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Mohawks: When cops become thugs, non-lethal weapons


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Nov. 1, 2008. We Ongwehonwe need to know about this new weaponry and martial law training that cops are using on us. We’re unarmed. How do we defend ourselves? The military is getting more involved in civil matters. The U.S. Marines are in the forefront of developing, testing and using so-called “non-lethal weapons” NLW for what is being called “domestic crowd control”, or more accurately, “fascism”.
Here are some of the new weapons being used by the state’s agents to attack the people they are supposed to protect:
1) “Directed Energy Weapons” are used against people and electronic equipment. ”Electromagnetic Energy” is directed in a beam or pulse. The transmitter can be mounted on a vehicle that looks like a large speaker box to disable electronic equipment, disorient and disable people. It may cause organ damage and, of course, death. It has no bullet. So it’s harder to trace who the killers are.

”High Powered Microwave Weapon” is an electromagnetic pulse that can burn skin in an instant. It disables equipment. In April 2007, there was an accident with the "Active Denial System 1", which is a “pain ray” or “death ray” gun, during a trial at the Moody Air Force Base in Georgia. It was left on and somebody was badly burned. This gun is being used in Iraq, Somalia, Palestine and Afghanistan.
V2K is electromagnetic energy for “mind control” to create mass murderers such as soldiers. [See Link #1] These include (1) a neuro-electromagnetic device that transmits microwave radiation sound pulses into a person’s skull; and (2) a silent sound device that transmits subliminal voice or audio messages into the person’s skull. A sign is that the perpetrator of mass killings appears apathetic, calm, even zombie-like. This is how “Manchurian Candidates” can be created.

2) A “Stun Grenade” is an acoustic weapon with explosives meant to cause internal damage, disorient, incapacitate and kill people.

3) For “crowd control” people are hit with various “Projectiles” like rubber bullets and "airburst munitions".

4) There are “Combination Weapons” that Flash, Bang and Stink to temporarily disorient and stop people from resisting.

5) “Mobility Denial Equipment” stop vehicles and people like entanglement nets, slippery foam and anti traction material.

6) “Weaponized UAVs” [Unmanned Aerial Vehicles] or Drones have been downsized costing as little as $3,000. These mini UAVs can be hand launched and remotely operated by rookie cops, teenaged soldiers or raving lunatics.

7) "Electro-shock stun” equipment has been abused by cops who have harmed or killed those with heart disease, neurological disorders or under the influence of drugs." [See Link #2]

8) Commonly used is the “eye-in-the-sky” satellite camera to follow our every move and to reign havoc by pushing a button in Ottawa or Washington. These are connected to GPSs in cars. The microwave towers monitor cell phones, computers and ID chips like the enhanced drivers licenses, which are all connected to the eye-in-the-sky.

9) Security Solutions SS of Colorado Springs Colorado sells “non-lethal” weapons online to the public like stun guns, pepper sprays, tasers and personal alarms which they claim "have been used effectively for years by military and police units world wide”. They sell a Mace Alarm & Flashlight, Crossbows, Throwing Stars (?), Telescopic Steel Batons, High Velocity Sling Shots, Handcuffs, Kubotans (?), Blowguns, Paintball Guns, surveillance cameras, self defense training DVD's and "diversion safes" that look like a can of pop or beer or a jar of peanut butter to hide money or whatever. SS owner, Jack Krohn, is a motivational writer on how every "good citizen" should have their own arsenal. [See Link #3] Think that things are bad now? Is worse being planned for us? Somebody wants to make loads of money and get control based on mass death, big time!

Read this! SSs 700,000 volt “Stun Gun” with a designer holster, even a pink one, costs $69.95. A 950,000 volt “Pretender Stun Gun” that looks like a cell phone costs $125! The stun gun won't work til you go online and get it activated by the manufacturer. Other stun guns have catchy names like "Stun Monster", "Hot Shot Stun Gun" and "Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun". These deviant nuts like their deadly toys! We are getting the impression that the government is the biggest “terrorist” of all.

