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Mohawk Nation News: 'Red Ops' spies ousted in Algonquin meeting


Mohawk Nation News
By Kahentinetha Horn
Dec. 23, 2007. Three intrepid MNN reporters were invited to
Pembroke to cover a meeting of Algonquins. It was held in the
Knights of Columbus Hall, which doesn’t sound good. It was
ostensibly to discuss their main current problems of illegal uranium
mining and the fake “Algonquin” negotiators of their land claims.
They were also battling the racist Ontario Federation of Hunters
and Anglers for their hunting rights. They won a court case which
was appealed successfully by another government department.
All this turned out to be a front for “Operation Red Death”, known
as “Red Ops”.

Mohawks were invited by the Algonquins to work with them. Both
are concerned about the Ottawa and St. Lawrence River watershed
which goes right by Kanehsatake, Kahnawake, Akwesasne and
Tyendinaga. The big mystery is why doesn’t’ the health of the
environment in this heavily populated area interest the Canadian

ACT I. OPENING. We were greeted enthusiastically by the first
operative we will call “the Moth”. He looked a bit like a cleric. The
drummer invited us to sit in the circle. They opened the meeting in
the Algonquin language. In the middle were a drum and three
drummers. They were genuine. The Algonquins are mostly
hunters and fishermen from the back woods.

Then along came Mike “Wants-to-be-Eastwood” Swinwood who
got up and started the “hootenanny”.

While we natives sat around in our plain apparel, Mike Swinwood,
a non-native, who thought he was running the show, was dressed
up in a cape with gold and silver rings on every finger of both hands,
including his thumbs. He was wearing an unusual under garment
where the sleeves had thumb hooks, like a woman’s costume. This
is “Goth” wear. He looked like a character sent over by “central
casting” for a failed B movie. We thought he was trying to imitate
Clint Eastwood. One of the reporters was immediately suspicious
of his get-up and demeanor and started giggling. The other two told
her, as hard as it was, to “keep a straight face”.

We quickly saw that we had strolled into a set up, the nature of which
soon became apparent, about five minutes into the performance. He
thought he was the “great white hope” and that we were the bit players.

A kindhearted old man who obviously had little to spare, went out and
bought us coffee and donuts. The strategy is to have no coffee and
food so that people will become hungry, uncomfortable and restless
and the “operative” can get what he wants.

We deduced that this operation is probably going on everywhere that
corporations are trying to claim our fair land and resources. Planners
want to confuse, destroy and control the legitimate debate on real
Indigenous issues. It was meant to be a waste of time for the Algonquins.
The orchestrators emphasized “unity”, “universalism”, and off-the-wall
crackpot spirituality called “new-age-speak”. It came out as false piety
and false humility. Swinwood works closely with Father Michael Stogre
who wrote “That You May believe - the Development of Papal Thought
on Aboriginal Rights”. The papacy seems to think it has the low-down
on everything and they are going to tell us how the world works - the
Gospel according to them.

Intelligence gathering was part of it. It all goes into a data bank built on
the assumption that intelligence is a rare commodity that can only be
found in sacred places like the Vatican, London, Paris and Washington.
He talked glibly but said nothing. He sort of skated around in front of us.
We stared at him, like we were at the “Ice Capades” at the Bell Center in

“You’re going to hear things you’ve never heard before”, said he. This
is when we realized an old strategy had been repackaged. It’s called
“Operation Pacification”. In the grand old Christian tradition they
purported to be personal prophets of such as Dekanawida and they
had a message for us. Get it?

Swinwood mentioned the “white buffalo calf” prophecy but did not
expound on it. He said he worked pro bono with the Blackfeet in
Alberta. He did not mention his foray into Akwesasne about two years
ago where he held the same kind of “tent” meeting at the Hogansburgh
Kateri Hall [Kateri is supposed to be close to sainthood]. Did the Pope
give him a deal? Is he getting hefty donations from the Catholic Church?
Did he fall into a time machine and think he could do 18th Century
conversions to save us all from hell-fire and damnation?

This was just too much. The Mohawks started laughing and giggling
through the whole play. His two cohorts were Pierre Fournier and
Tony Hall of the University of Lethbridge. These scam artists wanted
us to give them money. His adventures among the Mohawks fell flat.
Fournier died shortly after and Tony abandoned the “Good Ship Lolly
Pop”. Now Swinwood says he’s devoting himself to the Algonquins
[according to University of Lethbridge website he works with the Jesuits
who, as we know, are the “soldiers of the Catholic Church responsible
for warfare”]. How did the Algonquins get so lucky?

