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Mohawk Nation News: Arrest of Six Nations Defenders

“MIS’CHIEF” – MNN Special

MNN. Sept. 20, 2007. At 2:00 pm. Wednesday September
19th twenty defenders were attacked by the combined
forces of over 200 Ontario Provincial Police, Hamilton
City Police and the RCMP. The defenders were objecting
to a non-native housing development on their land known
as ”Stirling Street” in the colonial town of Caledonia.

They were attacked by the “Riot Squad” which was
bound and determined to create a riot. They were armed
with M-16s, tasers, shields, batons and “twisty tie handcuffs”.
To get the riot going, this combined force of confused
wannabe heroes marched in 13 rows in front of fully loaded
armored trucks, ambulances and paddy wagons. Frankly,
they looked scared. They had to know that what they were
doing was wrong.

The defenders were standing 10 feet behind a log that had
been placed on the boundary line at the side of a deep
railroad ravine. They were on a public road. It was outside
the perimeter created around the site by Venture Homes to
keep out the “Injuns”. “They’re coming in! They’re coming
in”, yelled a few of the defenders, as the invading forces
clacked their batons on their shields. This old psychological
ploy was meant to incite fear. Instead it created such a weird
sight that people started to laugh.

The defenders tried to make them get real by yelling, “We’re
here peacefully. We’re not on the property the developer
wants. We’re the Iroquois, the Haudenosaunee. This is our
land. You’re breaking the laws”. The defenders said this
over and over, hoping someone with intelligence would hear.

But the cops had all left their intelligence behind in return for
a pay check and their right to use weapons against others.
They had agreed to become mindless robots. They were on
autopilot, wearing earphones waiting for their orders from
someone who wasn’t there. On and on they marched
relentlessly like mechanical dolls. They crossed that line
and left the land the developer claims. They tasered the
defenders and started arresting everyone they could lay a
hand on. They dragged one young man into the bush so
no one could see them tasering him over and over and over

The defenders’ self-control was amazing. Truly amazing!
The defenders knew that if one of the cops got hurt, they
would be blamed. Most of the people arrested were women
in their twenties and thirties, some younger and one elder,
and a few men. Most were beaten in the encounter. All
emerged with ugly black and blue bruises under their arms,
all down the sides of their bodies and back and down their
legs. Some had bumps on their heads. These were the
scars of what the cops call “gentle arrests”. Remember,
the ratio was 200 to 1.

Video footage of one arrest showed a woman standing
between a female and male cop who tried to talk her into
walking voluntarily into their waiting paddy wagon. The
defender laughed at them and sang a traditional Mohawk
song, refusing to move. In the end she was dragged onto
the “prohibited area”, then later charged with biting the
female cop’s Kevlar covered hand and “drawing blood”.
The video showed this cop was not wearing any glove and
there was no bite. What kind of unreality do these jackbooted,
Indian hating racist control freaks come from?

Asked what they were charged with, the defenders said,
“Missing the chiefs” [mischief]. As we all know, even though
Canada pretends to be a democracy, its operatives have a
problem understanding how there can be social order without
a “big chief” or head “boss” or some kind of “honcho” to tell
everyone else what to do. They back their commands with
threats of violence.

There was more to this surreal circus. On the south side of
the embankment were perched 50 “lost” observers known
as “yellow bellies” for their yellow t-shirt attire. They yelled
for the defenders to “Go home to Jesus!” These were
supporters of the Royaners [chiefs], Oyaner [clan mothers]
and the contractor. [How did they manage to be there at this
particular time? Were they tipped off? Were they offered

There was also an audience of White people nearby peering
through their binoculars from the safety of their “whiteness”.
“Whew”, they must have been saying.

The defenders had replicas of a corn stalk and a child on top
of their mound. For full theatrical effect there were real black
choppers overhead with no strings attached. Somehow these
must have been spared from the “liberation” that Canada is
imposing on the Afghan people.

So what brought on these theatrics? Who was the director?
Was this a “make work” project for the movie industry now
that the soaring Canadian dollar is costing them jobs? It
certainly has nothing to do with bona fide attempts to keep
the peace. Canada and Ontario walked out of the “talks”
with Six Nations on outstanding land issues. Their excuse!
Violence. But they created the violence!!!

The breakdown in proper policing is tragic. On September
13th a member of the Gualtieri family was hospitalized. This
would have been avoided if the police had been doing their

The construction on Stirling Street had been closed down.
All the workers were supposed to have left, including the
Gualtieris. The place was crawling with police. But what
were their orders? Were they sleeping? Weird, eh!