SS sells a gun with an alarm that crackles with electricity: "Simply touching .. someone… with a stun gun for three to five seconds delivers a high voltage shock …. caus[ing] loss of balance and muscle control, confusion, and disorientation bringing him to his knees and incapacitating him." [We know someone who was walking down the street and got taken down. He came to hours later lying in the gutter.] The latest taser uses "Electro-Muscular Disruption” (EMD) technology that can incapacitate faster than a 9mm hand gun. It shoots out 2 darts attached to 15 feet of wire. 50,000 volts travel over the wires and over-rides the central nervous system providing incredible takedown power." This is all available on the internet.
10) Security Solutions International of Florida SSI is not related to SS. SSI is run by a group of SWAT team experts, snipers and ex-military. They prepare cops for “martial law”. One of SSI's trainers is also the head of the “Police Training Institute”, of the University of Illinois-Champaign/Urbana. Police are trained for SWAT "special weapons and tactics".***
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security DHS sponsored training in Israel to teach Canadian cops how the Israelis ‘control’ the Palestinians. Another session starts this month. Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian “Linguini Legs” Fantino took the course in 2005. He went with 35 Ontario police chiefs, various bureaucrats, politicians and heads of Jewish organizations on this foray called the “Ontario Police Mission to Israel”. Morris Zbar of the United Jewish Appeal is involved in “modernizing” Ontario prisons. That is, bringing them up to “Abu Graib” standards? See the list at the end of this article of the “wannabe robo cops”. Notice that most of these neo-fascists ply their trade near Ongwehonwe communities.

A year later in early 2006, Bernie Farber of the Canadian Jewish Congress took another bunch to Israel. This time from the Assembly of First Nations AFN, including Phil “Tonto” Fontaine and Beverley “Auntie Tom” Jacobs, President of the Native Women’s Association of Canada, and others.

We Ongwehonwe are targeted. We need to know about these tactics and weapons, how to defend ourselves and who’s doing it to us.
Since Indian Affairs has a fiduciary responsibility to protect us according to their own laws, they should provide every Ongwehonwe man, woman and child with specialized armor to protect us from their new gadgets and the equipment we need to defend ourselves from their colonial liquidators who are always attacking us:
As well, we need helmets, flack jackets, gas masks, lemon water for clearing pepper sprayed eyes, hockey pads to protect our bodies from beatings, scramblers so that our phones and computers will work, flares to inform our people when we get “disappeared” because we aren’t allowed one call, a list of their racist taunts we need to get used to, wide copper bracelets to protect our wrists from over tight handcuffs, descriptions of deadly stress holds, cell phones, camcorders, chastity belts to deter rapes and cavity searches at borders and police stations, special protection for babies and the unborn from birth defects and, to survive interrogation, we need to learn how to sleep with our eyes open while standing, high nutrition power bars, isolation songs to keep us company in the cells like the “AIM Song”.
Better yet, we need weapons that can inject a dose of common sense and sanity into raving maniacs that pretend they’re “just following orders” of their demented masters. All states have to stop funding weapons and tactics designed to breach the right to life. If they put even one-tenth of this energy and expense into peaceful co-existence, we’d all be way further ahead.
Iakoha’ko:wa, Eagle Watch, Sharbot Lake MNN Mohawk Nation News
Ontario Police Mission to Israel: Gary Smith, Deputy Chief, Windsor; Chief David Nicholas Halcovitch, Hanover; Chief Stephen Tanner, Belleville; Deputy Chief Charles Mercier, Durham Regional; Deputy Chief Lawrence Hill, Ottawa; Chief B. Wesley Luloff, Nishnawbe Aski: Chief Paul Cook, North Bay; Commissioner Gwenneth Marie Boniface, OPP; Chief Ian Davidson, Greater Sudbury; Deputy Chief Robert Kates, Sault Ste. Marie; Chief Shayne MacKinnon, Dryden; Chief Armand LaBarge, York Regional; Hon. Monte Kwinter, Ministry, Community Safety & Correctional Services; OPP Deputy Commissioner Maurice Pilon; Director Government Relations Joe Couto, Ontario Assn. of Police Chiefs OACP; Chief Paul David Hamelin, Midland, Pres. OACP; Chief Robert Herman, Thunder Bay; Nat. CEO Canadian Jewish Congress CJC Bernie M. Farber; Chair CJC Ont. Joel Richler; Inspector Merle Foster, Belleville Police; United Jewish Appeal Toronto Morris Zbar; Chief Brian John Mullan, Hamilton: Chief William Rose, Michipicoten Wawa; Staff Supt. William Blair, Toronto Police Service; Deputy Chief Dennis James Poole, Chatham-Kent; Director Rudy Gheysen, Ontario Police College; Deputy Chief Frank Elsner, Owen Sound; Commissioner Emergency Management James Young, Toronto; OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino; Premier McGuinty’s Office Andrew Hilton; Wilma Helen Kwinter [somebody‘s “Desperate Housewife”].

