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MNN Blackballs Indian Affairs


MNN. Nov. 4, 2007. The book by MNN is “The Agonizing
Death of “Colonialism” and “Federal Indian Law” in
Akwesasne. Indigenous Jurisdiction is in! Notice
forthcoming of memorial service. To be followed by a
celebration. See you there”.

We refuse to sell this book to the Canadian Department of
Indian Affairs. We know they made 200 copies of “Where
Eagles Dare to Soar” for internal use. This alone created
a debt of $4,000.00 that remains unpaid. We request that
they treat us with the same respect that is accorded other
publishers. MNN is caught in the classic “Catch 22”. They
refuse to respect our jurisdiction. They never pay us
indigenous people for our work or resources. Even if their
courts were worth recognizing we can’t afford to access
their one-sided colonial institution. We are returning the
$20 with a bill for “Where Eagles Dare to Soar”. They can
add on what they know they owe us for photocopying our
other publications that they have pirated, including the
recently issued “Who’s Sorry Now? The Good the Bad
and the Unapologetic Mohawks of Kanehsatake” [Mohawk
Issues for Dummies Series]. If Indian Affairs decides to
clean up its act and return everything that’s ours, we may
reconsider letting them buy our books.

Here is an except from the new one: “One day Iokerenenh,
in October 2004, a 43 year old iron worker, found out about
the wheeling and dealing that was going on between New
York State and the puppet councils in Akwesasne. … He
took off his ironworker tool belt and picked up a brief case
to start his work to reveal the scurrilous plans to
fraudulently dispossess our people of vast tracks of land”.

“Iokerenenh approached the clan mothers of the
Longhouse government of the Mohawk Nation. He
convinced them that something had to be done to stop
the grand theft of land and resources”.

“A group was quickly set up. Their job was to stop New
York State, St. Regis Mohawk Tribe on the U.S. side,
Mohawk Council of Akwesasne on the Canadian side and
the Mohawk Nation Council of Chiefs which follows the
“Handsome Lake Code”, which was assisting both
councils to push through the illegal claims to our land.
Their reward was to be given permission to set up a
casino on our land for the benefit of a few people”.

“This is the story of the incredible path that this group
had to take”.

“We try to describe how Indigenous jurisdiction was
illegally overridden by “federal Indian law” and the
“Indian Act” to destroy us, and to steal our land and
possessions. It’s all part of the grand scheme of the
European bankers, old royal families, financiers,
merchant class, secret societies and other wannabe

“We are fully aware of our rights to our land and that
Canada and the U.S. can never be legal countries. They
can never have our land for as long as we walk across
Onowaregeh, “Turtle Island”. [We are not talking here
about Disney World or the Magic Kingdom!]

“Once Great Britain and the other European countries
found out about the New World, they set out to make
their fraudulent claims. Every “license, permit, grant,
charter and declaration” that these franchises known
as “Canada” and the “United States” were issued and
those they themselves now issue are invalid and

“Nothing is legal here, except us”, said Iokerenenh.

“At first we thought it would merely be to put the question
before the Supreme Courts of the United States and
Canada asking them why they are overlooking Indigenous
jurisdiction over Turtle Island. Eventually we realized that
the colonial courts had developed a way to obstruct
anyone who raises this and other questions that they
don’t like to hear”.

“They know we are not citizens or subjects of their
corporate franchises. Because of this they think they
can abuse and steal from us. They have enfranchised
a few sell-out “Indians” to help them. These are known
as puppet “band” and “tribal” councils who knowingly
join them to terminate us and steal our possessions. This
is nothing new. Hitler had Jewish collaborators who
helped him herd the Jewish people into the concentration
camps and ovens. In the end, he killed them too. Hitler
was known to have said to his Jewish collaborators, “If
you can do this to your own people, what might you do
to me?” He shot the shooters”.

“Simply put, we always knew that Canada and the United
States are artificially created franchises. They submitted
their “business plans” to their European benefactors who
backed their contracts. They came over here and set up
shop. They created a monetary system which is nothing
more than a promissory note or I.O.U., which is backed by
our land and resources. The annuities and royalties of the
Indigenous funds are looked upon as being a “lien” upon
the land. This lien should be called by the Indigenous
people immediately. It’s all ours!

“The politicians, who are mostly lawyers/liars, borrow the
money internationally to build and finance projects in order
to create a bogus debt. Then they tap into the Indian Fund
derived from our lands and resources to pay it off. Cost
overruns and premium interest rates are no object.

“The United States and Canada are paper countries. They
are not sovereign states, because they don’t have the land.
As artificially created entities, they can be destroyed by a
stroke of the pen. We want these foreign corporations
dissolved and all contracts to be deemed as null and void
effective immediately. Since they did not bring anything
with them here, they have to hand everything over to us.

“In 2004 our Indigenous land was going to be used as
collateral against a fictitious debt. New York State had
plans to develop a huge energy grid in the northern part
of the state. They wanted nuclear power, wind mills and
even to expand Niagara Falls for hydro electric power.
This was to be sold southward. There was a plan to
fraudulently settle their claims to our land, which is all
of New York State. Then the proponents were going to
use our land as collateral to raise money from the public
on the stock exchange. They knew that according to our
law we could not sell our land”.

“If it did not go ahead and the loans were in default, the
lender would have seized our land. Should it have gone
ahead, the bankers would have been repaid with interest
and New York Power Authority would have made money.
Either way the land would have passed out of our hands.
Nice try, guys! This is what we stopped”.

“At the end of the day, the security for their loan would be
our land and our money, which they stole from us by
exploiting our lands and resources. We wish to remind
everyone that these immigrants came here with nothing.
Everything they have is stolen from us! Our monies have
always been used and continue to be used to run these
two corporate franchises, Canada and the United States”.

“Without “Indian royalties” coming from exploiting our
land and resources, the costs of borrowing to develop
these “countries” would have taken forever to pay off.
With the theft of our monies these fictitious debts were
paid off sooner rather than later. They continue this
scam. Every time there is a financial crisis, they just
print more money and then lend it out. They use our
land and resources as the collateral. These two
franchises continue to create phony debts using our
land and resources as backup without our consent
and ignoring the law. Most of all they ignore our
existence as much as they can”.

If you want to know what happened and how we
managed to win this round against Goliath, this is
a book for you. It is worth reading. Don’t think that
the battle is over. Their system hasn’t changed at
all. Their tactics are being recycled. Be prepared f
or the next round.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

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