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Algonquin resisting uranium mining, brace for police raid

Algonquin resisting uranium mining, brace for police raid
Urgent plea for help as judge orders Algonquins invaded on Wednesday, August 29, 2007Brothers, Sisters, Friends, Allies, Supporters, and Environmentalists needed!Mohawk Nation NewsAugust 28, 2007Judge Gordon Thompson has ordered the Algonquins who are blocking access to a proposed uranium mine north of Sharbot Lake to leave immediately. The people have been told to expect the police on Wednesday, August 29th. All supporters are asked to come to the site to help maintain the peace. This is only the beginning of things to come under the conservative regime with the help of the liberals at Queen’s Park Toronto . The Bush administration in Washington DC needs uranium for their military industrial schemes.Justice Thomson has ordered the protesters to leave and allow FrontenacVentures Corporation to start uranium mining, to contaminate thewatershed of all of eastern Ontario and western Quebec, one of themost densely populated areas in Canada ."Frontenac shall have immediate, unfettered and unobstructed accessto the subject property including the field office, access road and all ofthe identified exploration property and the Clarendon site," JusticeThomson wrote. If the judge wanted to be truthful, he should have added,“and the right for Frontenac to contaminate, destroy the unborn, carry outgenetic damage to the flora and fauna of the entire area”.The interim injunction stands until a full hearing can be heard, whichincludes a $77-million lawsuit and a full injunction against the Algonquinsstarting on September 20.We are very concerned that a judge who is supposed to be impartialwould not even consider the rights of the owners of the land. This is ablatant example how our lands are being illegally expropriated. We havebeen facing these “gold rushes” all over Turtle Island .The mine gates are at highway 509 just north of Sharbot Lake , off highway7, west of Perth and 42 miles north of Kingston .The Algonquins know it’s their land. Chris Reid, the lawyer for the ArdochAlgonquins said his clients are "not going to leave”. Who is oversees JudgeThompson? He doesn’t appear to have read any Supreme Court decisionsthat provide that Indigenous people must be consulted and give their fullyinformed decision by a clear majority on a clear question, for any activityby foreigners like Frontenac or any corporate Canadian in any form.If the Algonquins are attacked, it will be a one-sided battle. The IndigenousPeople vow to protect our land and jurisdiction. The world will see howvicious and corrupt the corporate regime of Canada is. We have no physicalweapons. Our only weapon is the truth and doing what is right.The Algonquins have already warned the colonial authorities and their agentsto stop trespassing on unsurrendered land, breaching the peace andthreatening violence. They point out that colonial courts represent onlytheir adversaries and their corporate interests. A neutral third party at theinternational level is the proper forum. Frontenac Ventures Corporation istrespassing. Their intent is to exploit and kill creation. When the owners ofthe land say “no”, it’s “no”! There is nothing to negotiate.A surrender of Indigenous land must be done under their own law, theconstitution of Canada (Section 132) and international law. It must be donethrough negotiation and a vote on a clear question by the majority of the people.Even Canadian law does now allow this kind of annexation without consultation,consensus and compensation. Algonquin law does not allow the land to bealienated.The company must allow an archeologist visit the site to "determine aboriginalburial sites" and other items of significance. They are even going after ourancestors to contaminate them! Living people isn’t enough for them. It’s halfswamp. They want to create uranium contamination which turns things into aradio active soup. The judge' instructs the police to arrest anyone who stands in the way, andFrontenac cannot be stopped in its right to destroy people and the environment.This is Ottawa ’s prototype for the “final solution” of the “Indian problem”elsewhere. When it’s all done, they hope nobody will know about it.The police, probably with the help of the army, under the guidance of the U.S.Military, may be standing nearby. They will attempt to bull doze everybody,fully clad in riot gear, lethal lasers and guns. Sharpshooters, like psychoticKenneth Deane who killed Dudley George at Ipperwash, will be using us astarget practice. Remember the protest at Tiananmen Square in China in 1989.One lone tiny person stood in front of those tanks and stopped the militaryfrom killing demonstrators. Nobody wants to see women and children crushedby the might of present day neo-con totalitarianism.The police have been instructed to “use their discretion”. This is the samedisease ridden blanket they used at Ipperwash to cover their butts. Aren’tthey supposed to use their discretion at all times? Who gives the final order?Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian “Little Mouselini” Fantino?How many snipers have been assigned this time? No matter what, they donot have a right to kill us to appease the corporations who run Canada . Thisis the longtime strategy of a violent and brutal society built upon the memoriesof the blood that was shed by our ancestors for the last 500 years. All becausewe are protecting the ecosystem and our lives! Don’t they know that our jobis to protect the earth?The OPP infiltrated into the chieftainship of the Algonquins to show otherIndigenous People how far they will go to take away our lands and rights.Algonquin Chief Randy Cota, an OPP officer, will make sure the tanks cancome in. He will open the gates for them.We have a suggestion on how the OPP and all colonial corporate governmentsand their agencies can relieve themselves of their pent up urges to steal anddestroy everything in sight. They can start today and prepare for the globalsynchronized “Orgasm for Peace” that is taking place on Winter Solstice Day,Saturday, December 22nd, 2007. This is when everybody comes together tochange the energy field of the Earth through their input. It won’t work if youdon’t close your eyes. Make it easy on yourself and don’t resist, guys.[].Indigenous People, supporters, do not fall for traps. The OPP will have someoneas an “agent provocateur” just like the Surete du Quebec did at Montibello.Watch out for die hard trademarks like shiny ears.This is part of an attempt at martial law for all of Turtle Island . Let us make surethat the OPP or anyone does not provoke a violent confrontation. They need areason to impose “a police state”. In our experience with these kinds of sieges,the police will stop communication, food and freedom of movement. Thecorporate media will mislead the public. The “attack will not be televised”.Only the retaliation that is staged for the public to be turned against us.Cameras and video tapes need to be there with extra batteries and chargers.Also international observers need to be inside to be the eyes and ears of theworld with an outlet for their reports.Supporters are asked to join us as soon as possible. The Ardoch and ShabotLake Algonquins will remain peaceful. Police road blocks are usually set uparound a perimeter of anywhere from six to 10 miles or closer. Needed areedical supplies, fresh water, food, tents, camping equipment, gas for thegenerators, vehicles, boats and computers. Media should be inside and outside.This has been in the works for sometime. There has been much traffic duringthe night and day which is unusual. On Sunday police were parked up theredoing radar which is a first. Canada and Ontario should keep their invading foreign forces off Algonquin land. It is not a policing issue. It’s an international issue.The unarmed and peaceful Algonquins and their supporters have been at thebarricade two months. They have held strong and continue to do so.Nia:wen,Kahentinetha HornStay tuned!

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