All these cop shops are recruiting.

Why did the U.S. Department of Homeland Security pay for this? What interest do they have in places like Wawa and Belleville? Canada is being set up to become a “hell hole” of violence controlled by deadly button pushers. What do they do after a massacre?

Susan Weinberger of “Danger Room” is writing more on microwave weapons and military secrecy.
[Link #1] The Federation of American Scientists' website
[Link #2] Amnesty International. Cruelty in Control? The Stun Belt and Other Electro-Shock Equipment in Law Enforcement. 1999: [See Link #2]
[Link #3]

Contacts of “Murder Inc.“ Hit Men who went with Security Solutions International and Fantino to Israel:
1.Monte “A-Team-Wannabe-Cop” Kwinter, 416-325-0036 Fax: 416-325-0316: 416-630-0080 Fax: 416-630-8828
2. Joe “Barney Fife” Couto, Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, 416-926-0424 Toll Free: 1-800-816-1767 Fax: 416-926-0436
3. Chief Stephen “Car-54-Where-Are-You” Tanner and Inspector Merle “Iron Pants” Foster, BELLEVILLE Police, (613) 966-0882 ext 2223 Fax (613) 966-8991;
4. Chief Daniel Parkinson[s disease], CORNWALL 613-933-5000 extension 2400, 613-932-2110 Danny “Cop Vicious” Aikman, Deputy Chief ext. 2421, Fax 613-932-9317 or 613-932-0121;
5. Chief William Blair TORONTO “Police Academy” 416-808-8000 Exec Officer 416-808-8015 FAX 416-808-8002, Sgt. 416-808-8007
6. Chief Murray “Charlie’s Angel” Faulkner, Ian “Deputy Dog” Peer, and Deputy Chief Bradley “Dudley Do-Right” Duncan, LONDON Police, (519) 661-5670
7. Chair, London Police Services “Happy-Hour-Vampires” Board (519) 661--5646 Fax: (519) 661-1053
8. Chief Armand “Frenchy” La Barge YORK REGIONAL Police 1-866-876-5423
9. Chief Vernon “Cagney & Lacey-wants-to-go-to-Israel” White OTTAWA Police 613-236-1222, ext. 7300, Deputy Chief Larry Hill
10. Deputy Chief Charles “Too-Many-Crooks-Spoil-the-Troops” Mercier DURHAM REGIONAL POLICE 905-655-5566 Fax: 905-655-5066
11. Bernie “Hogan’s Heroes” Farber, Canadian Jewish Congress [from AFN website] CJC CEO 011-972-50-406-1266 (Israel cell phone)
12. Wendy “Bird-in-a-Gilded-Cage” Lampert, CJC National Director of Communications 416-631-5844 (office) or 416-845-4674 (cell)
13. Morris “Colonel Klink” Zbar, former DM Correctional Services, now on "transformation team" at Correctional Services Canada, also of United Jewish Appeal Toronto which looks for large donations, 416-635-2883 F 416-635-9565.

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