The whole purpose of Red Ops is to get 50 signatures from various
communities so they can move forward on us. He calls it the “League
of Indian Nations of North America”. Pierre Fournier, also a non-
native, claimed to have been born in the middle of a longhouse right
in front of a clan mother and was therefore “sovereign” [Could he
instantly walk on water?]

On one side of the circle sat Mike “Wannabe Clint” Swinwood, “Feel
Good” Jane and an old man with a beard [no it wasn’t St. Nick].

The Algonquins have 9 million or more acres of unsurrendered land.
Is it Indian Affairs, CSIS, CIA, MI-5, the Catholic cleric brigade or some
corporate entity or a bunch nuts or all of them? Mike lives in a ritzy
section of Almonte near Ottawa and no one knows how he makes a
living. He works pro bono for all kinds of Indigenous groups. He did
not ask the Algonquins for money because he knows they’ are poor
as church mice.

ACT II. NITTY GRITTY DIRT. Then Swinwood called up “Feel Good”
Jane to the stage. She talked about her dreams and visions which
also touched on the theme of unity. She said she awoke from her
dream with bruises all over the side of her body. She had one dream
and promised another 30 days, just in time for the next meeting.

A young guy got up and reinforced the prophecy, visions and unity
theme. Then a woman who said she was a “Commanche law student”
got up and gave a sob story on the past hurts of the “Indians” in the
U.S. and Canada, from a script. She urged us to regress and keep
thinking about how bad we’ve been treated. Her intended effect was
to keep us dwelling on the past and never moving forward. It’s hard
to say whether she was a trainee for CSIS or the church, but we
noticed she had a French-Canadian accent. Is this getting weird?

They refused to deal with the crisis at hand and never answered any
questions. Instead Swinwood, known as the “asset” in the Red Ops
game tried to keep the meeting on the intended agenda of pacification.

How does Red Ops work? The government or agency that has targeted
a group finds a “handler” who trains and guides the “assets”. CSIS has
an Indigenous sector that appears to coordinate with Indian Affairs and
anybody else who wants to do us in. The asset is the point man who
infiltrates the group and sets up the meetings and sends out the invitations.
He brings with him his lower level “assets”. In this case there were five.
Each one had a script that appeared to have been rehearsed and followed
‘religiously’. They barely noticed the Algonquins.

Then each asset, on cue, by “Dirty Harry” Swinwood, waving an eagle
feather, would get up and reinforce the theme of unity, prophecy,
universalism and to join his movement. “Good, Bad & Ugly” Swinwood
wants to represent them in their dealings with governments and corporate
agencies. He needed their permission by the end of the meeting so
Algonquins can put their fate into his ringed fingers. Do they think
we don’t know that universalization is the “One World Order”?

Everyone sat there mesmerized and zoned out until one of the reporters
got up and spoke. They mentioned basically how the Mohawks took
the bull by the horns and dismantled five land claims by New York State
without using lawyers. They were encouraged to use their own minds
and stop relying on dirty rotten lawyers and other dubious pro bono
types. Stick to Indigenous law and don’t let anyone lead us into secret
deals like “side bars”, “caveats” and “without prejudice” letters.

When it was over, the guy with the beard, who appeared to be the
evaluator of his protégé, Swinwood, came over and said to MNN,
“I know what you did. You just undid everything” and then walked away.

Then Feel Good Jane handed out her latest slicked up and expensively
made CD on the theme of universalism, bitching, crying, moaning and
sad stories all meant to reinforce their agenda of sadness and no hope.
The effect was to keep us thinking about the past hurt inflicted on us by
sicko colonists and to keep us stuck in this zoned-out space. It’s meant
to keep us from facing reality, using our minds and fighting for our rights.
They’re trying to keep us “fogged up” while they rob us blind. Throughout
the “Moth” was signaling the “assets” like a maestro, thinking we did not
see him doing it. They want to sabotage our momentum.

ACT III. FADE TO BLACK. Swinwood quickly left because his applecart
was upset. All we could see was his poncho flapping in the wind as he f
lew out into the cold night air like a dirty skunk.

He probably sped to his handlers to give them a report on “how successful
the meeting was”. We are hoping this is the end of their bag of lies. We
aren’t expecting it because you have to be a Christian to believe in Santa
Claus. Can things get weirder? Stay tuned! FIN.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News


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