Sunday, October 12, 2008

International Indigenous Solidarity, Australia, October 2008

International Indigenous Solidarity Gathering
Latin America, Asia and the Pacific
October 23 - 26 2008

An Open Invitation
P.O. BOX 813 North Melbourne,
Victoria – Australia 3051 –,

The Latin American Solidarity Network (LASNET), Friends of the Earth - Australia (FoE) and other solidarity groups proudly announce The International Indigenous Solidarity Gathering Latin America, Asia and the Pacific on October 23-24-25-26, which brings together indigenous and non indigenous grassroots popular organisations struggling, resisting and supporting Indigenous/first peoples/ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders rights from Australia, Aotearoa (NZ), the Asia - Pacific Region, Turtle Island (North America), and the Latin American continent.

We would like to invite you and/or your organisation to attend this important Conference in Australia.

The Gathering (Encuentro) aims to build bridges connecting our struggles, and strengthen solidarity, friendship and collaborations between indigenous and non-indigenous grassroots organisations throughout various regions of the world, especially where multinational corporations and military interventions severely impact on indigenous lands and communities. This Gathering is taking place on Wurundjeri land. We give our respects to the Wurundjeri elders past and present.

Today participation in the gathering has been confirmed from Indigenous and non indigenous activists from Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Fiji, East Timor, Philippines, Free West Papua, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga, Canada, Turtle island (USA), New Zealand, different indigenous representatives from Australia.

The theme of the conference is Building Bridges, Organising Globally!

Please let your members/students or different departments know about this gathering and encourage them to come along and take part in the discussions that will be taking place. We have included with this letter a flyer and the gathering program.

The four-day Gathering will provide a space and platform for Indigenous and non indigenous activists.

Thursday 23 October Welcome to the country at CERES

Friday 24 October Victoria Trades Hall Council - Carlton: Gathering Opening (Public Meeting), 6pm; Saturday 25 October - CERES East Brunswick: Plenary/main sessions (Gatherings), workshops, entertainment, art exhibitions, traditional food, stalls, Afternoon Films documentaries, Party at Night; Sunday 26 October - CERES East Brunswick: Plenary/ main sessions (Gatherings), workshops, entertainment (music, movies, theatre), traditional food, stalls, Art exhibition, 5/6pm - Main Gathering and resolutions.

In Solidarity
Marisol Salinas on behalf of
LASNET, Friends of the Earth & the Organising Collective
Phone: 61-0413 597 315 or 61-3-9419 8700

Gathering Schedule

Welcome to country and public meeting

Thursday October 23
Welcome to country
Venue and time to be announced
Friday October 24
Public Meeting: “Why we resist and struggle”
Victorian Trades Hall Council 6PM

Corner Roberts and Stewart Streets, Brunswick East
10:00 am- 11 am
Welcome and plenary
Why and how we resist and struggle
An introduction (2 international speakers)
11:30 am - 1 pm
Discussion tables/spaces
1. Our Cosmo vision (world view) and violations on our culture
2. Repression, militarism and Genocide
3. Our land - reconciliation or self-determination?
4. Multinationals and ecology system
5. Autonomy and grassroots organisations
6. Unions and Indigenous people
7. Role played by political parties and churches
8. Do NGOs and charity groups support assimilation or liberation?
9. Peace, treaty and reconciliation
10. Women in struggle and resistance
11. Climate change
12. Neoliberal policies, global economic greedy
1 pm-2 pm
Lunch and entertainment
Sharing of music, food and histories
Camp fire begins
2 pm-3 pm
Camp Fire
Victorian Aborigines’ sharing of histories of resistances and struggles
3 pm-4 pm
International speakers, communities, grassroots organisations or social and political groups debate contributions to the theme ‘Why and How we resist and struggle’.
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Discussion Tables
Reports back and initial conclusion
6:00 pm - 7:30
Youth event
Youth cultural gathering with international guests
8 pm
Party in the Park
Fire, sharing histories and experiences
Corner Roberts and Stewart Streets, Brunswick East
10:30 am- 11:30 am
What do we propose?
Protecting our planet, saving our communities
An Introduction (2-3 international speakers)
11:30 am - 1 pm
Discussion Tables/Spaces
1. Sovereignty
2. Self-determination and autonomy
3. Is it possible to build an alliance between Indigenous people and other marginalised people?
4. There are new possibilities for change?
5. Are progressive and elected popular governments an alternative?
6. Is people power a possibility?
7. What about sustainable society?
8. How do we defend ourselves from repression and militarism?
9. What kind of democratic system do we need?
10. New possibilities and ways of organising our struggle and resistance.
What is first the party or the political movement?
11. Alternatives to neoliberal policies
12. Working for peace and justice, looking for a new system of relations between people and communities
1 pm-2pm
Lunch and entertainment
Multicultural concert, Doco Films screening
2 pm-3pm
International speakers, communities, grassroots organisations, social and political groups discuss contributions to the theme What we propose?
3 pm-5 pm
Discussion Tables
Report backs and initial proposals
5:30 - 6:30 pm
Gathering Close
Resolutions and new Gathering proposal

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