice Greenberg of AIG released this press statement in August of 2001.

Release on February 21st 2000:

“American International Group, Inc. (AIG), The Blackstone Group L. P. and Kissinger Associates Inc. announced the establishment of a new venture to provide financial advisory services to corporations seeking high-level independent strategic advice. […] The venture will operate globally and will take advantage of the existing relationships between the partners:

- AIG has an ownership interest in Blackstone and is an investor in several of Blackstone's private equity funds;

- AIG and Blackstone have a joint venture, specializing in restructuring and M&A advisory services in selected Asian countries;

Henry Kissinger chairs both AIG's International Advisory Board and the advisory boards of several AIG-sponsored Infrastructure Funds

The AIG-Blackstone-Kissinger Associates venture recently completed its first advisory assignment on behalf of a New York Stock Exchange listed U.S. company.”

Indeed: “In 1998, American International Group ("AIG") acquired a 7% non-voting interest in The Blackstone Group for $150 million and committed to invest $1.2 billion in future Blackstone-sponsored funds.” (Source) And Maurice Greenberg sits on Blackstone’s Domestic Advisory Board.


Henry Kissinger has recently been appointed to head the 9-11 Commission. Everything else considered (like Kissinger being a war criminal & all) there is the serious question of his

conflicts of interest. Take for example this exchange on CNN’s Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer:

BLITZER: Let me then move on to a Los Angeles Times editorial which came up with a different criticism of you, and I'll put that up on the screen as well. It says, "His company Kissinger Associates, is known for introducing U.S. firms looking for business overseas to leaders of foreign governments. The company has not disclosed all of its clients or detailed the work it does. There is the possibility of a conflict of interest in investigating foreign governments that can be beneficial to clients." What about that point, that your company, Kissinger Associates, does not disclose its clients and there could be potentially a conflict of interest?

KISSINGER: No law firm discloses its clients. I will discuss my clients fully with the counsel of the White House and with the appropriate ethics groups. And the possibility that the investigation of a commission that contains eight commissioners would be affected by any conceived commercial interests is outrageous. I have served six presidents, and I have never been accused of anything of this kind.

Henry Kissinger seems to be involved in the most important business deals in the last 10 years and more

Dr. Kissinger has served as a director of Hollinger Inc., as Chairman of Kissinger Associates Inc., an international consulting firm, since 1982. Kissinger Associates' clients have included Union Carbide, Coca-Cola, American Express, ITT Lockheed, Arco, UNOCAL and HSBC

Hey President Obama , President Chavez and I want to know why Osama bin Laden is not on FBI Most Wanted list and how you can blame Al’Qaida for 911 as a justification for your massive military buildup in Afghanistan , Pakistan and Venezuela. I’ll show you my proof if you show me yours.

Rudy Giuliani

Brother Hugo, I happen to consider the former Mayor of New York as my political nemesis.

In 1997 Giuliani attempted to use me as a Willie Horton style media ploy to secure his seat in City Hall as Mayor for a second term by implying that the Councilwoman running against him Ruth Messinger hosted a party for a cop killer at her brownstone apartment in the upper west side of NY.

The attack against Messinger in this vicious re election campaign made headlines all around the world. A reporter from CBC national news came to interview me in Surrey BC while I was organizing a defense for comrades involved in the Gustafsen Lake standoff of 1995 which was a principal leader as well.

The reporter was under contract by CBS national news in the US to get an interview with me. I stated in the interview that Giuliani was a disgusting politician and opportunist of the worst type. I went on to say that one day this canine attack would come to bite him in the ass. That day Mr. President has arrived as unlike Time Magazines portrayal of Giuliani as man of the year for his “heroic” role in 911, I intend to assist in the future headlines that name Giuliani as the Criminal of the Century along with Bush, Cheney and the folks at the Federal Reserve.

The following is one of the reports written by Clyde Hagerman, who I became friends with during my trial, of the New York.

NYC; Attica's Blood Is Obscured In Sound Bites

Published: Tuesday, September 30, 1997
IT comes as no shock that Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani has been harsh in attacking Ruth W. Messinger instead of using his big lead in the polls to take the high road back to City Hall. It is his nature to treat opponents, or even well-meaning critics, as enemies.

Still, the Mayor's cavalier campaign use of the 1971 inmate rebellion at the state prison in Attica, N.Y., has stunned people who witnessed or chronicled what was the bloodiest episode in modern New York State history.

Perhaps Mr. Giuliani is counting on memories being short. Or on the fact that many New Yorkers were not even alive when Attica entered the lexicon as a synonym for wholesale death, which occurred as state troopers stormed the rebels, indiscriminately killing inmates and prison guards alike: 39 in all.

At the very least, those long-ago events were more nuanced than you might imagine from listening to the Mayor typecast Ms. Messinger as a radical-chic throwback because of a 1979 party held in her house for John B. Hill, a young inmate who was convicted of killing a guard as rioting erupted.

So mass death is reduced to sound bites about a cocktail party. Which, mind you, Ms. Messinger may or may not have attended (participants' accounts vary) and which she insists she does not remember.

DOES her memory lapse tell us something about her character? The Mayor says yes. But some reply that Mr. Giuliani's own character is revealed by his use of an old trauma for partisan purposes, down to hauling in a few present-day Attica guards to endorse him.

''He is misusing the history of Attica for his own benefit,'' protested Daniel Meyers, a lawyer for Attica inmates in civil proceedings that still continue.

Even a close Giuliani adviser, Herman Badillo, seems uncomfortable with the Mayor's exploitation of the rebellion.

''The way it exploded, it came up unfortunately,'' Mr. Badillo said yesterday, adding that City Hall had not consulted him. Too bad. Mr. Badillo could have reminded Mr. Giuliani what it was like at Attica, because he was there. He was a Congressman then, called in with others to mediate a peaceful conclusion -- an effort that proved to be in vain.

In Mr. Badillo's opinion, brute force prevailed over sound judgment when Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller sent in his troopers to carry out what a disillusioned state prosecutor would later call a ''turkey shoot.'' Mr. Badillo himself has described Attica as a ''willful police riot'' and a ''bloody massacre.'' Certainly no cocktail party.

''It was,'' he said, ''a very traumatic experience all around.''

A FEW other points are pertinent, including social context. In 1971, many New Yorkers, including political moderates, actually worried about deplorable conditions inside state prisons, at Attica and elsewhere. Obviously, this was before the present spirit of lock 'em up and throw away the key.

As for John Hill, he was not some crazed Cagneyesque killer, as Mr. Giuliani implies. Yes, he had been convicted of armed robbery as a youthful offender, and he has since had brushes with the law. But he was then barely 19, a kid who became caught up in rioting at the start of a four-day inmate siege. It was in those frenetic first moments that Correction Officer William Quinn was severely beaten. If he was hit by one person, he was hit by dozens.

