Saturday, October 4, 2008

Carter Camp: Ahmbaska's condition improving

From Carter Camp

Published with permission

Ah-ho my Friends and Relations,

This is to update you all on my son Ahmbaska's condition etc. There has been an out pouring of love and concern since his accident, so many that I haven't had time to answer folks. First for those who haven't heard; my son Ahmbaska was involved in a very bad auto accident down in Oklahoma.
He was thrown from the car and suffered severe injuries the worst of which is a head injury which required an operation to relieve pressure from his brain, he also suffered broken ribs, ankle, and a cracked shoulder blade. The head injury is the worst of course. He was life-flighted from Ponca to Wichita, Kansas to the Wesley Medical Center where the brain surgery was done.
Since the accident last weekend he has been kept in a drug induced coma while his swelling goes down. The good news is that the operation went well and Ahmbaska is doing better. He is now able to recognize us and move his arms and legs on command. The surgeon tells us he is a remarkably strong young man and is doing better than expected.
I attribute that to so many prayers and good wishes that have been sent to us from around the country and world. His Mom and I have been pleasantly surprised at how fast word of his injury spread throughout Indian Country and by how many people have taken it upon themselves to pray for us and help us out in our time of dire need.
Kind people also from Canada, Mexico and even France have joined us in praying for our boy and I truly believe it has made all the difference. As some of you know, old activists don't have any retirement plan so coming when it did this accident put quite a strain on my wife and I but good people like my brother Gene McCowan help provide us enough gas money to get from Rosebud to Wichita and my nephews kindly drove from Oklahoma to pick me up and take us down to the hospital. Others have had ceremonies for us on their own and did things for his healing that I'll probably never be able to thank them for, but I want to tell you all that every prayer and good thought has been received by Ahmbaska, I know they have because he has defied the odds and come out of that critical time with hope for recovery.
He's still in the Surgical ICU but each day brings some improvement and he's battling for his life like a Sundancer should. I thank each and every one of you from the very bottom of my heart. The next few weeks Linda and I will have to remain in Kansas and take care of him during a long convalescence before he'll be released to go home.
So far we haven't left the hospital but many family and friends have made their way here to help out and we're glad Chief Crowdog is on his way to help too. As I said there has been so many messages I can't answer them all right now(I'm using a hospital computer when I step away from his bed) so I hope this update can take the place of my personal thank you (Weebla-ha) and that of my wife Linda.
Again Ahmbaska is getting better every day and we hope that Wakonda will see fit to return him to us whole and strong once more... and that it will be soon. I love you my people, my friends, my loved ones. One day maybe I can return some of the kindness you have shown me during this hard time in my life.
ight now I humbly ask that you continue your prayers on his behalf. They are working.
I say this,
For All My Relations,
Carter Camp

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