Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Notebooks for Gaza

Education is the greatest weapon! Stationeries and notebooks project.
2nd. Dec 2009

After HI received a donation from Gaza orphans and children group and an Argentinean sister we decided to complete our mission in helping the students in Sabra & Shatila school in the middle area of Gaza strip.

In the first step in our mission in supporting the school we bought 53 school uniforms and helped 53 girls in the school. At Monday we received the donation to buy school uniforms for the other 127 girls.

Early at Tuesday 1st Dec. HI representatives met the director of the school to organize everything But she told us that a Palestinian man donated school uniforms for the girls and she said that the students need stationeries and notebooks.

HI worked on that so quickly and we went to the bookshops to buy the stationeries. We faced a problem that there is a lack of stationeries in Gaza strip due to the Israeli unfair siege on Gaza!

HI didnt stop here we worked so hard all the day to collect the amount of stationeries from many markets in Gaza at the night yesterday we succeed to collect most of the amount but we needed another 100 notebooks !

As we contacted many markets one of them told us that he has 100 notebooks so we went today so early to buy them and we gathered all the stationeries and the notebooks in 100 nice bags for 100 girls in the school.

Each bag include rulers erasers sharpeners drawings books pens pencils and notebooks

Today At 11 am we arrived to Sabra & Shatila girls school and gave the administration of the school the 100 bags to distribute them for the 100 needy school girls.

The students were so happy when they received HI gift It is a gift after the Eid directly and at the same time they really need the stationeries and notebooks.

Since the start of the next year of HI we decided to support the Palestinian students as the education is the greatest weapon in the hands of Palestinians.

Also supporting the educational side is supporting the development of the Palestinian community.

Thanks for everyone who helped HI to help the people of Palestine.

Thanks for those who spend their time voice and money to support Palestine…

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