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Mohawks: Spies for foreign powers forfeit birthright


Nov. 11, 2008. A “stool pigeon” is an information “carrier pigeon” inside a community. They give intelligence about us to our enemies, like police, government, social scientists or academics who pretend to study us. Let’s not forget those “5th column” scumbags - the band or tribal councils and “aboriginal” police forces - that have been forced on us by our enemies. We Mohawks are officially number 3 on the “terrorist” list put out by Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness Canada, after Alqaeda and the Tamil Tigers. Doesn’t it look like the state is setting us set up for something?

The Canadian Secret Intelligence Service CSIS didn’t want to twiddle its thumb. It’s picking on us to justify its existence, or they’re very bored. They are recruiting informants among our people. A CSIS woman, Nancy Demarais, called Tewhonwasonte. He writes a column for the Kahnawake Eastern Door newspaper and is a member of the 207 Long House where some of the traditional people meet.

This CSIS Wanna-be “Mata Hari” with a bag of money wanted a secret rendez-vous with Tewhonwasonte in a restaurant outside the community. She wanted to talk about ‘Mohawk’ stuff, like the tobacco industry and especially about our sister community of Tyendinaga. It was a thinly veiled attempt to gain “strategic” information about us. In exchange Mata Hari offered to give him some “interesting” information. “I think you will have a smile on your face," she said. Tewhonwasonte told her he would get back to her.

Tewhonwasonte called the Long House who said, in effect, “This is nation business. If she wants to talk to us, she should come to the Longhouse and tell everybody what she wants." Tewhonwasonte called Mata Hari. She was not interested in an open and honest nation-to-nation relationship. She was probably already writing an impressive report to her superiors on how she “tricked” us into giving her “information." She said, in effect, “Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll keep shopping."

Why is Canada skulking around spying on us instead being above board and meeting us face-to-face? Is Canada trying to depose our government? Remember, evil is always covert and truth is for everyone. Last Friday the Eastern Door carried a front page story on this search for Mohawk “007s”.

Spies are everywhere! Even companies have spies to keep an eye on everybody. When an MNN editor worked at the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino, an executive asked her to spy on her fellow employees. She declined. Another was asked to spy on her fellow employees at the animal shelter where she volunteered. She was even asked to spy on the animals and report any “mad dogs and Englishmen!"

States commonly use assassins, spies and secret agents. They are called “rats”, “snitches," spooks," “confidential informants” or an “anonymous source." Spying is the act of obtaining, delivering, transmitting, communicating or receiving information about how we defend ourselves from the onslaughts of the colonizers. The information turned over to the outsiders is used to injure us.

State espionage is usually done for military purposes. Canada is continuing its military operations and threats against us today even though military approaches to social problems are illegal according to international law. In our opinion, domestic terrorism is being done in Canada aimed at us.

How are informants cultivated? Someone can become an informant after an arrest, threat or torture. “If you spy for us, we’ll protect you” [from us], so the story goes. They send them back to blend into the target community. They may even let them conduct crimes like dealing drugs so long as they give information about the community to their handlers.

The spy known as the “asset” is directed by a “cover” or a “handler." In between are the “cut outs” or “couriers” who deliver the messages and who may not know the asset or the handler. The CIA model is a clandestine cell system where the players don’t ever meet, except on a need-to-know basis. A “safe house” is a refuge for spies.

The cover can be stationed in the middle of the community where they recruit and supervise their agents who spy on us. They try to recruit someone who is trusted and has access to sensitive information. A spy who tries to infiltrate the target is called a “legend”. They can also be long time “moles” or “defectors” who stay within the community and even have families.

Some agents could be the janitor who digs through people’s trash. This gives new meaning to the term “bottom feeders”. They are also known as “dumpster divers”. Sometimes the lowest person in the organization is actually the head of the spy ring.

Some “stool pigeons” start out as volunteers who think they are doing the right thing for our enemies. If they develop a good rapport with the cops or outside assets or handlers, eventually they might get paid for “stooling” on us.

The spies bring in fake information to the targeted community and also put out propaganda against us to the outside. “Oh, the RCMP is gonna make a raid," just to put us on edge. The information is meant to demoralize us and make us look bad. They try to convince us that the enemy is stronger and that “it’s no use” to assert our rights or the law.

The Belleville Intelligencer vilified us by publishing the list of Mohawks who are going to be charged for “protesting” the recent delivery of the mega prison that Canada and the OPP want to illegally put in the middle of Tyendinaga. Freedom of expression is not a crime! Their deliberate misinformation is meant to have a serious affect on us. We can’t get a job, our kids are mistreated at school or we have difficulty going about our normal activities like shopping, going to the arena or the hospital without being hassled.

Presently spying is done in person, by GPS linked to satellites or aircraft, misleading reports, planting bugs or taps to listen to people’s conversations, watching us through binoculars or following us, taking our pictures or computer hacking into emails. Espionage technology and tactics have become very sophisticated, like concealment devices, covert listening instruments, monitoring and tracking contraptions, one way voice links, surveillance and remotely activated phones. Now “Drones” UAVs can follow us and attacks can be set off by remote from Ottawa.

What motivates someone to betray their own people? It’s either money, greed, blackmail, ideology, compromise, ego, threats or for “something beneficial." There are those who feel that life has cheated them. They want to get back at the society that misunderstood them and did not appreciate them. Other levers of coercion for recruitment are homosexuality, bribery, excitement, romance and sex.

Espionage is a violation of the Kaianerehkowa, the Great Law, our constitution. A spy breaking their own nation’s laws can be imprisoned. Wampum 58 provides that, “any persons who submit to laws of a foreign people are alienated and forfeit their birthright and claims of the Rotino’shonni:onwe and territory”.

Sorry, allies, friends and supporters! We need you and appreciate your help. However, the way things are going we have to watch for any stranger that strolls into our midst. We need to check their background, ask a lot of questions and not get suckered by fast talkers and their gifts. We have to watch out for another “pretext event” which, if in Canada, will implicate the Ongwehonwe. It’s like 911 which implicated the people of the Middle East.

Our philosophy sustains our families, communities and friends. Our ties are so strong that we help each other without hesitation for no payment. We must be alert to all the tricks our enemies are using to recruit one of us to work against us. For those who have already been recruited, better start worrying. No one anywhere in the world likes a traitor in their midst.

Karakwine & MNN Staff, Mohawk Nation News
CSIS:; Manon Berube – Media 613-231-0100;
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