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Flagstaff: Native Film Festival October, 2007

Contact: Klee Benally

(Flagstaff, Arizona)—The 4th Annual Southwest Native American Film Festival will be held in Flagstaff, Arizona at the Museum of NorthernArizona and the Coconino Center for the Arts, October 5 and 6, 2007. The film festival is a unique showcase of contemporary Native American video, film, and animation made by Indigenous filmmakers from throughout the Southwest.

This year’s festival will feature 25 films, including a special screening of the festival’s feature film Mile Post 398, with director Shonie De LaRosa and members of the cast and crew. Additional festival highlights include Crazy INDN, a unique short animation set in the future with a superhero who seeks to reclaim the skull of Geronimo.

Director Ian Skorodin will be on hand to talk about making Crazy INDN. Horse You See by Melissa Henry is a story that explains the very essence of being a horse in the Navajo Language. Miss Navajo, the festival’s feature documentary, explores the extraordinary beauty pageant. Eight youth shorts are also included.

This year’s festival will also offer a professional development opportunity with renowned Native American composer Brent Michael Davids, who will present a Film Scoring for Filmmakers Workshop.

The festival, presented in partnership by Indigenous Action Media, Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff Cultural Partners, Tacoho Productions, Native Movement, and Outta Your Backpack Media, seeks to provide anopportunity for audiences of all ages to further their understanding of Indigenous cultures today.

Screenings will be held at the Museum of Northern Arizona’s Branigar Halland the Coconino Center for the Arts. Weekend festival passes that include admission to receptions with filmmakers on both Friday and Saturday nights can be purchased in advance for $18 ($14 for students). General and student admission fees will be collected at the door. Passes can be purchased at Winter Sun Trading Co.,the Museum of Northern Arizona, and the Coconino Center for the Arts.

Call 928/779-2300 for additional information or visit these festival partner websites for a schedule of events at http://www.indigenousaction.org/,http://www.musnaz.org/, and http://www.culturalpartners.org/

2007 Southwest Native American Film Festival Schedule

Friday, October 5 7–9:30 p.m. Evening Screenings at the Museum of Northern Arizona 9:45–11 p.m. Reception at the Coconino Center for the Arts with filmmakers (open to weekend pass holders)

Saturday, October 6 10 a.m.–1 p.m. Film Scoring for Film Makers Workshop at the Coconino Center for the Arts (register at http://www.indigenousaction.org/) 2–4:30 p.m. Presentation of Short Films at the Coconino Center for the Arts 5–6 p.m. Meet the Filmmakers at the Museum of Northern Arizona (open to weekend pass holders) 6–9:30 p.m. Evening Screenings at the Museum of Northern Arizona


Friday, October 5, 7–9:30 p.m. Evening Screenings at the Museum of Northern Arizona $10/general admission, $6/students

DC Navajo Director: Shonie De La Rosa (Diné), Melissa Henry (Diné)2007 10 min. Short Comedy A short film about a graphic artist trying to collect his pay from the Navajo Nation’s Washington, D.C. office.

Crazy INDN Director: Ian Skorodin (Choctaw)2006 25 min. Short Animation In this unique animation set in the future, the superhero Crazy Indn seeks to reclaim the skull of Geronimo, with implications all the way to the White House.

The Border Crossed UsDirector: Rachael J. Nez (Diné)2005 26 min. Documentary Short Since time immemorial, the Tohono O’odham have crossed borders freely between their communities in the U.S. and Mexico. This work examines theways in which current immigration and naturalization policy are putting their way of life at risk.

Tears Director: Klee Benally (Diné)2007 4 min. Music Video A compelling music video that reflects on former Miss Navajo Nation Radmilla Cody’strying past. Miss Navajo Director: William Luther (Diné/Hopi/Laguna Pueblo)2006 60 min. Documentary Feature No ordinary beauty pageant, the Miss Navajo Nation competition requires contestants to answer tough historical questions in the Navajo languageand showcase traditional knowledge. Friday, October 5, 9:45–11 p.m. Reception with Filmmakers at the Coconino Center for the Arts(open to weekend pass holders)_______________________________________________________
Saturday, October 6, 10 a.m.–1 p.m.Film Scoring for Filmmakers Workshop with Brent Michael Davidsat the Coconino Center for the Arts$10 /general, $5/students (free for Indigenous youth)This intensive workshop is designed especially for producers, directors,and editors.

