Monday, February 2, 2009

Say 'NO' to $50 Billion in Nuclear Pork Stimulus

Lakotas fighting uranium mining join action to halt nuclear pork

Subject: stop $50B in nuclear pork in Stimulus -

Contact Senators ASAP

Now that the flush of inauguration bliss is receding, we find out
that our work as citizens has only begun :)

It is important to contact Senators asap this week as they debate the
Stimulus and ask that $50B in loan guarantees for new nuke plants not be
included. Below is a Call to Action from NIRS as well as an Article from
Common Dreams by Harvey Wasserman explaining how the eligible technologies
wording makes the $50B a handout for the nuclear industry.

Remember, former nuke industry (Exelon) lobbyist David Axelrod architected
Obamas campaign and is now Senior White House Adviser and Exelon (largest
nuclear operator in US) was one of Obamas largest campaign contributors
and heres the payback unless we red flag it for our Senators.

Below also is a sample of the letter I sent to my Senators and Rep. Just go
to to find and email your senators.

Thanks :)


Please do not approve the $50 billion loan guarantee package for nuclear and
so called 'clean coal'

- it is pork for the nuclear industry which made large campaign
contributions to Obama (Exelon particularly) and note former Exelon lobbyist
David Axelrod is now Senior White House Adviser

- don't let Axelrod & Obama deliver $50 Billion to the industry that
sponsored them - delete from the Stimulus please.

Continued thanks for your public service.


From: Nuclear Information and Resource Service []
Sent: Friday, January 30, 2009 12:24 PM
Subject: Sign-on letter to stop $50B in nuclear pork
Nuclear Information and Resource Service


January 30, 2009 Dear Friend, As you probably know by now, the economic
stimulus package approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee includes up
to $50 Billion in new taxpayer loan guarantees that can be used for
construction of new nuclear reactors and "clean coal" plants (an oxymoron if
there ever was one...). We need to tell the Senate that we're not willing to
risk our money on nuclear power, that we don't want more radioactive waste
in our communities, and that we do want Congress to support safer, cleaner
and cheaper energy resources like solar, wind and energy efficiency.

WITH YOUR HELP, WE CAN WIN THIS BATTLE! Organizations: Please sign on to the
grassroots sign-on letter by clicking here.
Please sign by 5 pm on Tuesday, February 4, 2009.

Individuals: While the sign-on letter is for organizations only, if you have
not already done so, please e-mail your Senators by clicking here
. Ask your friends and colleagues to send a letter as well.
And please follow up your e-mails with phone calls to your Senators at
Everyone: Please forward this e-mail widely--send to all your lists and
contacts. We've already generated more than 2200 letters to the Senate in
the past 24 hours! Let's keep it up! We will keep you informed about what
happens with this issue and any further actions you can take. Thanks for all
you do, Michael Mariotte Executive Director Nuclear Information and Resource
------------------------------------------------------------ And please make
a small donation to help us pay for this work. Every contribution is
tax-deductible, and every contribution, no matter the size, is gratefully
appreciated. Please donate here

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