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First Nations, toxins and diabetes

Dear Friends,

The pollution/diabetes connection has received no major news coverage anywhere in the world. I hope you will share the media release below with all your media contacts. Much is at stake for the health of people all over the world. All the very best to you.
For Land and Life,
John H.W. Hummel,
Volunteer Pollution/Health Researcher,
611 Eighth Street, Nelson B.C.
Canada(250)505-2165 (250)505-2165
Story Idea: The Link between Pollution and Diabetes
Health Canada Predicts that within 10 years, 27% of all First Nations people in Canada will have Type II Diabetes. Many First Nations People have been exposed to toxins such as DDT, Dioxin, Arsenic, Cadmium Hexachlorobenzene and PCB's for many decades.
For a Summary of the latest Scientific research on this topic, please go to:
For some of the very latest studies on pollution/diabetes links please go to:
(and click on 'show quoted text')

The Pesticide DDT, Persistant Pollutants and Diabetes:
Key Scientific Contacts Re: Diabetes and Pollution
(Please Note, above are links to many of these scientists most recently published and peer reviewed studies on the pollution/diabetes connections):

1) Dr. David Carpenter United States

2) Dr. Duck-Hee Lee Korea

3) Dr. Joel Michalek United States

4) Dr. Mary Turyk United States

5) Dr. Miquel Porta Spain

6) Dr. Lars Rylander Sweden

7) Dr. Anna Rignell-Hydbom Sweden

8) Dr. Laurie Chan Canada

9) Dr. Harold Schwartz Canada

First Nations Pollution/Health Contacts:

Research Tools and Contacts for the Communities Re: Pollution and Health

Dear Friends,

Many communities are experiencing health problems related to exposure to industrial pollutants. Many people want to investigate the pollution/health links in their community but have little funding and aren't sure where to begin. To assist people in their pollution/health research, here are a few inexpensive community action tools to get started and some key contacts to compare notes with and get advice from. Hope this information is helpful to protect the health and well being of your community. Also, here are the tools to start a broad based coalition to eliminate pollution and protect the health of the people and the earth. All the best to you all.

For Land and life,
Your Friend,
John H.W. Hummel
Nelson, B.C.

'Bucket Brigade' :An Inexpensive Way to Find Out What Pollution is in Your Communities Air:

Body Mapping for Pollution Related Health Problems:

More on Body Mapping:

Bucket Brigade Contacts: Denny Larson, Global Community Monitor:

Ruth Breech, Global Community Monitor:

Body Mapping Contacts: Ada Lockridge, Aamjiwnaang First Nation:

James Brophy, Scientist and expert in Worker Health and safety:

Dear Friends,

Here are a few key contacts for you if you wish to investigate the health impacts of industrial pollution on First Nations, Metis and Inuit people in North America in 2009.

1) Dr. David Carpenter,Toxicologist, University of Albany, NY:
- David has been doing toxics research with the Mohawks of Akwesasne for many years and recently published scientific papers showing a dramatic increase in Diabetes and Heart Disease in
Akwesasne Mohawks with PCB's and Pesticides in their blood

2) Henry Lickers, Akwesasne Mohawk Nation, Cornwall, Ontario:
- Henry has worked at the Akwesasne Environment department for decades and can describe the impacts of PCB's, mercury, pesticides, fluoride etc on his people

3) Ken Jock, Akwesasne Mohawk Nation, Cornwall, Ontario :
- Ken works on environmental issues at Akwesasne and can describe the health impacts pollution has had on his people

4) Joyce King, Haudenosaune Environmental Task Force:
- Joyce can describe pollution/health impacts on the Six Nations people as a whole

5) Eva Johnson, Environmental Department, Kahnawake Mohawk Nation: (450) 635-3035 (450) 635-3035 or (450) 635-0600 (450) 635-0600
-Eva can describe how toxic dumpsites, Lead pollution and solvent pollution from Industry has harmed the health of Kahnawake people e.g. the Scleroderma, heart disease, diabetes and cancer epidemics

6) Lynn Jacobs, Environmental Department, Kahnawake Mohawk Nation:
- Lynn and Eva are a team and she can well describe pollution/health impacts in her community

7) Sue Chiblow, Chiefs of Ontario, Environmental Department:
- Sue Can describe pollution/health impacts on aboriginal communities all over Ontario