Saturday, October 6, 2–4:30 p.m.Presentation of Short Films at the Coconino Center for the Arts$5/general admission, $3/students

Horse You See Director: Melissa Henry (Diné)2007 7 min. Short Meet Ross, a horse from the Navajo reservation. Hear his story and sharehis thoughtsas he explains the very essence of being a horse.Navajo with English subtitles.

Knowledge is Dangerous Director: Outta Your Backpack Media (Red Team)2006 5 min. Youth Short Sometime in the future, knowledge is outlawed.

Inner Voices Director: Outta Your Backpack Media (Green Team)2006 3 min. 30 sec. Youth Short A skateboarder has an accident and finds that he can hear something strange.

How to Love Director: Katrina Molnar 2007 6 min. Experimental Youth ShortProduced by Outta Your Backpack Media, this video is a story about a loverwho is not sure how to show her love for her one and only.

Amoré Director: Donavon Sechili (Diné)2007 2 min. Youth Short Alcohol can make you see weird things.

A Change is Gonna Come Director: Donavon Sechili 2007 4 min. Youth Short A drug dealer makes his last stand.Spreading the LoveDirector: Diedra Peaches (Diné), Donavon Sechili2007 30 sec. Youth Commercial A paper bag finds love at first sight.

Real Love Director: Diedra Peaches, Donavon Sechili 2007 4 min. Youth Commercial Can paper bags dream?
Rape PSA Director: Diedra Peaches, Donavon Sechili, Shelby Ray2007 5 min. 30 sec.

Youth PSA This PSA was made with Outta Your Backpack Media and the P.E.A.C.E. ProjectOriginsDirector: Kelly Byars (Chocktaw)2004 5 min. Experimental Short A discovery of self.
Lye Director: Dax Thomas (Laguna Pueblo/Acoma Pueblo) 2005 5 min. Experimental Short An evocative experimental film takes on the concept of culture in today's world.

Poison Wind Director: Jenny Pond, Norman Brown (Diné) 2007 6 min Documentary Short This short video addresses uranium mining and the effects of radiation inthe Southwest. (work in progress)

Making a Stand at Desert Rock Director: Klee Benally (Diné)2006 8 min. Documentary ShortOn December 12, 2006 community members in Burnham, New Mexico established a blockade to prevent preliminary work for the proposed Desert Rockcoal-fired power plant.
Overwhelming Director: Klee Benally (Diné) 2007 3 min. Music Video The award-winning Diné punk rock band Blackfire takes on global warmingwith a twist in this quick paced video.

Self Inflicted Director: Shonie De La Rosa (Diné)2007 4 min. Music Video Music video for Ethnic Degeneration from the motion picture soundtrack toMile Post 398.

Cry Director: Shonie De La Rosa 2007 4 min. Music Video Music video for Coalition from the motion picture soundtrack to Mile Post 398.

The Last Trek Director: Ramona Emerson (Dineé)2006 27 min. Documentary Short Elder Helen Bitsilly is one of the few Navajo people who still make the arduous journey on foot twice a year to take their sheep to distant grazing lands. The filmmaker follows Bitsilly on what the elder has said will be her last trek.

Share the Wealth Director: Bennie Klain (Diné)2006 7 min. Short A Native woman on an urban street encounters stereotyped misunderstanding in this poignant drama and ironic parable.

Saturday, October 6, 5–6 p.m.Meet the Filmmakers (open to weekend pass holders) Saturday, October 6, 6–9:30 p.m.

Evening Screenings at the Museum of Northern Arizona $10/general admission, $6/students Mile Post 398 (festival’s feature film with members of the cast and crew)

Director: Shonie De La Rosa (Diné)2007 1 hour 50 min. Feature A Navajo man named Cloyd in his mid-30s, living in Kayenta, is dealing with his alcohol problem. One day Cloyd decides to turn his life around by quitting drugs and alcohol andmaking amends with his wife, son, and family. Although Cloyd may thinkthis may be easy, he soon realizes how hard it is to face his demons and deal with the unrelenting peer pressure of his so-called friends.

Weaving Worlds Director: Bennie Klain (Diné) 2007 57 min. Documentary Feature An exploration of the intricate relationships between Navajo rug weavers and reservation traders. This insightful documentary reveals the delicate balance between maintaining cultural traditions, economic survival, andthe artistic validation sought by many weavers.

Photo: "Miss Navajo" Copyright © Idris Rheubottom

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