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Censored News Dec. 6, 2009

A new emerging news industry seeks higher moral ground
By Brenda Norrell (SAN FRANCISCO) There is a news revolution underway, evolving in much the same way that the Civil Rights movement evolved. People got fed up, stood up and said, "We're not going to take it anymore." It is the same way that the Indigenous revolutions exploded in the south, from Che Guevara to the Zapatistas, with the cry: "Ya Basta! Enough is enough!"

Arrogant Canadian mining company says it is above US law
By Brenda Norrell (TORONTO) Western Shoshone prevailed in the Ninth Circuit Court this week in their efforts to halt gold mining on sacred Mount Tenabo. However, the Canadian mining company Barrick Gold said it will ignore the US federal court ruling and continue mining. While Barrick plans to continue its genocidal mining in Indigenous territories, Barrick's stockholders have taken notice and stocks plummeted.

AP's Fonseca lobbying for Peabody Coal again
(By Brenda Norrell) AP writer Felicia Fonseca continues her biased coverage of Indian country today, with a classic example of how news reporters promote the poisoning of Indian country by energy companies. In her article on the EPA withdrawing the water discharge permit of Peabody Coal on Black Mesa, she places Peabody Coal's comments in the first portion of the article, before the Navajo Nation government's response, and doesn't even bother to quote the grassroots Navajo and Hopi people who live on Black Mesa.

EPA withdraws water permit for Peabody Coal Black Mesa
By Black Mesa Water Coalition (BLACK MESA) In response to an appeal brought by a diverse coalition of tribal and environmental groups, this week the Environmental Protection Agency withdrew a controversial water permit for the massive Black Mesa Coal Complex, a coal-mine complex located on Navajo Nation and Hopi lands in northeastern Arizona. EPA’s permit withdrawal means that discharges of heavy metal and pollutants – including selenium, nitrates, and other heavy metals and toxic pollutants from coal-mining operations at the Black Mesa Complex – are threatening washes, tributaries, groundwater, and the drinking water for local communities, but are not being regulated.

Breaking News: Western Shoshone, Black Mesa and Crow Creek Sioux
By Brenda Norrell (SAN FRANCISCO) Today, Western Shoshone prevailed in the Ninth Circuit, in their effort to protect sacred Mount Tenabo from gold mining in Nevada and the US EPA withdrew a controversial permit allowing Peabody Coal to dump pollutants into Navajo and Hopi waterways in Arizona. However, there was no good news for the Crow Creek Sioux, one of the nation's most economically desperate people. In a brutal attack, the IRS auctioned off 7,100 acres of their lands to pay back taxes in central South Dakota. Crow Creek sent out an appeal for help. "Please Help Crow Creek Sioux Tribe. We are setting up Tipi's and Having Han Blece'Yapi on the land."

Western Shoshone Prevail at Ninth Circuit Court on Mt. Tenabo
By Western Shoshone Defense Project (SAN FRANCISCO/CRESCENT VALLEY, NEV. ) Court Issues Ruling Enjoining Cortez Hills Open Pit Gold Mine; Court Agrees with Western Shoshone and Allies that the Interior Department’s Approval of the Mine Likely Violated Federal Law (December 3, 2009) In a major ruling, the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals today issued its ruling enjoining the construction and operation of the Cortez Hills gold mine, proposed by Barrick Gold Corporation. The Ninth Circuit reversed the decision of the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada, which had denied the motion for preliminary injunction filed by the plaintiffs.

Zapatistas: In the language of love
(By Brenda Norrell) It is popular now for writers to try and explain the Zapatistas with intellectual rhetoric. But when we rode with the Zapatistas, it was in the language of love, it was in the spirit of resistance, and we were all prepared to die. When the Zapatistas spoke of autonomous governments and dignity, it came from the depth of their beings, from the wellsprings of their souls, from the earth mother within them.

Citizen's Arrest of George W. Bush for War Crimes
The Trial of "Splitting the Sky"
by Prof. Anthony J. Hall
(CANADA) Who and What is on Trial? When Splitting the Sky broke through police lines in his attempt to conduct a citizen’s arrest of former US president George W. Bush, the Mohawk freedom fighter pierced a thick wall of tyranny. He broke through a tight phalanx of state protection for the perpetrators of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and crimes against the peace.

Canada's Nazi border guards
(By Brenda Norrell) When Canada's Nazi border guards detained Amy Goodman, they hoped to silence any critical comments she would make about the 2010 Olympics. It backfired. Goodman said she didn't plan to discuss the Olympics in her talk. Now she has plenty to say about Canada's oppression and the Olympics. It was Canada's border guards who beat up and attempted to murder Mohawk grandmother Kahentinetha Horn, publisher of Mohawk Nation News. Border guards put her in a stresshold used for torture and induced a heart attack in 2006. Another prominent woman was also halted at the border in 2007, anti-torture activist retired Army Col. Ann Wright. Peace activist Wright was denied entry into Canada.
Livestream Videos of Acoma Pueblo Uranium Forum; O'odham Solidarity Event; Fort Huachuca Torture Vigil and Arrests; AIM West 40 Year Reunion of the Occupation of Alcatraz.
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