Yet only two people were singled out for murder charges: Mr. Hill and another teen-age convict, Charles J. Pernasilice, whose sole criminal conviction until then was for stealing a motorcycle when he was 16. The evidence against him was so weak that a jury in Buffalo found him guilty of nothing more than attempted assault.

Mr. Hill, though, went to prison for murder. But by late 1976 a new Governor, Hugh L. Carey, had decided it was time to ''close the book'' on Attica, that it was wrong for the full burden to fall on a handful of convicts who had been sentenced on various charges, John Hill among them.

In early 1979, he was paroled, and in April the party for him was held in Ms. Messinger's home, although people who remember it say that someone else had sponsored it. The real point is that this was no celebration of a killer. ''It was to celebrate his release and to start him on his new life,'' said Elizabeth Fink, another lawyer for Attica inmates.

There is no doubt that Ms. Messinger was simpatico, on hand or not. But that was not a radic-lib view in those days. No less than Governor Carey, hardly a radical, warned in 1976, ''Attica lurks as a dark shadow over our system of justice.''

It is still casting its shadow, this time over the mayoral election.

Now Brother Hugo lets fast forward to another election campaign of Rude Giuliani this time as a failed attempt to secure the office of the US presidency and see what people who suffered great loss on 911 had to say.


Firefighters Urge "Peeling Of Giuliani's 9/11 Onion"

Spokesman for largest Firefighters' union speaks out

Steve Watson

Monday, March 12, 2007

The press secretary of the biggest firefighters' union, the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) has today shed more light on the furor surrounding last week's press coverage of Giuliani's snubbing of the firefighters invitation to an upcoming presidential candidate forum.

Alex Jones was joined on air today by IAFF's Jeff Zack, who revealed in no uncertain terms that the image of Giuliani as some sort of a 9/11 hero could not be further from the truth as far as the firefighters of New York are concerned.

Last week the AP reported:

After Giuliani pulled out of a planned appearance at an International Association of Firefighters presidential forum next week, the group released a stinging draft letter indicating that it almost didn't invite him at all because of continuing anger at his "despicable" role in pulling firefighters off the Twin Towers' debris pile in 2001 before all hope of finding their dead comrades' remains was exhausted.

"The disrespect that he exhibited to our 343 fallen FDNY brothers, their families, and our New York leadership in the wake of that tragic day has not been forgiven or forgotten," said the three-page letter, drafted by union leaders in late February and first disclosed on Newsday's Web site Thursday.

A CNN report covers this in more depth here.

Mr. Zack explained on the Alex Jones show that the initial decision from those debating the issue from New York City and from the national office was that Rudy Giuliani shouldn't be invited. Zack explained that this was:

"Because of the egregious way he treated our fallen and those attempting to pursue a dignified recovery of the citizens and firefighters that lost their lives that horrific day. In making that decision a discussion ensued about, well, how are we going to communicate to our membership that we're not Inviting Rudy because, you know, he would be the only person that was not invited; every other major candidate was invited from the Republican party and the Democratic party. So we drafted a letter to let people know of exactly the circumstances that were discussed and why Rudy didn't deserve an invitation."

Before there was a final decision another discussion ensued and it was finally decided that Giuliani should be given a platform regardless, so he did get invited, confirmed his appearance last Monday and then two days later changed his mind and canceled. The firefighters' union, feeling somewhat snubbed, decided to release their previous draft letter anyway in order to give more clarity to the situation.

Mr. Zack went on to explain exactly why the firefighters hold Giuliani in such low esteem:

"There were a number of issues over which our firefighters had severe disagreements with the mayor prior to September 11th, and then his actions following that horrific day where he made the decision to pull firefighters off the pile from searching for citizens and firefighters that lost their lives, and he went to a full what we call 'scoop and dump', where he was just taking all what he determined was trash, putting it on a barge and sending it to Fresh Kills landfill. Well that what he called trash contained the remains of thousands of citizens, hundreds of firefighters, and we felt that the families of those people deserved some sort of closure and some sort of dignified recovery process because they were innocent victims."

To this day the remains of hundreds of innocent victims of the September 11 attacks are still sickeningly buried in the world's largest rubbish dump, on Staten Island, where it has been declared by New York officials that they will stay for ever. Officials, citing financial constraints, have refused to make any concessions and wish to leave those victims to rot in the ground with acres of stinking trash.

Giuliani's official reasoning for this was that he was acting in the interest of safety. The IAFF believes this to be totally false, Jeff Zack commented:

"For him to determine that it was unsafe, OK this actually was the most unstable unsafe destruction area in the history of the Untied States. but for Rudy Giuliani to all of a sudden become concerned, six weeks after the initial accident where hundreds and thousands of people had been coming through and working on that pile for weeks and weeks, all of a sudden he became concerned about the safety of people on that pile? That's disingenuous."

Zack then reiterated the real reason behind Giuliani's action:

"The real reason was that the Bank of Nova Scotia's assets were buried in that rubble, the day they got those assets out of that pile, Rudy shut the pile down, said 'everybody off, we're going to full scoop and dump'... It was gold, it was silver, it was other assets, I've seen a lot of numbers too, I don't have an exact one so I don't want to give it to you... Our firefighters were on the pile helping excavate the gold as well, our problem is that all Rudy cared about at the end of the day was the gold bricks, not the lives and the memories of those that were the true heroes that day."

At the time, in November 2001, it was reported that $200 million in gold bullion has been recovered from the site. One day later around 50% of firefighters were removed from the job and totally denied access.

Many declared they were being disrespected, that the city was more concerned with gold than people. Others said the city wanted to speed up the removal of debris to save money.

'We're on a mission, and we won't leave until it's done,' insisted fireman Chuck Horack. 'We see the site as sacred ground. Our brothers are still in the debris. No one can ever know how important it is to bring their husband home to a widow.' Mayor Giuliani launched a bizarre and savage attack on the firemen, saying their actions were 'sinful'. 'They have absolutely no monopoly in caring about the people there,' he said.

Another huge 9/11 scandal that has angered the firefighters and first responders, is that of the criminal culpibility on behalf of government officials who certified the air safe to breathe in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. Mr Zack stated:

"That's a whole other issue, the extreme denial, not only in which the Federal Government was, but the City of New York in cooperation with the Federal Government, about how dangerous it really was to be on that pile, not just working on the unsettled situation but breathing that air full of the toxic particles that we now know it was full of.

There was a whole lot of discussion including the Environmental Protection Administration, which said 'the air there is not a problem', New York City and Rudy Giuliani's administration agreed with that assessment and continued to put forward the idea that it wasn't a problem and that it was OK."

We have previously exposed in great detail how not only did the government know on the day itself that rescuers were being exposed to harmful dust, they also ordered misleading information to be given to the public, they ordered scientific research results on the air to be falsified, they allowed residents to return to their homes in the immediate vicinity knowing the air was corrosive and lethal and, to top it all off, they have since embarked on a collective program to block compensation and funding of health programs because that would be an admission of guilt.

