Friday, November 14, 2008

NAMAPAHH Radio: Pine Ridge and Rosebud blizzard relief

Join us Saturday Nov 15th, 2008
10am-11:30AM PST
Pine Ridge, RoseBud, Parmelee, South Dakota, Winter
Category: News
Call-in Number: (718) 508-9165

Blizzard Relief Needed! Snow storms hit SD and impacts Native & non-Native Communities-You can help!
All week I have been getting alerts about the storms that have hammered parts of South Dakota. Snow blizzards have been causing the brunt of the power outages and there are people who have especially been hit hard on some of the Reservations. Rescue efforts have begun, but others can't get out or do not want to leave their homes. We can help out by sending food, warm clothes, blankets, money to non-profits helping with the rescue efforts. Tune in Saturday at 10am-noon (when I/my callers have free minutes) and we will focus our energy, love and prayers on South Dakota and the Rez's who need help at this time, due to the season of Winter starting for them now...
Please tell your friends and family to listen, call in as well, if they have news from that area, first hand stories and or ideas and/or can offer ideas of their own.
da ha dwubs, Robin
Keep checking my blog for updates & guests TBA….lots of good music too- we will remember and pay tribute to Floyd Red Crow Westerman during part of the show…..
Custer Died for Your Sins/The Land Is Your Mother by Floyd Westerman (Audio CD - 1993)
"Like most Native Americans of his generation, Floyd Westerman was wrenched away from the arms of his family at the age of five and sent off to a government boarding school nearly 100 miles away. These blatant attempts to destroy Indian civilization by breaking up families and making traditions obsolete became one of many subjects Westerman would take on when he developed into an important Native American protest singer and actor.
A Dakota Sioux, Westerman remained at the boarding school for the next 12 years, until he had finished high school. By this time he had learned guitar after watching… Read more"

The Tulalip Boys & Girls Club Community Action Alert 11-14-08

The TBGC– TYMMC and other programs are offering a drop off location to help in the aide and outreach of the South Dakota Reservations– Pine Ridge & Rosebud were recently slammed by high winds, rain and snow storms. In the Spirit of giving & helping others, we hope that you will come by during business hours M-Friday 6am- 9pm and make a donation.
We can also give you information on how you can make a financial \contribution to a non-profit organization and/ or the Red Cross, who is currently assisting these destitute communities.
Help with costs of shipping would also be greatly appreciated.
Checks for the postage can be made out to the Tulalip Boys & Girls Club.
Please feel free to call the TBGC office & ask to speak with Robin Carneen or Antonia Ramos if you have any questions and/ or would like to help out with this emergency respounse in any way.
TBGC office: (360) 416-3400Donation boxes will be set up at the TBGC...please help fill them with new or gently used warm clothes, blankets, hats, gloves, non-perishable food, water. Other items needed will be displayed at the TBGC or can be requested by emailing Robin Carneen at:
Tune into & Link to Saturday's (11-15-08) Native American-NAMAPAHH radio segment that will spotlight this region & host guests who will be speaking about the situation on these Reservations: For news coverage, go to Thank you for helping and please help get the word out– precious lives are depending on this...please don't let this be another Winter where these Reservations are shut out in the cold. Robin Carneen

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Swinomish1 said...

Thank you Brenda for supporting NAMAPAHH & for letting people know about what we are is like a drop of love in still water- you help the ripples of healing, touch ripples of hurting, which in turn, touch ripples of healing...and so on!

We love you! Can I add you to my signature for my gmail????

muwahhhh and da ha dwubs, Robin

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