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Mohawk Nation News: The Snake at the Door


Mohawk Nation News
Oct. 22, 2008. Early Tuesday morning the Akwesasne Mohawk Colonial Cops went to Katenies’ mother’s house in Akwesasne. This community is located at the junction of the colonial entities known as New York State, Ontario and Quebec. Her soft-spoken mother is always cautious. They apparently wanted to drive Katenies to court in Alexandria Ontario for a trial - or did they really want to abduct her again? For all we know, it wouldn’t have been just jail this time. She might have been “disappeared” for good. It seems like these operatives are getting their advice from the same “death squads” that make disappearances happen in “Latin” America.
The corporate press calls Katenies an outspoken “native rights activist”. How? She is a quiet person who hardly speaks to anyone. Even when she went to court, she put her arguments about jurisdiction in writing and filed it as a motion. The court refused to acknowledge it or give her a chance to speak. That’s because they can’t answer her arguments. They are out to get her.
Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we are honest with the deceivers. In 2003 Katenies was falsely charged with “running the border” which goes right through the middle of the community. She was on her way to see her daughter who lives nearby on the portion claimed by Ontario. Katenies was waved through. Then she heard on the scanner that bells, whistles and sirens had gone off for her daughter. Katenies went back and was arrested. What followed were illegal warrants upon warrants upon warrants to wear her out and try to break her spirit. It wasn’t working. This made the colonial “terrorists” known as the “crown” real mad.
The crown had ignored Katenies’ question on jurisdiction and proceeded to trial. She was never arraigned. Years have passed since the deadline expired. In law failure to respond is taken as an admission. On January 17, 2007, she placed a motion before the court that the Canadian judicial system has no authority over her as a Kanion’ke:haka woman and to dismiss the charges. The law of the land is the Kaianereh’ko:wa which they have been violating.
She did not show up on Tuesday October 21 2008 because the issue had been dealt with. In February 2004 Judge Renaud had reassured Katenies that he understood the motion and would answer it. In September 2004 he told her she did not have to be in court. Then he double-crossed her and issued a warrant for her arrest. This time in Alexandria Judge Renaud impatiently waited for the cops to bring Katenies into his courtroom. "What I would like to do is issue the [fifth] bench warrant and recess the court for an hour," said the judge to federal and provincial Crown attorneys, Marian Bryant and Helene Desormeau. An hour went by and there was no sign of Katenies. There was no trophy to parade.
What is Renaud’s bench warrant worth? The court has already admitted that it has no jurisdiction over Katenies. She won by default. Paradoxically, Katenies is the one who is respecting the court’s decision. Renaud is violating his own court’s rule.
Akwesasne Mohawk Police officer, Philip Swamp, arrived. He said that unfortunately he was appearing “empty-handed”. He didn’t have Katenies in his clutches. Swamp reiterated that Henes Porter had gone to her mother’s home. As a member of the Liar’s Club, Porter made a false claim. He said that she told him Katenies no longer lives there and that she could possibly be living in Valleyfield, Quebec!! This is complete speculation! It violates Canadian rules designed to make sure that firsthand truth comes out in court. This lie was repeated by a local flyer known as the “Cornwall Standard Freeholder”.
In mid-May 2008, someone came to Kahentinetha’s house and warned her to “watch out” for her life and not to enter Ontario. It was alleged that Ontario Provincial Police OPP Commissioner Julian “Corleone” Fantino was gunning for her. “If you go there, you might be killed or “disappeared”, she was told. She did not take this warning seriously. Just a couple of weeks later she and Katenies were passing through the Cornwall Ontario check point. They had no reason to suspect their lives were in danger. Both were almost assassinated by the “jackasses” of the Canada Border Services Agency [CBSA]. They were assaulted, beaten and almost killed. The goons performed a well-known Abu Ghraib style torture “stress hold” technique on Kahentinetha. This induced a heart attack.
