Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Longest Walk 2008 Route

Photo 1978 Longest Walk: Jimbo Simmons, Joe Bill and Tissychy

“The Longest Walk 2” – 2008 ---1978 Route

The Longest Walk 2 Gathering- Pow-wow/ Celebration /Ceremony
Feb. 9-12, 2008- D.Q. University.

Feb. 11--- (5am-9am) Alcatraz Sunrise Gathering, San Francisco.
9am-11am- Intertribal Friendship House- Oakland.
11am-1pm- Sproul Plaza, UC Berkeley, Berkeley.
3pm-5pm- Glen Cove, Vallejo
5pm - Return to DQ.
Feb. 12--- 10am Press Conference (TBA)
Noon—Walkers Depart Sacramento Capitol steps to Folsom (Capitol Ave to Folsom Blvd to HWY 50……
Feb. 13--- Folsom to Shingle Springs Rancheria------------Hwy 50
Feb. 14---Shingle Springs Rancheria to Pollock Pines----- Hwy 50
Feb. 15---Pollock Pines to Kyburz --------------------------- Hwy 50
Feb. 16---Kyburz to South Lake Tahoe --------------------- Hwy 50
Feb. 17---South Lake Tahoe to Cave Rock------------------ Hwy 50
Feb. 18---Cave Rock to Carson City -------------------------Hwy 50
Feb. 19---Carson City to Silver Springs ---------------------Hwy 50
Feb. 20---Silver Springs to Fallon --------------------------- Hwy 50
Feb. 21-22 ------------------Rest--------------------------------
Feb. 23-25 – Fallon to Austin ----------------------------------Hwy 50
Feb. 26-27- Western Shoshone (Mt. Tenabo)
Feb. 28---Austin to Eureka ------------------------------------ Hwy 50
Feb. 29---Eureka to Ely ---------------------------------------- Hwy 50
Mar. 1-3 --Ely to Delta -----------------------------------------Hwy 50
Mar. 4 --- Delta to Holden ------------------------------------ Hwy 50
Mar. 5 --- Holden to Scipio ------------------------------------ Hwy 50
Mar. 6 --- Scipio to Salina --------------------------------------Hwy 50
Mar. 7 --- Salina to Fremont Junction ------------------------ Hwy 50
Mar. 8-9 -------------------Rest---------------------------------
Mar. 10-11—Fremont Junction to Green River ------------- Hwy 50
Mar. 12 --- Green River to Crescent Junction ----------- Hwy 50
Mar. 13 --- Crescent Junction to Cisco ------------------- Hwy 50
Mar. 14 --- Cisco to Fruita --------------------------------- Hwy 50
Mar. 15 --- Fruita to Grand Junction ---------------------- Hwy 50
Mar. 16 --- Grand Junction to Delta ---------------------- Hwy 50
Mar. 17-18 -- --------------Rest---------------------------
Mar. 19---- Delta to Montrose ---------------------------- Hwy 50
Mar. 20---- Montrose to Cimarron ----------------------- Hwy 50
Mar. 21--- Cimarron to Gunnison ------------------------Hwy 50
Mar. 22-24- Gunnison, Doyleville, Monarch, Garfield,
Maysville, Poncha Springs, Salida, Howard,
Coaldale, Cotopaxi, Canon City--------- Hwy 50
Mar. 25--- Canon City to Pubelo ------------------------- Hwy 50
Mar. 26-28------------------Rest ------------------------------

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