Thursday, December 27, 2007

Help Alex and Deb White Plume build a new home

Owe Aku and Debra and Alex White Plume’s friends wanted to thank everyone for their support. We have received a lot of positive responses to the loss of the White Plume home and the Owe Aku office. I wanted to send this update from one of our friends, Matt Rankin, who is Alex’s relative and a cornerstone of Owe Aku’s work with hemp and sovereignty. Donations can now be made through paypal through the following link:
Donations that are needed include:
1. cash
2. fuel
3. wall-mart cards
4. cards for Lowe's and Menard's home improvement stores appropriate foods/coffee/comfort


Hello everyone-

Jeremy and I visited Alex at the house yesterday. As expected, he was almost his usual self despite these happenings. He greeted us with the usual "I'll be damned and go to hell!"... Just a handful of items have been found, otherwise it is all gone; very spooky to notice the house missing even from the highway. The westside poured concrete foundation, under what was a modular (old part) may be savable, the big addition is done for foundation wise. I have noticed quite a few things in my possession, particularly books I didn't ask to borrow, that I can now return! I'm sure everyone has ideas there. For the time being Deb and Alex are still at the casino hotel; they have a day or two to make a more permanent plan. Roy Crazy Bull, who has been ranch hand this year, is a hard worker and has the old line shack fixed up comfortably; he is gone with the Bigfoot Riders right now, so at least Alex is staying out there.

We discussed rebuilding plans, but for now, it seems that an adequate trailer is needed to start for the winter. Cash, fuel, toiletries, food, clothing are appropriate, there isn't anyplace to put anything else yet.

We started a working drawing for a round home, with all the renewable/natural aspects we have been working on for some time now; It will probably consist of much black hills stone for peace of mind. We have a large multi-ton truck, and access to stone on private properties around Hot Springs and elsewhere.

That's what I know, feel free to contact me with any ideas; when things like this happen on the rez, there seems to be too much of certain things
(clothes) and not enough of other things. I'm talking to people in the area construction industry to see what they have to donate; you wouldn't believe what is thrown away. We have learned in the past that distant construction materials are too hard to get here. We have 9 tons of trim board and not one 2X4, so I intend to do the best I can to steer people who want to help towards practical materials. Menards and Lowes gift cards would be big when we start to build. I have stockpiled many items in the metal building at Kiza Park intended for the community center, so please check with me to see if we already have something. We are already sitting on sinks, stoves, toilets, etc.

wopila - toksa,


Kent Lebsock
Owe Aku (Bring Back the Way)
International Justice & Human Rights Project

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