We have also previously exposed how Rudolph Giuliani admitted to Peter Jennings that he got a warning that the South Tower was about to collapse.

Why is this important?

No steel framed building had ever collapsed from fire damage before in history. The event was unprecedented. To know the building was about to collapse would require inside knowledge of 'the 9/11 script' and how it was supposed to unfold on that fateful day.

Remember, right before the building collapsed, firefighters reported minimal fires which they could quickly and easily extinguish.

Why didn't the brave firemen and rescue workers who were rushing into the building get the same warning? Even if the warning was only communicated minutes before the collapse, countless lives could have been saved.

Consider the amount of people on the lower floors, in the lobby and immediately outside that could have rushed to safety in those few minutes.

In the years after 9/11 Giuliani has made millions in speaker's fees, going around the country, billing himself as "America's Mayor". As Jeff Zack commented:

"Rudy Giuliani has made millions and millions of dollars off of 9/11, and the story he likes to tell about 9/11, and he has used those millions of dollars and those speeches around the country to build up this image that he was a hero that day and in the days following. As far as the firefighters of New York are concerned he is anything but a hero.

You should really be skeptical about someone who calls themselves a hero. Who spends millions and millions of dollars after the fact, building up an image as an American hero when in fact if you go back and look at what really happened that day and what the real heroes of that day really think of Rudy Giuliani, that's the true measure of who Rudy really is.

This Story, Rudy's onion will continue to be peeled and America will learn the true character and who Rudy Giuliani really is."

Giuliani called wanting to search for and give proper burials to fallen heroes 'sinful' while he was ordering them to be scooped up, shipped off and disposed of in a stinking trash heap. He knowingly lied and ordered false information to be released about the toxicity of the air at ground zero. Now this man has the gall to paint himself up as a 9/11 hero and want to use that to become President of the United States.
That brings us to the recently announced sham trial in NY Federal Court of attorney general Eric Holder of KSM and others tortured by the CIA and US military sadists into confessing that they masterminded and executed the deaths of 3,000 people on 911. Note the following quote from the Huffington Post.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama predicted that professed Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will be convicted and executed as Attorney General Eric Holder proclaimed: "Failure is not an option."

Even if a terror trial suspect were acquitted, Holder said, he would not be released in the United States.

In one of a series of TV interviews during his trip to Asia, Obama said those offended by the legal privileges given to Mohammed by virtue of getting a civilian trial rather than a military tribunal won't find it "offensive at all when he's convicted and when the death penalty is applied to him." Obama quickly added that he did not mean to suggest he was prejudging the outcome of Mohammed's trial. "I'm not going to be in that courtroom," he said. "That's the job of the prosecutors, the judge and the jury."

Here’s an interesting tidbit by Jay Mac on Eric Holder Eric Holder.

Until recently worked for a law firm that represented Gitmo detainees.

“Holder’s previous job, after all, was as a senior partner with Covington and Burling – a white-shoe DC law firm that devotes considerable pro bono time to defending the Gitmo detainees. The job paid $2 million a year, and he expects to collect a like amount this year as part of his separation package.

As a senior partner, he undoubtedly had significant input on what kind of charity cases his firm picked up. He surely knew that dozens of lawyers from his firm were among the 500-plus civilian lawyers representing the 244 or so remaining detainees (on top of military-court-appointed defenders).”

In fact his law firm was pushing for civilian trials of the detainees. Conflict of interest? You bet.

It also raises major concerns about how watertight the case against KSM and others actually is. Holder’s background is an interest in defending terrorists, not prosecuting them.

Are Obama & Holder more concerned about their so-called principle here- and at the same time scoring points against Bush era policy- than they are about securing violent jihadists who hate America?

As with the decision to close Gitmo by January or their calls for a COIN campaign in Afghanistan- these geniuses maybe haven’t thought the whole process through.

Giuliani angry at terrorist trial in NY

Lisa Millar reported this story on Monday, November 16, 2009 08:22:08
TONY EASTLEY: The man who was mayor of New York City when terrorists struck on September the 11th has blasted the decision to put the accused mastermind of the attack on trial in New York, just a short walk from where the twin towers once stood.

Rudy Giuliani - who won praise for his strong leadership after the attacks says holding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's trial in New York will put the city at risk.

North America correspondent Lisa Millar reports.

LISA MILLAR: There's no hint of when Khalid Sheik Mohammed will be moved from Guantanamo Bay to New York or when his trial and those of four other accused terrorists will actually begin. But the reaction to the Obama administration's decision has been fierce.

RUDY GIULIANI: He's asking for a trial in New York and we're giving it to him. Since when were we in the business of granting the wishes of terrorists?

LISA MILLAR: Rudy Giuliani's distress is personal. He walked amongst the rubble of the twin towers as mayor of the city. And the Republican won tributes for helping New York recover.

RUDY GIULIANI: The Obama administration is repeating the mistake of history. Many, many people have regarded that as a mistake that it was regarded just as a civilian act. It should have been treated as an act of war.

And it's part of the bigger picture here. It's part of Barack Obama deciding that we're not at war on terrorism any longer. Remember, he's told us we can't use the term "war on terror". The only problem with that is the terrorists haven't stopped going to war with us.

LISA MILLAR: Barack Obama has pledged to close Guantanamo Bay and this decision is one step in that process. His Secretary of State Hillary Clinton defended the move, while conceding a trial in New York could prove painful.

HILLARY CLINTON: That is something that pains me, you know, but we're a nation of laws. We have two different venues for holding these people accountable: the military commissions and our federal courts. And the individual decisions that the Justice Department and the Defense Department have made, along with the advice of veteran prosecutors, I think should be respected.

LISA MILLAR: There are endless questions about this case. What impact will the interrogation techniques, including water boarding, have? What happens if intelligence information is revealed, what does it mean for New York's security and will Khalid Sheikh Mohammed use it to become a martyr for his cause?

And what happens if a federal court finds him not guilty?

Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed says even if that happened, the self-confessed mastermind of the attacks wouldn't go free.

JACK REED: There are no guarantees but under basic principles of international law as long as these individuals pose a threat they can be detained and they will.

LISA MILLAR: All of those elements are setting the stage for what's bound to be a historic trial.

This is Lisa Millar in Washington for AM.

“What happens if intelligence information is revealed”, is Giuliani’s greatest fear as real intelligence gatherers from the truth movement are rapidly exposing his complicity in the 911 massacre and the evidence is forthcoming. All I can say for you buddy boy is “RUDY RETARDO, you gots lots of splanning to do”!

Another comment was posted online that said;

"Anyone notice the names of the people who have come out AGAINST the KSM trial? Any NYPD detective or investigator will tell you that the recent actions and words of the Neocons is a psychology called 'criminal self identification by fearful emotional response'." Giuliani, Cheney, Rove, Mukasey....

