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DQ Students: 'Board' eats high on hog while students left out in the cold

DQ students commentary: Response to news article in the Woodland Daily Democrat:

A people-to-people communique from the

December 16, 2008

4:40 p.m.


This is a newspaper article as excerpted from today's edition of the:

Woodland Daily Democrat,

Woodland California

Article Created: 12/16/2008 02:33:56 AM PST

A Yolo Superior Court judge effectively barred D-Q University trustees from stepping onto the campus, after an occupant filed temporary restraining orders against each trustee.
Consuela Moreno Vargas, an occupant of D-Q's campus since at least March 2008, filed the restraining orders after an incident on Nov. 13. Vargas accused D-Q University trustees of verbal and physical harassment, stating Trustee Secretary Susan Reece called her a "wetback, pig, dog and a homeless Indian."
Board of Trustees CEO Margaret Hoaglen, Reece, Treasurer Jim Rose and Trustee Genevieve Seely denied the charges.
Judge Doris Shockley stopped Vargas' attorney, James Joseph Lynch Jr., from discussing the allegations and evidence he had against the trustees.
She did the same when (1) Reece attempted to present her evidence that the occupants were trespassers who were occasionally armed. *
Shockley, a retired judge who was filling in for Kathleen White in Dept. 1, said not everyone who was involved in the dispute had been served with notices of the restraining order. The orders will remain in effect until a February hearing, when evidence will be presented.
The orders change little about what has been happening at D-Q. (2) The Board of Trustees (3) rarely meets on campus because of the occupants' presence. (4) They conduct official business in meetings held at casinos and hotels, according to a statement from Reece. The seminar D-Q plans to hold in January will take place some distance
away from the buildings occupants usually control.
Shockley modified one of the orders to allow Trustee Jim Rose to continue working on the land (5) and host seminars at the college.
The incident comes on the heels of the federal government approving of the trustees' use of D-Q's land. A part of the land is under a quit-claim deed with the U.S. General Services Administration; the federal government had accused D-Q of not using the land for educational purposes.
The next hearing is scheduled at 9 a.m., Feb. 18, 2009 in Department 15.

Commentary on the Daily Democrat article by Steve Jerome-Wyatt,

Mr. Jerome-Wyatt is the Acknowledged Spokesman of the Affiliated Obsidian Nation: a (former) twice-elected President of the D-Q University Associated Student Body Government, and President of the D-Q Unity Coalition:

(1) This is a dangerous and inflammatory lie on Reece's part. It only goes to show how desperate Reece and her little band of admirers on the illegal "board of trustees" have become in their effort to hang on to the easy-money gravy-train that they have created for themselves, at D-Q University.

(2) This description on the part of the Woodland Daily Democrat's is an example of inaccurate news reporting. The Margaret Hoaglen/Susan Reece/Genevieve Seely/Jim Rose/Connie Reitman/John Peppin faction of the Land and Leadership Controversy at D-Q university is not legally recognized as a legitimate "board of trustees" -of anything.

(3) The illegal "board" "rarely meets on campus" because its' members abandoned D-Q University many months ago. It was only after the massive police assault on the campus last March -and the resultant groundswell of support for the hold-out students and the People's Occupation, that the 'board' started holding meetings once again. Prior to that time, the 'board' had missed five meeting-opportunities in a row.

(4) They do this because it gives them a handy excuse and justification to eat high on the hog at fancy Indian casinos and hotel restaurants. (for example: the Red Lion Inn in Sacramento) These food safaris always end up the same way; with D-Q University picking up the tab. The illegal board of trustees is also fond of renting out large meeting-halls for its secret board meetings.

The Little People -namely people from the community and members of the D-Q Unity Coalition, are not welcome at these gatherings. At the Hoaglen 'board's last group-grope held at the Red Lion inn. Susan Reece told the hotels Security people to throw us out. The supervisors of the security team -wisely- declined to follow Reece's order.

The illegal board of trustees can't even pay the phone and electricity bills back at D-Q University; even so, its' members see no harm in wasting plenty of the school's money NEEDLESSLY, off campus.

(5) Only people that have been hand-selected in advance by the corrupt 'board' of trustees are allowed to attend these seminars. Everyone else can go to Hell. The attendance figures for the Hoaglen/Reece boards' super-exclusive little "seminars" are wildly exaggerated. The 'seminars' that Susan Reece and Jim Rose talked about in the article might look excellent on paper, but in real life these 'classes in environmental coursework" are nothing but a scam.

*to see this story in its original form in the pages of the Woodland Daily Democrat, go to:

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