Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Far right tires takeover at Sharbot Lake


Mohawk Nation News

Sept. 5, 2007. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s
Christian coalition has marched into Sharbot Lake to
protect their investment. He thinks that the smoke
that billows out his eyes and ears will get the
Conservatives elected in Ontario on October 10th.
Will he say something like what former Conservative
Ontario Premier Mike Harris said about Ipperwash,
“Get those fucking Indians out of the park” to end
the resistance of the Algonquins at Sharbot Lake?
Or will he be more polite?

You can be sure the “Christian Peacemakers Team”
are not there for religious purposes or to convert
the savages. As in the past and as in the present,
it’s all about money. As usual, they are hiding
behind the bible and their flock of cops wearing
their “St. Michael” medallions around their skinny
little necks. Such misguided people need all the
protection they can muster.

Harper is away in Australia trying to get all those
uranium tailings back to Canada so MREL can
continue to make those “dirty bombs” for U.S.
puppeteer, George Bush. Bill Bauer of MREL
got chased out of Algonquin land and has found
another location to do his dirty work.

This tactic is a repeat of the old colonial strategy
of sending in the bible thumpers to pacify the
natives and then take over the agenda, i.e. let’s
get the mine going and start making money!
We hear them singing in the bushes, “Oh!
Happy day! We’re gonna get rid of them injuns
once and for all!”

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how many shares
the Christian coalitions have invested in
uranium mining! The Christian peacemakers –
made up of Mennonite, Quaker and Church of
Bretheren have been infiltrated by the Catholics/
Vatican. The cops are not there for peaceful
reasons. They and the Peacemakers came with
military issue satellite phones with an unlimited
calling card. What else has been issued for this

The Peacemakers are headed by Jim Loney, the
famous international hostage who was “saved”
from a near death experience in Iraq where he
was on a pacification mission. Because of his
notoriety, no doubt, the corporate media will be
flocking to Sharbot Lake to interview him. Doesn’t
this look a bit like a setup to take over the agenda
there? Why isn’t Loney there anonymously if he
is so sincere about helping the Algonquins?

It looks like the Peacemakers are being escorted by
MELT, the Major Events Liaison Team, a new “hit
squad” of the Ontario Provincial Police. Does this
mean we are being taken seriously as we are now
considered a “major event” in their lives?

Brian Heslip, of MELT, bragged he learned a lot at
Ipperwash, Six Nations and Grenada . He has gone
to “Aboriginal sensitivity” school even though he
does not appear to have developed any sensitivity
to Algonquin sovereignty over their land.

Heslip was wearing regulation white T-shirt, crisply
pressed blue jeans and sneakers, trying to look like
a regular guy. He pointed out that the warriors
wearing camo and bandanas intimidated him.

He said that his OPP “higher ups” [and he looked
upward into the sky in reverence when he said this]
wanted him to take down all license numbers of cars
coming into the area. He told the Algonquins that
he did not want to do that. However, he will monitor
the arrival of any “radicals”, or “violent types” who
might want to come to Sharbot Lake to defend the

Does this mean he will be monitoring the OPP, the
army and any of his armed colleagues who would
be the only violent characters coming into the area?
The defenders come only in peace.

Heslip wanted to set up hidden surveillance cameras
and mikes up in the trees across the road to watch
and listen to the birds coming in and out of the gate.
The Algonquins and the birds said “no way!”

The Christian Peacemakers were eased out of
Ipperwash. They went there to “plant a garden”
for the Indians. Nobody remembers them being at
Six Nations who frown upon anyone wearing black
robes, especially judges.

September 6, 1995 is the night of the invasion of
the Indigenous unsurrendered land at Ipperwash
when Dudley George was murdered by OPP sniper,
Kenneth Deane. A communiqué has been sent to
the PM that reminds him of this historic invasion
and warns, “if there is any blood shed or assault of
any of our people for standing up for our birthrights
and land rights at Sharbot Lake , there will be
recourse here at Six Nations. We have a right to
protect our existence”.

Back on April 19th 2006 at 4:00 pm. the OPP had
met with the Chiefs and Clan Mothers at Six Nations.
The OPP promised they would not come in during
the dark, that they would give sufficient notice for
all women and children to leave safely and they
would not harm anyone. Without warning, twelve
hours later they raided the encampment.

One Six Nations woman who was there at the time
recalled that just prior to that the OPP were trying
to get close to the Indigenous people. Her 17 year
old son had just died and two OPP showed up at
the front line with a blanket and an eagle feather.
As she put it, she told them where to shove it. Two
days later the same OPP were part of the big raid of
the site in the early hours of the morning. They beat
up the women, elders, children and men. These same
two OPP were some of the most brutal during the raid.
They helped kidnap some of our people and put them
into their colonial jail system.

So much for OPP promises. Remember that our
colonial opponents have two faces and two tongues.
They tell you one thing out of one side of their face
and another from the other side. If they really want to
keep the peace the way they say they do, then they
should just butt out and stay away. They don’t need
to help corporate interests like Frontenac Ventures
violate the law.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

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