According to the video tape and eye witnesses, five
members of the Gualtieri family, two brothers in their 50s,
and 3 nephews in their 30s, marched into the unfinished
mansion carrying weapons and baseball bats. Why didn’t
the police stop them? Aren’t they supposed to protect
hotheads from their own stupidity?

Once the Gualtieris got inside the mansion, they attacked
some Indigenous youths who had gone in there to check
for movements they had cited within. One of the older
Gualtieris pinned a young boy against the wall by the
throat with some kind of a pipe or pole. His terrified
companion tried to save him. The younger Gualtieris ran
out of the house leaving their uncle gawking at the scene.
When the youths struggled free, and another one got out
of the Port-a-Potti outside, the kids left. Then the cops went
in and helped load the Gualtieri into an ambulance. There
were all kinds of wild rumors. The hospitalized Gualtieri
was said to be fighting for his life. In reality, he was home in
less than a week.

Why did the Royaner immediately condemn the youth
and apologize to the thugs before investigating it?
Were they suckered by an official OPP snow job? No
one’s been arrested so far. Were the cops frustrated
by the defenders’ persistent self-control and refusal to
break the peace? There was something else going on,
that’s for sure.

Lest we forget, Ontario just spent $1.2 million on “talks”
over lands they have no choice but to return to us. Some
people have cashed in on this scam, big time. As for us,
we got nothing even though the frauds against us have
long been documented by countless external and
academic investigators.

After all this misspent money, the feds and the province
have taken themselves out of the picture. Isn’t this what
we’ve always wanted? They surrendered, retreated. In
effect, they ran and hid in the bushes. Both colonial
governments want to keep this land issue out of court
because they know they will lose. No doubt about it, we
never surrendered our land. We are sovereign and
independent. They conceded this. Now they’ve created
an excuse to avoid the truth. They won’t talk to us.
Wah! Wah! And boo-hoo!

Should they want to talk to us again, shouldn’t they go
through the legal protocol by getting in touch with their
Governor General who represents the Queen? We’re
not sure when we’ll be available to meet with her. We’re
busy these days.

The Royaner and Oyaner sure got bamboozled. They
got this colonially trained lawyer, Aaron “Let’s-Make-a-Deal”
Detlor. He set up a colonial style development company
called “Haudenosaunee Development Institute” HDI. It’s a
total mimic of the colonial system. It’s a complete violation
of the Kaianerehkowa/Great Law. Detlor and his gang claim
they consulted the people, but we can’t find any ordinary
Six Nations folk who were in on it. It wasn’t exactly done on
the basis of “full and informed” consent. No way!!!

“Let’s-Make-a-Deal” Detlor said that the HCI was signed,
set up and ready to be “shown” to other communities.
After he signed it, he took it over to the defenders’ site to
tell them about it. Talk about putting the cart before the
horse!! At 4:00 pm, he stood on top of a mound of dirt
and yelled, “Here’s the agreement I made”. This guy should
invest in a dictionary. You can’t make an agreement for
people who aren’t there and then tell them about it

At the meeting where he supposedly got his consensus,
99% of the people did not go for his plan. They did not
understand his rationale. Never mind. Their jerry-rigged
agreement was needed to justify what followed. They were
told that construction was to start on September 19th at
6 am at the Stirling Street site. In keeping with the policy
of peaceful assertion of our rights, the defenders did not
stop the construction of the almost complete mansion.
Instead, they kept watch in a small nearby area.

Venture Homes apparently wants to build another 90
homes on our land (or they want to squeeze a payout
out of Ontario like Henco Construction got!) These
mansions are worth half a million dollars. Fancy squatters,
eh? How can these developers use our unsurrendered
land as collateral to borrow money? Can’t they see the
red “caution” flags all over Canada ?

On September 18th “Let’s-Make-a-Deal” Detlor signed a
deal with John Kragten of Venture Homes Ltd. of
Caledonia . Detlor “ensures that there will be no disruption
or obstruction” by those Six Nations people they call, the
“They-don’t-listen” group. HDI is asking for 4% of the value
of the development plus administration fees to lease our l
and. The deal brokers said they were less than an inch away
from “signing another deal with Venture Homes” when, as
luck would have it, the defenders derailed it.