Yes Mr. President Rudy Giuliani, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, George Bush and Judge Mukasey who settled Lucky Larry’s multi billion blood insurance payout from the twins, then became a Bush appointed attorney general, are all reeling from the prospects that the trials might actually reveal (intelligence information) the identity of the terrorists behind 911 and that they may actually end up in the same or Nuremberg courtroom in handcuffs for mass murder and treason.

When, not if, they are brought up on charges it will be from the years of investigative research conducted by the 911 Truth movements. Some of the most damaging evidence which ties these criminals all together comes from the brilliant research of Kevin Ryan.


Note…this section read by Tom on tape…

Kevin R. Ryan: Demolition access to the WTC Towers

Kevin R. Ryan 9 July 2009
Demolition access to the World Trade Center towers: Part one - tenants

Note: The author is indebted to a few particularly useful sources of information and inspiration, including Russ Baker’s book “Family of Secrets”, the websites, and, and Richard Gage.

On occasion, the public has been asked by George W. Bush to refrain from considering certain conspiracy theories. Bush has made such requests when people were looking into crimes in which he might be culpable. For example, when in 1994 Bush’s former company Harken Energy was linked to the fraudulent Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) through several investors, Bush’s spokeswoman, Karen Hughes, shut down the inquiry by telling the Associated Press -- “We have no response to silly conspiracy theories.” On another occasion, Bush said in a televised speech -- “Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th.”

But paradoxically, we have also been asked to believe Bush’s own outrageous conspiracy theory about 9/11, one that has proven to be false in many ways

Conclusions and next steps

If we look at the companies that occupied the impact zones of the WTC towers, and other floors that might have played a useful role in the demolition of the towers, we see connections to organizations that had access to explosive materials, and to the expertise required to use explosives. Mining companies like Washington, Morrison-Knudsen, Komatsu and Aoki Construction (and John Lehman’s Special Devices Inc.) have access to many types of explosive materials. Oil and gas companies, like those associated with Exco, use explosives for exploration. Some of the explosive technologies available to these companies, for example Komatsu and Washington, involve thermite, a chemical mixture that has been identified in the WTC dust and in the environmental data at Ground Zero.

It seems that, if certain management representatives of the tenant companies listed above wanted to help bring the WTC towers down, they would have been well suited to do so. The companies mentioned were located at well-spaced intervals in the buildings, and some, for example Marsh and the Primark subsidiaries, had a reputation of being secretive. In fact, a number of the executives from these firms were either on the board of intelligence firms

(e.g. In-Q-Tel, TASC), or were closely related to others who were. Others were connected to the CIA itself, and to some of the largest defense contractors in the world, like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Halliburton, and SAIC.

There are also strong connections to those who benefited from the 9/11 attacks, most notably the Bush family and their corporate network, including Dresser Industries (now Halliburton) and UBS, and to Deutsche Bank and it subsidiaries, reported to have brokered the insider trading deals. There are links between these tenant companies and the terrorist-related fraudulent bank BCCI.

In Part II of this series of essays, we’ll look at the security companies and other contractors that had access to the WTC buildings. We’ll then see more connections to the Bush family, through the companies that restructured the security systems in the late 1990s, like Securacom, where Marvin Bush and Wirt Walker were directors. Also involved in these security upgrades was Ensec, where future Democrat National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe was added as a director in 1996 and later worked for Harken Energy’s Alan Quasha. The second essay will also look at E.J. Electric, owned by J. Robert Mann of the Yale Glee Club, and examine particulars about the PANYNJ management staff, and the Giuliani and Silverstein teams that were involved.

Part III will review the clean up of Ground Zero, and some of the people involved in the cover-up investigations. For example, we’ll look more closely at Donald Evans, a close friend to George W. Bush since 1968 and his largest fund-raiser, and who also happened to be secretary of the Department of Commerce during the NIST WTC investigation. This is interesting because NIST reports to the Secretary of Commerce.

In the end, we might see that conspiracies are not just limited to the powerless people who happen to live on the most strategically important lands in the world. The conspiracies that matter might involve the powerful people who seek access to those lands, and who have spent their lives seeking more power.

Thursday, 13 August 2009, 11:58 pm

Demolition Access to the WTC Towers: Part Two - Security

Kevin R. Ryan

See also…Kevin R. Ryan: Demolition access to the WTC Towers

Several facts are clear from this review of the companies and people responsible for revamping the security systems for the WTC buildings, and securing New York City, on 9/11. One is that many of the people involved were deceptive and/or corrupt, and appeared to have benefited from the attacks. Another is that many of them were connected to each other and to the investigations into previous acts of terrorism and the terrorist financing bank BCCI. Yet another striking similarity among these organizations is that they all did major work for the Saudi Arabian government, or the royal family of Kuwait. Finally, the history of some of those involved, like Terry McAuliffe, shows a level of greed and corruption that overshadowed all preconceptions about US politics.

The PANYNJ occupied a good deal of space in the towers, and contributed to the false WTC report from NIST. Some of its commissioners were linked to BCCI, and its WTC Director appeared to be intentionally deceptive after the attacks. Others like Silverstein Properties’ security manager John O’Neill, and FBI Director Louis Freeh, were the leading experts on Al Qaeda.

The management of Kroll created the WTC security plan, created authoritative reports that promoted a fear of terrorism, had expert knowledge of BCCI, and were intimately linked to the impact zone tenant Marsh & McLennan. AIG was one of the owners of Kroll as of 1993 and, along with Marsh, Lockheed Martin and L-3 Communications (the defense contractor

successor to Loral Corp), was a company whose stock was flagged by the SEC after 9/11, in relation to insider trading. [139] Less than a month after the attacks, AIG’s chairman Greenberg said -- “The opportunities for us are enormous,” and “It's not just in the United States, but rates are rising throughout the world. So our business looks quite good going forward.'' [140]

It’s clear that some management representatives at the primary WTC security companies also benefited from the War on Terror. Examples include James Abrahamson, Terry McAuliffe and Marvin Bush. Larry Silverstein, whose company had just taken over the security of the complex, reaped a huge windfall in insurance benefits from the destruction of the three buildings.

All four of the primary contractors that were involved in rebuilding the security systems for the WTC had done significant business with the Saudis. Electronic Systems Associates’ parent, S&H, designed King Saud University, and E.J. Electric worked for Saudi Arabian Airlines. Ensec was owned by a former arms dealer to the Saudis and Securacom, owned by a member of the Kuwaiti royal family, was in partnership with Ahmad N. AlBinali & Sons Co., the large Saudi Arabian construction company. Of course, fifteen of the nineteen alleged hijackers were from Saudi Arabia as well. [141]

The leaders of NY City and NY County, who also were the primary players on 9/11 and in the ensuing investigations, were the investigators of BCCI and the 1993 WTC bombing, in the late 1980s an early 1990s. All of them seemed to benefit from the 9/11 attacks. Freeh started a homeland security business and began representing the Saudis. Cherkasky went on to become CEO of Marsh, after it bought Kroll, and helped it avoid prosecution for fraud. Others, like Giuliani, became national heroes for their “response” to 9/11.