Things have really gone off course. Who would have thought that Canadian cops and border control goons had been trained in such subversive tactics? This was not a random accident. It was attempted murder. It seems to be part of a broader “shock and awe” strategy against Indigenous people. Look at what happened on October 6th at Barriere Lake in Northern Quebec. There was no riot there. The Algonquins were asking for a negotiator to keep Canada and Quebec lawful. What they got was a “blitzkrieg” by the Quebec Police storm troopers. [See: video]. The battle maneuvers used are called “pain compliance” tactics against unarmed passive demonstrators. It can be presumed that Canada has obviously trained their operatives to torture and kill.
Now the colonial government is putting out threatening propaganda on the two women through one of their scandal sheet, the garbage wrapper known as the “Cornwall Standard Freeholder”. This racist rag frontpages out-and-out lies about Mohawks at every turn. The backroom government thugs hand them the script and they just follow it. Their latest desperation move is to falsely purport the two women are “U.S. residents”! Kahnawake where Kahentinetha lives and Akwesasne where Katenies lives are on Haudenosaunee territory in the colonial entity known as Quebec. Hello! Not only do they not know their history. They do not know their geography either. It looks like they don’t know where they are.
It appears that they are trying to pull out the old “Deskahe” tactic. In 1922 Deskahe Levi General was sent to Europe to apply on behalf of the Iroquois Confederacy for membership in the League of Nations. He managed to get the support of 7 nations. Britain, Canada and the U.S. panicked and started backroom skullduggery to stop him. The Swiss family he stayed with said that he had been poisoned. He became extremely ill and had to return home. Canada refused to let him go back to Six Nations. He ended up in Buffalo New York and died there. Canada would not even allow his family to visit him or bring his body back home. They did not want the family to have an autopsy done on his body.
A few years ago Canada feared a Mohawk man who had a great deal of political influence. Serious false charges were put on him to neutralize him. When his lawyer investigated, the RCMP told him he had three choices: one was to go to jail; two was to leave Canada for the U.S.; and three was to be killed. Guess what he did?
Canada’s panic could be over the suit filed by Kahentinetha and Katenies over the CBSA attempt to rub them out at the border. Rumor has it Canada wants to deport them to the U.S. [maybe even “Gitmo”] and tell them not to come back or they will be killed. Katenies’ case has tremendous implications, especially at this time of global crisis when the colonial economy is beginning to realize that it is bankrupt. Their main fear is their lack of jurisdiction which brings out the fraud involved in their claim to all of the resources of all Indigenous people.
They are finding it hard to “whack” us for defending ourselves and our possessions without looking like a bunch of hoods. The Supreme Court of Canada dodges the jurisdiction issue every time an Indigenous person is arrested for defending our ancestral rights. Canada is criminal and it’s scared stiff that the world will see the criminality upon which it was founded. Instead the “slime buckets” who think they run the world have tied themselves and their minions in knots. The world must soon come to its senses and call off the hounds.
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Some of the ‘borderline’ culprits involved: Phil Fontaine of the AFN is a partner in CBSA’s Sustainable Development Strategy 2007-9; Chris Kealey, Canada Customs Excise, Immigration Taxation Board, CBSA Media Relations 613-991-5197; President CBSA 613-952-3200, 613-957-0612,; National Aboriginal Initiative CHRC 204-983-2189 1-866-772-4880; Canada Customs Port of Entry at Cornwall Island Ontario; Gaetan Cousineau, Quebec Human Rights; Akwesasne Mohawk Police 613-575-2250 ex 2400; Mohawk Security at the border 613-932-5183, 613-575-2340; Lance Markel, District Director CBSA 613-930-3234, 613-991-1214; Brent Lafave, Investigator CBSA; Susan St. Clair, Canadian Human Rights Commission, 344 Slater, Ottawa 613-995-1151, 1-888-214-1090, 613-943-5188; CBSA National Spokesperson 613-957-6500; Quebec Media Relations CBSA 514-350-6130; Chief Mohawk Council Akwesasne 613-575-2250; Minister Stockwell Day, Ottawa 613-995-4432; Melissa Leclair Communications Pub. Safety 613-991-2863.

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