Friday, October 3, 2008

Comments: Bailout the People

Censored News:

My friends are all writing with a message to Congress and our good buddy Bush: BAIL OUT THE PEOPLE!
If the US wants to trash $700 billion, why not give it to the people who need it the most. It would stimulate the economy that is already sucked dry by the corporations.
We're not greedy, no need to do the math, just send everyone in the United States $100,000. (OK, so if it is technically only $3,500 per person, that works too.)
We don't have any offshore accounts, plain cash is good.
--Brenda Norrell, Censored News

Reader comment: Simple math of billions and trillions

By David Morgan
Sierra Vista, Ariz.
If we assume that the government supplied accurate numbers, and that the NY Times writer and copy editors reported and published them correctly then:
"The F.D.I.C. insures roughly $4.5 trillion in deposits, and has $45.2 billion in its fund."
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp, backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government, is intended to make depositors comfortable putting their money in banks. The FDIC has collected insurance premiums from banks and has maintained this fund to pay off depositors if a bank fails.
What percentage of the insured deposits is on hand to make such payments?
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Anonymous said...

If you were against the bail-out… put your votes to work.
While both McCain and Obama were in favor of the bail-out, we all have to vote for one of them. I hope we know which of these parties DON’T deserve to be in office.

However, find out which of your Senate & House representatives voted for it and vote them OUT!
Please BLOG/disseminate this wherever you can!!

The following are official US Government legislative sites.

click “VOTES” and then look for “H.R. 1424”

Oh yea… look at 3:29 PM at the top. They adjourned until January 3, 2009 after laying this big fat egg. Apparently they don’t want to hear or see what you have to say. VOTE!!!!

Click on Oct 3 2008 under “House Floor Proceedings“
Search for
“Roll no. 681” and click on the link

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