Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Growing up Ute: Roland McCook

Growing up Ute: Roland McCook speaks at series

Great-great-grandson of Chief Ouray welcomes Lyceum audience

By Juley Harvey Trail-Gazette

Posted: 03/02/2010
Photo by Brenda Norrell. Roland McCook, on front right, leads Longest Walk 2 in at the Ute Indian Museum in Colorado, 2008.

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Saturday night, he greeted each audience member personally at the door, shaking hands and bidding them welcome, saying, "Greetings to you and I`m glad to see you" in Ute. With warm humor, he regaled the audience with information he said they would not find in history books, meant to be "instructive, not disrespectful or mean." Much as in the spirit of the Olympic games, where the world is welcomed, Roland McCook, great-great-grandson of Chief Ouray, graciously ushered a fascinated audience into his Ute ("Nuche") world Saturday night.
McCook said, "Our word for (Ute tribe) ourselves is Nuche, a person of substance, meaning, soul. In our way of thinking, you`re a person who has a heart; it doesn`t matter the shell of the body. It`s the inner part of the soul that emanates things consistent with the environment -- wind is love; sunshine, hope. That is how we connected ourselves to the environment."

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