Could those involved in the BCCI investigation in New York, many of whom played a large role in the events leading up to, during, and after the attacks at the WTC, somehow have used the information they learned about BCCI to facilitate the attacks and then benefit from them? If so, they might have had to eliminate certain individuals who knew too much. Could the security firms and certain tenant companies have conspired to prepare the Twin Towers for demolition, well in advance of the attacks?

These possibilities seem quite plausible. In fact, a number of these people, including Giuliani, Cherkasky, Freeh, Mueller, Bremer and Hauer have already been charged and indicted by a citizen’s grand jury, for the crimes of 9/11. [142] Further investigation, with subpoena power, is well past due. The third and final essay in this series will examine the organizations and people who were involved in cleaning up Ground Zero.

It was founded by Solomon Robert Dresser (1842-1911), who manufactured a product that he devised for drillers to keep oil and water separated underground.[2]
Dresser created a "packer", using rubber for a tight fit, and after taking out a patent on May 11, 1880, he began advertising and selling his product, the Dresser Cap Packer, from Bradford, Pennsylvania, in the heart of the oilfields. Dresser's packer was one of many available on the market, and it was another invention that saw a substantial expansion of the company. A flexible coupling, the Dresser Joint, that he built in 1885 to join pipes together in such a way that they would not leak natural gas. This coupling also used rubber for a tight fit, and it was so successful that it permitted for the first time the long-range transmission of natural gas from the gas fields where it was extracted to the cities which were the main gas consumers.[2]

As the natural gas industry prospered and expanded after 1900, Dresser's company grew as pipelines were built over great distances. By 1927 the company's annual sales had reached US$3.7 million and were employing 400 workers.[2]

Public Offering
Following Dresser's death, his descendants decided to sell it, and in 1928 the Wall Street investment-banking firm of W. A. Harriman and Company, Inc., converted the firm into a public company by issuing 300,000 shares of stock.

H. Neil Mallon was selected as president and chief executive officer; holding that position until his retirement in 1962. Under Mallon, Dresser began a program of acquisitions designed to help it survive the threat posed to its core business by the introduction of welding for joining pipes together. Starting in 1930 Dresser began acquiring companies that manufactured valves, heaters, pumps, engines and compressors and the company diversified into such products as oil derricks, blowers, drill bits, refractories, and drilling mud.[2]

In 1950 the company headquarters moved to Dallas to be near the center of the nation's major oil and gas fields. It continued to purchase well-known companies involved in manufacturing such things as overhead cranes, gasoline-dispensing pumps, and heavy equipment for mining and construction. During the 1980s, as the oil industry began to decline, Dresser's chairman, John Murphy, began to streamline the organization of the company, eliminating its insurance, mining, and construction-equipment divisions.[2]

On January 1, 1987 Dresser Industries and Ingersoll-Rand merged to form Dresser-Rand Company with headquarters in Corning, New York. The newly formed company had 10 manufacturing and testing facilities, 70 sales offices, 30 service centers and more than 7,300 employees. The partnership started as a 50-50 relationship, but later Dresser took a 51% share of the assets while Ingersoll-Rand had 49%.[3]

By 1993, it generated sales of more than US$4 billion, and employed 31,800 people in fifty countries. The company had three major divisions: Oil Field Products and Services, Industrial Operations, and Energy Processing and Conversion Equipment. It spun off some of its manufacturing divisions, but crucially agreed to retain asbestos claims filed before the spinoff.[2]

In 1994 the company expanded through acquisitions of Wheatley TXT (a manufacturer of pumps, valves, and metering equipment) and the Baroid Corporation (an oil-services firm in Houston that had been a direct competitor). To comply with federal antitrust regulations, Dresser sold off its interest in M-I Drilling Fluids Company and Western Atlas International. Upon completion of the Baroid merger, Dresser became the third-largest oil-services company in the world.[2]

[edit] Merger with Halliburton

In 1998, Dresser merged with its main rival Halliburton and is now known as Halliburton Company.[1] Dick Cheney negotiated the US$7.7 billion deal, reportedly having done so during a weekend of quail-hunting. In 2001, Halliburton was forced to settle the asbestos lawsuits that it acquired as a result of purchasing Dresser, causing the company's stock price to fall by eighty percent in just over a year.[4]

So as you can see Brother Hugo, Dick Cheney, Lucky Larry Silverstein, Rudy Giuliani, George Bush had two white elephants laced with asbestos that they had to recoup their losses from.

The fraudulent war on terror allowed Halliburton which Cheney was CEO from 1998 on to make a thousand times the money that Cheney paid out for asbestos suits when they brought the Rockefellers down, the Twin towers were nicknamed David and Nelson Rockefeller.

I assert at this time Brother Hugo that the previous connections I have made with Henry Kissinger, Dick Cheney, Dresser, George Soros Maurice Greenberg of AIG, his son Jeffery Greenberg of Marsh & McLennan, Peter Peterson of the Blackstone Group, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearle, Rudy Giuliani, Jerome Hauer of Kroll, Unacol, Enrons Ken Lay now deceased like Tim Russert, George Bush 41 and 43 and more were all privy to the plan to paralyze the world with SHOCK and AWE by mass murdering 3,000 unsuspecting souls of 92 different nations on the day the earth stood still.9-11-01.
Dick Cheney according to Dan Aria in the final chapter of Mike Rupperts Crossing the Rubicon was the “Maestro” behind 9-11. I say Dick Cheney Made it Happen and the skeptics of the world Let it Happen.

This brings us to the present brother Chavez and before I submit my last request to you and the peoples of Venezuela I would like to throw in a few closing remarks by Larry Chin and the esteemed Professor Michel Chossudovsky.
Bush/Cheney’s war is also Obama’s war

On March 27, 2009, Obama launched his “new strategy for Afghanistan”. This new strategy is a continuation and expansion of the Bush/Cheney war plan, hatched in the wake of the false flag operation of 9/11, utilizing the identical “war on terrorism” and 9/11 lies as justification.

As articulated by Obama: “I want the American people to understand that we have a clear and focused goal: to disrupt, dismantle and defeat Al-Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan and to prevent their return to either country in the future. That is a cause that could not be more just.” I remind everybody, the United States did not choose to fight a war in Afghanistan. Nearly 3,000 of our people were killed on Sept. 11, 2001, for doing nothing more than going about their daily lives.”

The consensus "Al-Qaeda" deception is not only alive and well under Obama, it is now the justification for a surge of 21,000 US troops into Afghanistan, massive covert operations throughout Central Asia and the Middle East, and an even more aggressive “war on terrorism”. This is the conquest of the “Grand Chessboard” that the Anglo-American elites wanted to execute after 9/11, but “squandered” due to the Bush/Cheney administrations “fumble” in Iraq.

Obama, who is making the rounds with the G-20 leadership as this report goes to press, will not fumble with a war that is consistent with the “war on terrorism” goals that he has articulated for years, and promised to deliver (to his New World Order “bosses”) throughout his campaign.