The police enforcement of this deal is in keeping with a
tradition of helping big business have their way against
our people. This trespass is taking place on the land of
our people who are not part of Canada . This means that
the police action is an international invasion by foreign

The Kaianerehkowa does not allow the Royaner and the
Oyaner to make decisions for us. They can only represent
us after we the people have discussed the matter thoroughly
and made our decision. “Let’s-Make-a-Deal” Detlor is being
paid by Ontario . [He got over $180,000 last year, on our file
alone as part of their $1.2 million “talks” with us]. He certainly
has no authority to sign anything on our behalf. 0nly a
Rotiskeneketeh selected by the people can sign anything
for us. Detlor’s signature is not worth the paper it’s written on,
just like the 1844 phony surrender that Canada touts as their
claim to our land. These are men making decisions about the
land of our people. Detlor represents Ontario and that’s the
bottom line. [All “Let’s-make-a-Deal” lawyers like Detlor have
to be stopped].

The Royaner and Oyaner who sent in the colonial forces to
attack us violated the Kaianerehkowa. Attacking your own
people? That’s a violation of Six Nations sovereignty. It’s
high treason. Canada and Ontario using force to resolve
diplomatic issues is also a clear violation of the Two Row
Wampum and of their obligations to us and to the world
under international law.

“Let’s-Make-a-Deal” Detlor and a supporter of the Royaner
went to Cayuga court to identify the defenders arrested in
the surprise attack on September 19th, after being directed
not to go there.

The Royaner and Oyaner forgot that we, the people, are the
law. They tried to take away our law by going along with a
shyster’s scheme to set up a phony institute and then send
in colonial cops to make us eat it. Their usurpation of
jurisdiction is totally illegal. The Six Nations people have
never agreed to become part of Canada .

As the people said when we met to discuss these strange
developments, we own the Kaianerehkowa and it owns us.
It will always be there underneath our feet and in our minds.
It goes and walks with the people. Every Onkwehonwe
carries the duty to protect the land no matter where we are
on our land. We always carry the Kaianerehkowa. No one
can separate us from it. This “checkerboard” is not us.
The only authority we are accountable to is our mother who
created us.

There is no doubt about it! The Royaner and Oyaner tried
to compromise us and our land and then sent in colonial
troops to enforce their will on us. This is old fashioned
colonialism on a grand scale. Wampum 58 provides that
those who follow the laws made by foreigners have
“alienated themselves from their nation”. They have
submitted to the law of a foreign people. They have left
us and are no longer a part of us. They have thus forfeited
all birthrights and claims of our nation and territory and
must be removed.

Further, the Royaner have tried to usurp the rights of the
women who are the title holders of the land. Nice try,
Aaron “Let’s-Make-a-Deal”! All matters pertaining to the
land are subject to Wampum 44, which provides that the
women are the “progenitors of the nation. They shall own
the land and the soil”.

The Royaner and Oyaner did not protect our youth when
they were viciously attacked by five non-native men.
They quickly extended condolences to the Gualtieri
family. They condemned our youth for defending
themselves without knowing the facts. Royaner Leroy
Hill says these boys stepped “outside the law”. Which
laws? The colonial laws? Even in Canada , people are
allowed to defend themselves when their lives are
threatened; people are not supposed to use clubs to
solve differences; and people have a right to a fair trial
before they are condemned. Hill appears to be
sanctioning vigilantism both on the part of the Gualtieris
and the cops.

According to one newspaper account, the Royaner
and Oyaner said they did not look good when the
thugs were repelled by the Indigenous youth. “Now
the Confederacy’s image has been tarnished
internationally. We need to do something to save face.”
Who sold them that bill of goods?

Leroy Hill admits that the Royaner and Oyaner were
close to finalizing a “peaceful” deal with the contractor
who has treated us so treacherously. Why does Hill
state the Haudenosaunee Development Institute
protects the Haudenosaunee when we were not even
consulted? When did he assume paternal authority
over us? That’s not our culture. It’s so Indian Affairs!
It looks like the Royaner, Oyaner and all their “partners”
have jumped into the other boat, the “Achilles Lauro”.
They’ve joined the pirates to steal from us and to
oppress us.

Canada did not sign the UN Declaration on the Rights
of Indigenous People because they are still under the
crown. As one person put it, “The Queen still sits on
their heads and that’s the way they like it”.

The crunch has come in Six Nations. To go forward the
Haudenosaunee Council has to clean up its act. It looks
like the people are going to be moving some horns,
gustowis and shawls around. The sooner the better!
When you come right down to it, these chiefs won’t be

The colonial governments walked away from the table
because they had no business there. These “pseudo
chiefs” won’t be missed either.

Contact: donations for legal defense and updates:
Janie Jamieson, %R.R. 1, Ohsweken [ Ontario , Canada ]
N0A 1M0 –

Kahentinetha Horn
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