Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Big Mountain: Bulldozed Sun Dance Grounds, the rest of the story

From the Censored files: Bulldozed Sun Dance grounds, the rest of the story
By Brenda Norrell
Bulldozed Sun Dance grounds, Big Mountain, Arizona in 2001/Navajo grandmothers were jailed when they brought in the Sun Dance Tree. Later, Apache County, BIA and Hopi Rangers bulldozed the Sun Dance grounds and put the Sun Dance Tree through a wood chipper. It was among the most censored articles of our time.
In a disturbing development in 2005, Harvard University's Honoring Nations Project selected the Hopi Land Team, which includes the Hopi Rangers, as a recipient of an annual award for excellence. Along with destroying the Sun Dance grounds, the Hopi Rangers had routinely harassed and intimidated Navajo elders living alone on Black Mesa for decades.

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