As detailed by Michel Chossudovsky in “The Democrats endorse the "Global War on Terrorism": Obama "goes after Osama”, the Obama promise is more perpetual war: “9/11 constitutes for Obama the main justification for waging a humanitarian war in the Middle East and Central Asia. In this regard, his position does not differ from that of the Bush administration. “Withdraw from Iraq, but remain in Afghanistan. Confront Iran, challenge Russia…Apart from the rhetoric of ‘bringing the troops home’ from war torn Iraq, which may or may not be carried out, what distinguishes the Democrats from the Republicans?

“A more articulate, knowledgeable and charismatic President?

“A more dignified and diplomatic approach to US foreign policy?

As a pacifying and unifying icon, Obama was positioned to perpetuate the cover-up of the American Empire’s crimes, and retrieve the “squandered opportunity” presented by the false-flag operation of 9/11: a world united behind imperial war.

“An opportunity to the US ruling elite to ‘present a different face to the world that could revive illusions to its democratic pretensions, not only internationally but within the United States as well.’…

“A spurious and counterfeit ‘humanitarian’ approach to Empire, which serves to mask the truth and gain popular support.

“A less reckless Commander in Chief, who has an understanding of geopolitics and is capable of taking foreign policy decisions. A more carefully thought out military agenda than that experienced during the Bush administration? But no substantive shift in direction.

“A means to quelling mounting dissent and opposition to the ruling corporate establishment by providing the illusion that the Democrats constitute a Real Alternative.

“A means to sustaining the illusion that African-Americans can move up the social ladder in America and that their fundamental rights are being upheld.

“A means to undermining real progressive movements by further embedding civil society organizations, trade unions and grass roots organizations, not to mention “Leftist” intellectuals into the realm of the Democratic Party.

“A distraction from the extensive war crimes committed under successive US administrations.

“A ‘human face’ to war and globalization?”
A call to resist

As this writer warned in “Obama: return to elite status quo”, written shortly following Obama’s victory:

“…the arrival of Obama as the new imperial figurehead of the Anglo-American empire is not a victory of, or for, the people. It will not signify a dramatic upheaval, in any way, and by no means is any sort of revolution at hand. This election was a necessary rotation of management, scripted at the highest levels of the Anglo-American elite.

“The “change” that a Barack Obama presidency will bring to America and the world will be one of style, not substance: a return to the centrist corporate globalism of the Clinton and Carter eras, complete with regurgitated Democratic Party elites from those administrations, and new neoliberal politicians touting similar ideologies.

Note.. The only change I see personally that I believe in is the chump change the bailout frauds leave us to get by with after they loot the entire wealth of America. And WE ARE CHANGE GROUPS WORLD WIDE.

“…The velvet gloves will be slipped back over the iron fists, but the fists will still be wielded aggressively. Within months, the global conquest that Bush-Cheney started will resume under the vastly more convincing and adored Obama, who has consistently stated his intention to intensify the war in Afghanistan, and “kill ‘terrorists’” across the Middle East.”

For those who have spent the past eight hellish years opposing and resisting the crimes of Bush/Cheney, prepare yourselves for worse: the “friendliest” fascism, and the most dangerous stealth messenger in history

Closing remarks…

Mr. President, now more than ever we need to arrest this madness called the war on terror which Congressman Ron Paul called “ a war on a concept, as old as history” and push with all our might as a united front to confront the money changers and there stupid animals that effect their foreign policy interests, according to war criminal Kissinger when referring to soldiers.

Recently an article appeared in an Edmonton newspaper that quoted Canada’s Defense Minister Gordon O’Connor as saying “Canada is fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan in retribution for the 9-11 attacks that killed at least 3,000 people including 25 Canadians.”

If that is the only reason Canadians are in Afghanistan sacrificing young men and women sworn to fight for there country against all external enemies then the question I present to the minister is, “when it is known beyond a shadow of a doubt that 911 was an inside job will the Defense Minister Gordon O’Connor declare war on the US”?

With that sort of justification for war for revenge for the deaths of the many nationals killed that day from numerous countries around the world including one Venezuelan citizen killed on 911, wouldn’t that obligate your country to declare war on the US assuming your belief that 911 was an inside job.

Would the people of Venezuela push for war with America predicated on that line of reasoning that Canada is now pushing or would they push for the arrest, detention and day in court of those who really killed thousands on 911 and millions worldwide as a result of 911 and demand that they be brought to justice with the same zeal as the push to have Luis Jose Posada Carriles extradited to Venezuela as a war criminal given sanctuary in the state of Miami by the Bush gang, in this case Jeb Bush at the behest of George Sr.

Millions of people agree with the position taken with respect in this article excerpt world wide.

CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuela will press the Obama administration in the coming days to extradite a former senior official in Venezuela’s secret intelligence police so that he can be tried for the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner that killed 73 people, according to lawyers for the government here.

The move will test the new administration’s willingness to engage on a festering issue that has further strained America’s relations with Venezuela and Cuba. Both nations have depicted the case of Luis Posada Carriles, an elderly Cuban exile who is a naturalized Venezuelan and a former C.I.A. operative, as an example of hypocrisy by Washington in its fight against terrorism.

Mr. Posada, 80, is charged here with masterminding the bombing of a Cubana Airlines plane as it flew above Barbados, killing all 73 people on board, including dozens of Cuban civilians and a 9-year-old Guyanese girl. It was the Western Hemisphere’s first act of midair terrorism, the bloodiest of a series of bombings aimed at weakening Fidel Castro’s government.
Mr. Chavez, we know that you would not declare on the US for the retribution of the human being Venezuela lost on 911 or for the return of a reputed mass murderer but would instead call for a war crimes tribunal like the excellent one highlighted here in Kuala Lumpur. But we do know that you would defend your nation and peoples against a US invasion on your borders as in the current US backed buildup of 6,500 dumb animals for US interests in your countries oil reserves.

When British MP George Galloway,( who gave a great talk on the war crimes committed by the Israelis in Gaza where 1,400 people were slaughtered with US and Canadian produced phosphorus bombs and military hardware ), was asked by an aspiring law student from Calgary Alberta if he had heard Cynthia McKinney’s mention of my attempt to arrest G.W.Bush on his weekly radio show, he replied,” yes, yes indeed, that goes to show that the American Indian your friend the Mohawk/Cree has never stopped fighting after 500 years”.

It is ironic Mr. President that the same laws of Canada that we tried to keep George Bush out of Canada with as a credibly accused war criminal with and to have him arrested should he get in the country was the same law a Canadian MP from Calgary named Jason Kinney implored the Canadian government to keep George Galloway from entering Canada as an accused collaborator with Palestinian so called terrorist organizations like Hamas. The reality was that he and many others were only bringing by way of a caravan humanitarian relief to the suffering and afflicted peoples of Palestine.