8) Dr. Michael Gilbertson, Research Scientist:
- Michael discovered possible mercury poisoning (Minamata Disease) outbreaks at specific pollution Hotspots around the Great Lakes and is presently assisting Aamjiwnaang First Nation expose pollution/health problems in their area e.g. skewed birth ratios likely attributable to pollution exposure

9) James Brophy, Research Scientist:
- James Co-Authored Pollution/Health papers with Michael Gilbertson and is presently helping Aamjiwnaang First Nation expose pollution related health problems in their community

10) Ron Plain, Aamjiwnaang First Nation, Sarnia, Ontario:
- Ron is a Pollution/Health Activist at Aamjiwnaang and works at Environmental Defence Canada to expose pollution/health issues in Aboriginal Communities

11) Ada Lockridge, Aamjiwnaang First Nation, Sarnia, Ontario:
- Heads up the Aamjiwnaang Environment Committee exposing Benzene, Mercury etc. impacts on the health of her people

12) Wilson Plain, Aamjiwnaang First Nation, Sarnia, Ontario:
-Wilson is part of the Aamjiwnaang Environment Committee and was recently found to have PCB's and all kinds of other industrial toxins in his body

13) Judy DaSilva, Grassy Narrows First Nation, Ontario:
-Judy is a Clan Mother, Healer, environmental activist and spokesperson at Grassy Narrows and can tell you about the mercury poisoning in her community, the dioxins and furans found in Grassy's wild meat and the herbicide spraying of Grassy's traditional territory

14) Steve Fobister Sr., Grassy Narrows First Nation, Ontario:
- Steve is a Councillor at Grassy Narrows First Nation and has been a leader of his people for decades.
Steve can tell you about what has happened at Grassy from all the pulp-mill pollution and herbicide spraying.
My pal Steve, his daughter and his little Granddaughter and many of his other family members all have Mercury Poisoning from that Pulp Mill at Dryden

15) Joe B. Fobister, Grassy Narrows First Nation, Ontario:
- Joe is a spokesperson for the Grassy Blockaders and a leader of his community. He can tell you all about what the pollution has done to the health of his people

16) Sherry Fobister, Grassy Narrows First Nation, Ontario:
-Sherry is another dear friend. She is a great spokesperson and can tell you firsthand about the difficulties she has faced as a single Mum dealing with her own mercury related health problems as well as that of her little daughter Catherine

17) Emily Fobister, Grassy Narrows First Nation,Ontario:
- Emily did a Sacred walk to help her people heal from all the industrial sicknesses harming her family and people. She inspired many youth and helped many people.

18) Dr. Masazumi Harada, Mercury Expert in Japan:
- Dr. Harada discovered mercury poisoning at Grassy Narrows and Whitedog in the 1970's and found new cases amongst Grassy children when he returned and tested people in 2003.

19) Dr. Leanne Simpson, Expert on First Nations Pollution/Health Issues:
- Leanne worked on the Grassy Narrows/Wabauskang wild meat testing study and is presently investigating all the deaths and sickness among Wabauskang people from when they lived at Quibel, Ontario immediately downstream from the Dryden Pulp Mill

20) Betty Riffel, Wabauskang First Nation, Ontario:
- Betty is working with Leanne Simpson to investigate the deaths of all those infants when her people lived at Quibel. She also worked on the Grassy Narrows/Wabauskang wild meat study where they recently found mercury, furans etc. in the fish and wildmeat eaten by the people

21) Damien Lee, Fort William First Nation, Ontario:
-Damien heads up the Anishinabek of the Gitchi Gami (AGG) environmental group at Fort William First Nation and is knowledgable about the hundreds of random dumpsites at his community, the pollution from local industry surrounding his community and much more!

22) Wendy Solomon, Fort William First Nation, Ontario:
- Wendy is the outreach coordinator for AGG and another dedicated environmental/health advocate at Fort William First Nation who knows alot about pollution/health issues

33) Betsy Mandamin, Grand Council Treaty 3, Kenora, Ontario:
- Betsy works at Treaty 3 Health department and has much knowledge of Mercury pollution and environmental/health issues in the whole Treaty 3 Area

34) Dorothy Friday, Grand Council Treaty 3, Kenora, Ontario:
- Dorothy also works at Treaty 3 Health Department and knows alot about pollution/health issues in the Treaty 3 Area

35) Steve and Susanne Lawson, First Nations Environment Network (FNEN), Tofino, B.C.:
- Steve and Susanne co-ordinate FNEN, are lifelong environmental activists and can put you in touch with dozens of Aboriginal communities impacted by pollution

36) Tom Goldtooth, Director, Indigenous Environment Network (IEN):
- Tom Coordinates the IEN south of the border, a big focus of IEN has been pollution/health issues and he can put you in touch with Aboriginal communities who have health problems due to pollution all over North America and beyond!

