Monday, November 17, 2008

D-Q University Press Conference, Nov. 18, 2008

9:00 a.m.

Attention members of all print and broadcast media:

On November 18, 2008, at 9:00 a.m., (Tuesday) at D-Q University, 33250 County Road 31, Davis, we will be holding a press conference to discuss the irrational actions that the illegitimate Board of Trustees of D-Q University have taken against the occupiers of D-Q U.

We will also speak out against the violence, racism, and sexist harassment that their goons have directed towards members of the D-Q Unity Coalition.

Nov. 13, 2008, Margaret Hoaglen (Ex-Secretary of D-Q U), and her family, as well as her illegal Board of Trustees (BOT) arrived to D-Q U claiming that they were going to have a site committee meeting on campus. Because of previous threats and now racist name calling, the D-Q Unity Coalition who are the recognized occupiers of the campus, did not want to allow them access in. Ira Hoaglan and others claimed that this was to be a peaceful meeting. Upon entry, 2 white cargo vans, a red Expedition, and other vehicles then stormed into the campus to break into the administration building. They sawed the locks and stole administration computers and many of the files that were inside the building.

During this, Margret Hoaglen’s Daughter, Iris Hoaglan, elbowed an elderly woman in the back. Our elder was at D-Q to show support for the people who are occupying it. Aftaerward, well as later spitting at Lupita Torres (Secretary of Associated Student Body of DQU). Iris later attacked Consuela Vargas, Pit River (Vice Chair of D-Q Unity), for filming their actions. Iris tried to take away the camera Consuela was holding. During the struggle Iris knocked the camera out of Consuela’s hand breaking the camera and Consuela’s finger. Iris Hoaglen’s act of violence impeded further filming of their illegal actions.

While all of the chaos was continued, the illegal “BOT” just watched; they said and did nothing to stop their goons. Instead they joined in on the verbal assault against the D-Q Unity Coalition, referring to our people as “WETBACKS“, “SPICKS” and “HONKEY’S”, even though the majority of people there are Native.

The men also continued to make sexist remarks towards the women, both sexual, as well as chauvinistic, saying things like, “Know your place” and “You women need to be in the kitchen making me dinner.”

These illegal, self-appointed representatives of D-Q University continuously bring hatred and violence to the campus. The community needs to hold them accountable for their hateful, aggressive and disruptive actions which are unfavorable to the continuity and rebuilding of the unity needed to foster this institution of learning.

D-Q University and D-Q Unity Coalition Demands

1. We Demand that racism on all ends must stop now. D-Q U since its inception has always stood for unity between all nations. D-Q U has always represented both the Eagle and the Condor (North and South natives of the continent.

2. We Demand that all forms of Harassment both physical and verbal, as well as threats and acts of violence by the illegal Board of Trustees( Margaret Hoaglen’s board) towards the D-Q Unity Coalition must end. Legal action needs to be taken.

3. We Demand that all Organizations involved with the illegal Board stop further assistance to any work . regarding D-Q University. i.e. Inter Tribal Council of California, CIMC, Hertz, NCRS, Yolo County . . Sheriff Department, and Shirley Lincoln, as well as Jane Elliot of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and. Cache Creek Casino.

for more information, contact:

Steve Jerome-Wyatt, President (530) 400-7642
Consuela Vargas, Vice President (916) 534-3856
Steven Payan, Financial Coordinator (530) 723-8145
Onyi Ibeabuchi, Minister of History (408) 841-2019

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