Brother Hugo, I believe I have presented enough evidence in this massive letter to you to create a prima facie case for the indictments against the real terrorists behind 911 as was presented by all the scholars that have been honored and quoted in this voluminous text and the citizens grand jury in San Francisco which convened a few years back mentioned by Kevin Ryan a 911 truther.

I envision the possibility of putting those peopled who were indicted by this citizen’s grand jury on trial and to set free all the tortured scapegoats for US foreign bloody interests.

These are the people and profiles that the San Francisco grand jury found indictable.

Biographical Information

On The Sixteen Individuals Cited By

The San Diego Citizens Grand Jury

As Deserving Further Investigation

For The Charge Of

'Conspiracy to Commit Mass Murder'


RUDOLPH GIULIANI: Mayor of New York City between 1994-12/31/2001, collaborating with JEROME HAUER as his Director of Emergency Management between 1996-2000; Assistant U. S. District Attorney in the Southern District of New York 1970-1975, collaborating with Jules Kroll, the founder of Kroll and Associates / Kroll, Incorporated; Associate Attorney General of the United States 1981-83; U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York 1983-89, collaborating with MICHAEL CHERKASKY and ELIOT SPITZER.

JEROME HAUER: Director of Mayor RUDOLPH Giuliani’s Office of Emergency Management between February 1996 and March 2000 (as such he was primary in building the City's Emergency Command Center on the 23rd floor of World Trade Center Building 7 and in warning about emergence of the West Nile Virus one year before it appeared in New York City); Managing Director of Kroll, Inc. on 9/11/01 (when he advised Dan Rather of CBS that demolition had not brought down a Twin Tower and that the day's attacks bore "the fingerprints of Osama bin Laden"; Senior Adviser to U. S. Secretary of Health and Human Services for National Security and Emergency Management between June 2001 and November 2003; coordinator of the National Institute of Health's investigation of anthrax deaths in Fall of 2001, deaths that came from the Ames strain of anthrax thought to be available only at the U. S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, Maryland, the N.I.H. investigation producing no suspects named by Jerome Hauer except Osama bin Laden and al Queda; current Director on the Boards of the companies Emergent Biosolutions and San Diego-based Hollis Eden Pharmaceuticals.


THOMAS PICKARD: Acting Director of the F. B. I. between June 25, 2001-September 4, 2001; Special Agent in the F.B.I.'s New York City office 1975-1979; Supervisor and Assistant Special Agent for White-Collar Crime in N.Y.C. 1984-1989; Special Agent in Charge of the National Security Division in N.Y.C., supervising trials of defendants in the first Twin Towers' bombing, of the Manila Air conviction of Ramzi Youssef, and of the TWA Flight 800 explosion, between 1993-1996.

MICHAEL CHERKASKY: Various jobs in the Manhattan District Attorney's Office between 1978-94 (Chief of Investigations into crimes of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International and into the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center Twin Towers; various jobs at Kroll and Associates security-firm (contracted to improve security at the World Trade Center after the 1993 bombing there); Chief Executive Officer of Kroll, Incorporated between May 2001 and October 2004; CEO and President of Marsh & McLennan insurance-firm from October 2004 to present.

GEORGE W. BUSH: President of the United States 2001 to present.

LARRY SILVERSTEIN: Primary lease-holder of the Twin Towers and World Trade Center Buildings 4, 5, and 6 on 9/11/01, having taking official possession of the properties from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey seven weeks earlier; developer and primary owner of World Trade Center Building 7 on 9/11/01, linking him to Peter G. Peterson and Maurice Greenberg; recipient of insurance-awards worth hundreds of millions of dollars (WTC 7) or several billions of dollars (the Twin Towers) since 9/11/01; interviewee who told the Public Broadcasting System documentary 'America Rebuilds' of September 2002 that he and a New York Fire Department Commander had jointly decided on about WTC 7 on 9/11/01 to "pull it."

RICHARD CHENEY: Vice-President of the United States 2001 to present; C.E.O. of the Halliburton Corporation between 1995-2000 (a period in which Halliburton's off-shore tax havens increased from 9 to 44); member of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) with Donald Rumsfeld, Democrat James Woolsey and several others; U.S. Secretary of Defense 1989-93.

DONALD RUMSFELD: U.S. Secretary of Defense 2001-2006; member of the Board of Directors of Zurich-based ABB Corporation during time (1999) that ABB sold two nuclear reactors to North Korea; C. E. O. of General Instrument Corporation 1990-1993; C. E. O. of G. D. Searle & Company during the time (1985) that Searle won approval from the U. S. Food and Drug Administration for aspartame.

MARVIN BUSH: Member of the Board of Directors of Securacom, another firm entrusted with security for the Twin Towers as of 9/11/01 (also entrusted with security for United Airlines and Washington D.C.'s Dulles Airport as of 9/11/01) 1996-2000.

WIRT WALKER III: C.E.O. of Securacom (later Stratasec) 1999-2003

RICHARD MYERS: Acting Chairman of the U. S. Joint Chiefs of Staff on 9/11/01l; disregarded first airliner crash into a Twin Tower that morning to instead attend meeting with Senator Max Cleland; confirmed as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff by U. S. Senate on 9/30/01; served as such till 2005; Commander of North American Aerospace Command (NORAD) between August 1998-February 2000.

RALPH EBERHART: Commander of somehow ineffectual NORAD on 9/11/01 ('NORAD uses a network of ground-based radars, sensors and fighter jets to detect, intercept and, if necessary, engage any threats to the continent'---Canadian Defense website); Commander of Northern Command at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado, directing U.S, Canadian and Mexican military from October 2002 to January 2005; Commander of Air Combat Command at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia between June 1998-February 2000.

L. PAUL BREMER: Executive with the Marsh & McLennan insurance-firm (two-hundred ninety-five deaths in the South Tower) on 9/11/01; C.E.O. of M & M's post 9/11/01 'Marsh Crisis Consultancy' offshoot between October 2002-May 2003; Presidential Envoy to Iraq and Administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority May 2003-December 2004 (where he promoted civil war by antagonizing Shia and then Sunni Muslims and by issuing '100 Orders', among which 'Orders' were 40-year, tax-free ownership of Iraqi business by non-Iraqi Corporations and 'full immunity' from Iraqi laws for non-Iraqi contractors; Chairman of the U. S. Congress' National Commission on Terrorism between 1999-2000, a period in which he too warned of 'catastrophic terrorism' that could cause 'tens of thousands of casualties' and cause 'the American people' to be 'screaming for a response, ... the example we use is Pearl Harbor'; Managing Director of Kissinger Associates between 1989-2000; U. S. Ambassador-at-Large for Counterterrorism between 1986-1989.