38) Allister Marshall, FNEN - East Coast:
-Allister is very knowledgable about pollution/health issues impacting First Nations on the East Coast of Canada

39) Ishbel Munro, FNEN - East Coast:
-Ishbel has been an advocate for environmental/Aboriginal issues for decades and can put you in touch with pollution impacted First Nations all over (especially in Nova Scotia)

40) Willi Nolan, Elder/Environmental Activist, East Coast:
- Willi is a respected Anishinawbe Elder who is very knowledgable about pollution/health impacts on First Nations communities. Willi's main focus is to share traditional knowledge of the environment and Mother Earth with the youth. Willi has done truly remarkable things! Someone should write a book about her.

41) Al Hunter, FNEN - Ontario:
- Al Hunter is a former Chief of his people, a respected Elder (even though he is young) and knows lots about pollution in the Manitou Rapids, Rainy River area of Ontario. He has many contacts knowledgable about pollution/health impacts on Aboriginal communities.

42) Fred Greene, Grand Council Treaty 3, Kenora, Ontario:
- Fred is a political advisor to the Ogichida of Grand Council Treaty 3 and is very knowledgable about pollution impacts on the Treaty 3 First Nations

43) Alan Penn, Expert on Mercury Poisoning of James Bay Cree:
- Alan is an expert on the Mercury pollution of the James Bay Cree communities

44) Jennifer Foulds, Environmental Defence Canada (EDC):
- Jennifer works with Ron Plain at EDC. EDC is presently engaged in uniting First Nations, Environmental NGO's and Scientists to battle pollution impacting the health of us all.

45) David McLaren, Saugeen First Nation, Ontario:
- David is a pollution/health/environment expert from Saugeen First Nation

46) Dean Jacobs, Walpole Island First Nation, Ontario:
- Dean is a pollution/health/environment expert at Walpole Island First Nation

47) Dr. John O'Connor, Former Dr. for Fort Chipewyan People:
- Dr. O'Connor discovered rare cancers in the people of Fort Chipewyan First Nation in Alberta likely due to pollution from Tar sands development. The Government has been hounding him and trying to take away his Physicians lisence ever since he went public with his concerns for Fort Chipewyan people.

48) George Poitras, Health Official, Fort Chipewyan Area:
- George is one of the spokespeople for First Nations in Alberta concerned about pollution/health problems associated with Tar sands Development in northern Alberta.

49) Kevin Timoney, Researcher:
- Kevin did a huge report on pollution from the Tar Sands development which could be harmful to First Nations in the area.

50) Winona LaDuke, Famous First Nations Environmental Activist:
-Winona is a very famous Native American environmental activist who can tell you alot about pollutions health impacts on Aboriginal communities all over North America

51) Chief Thomas Alexis, Chief of Tl'azt'en First Nation, B.C.:
- Many of Chief Alexis's people are sick and dying of mercury poisoning from an old mercury mine in northern B.C. He has many stories to tell on that topic.

52) Brenda Duncan, Haisla First Nation, Kitimat, B.C.:
- Brenda heads up the Nanakila Institute which protects the environment in Haisla Traditional Territory. She can tell you about the impacts of pollution from Alcan, Eurocan and Methanex on the health of her people

53) Sheila Watt-Cloutier, Famous Inuit Leader and Environmental Activist:
- Sheila is a very famous Inuit leader and environmental activist who can tell you all about what the mercury, dioxin and PCB's from Southern industry has done to the health of Aboriginal people of the Circumpolar Region

54) Ramsey Hart, Mining Watch Canada:
- Ramsey heads up Mining Watch Canada which is a collaberation of environmental NGO's, First Nations organizations and labour groups. He can tell you lots about the impacts of mining and smelting impacts on the health and well being of aboriginal communities all over Canada.

55) Jamie Kneen, Mining Watch, Canada:
- Jamie is an aboriginal rights/environmental justice activist from way back! He is a treasure trove of knowledge and contacts on pollution impacts in Aboriginal communities.
All the best to you
For Land and Life,
John H.W. Hummel
Nelson, B.C.

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