Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Corporate greed, the fuel that runs the American system of government

Corporate greed the fuel that runs the American system of government
by Kenneth T. Tellis

Think of how every day people are exploited by the U.S. Corporate system? The shareholders and corporations are minting money; yet don’t give a damn for the lives of their employees that bring it in.

Over the years there has been a trend by corporations to cut-back on company benefits. It starts by different groups under a single corporation that quietly cuts back on company benefits. They start by reducing benefits to former employees that have retired. Suddenly, one is made aware of their coverage not being ample to cover a medical situation. On enquiring, it is found that the corporation has decided to lower coverage of certain benefits, without making the employee aware of it. It is only after the bills have been sent to the insurance company, which has a contract with the corporation that one is suddenly shocked to find that their coverage is minimal. Is there anything they can do about it? Certainly not! Because, there is a battery of lawyers on the corporate payroll, that have found a way to get past the law covering those aspects. Many people in their twilight years are suddenly found to be lacking coverage because the rules have been very quietly changed from under corporations.

Now we come to another instance of Corporate Greed. Companies producing foods, medications and various other products, suddenly remove such benefits as the former employees (retirees) were allowed before, such as purchasing items produced by companies, for their own personal use at cut-prices. Thus only currently employed persons are now allowed to buy such items. This actually means that former employees cannot buy items at cut-rates to augment their pensions, which is low enough to begin with. Thus, many companies boast about how they care about their retirees, and the way they are giving them all these perks, when such is not the case at all. It is corporate greed that controls every issue, in the boardrooms of corporations. So, to even lie about their caring for former employees is plainly corporate propaganda on a grand scale. If one goes into any corporate office, and enquires about such issues they will be shown the door immediately, that is corporate policy in North America.
This has been corporate policy for many years now, and it keeps a tight rein on benefits for employees down the lower rungs of the ladder. Corporate board members get all sorts of perks and advantages, without having to work for it, like the ordinary Joe and Jane, who must toil and sweat to get a few extra pennies to survive... But that is to be expected in the capitalist corporate structure of North America. In some cases even the “CHRISTMAS DINNER” has been removed for retirees to cut costs. While there is no such cut-backs for the over-paid members of the board of directors, because they are the higher ups in the corporate structure.

This could be the very reason why, the North American Corporations fear what Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales is doing in Latin America. Could it also be that the peoples of other nations might want to emulate these ideas, and the corporate structure of North America might come tumbling down, like a house of cards? That is why, both Hugo Chavez Frias and Evo Morales are feared by North American corporation. These corporations are at their wits end, and will use any weapon to stop these ideas from spreading to areas under their control, such as the U.S., Canada, and those countries now under their domination. This is the very reason that the attempts have been on the life of Hugo Chavez Frias in the first place, because their fear of losing corporate control of the world is overwhelming.

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