Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Indigenous Black Mesa supply delivery, Dec. 2008

Update: DECEMBER indigenous Black Mesa supply run

Here's an update regarding drop-off locations this week for supply donations for Black Mesa, and a few additional needs.

Please check out for more info.

Dear supporters of indigenous Black Mesa,
This is an update from Ethan Genauer...

There are 2 drop-off locations for donations to assist my upcoming
mission later this week (planned departure date is Friday December 5)
to support a family of 3 Dineh Elders living at Black Mesa:

The 1st drop-off location is a friendly house surrounded by a white
picket fence at 412 S. Beaver St. Donations can be left on the front
porch (it's pretty safe there) with a note that it's for Black Mesa,
and folks living there will bring them inside.

The 2nd drop-off location is Taala Hoogan Infoshop at 1926 N. 4th St,
which is open this week Tuesday thru Thursday, 4 to 8 pm.

Also, it would be great if folks could send me an email (to in advance regarding what items you intend to
donate, so that I don't double up and purchase them, and so I can let
other folks know the top priorities re: what's still needed.

A few cold-weather items that I'm seeking personally are good
waterproof hiking boots for sheep herding (size 10-11) .. warm
clothes (especially socks, rain jacket, hoodie, shirts to layer up,
long johns, & pants / jeans size 30-32) ... and blankets. Please don't
purchase anything because I'm still checking out thrift shops, but if
you have any extras lying around that might fit an average-sized 5'7"
male, please let me know or just drop them off!

Plus, it would help me a lot to have a Dineh-English / Navajo-English
translation dictionary .. as well as some good books for me to read
at night by candle light, especially on subjects like: radical
activist politics + history, Southwest / indigenous history, plants +
herbs of Arizona & the Southwest, spirituality, organic gardening +
farming, Jimmy Santiago Baca poetry, fiction by Starhawk, & books by
indigenous authors.

Finally, here's an updated list of requested items:

- healthy food (esp. fresh veggies + fruits; also non-perishables:
cans, rice, beans, etc)
- dog + cat food
- cooking oil
- flour (esp. blue corn)
- cooking spices + herbal teas
- instant coffee
- apple + orange juice
- sweeteners (raw honey, sugar) + salsa / hot sauce
- medicinal herbs (for stress, colds & flus, digestion, external
salves & rubs, liniments and salves for bad backs, arnica, aloe vera)
- earth/human-friendly non-toxic soaps (for bodies, for dishes, and to
hand-wash clothes) + shampoo
- kerosene oil
- chainsaw oil
- candles
- paper towels + toilet paper
- work gloves
- mop bucket (for wringing out the mop)
- radio / flashlight + batteries
- disposable camera/s

Thank you & have a great week!!
Best, Ethan

This message was forwarded on behalf on NAU Peace & Justice.

peace & love

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