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Leonard Peltier: 'I will be moved soon'


October 11, 2008

Greetings my friends and relatives:

My parole hearing date is drawing near but there are also plans to move me to a different federal prison. I do not know when the move will occur exactly but only recently have been informed of an impending removal from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. It makes me feel good to know that you all are with me in spirit and willing to continue supporting me no matter where I am placed in the United States prison system.

The end of the Bush Administration will create tremendous opportunities for us. Immediately following the election everyone should be ready to take action to contact the president elect on my behalf. We need many more elected and appointed officials to openly take issue with the political process that put me here in prison. We must all continue to educate elected officials that their constituency is comprised of Americans who care and demand justice for not only me but all political prisoners. They need to know the global and international community is watching to see what will happen in my case so they can be aware of the possible repercussions worldwide. The most significant thing about my case is that if allowed to stand it sets a precedence, if it happened to me it can happen to anyone. It is important that you all recognize that my case isn't just about me, it is about justice for you and me and our children and our children's children and their children.

I am extremely grateful to my niece Kari Ann, my sister Betty Ann and Donna Beltran who are the foundation of the office at this time. I am also extremely grateful at this time to all of you who are working with them to get the committee up and running. It has been down more or less for the past four years since they moved me from Lawrence Kansas to Lewisburg Pennsylvania. We have had some operations going but they have been minimal. And I am also thankful to those people who took part in those efforts at that time. Like Sitting Bull once said, "Like fingers of the hand, we can be broken off one by one. But altogether we make a mighty fist for justice."�It is this coalition of caring responsible and persevering individuals that have kept the visibility of the injustice perpetrated against myself and all my people.

Our committee has a campaign called "Aim for Freedom" on my behalf. By actively participating in these efforts you have and will help promote their visibility and political influence in your community, in your state, across the nation and worldwide. Thank you for taking the time to help promote the Committee, which is now known as the Defense Offense Committee. Defense because we have been reactionary for the most part to the government's incursion upon our freedom. And the Offense part of our Committee denotes our intentions to more offensively seek justice defend justice advocate justice in a peaceful way and network with others of like minded heart who have the same concerns for justice and freedom. The Defense Committee exists because of concerned citizens like you.

The Committee has made great strides in the short time they have been in existence, however there is still much to be done. The LPDOC has fought many struggles and has worn thin from time to time, just as with any battle we have had to regroup and reorganize and I have no doubt that there are people out there who have been worn thin by the ups and downs of the Defense Committee over the past 32 plus years. But when you are working with volunteers and grassroots people, many of them with limited resources, not to mention they are fighting the most powerful government in the world and the most financially equipped bureaucracies - they have done a hell of a job with what they have gone up against.

As you know, we had both successes and disappointments over the years in our activities. But each disappointment in its own way has made us stronger, more educated, more resolute, to be more successful in the future. In my culture we are taught by the greatest creation we have to relate to, that is our Earth Mother and nature. And in that like the water we seek to flow around our opposition and wear it down. We seek to be like the stone of the Earth itself firm and resolute in our intent, yet willing to change when necessary. And like the air willing to go anywhere anytime and be a part of anything that promotes healthy life and in harmony with the Creator's design. And like the fire of the sun try to shed light in the darkest corners of humanity. We also take teachings of the sacred trees themselves even the smallest tree that is shaded by others will persevere toward the light.

If all of this sounds too dramatic try sitting in a cell for 32 years, that's dramatic.

I am sorry if I have gotten too wordy, I sat out to talk to you a little bit about our need for help in terms of donations and so forth. We need monetary donations; we need physical help from individuals who can help with their time, helping the Committee with different projects. We need in-kind donations of workshops and personnel training for office and organizing skills.

Every decision that the government makes on my case is a legal precedent for someone else to look at and avoid. You know the cause is just and the need is great. Our adversaries are very powerful, but likewise our determination is just as resolute. Our resources have run thin on both monetary and material fronts but our hearts are still strong. But to carry on the fight we absolutely unequivocally and desperately need your help.

For that reason I am personally asking you to make donation today to help the Committee operate effectively for our freedoms. We need help to meet our operating costs. And your donation will help pay the significant legal expenses associated with case-filing fees, cost recovery fees, attorney travel, etc. You can make a contribution at or send a check or money order made payable to "LP DOC" to PO Box 7488, Fargo, ND 58106. The Committee will accept gas cards, phone cards, office products, equipment, and materials as a donation too, please call the office at (701) 235-2206 to discuss it.

By donating financially, materially and contributing of your own time and effort to speak up on my behalf makes a statement to the world about activism in the face of adverse conditions. At the very least it will serve to show that we are not afraid to stand up in opposition to those who would wrongfully imprison us for disagreeing with them about their oppressive policies. Thank you for your active support of this important work. May the Great Spirit bless you with all that you need and answer your prayers in a kind and gentle way and your greatest sorrow ultimately bring to you great joy in this world of uncertainty.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse
Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations)

Leonard Peltier
Photo: Longest Walk northern route walks to prison in Lewisburg, Penn., in June, 2008. Photo Brenda Norrell.

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