PETER G. PETERSON: C.E.O. of the Blackstone Group, one of three lease-holders (along with Banc of America Securities and the General Motors Acceptance Corporation) of World Trade Center Building 7 on 9/11/01, thus sharing in unquestioning receipt of $861 million in insurance payments for the demolished WTC 7 (February 2002); also Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Council on Foreign Relations on 9/11/01; the Blackstone Group an investor in Kroll, Inc. (1993) and an investment of the American International Group insurance-firm (receiving $150 million, or a 7% stake, from A.I.G. in 1998), A.I.G. then headed by Maurice Greenberg, a former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and the Blackstone Group a partner with Kissinger Associates and A.I.G. from February 2000 onward (at the time the 'venture' was announced Peter G. Peterson was quoted in a press-release: "In this new global economy, with its requirements ... for cross-border mergers and acquisitions, for government privatizations of major industries and for restructuring of industries battered by the recent global financial crisis, we believe each of these entities bring some special knowledge and expertise to the table. We at Blackstone very much look forward to working with AIG and Kissinger Associates and capitalizing on these opportunities.").

DAVID ROCKEFELLER: Principal in creating the World Trade Center and in building the Twin Towers as Chairman of the Downtown-Lower Manhattan Association between 1958-1975; beneficiary of more than $1 billion in public funds for said construction; beneficiary of his brother the Governor of the State of New York, Nelson Rockefeller, installing more than 20,000 State employees into WTC 2, the South Tower, in the 1970s; potential loser of billions of dollars from renovations necessary to the Twin Towers by the year 2000; President of the Chase Manhattan Bank 1961-69; C.E.O. of the Chase Manhattan Bank 1969-1981; Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations 1970-1985; co-founder with Zbignew Brzezinski and George Franklin of the Trilateral Commission in 1973.

MAURICE GREENBERG: C.E.O. of A.I.G.--A.I.G. 'the leading U.S.- based international insurance organization and the largest underwriter of commercial and industrial insurance in the United States', according to Website in February 2000--between 1968-2005.; A.I.G. a major share-holder in Marsh & McLennan (headed by Maurice Greenberg's son Jeffrey on 9/11/01), in ACE International (another insurance firm, headed by Maurice Greenberg's son Evan on 9/11/01), and in Kroll & Associates / Kroll, Inc.; A.I.G. connected to narcotics traffic and money-laundering by its C.I.A.-funded predecessor the Starr Corporation and by reporters Jonathan Kwitny, Sally Denton and Roger Morris; A.I.G. a beneficiary of the increase in insurance premiums post-9/11/01, its sales increasing by more than 35% between 2001-2003 and its profits more than doubling between 2004 and 2005, exceeding $11 billion in the latter year; Maurice Greenberg a former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (1994-1995) and Honorary Vice-Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Imagine that brother Hugo the citizens of this one particular independent grand jury investigation found these creeps responsible for 911 while the US, Canada who has been recently accused of aiding and abetting torture and murder in Afghanistan and the “coalition of the killing” are still looking for Osama bin Laden in a cave who according to the FBI is not

even on their most wanted list for 911 related charges. Kissinger was right, they are dumb sacrificial animals for bloody US policies and so are the rest of the world’s peoples who refuse to get their heads out the sand on the realities of this festering fable and excuse for genocide and plunder called the war on terror.

Last of all brother Hugo it might interest you to know that ten days before that horrible day in his story I was in New York City with my family promoting my autobiography written with my wife a Cree Indian from Churchill Manitoba She Keeps the Door or Sandra Bruderer and our four children.

A young fellow who happened to be related to the Rockefeller family put us at a hotel for those ten days while preparing for benefit concert to promote the book called the Autobiography of Splitting the Sky: From Attica to Gustafson Lake. Believe it or not a friend of mine actually gave a signed copy of this book to you by way of one of your administrators while he was there covering your last election.

What is important to note is that originally the young man that put us up offered to have us stay at the Marriot Hotel where numerous people were killed on 911 including 39 firefighters that Giuliani sent to rest in a rat infested landfill in exchange for gold. The young man also suggested that we might consider taking residence at the Marriot Financial Center Hotel a block up the street which was under renovations and would lessen the cost for him although money was no real object if we chose to stay at the first hotel he offered.

On September 10th 2001, one day before 911 my wife had a feeling that we should get out of town and head back for Canada even though we could have stayed another day or two. We decided to leave and as we were packing our belongings to leave the city I observed hundreds of FEMA agents running the hotel we were in who were I would find out later there as Giuliani’s and Jerome Hauers mop up operation called Tripod for the planned take down of the Twins and WTC 7. That was to say the least a close call coincidentally speaking or who knows an escape plan guided by shall we say ancestral forces. Actually it was the instincts of my partner that reflected the same intuition that the animals sense just prior to some form of natural or man made calamity like the fact that no animals were found dead after the tsunami in Indonesia.

Today I received word from my lawyer Mr. President that we will have to have a pre trial conference with the crown prosecutors before the currently scheduled trial dates in March 2010. My lawyer said that the crown prosecutors are planning to make motion before the Judge to and I quote “keep Bushes misdeeds” out of the evidence presented in court.

That is, I replied to my lawyer, essentially a gag order, which in effect will preclude my witnesses like, former US attorney general Ramsey Clark, former Congresswoman and fiery anti war activist and 911 truther Cynthia McKinney, esteemed constitutional lawyer Gail Davidson. My colleague and collaborator on another legal case which we secured a legal victory acknowledging the sovereign rights of Indian title in Canada professor Anthony Hall and the affidavits of the esteemed David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott and others that are ready willing and able to give testimony on “BUSHES MISDEEDS” to put it so very mildly.

So brother Hugo, since it is obvious that the crown intends to railroad me on my plea of innocence to obstruction of a peace officer in the performance of their duty which in real time I instructed them twice to arrest George Bush for war crimes twice before I took the task upon myself to arrest this war criminal and put all his misdeeds on trial due to their total disregard for Canadian law which they are sworn to uphold.

That said it appears that they will attempt to convict me on the more trivial charge and lock me up for 6 months or so and fine me 5 thousand bucks to assure their handlers on Wall Street USA that BUSHES MISDEEDS never see the light of day.

Unfortunately for them Mr. Chavez both you and I have just thrown a flood light on the mass murdering torturous misdeeds of the Bush Cheney regime and will jointly call the leaders of the countries of the world that lost nationals at 911 to declare them all war criminals and to arrest them should they step on our sovereign territories even as the Chinese have returned the steel of the victims of 911 in the form of a war ship called the USS New York to honor those that died on 911. I say bullshit they have come with there battleship to further traumatize the world into submission of the worlds superpowers globalization agenda.

They have returned to the scene of the crime. They by the way have controlling interests in the Blackstone Group and Kissinger, Greenberg are negotiating all our oil to them.

Should the worst happen at my trial and all evidence is excluded concerning George Bush then this document Mr. President will be the evidence I submit to the international war crimes tribunal wherever it might be held next or to the court of international opinion on the internet.

When all is said and done this is why President and Brother Hugo Chavez I attempted to arrest George Bush.

Thank you and the people of Venezuela and humanity at large.

9-11 Truth Ends 9-11 Wars.

Splitting the Sky

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